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HAIR Step by step!

FASHION See tips to look like a punk star using your own old clothes!

IGGY POP: INTELECTUAL PUNK STAR? Check out what he has recently been reading.


TOMMY RAMONE New life experience

SID & NANCY Read about one of te most controversial relationships in punk history.

Punk clothing is all about doing it yourself. Of course the way yo dress will not make you Punk, but it will help you make your clothes say more about you. ATTITUDE is the key to punk, you can either choose an outrageous style or just a simple pair of old jeans and a T-shirt. Its all up to you. Here are some ideas for you to add to your mix:

Go simple.

Here you can see Johnny Ramone wearing a pair of old jeans, a shirt and sneakers. His Punk look is all about the attitude.

The image on the right shows the Sex Pistols wearing outfits to which the Punk ‘touch’ is given to by the expression on their faces. Again, Punk is all about the attitude.

Have an old shirt? Upcycle it to something new. Grab a marker, express your feelings and write them down all over the fabric. Rip it if you feel like it. Safety pins are greatfor decorating!

Make a unique shirt, then wear it and show it to te world!

Stand out from the crowd with an awesome hairstyle that will make every head turn to look at you. Here are all the details step by step on ow to cut your hair into a mohawk! 1. SECTION OFF THE HAIR First of all you need to decide how wide you want your mohawk to be. After you have decided this you must part your hair down your head on both sides of the sectioned hair. Make sure the line you make is straight on both sides.

2. HOLD IT! To keep the hair you sectioned off out of the way, hold it up with hair clips.

3. SHAVE! Shave the sides of your head. Be careful not to shave the sectioned area.

4. CUT If the hair you sectioned is too long to stand it into spikes, cut it off and then use some gel to style it up. Tip: Still feel like you need someting more outrageous? Pick a colour and dye your hair. It will make you awesome and if the world does not like it, what the hell there is no future, right?


The clash, definitely one of the best British punk rockers in history, is now on tour, celebrating their 30th anniversary. Born in 1976, the band represents the best that punk can be, creating the most defining songs of the movement, basing their music in simplicity and their astonishing lyrics in nihilism. This amazing band is coming ready to show us how adventurous they are and their unique hard rock & roll style. The tour starts on October 13th, after the concert “Remember the Good Things” that’s taking place in London on October 5th. It begins in the United Kingdom: first in Liverpool, then Manchester, and last but not the least, Edinburgh. Then they head towards Ireland where they’ll make a quick stop in Dublin. After a short recess they fly west into Yankees territory where they debut in New York City. Then they fly to North Carolina, Illinois, Orlando and make a 4 days stop in Miami for a short vacation. Once they have release all of their stress, they fly north to Washington where they’ll play and support the recent punk protests. Leaving manifestations behind, they head towards California and play in a few counties which are not clear yet. Until now The Clash has not given any signs of interest in South America, Canada, Africa, Europe or Asia, but soon they’ll publish a full tour-itinerary at their website. You can keep in touch at Not so excited? If you’re thinking this is not enough, the boys thought that too! So they got a little something to motivate you: While you wait desperately at home for them to arrive, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones are working very hard to bring you a brand new CD to enjoy. So do not lower your expectations.


Top 10 songs of The Clash AND WHY

TOP 10: Death is a Star  An unusual “Clash-song”, very quiet and it even seems to be something more profound at work. TOP 9: London calling  most known song, even people who hate them loves it secretly.

TOP 8: Police & Thieves  “A terrifying song in many ways, but absolutely brilliant evocation of a particular time and place.” Martin Bernheimer TOP 7: Rudie Can’t Fail  This song is worthy of being on this list only for the classic line “I went to the market to realize my soul, ‘cause what I need I just don’t have.” TOP 6: Death or Glory  In this song you can easily understand that death or glory isn’t just another story. TOP 5: Police on My Back  Not a Clash song, true, but a really good version of it. TOP 4: Janie Jones  the drumming on this song is unbelievable. Though if you want to know what the hell is that they’re talking about, you’ll have to look up for the lyrics, otherwise you’ll never know. TOP 3: The Right Profile A tribute to Montgomery Clift. You can feel the admiration for the talent beneath the broken man. TOP 2: Spanish Bombs a terrific song about the battle against fascism. TOP 1: The Card Cheat  Breathtaking in sound. Features the verse that really stands in for every verse of every song The Clash ever sang. “From the hundred year war to the Crimea With a lance and a musket and a roman spear To all of the men who have stood with no fear In the service of the king”

SID & NANCY This couple of punk sweethearts met in november 1977 and it has been said that it was love at first sight. But even though they kept saying they were deeply in love, they had major issues related to drugs and violence. Nancy Spungen, a young groupie born in Hundingdon valley, Pennsylvania was addicted to heroin and soon after they met, Sid developed an addiction to this drug too. Their relationship was very controversial becase it has been pointed as the main cause of the breakup of the Sex Pistols in 1978. After leaving the Sex Pistols, and with Nancy as his manager, Sid started his solo carreer. Lost in the world of drugs and alcohol, Sid and Nancy continued their relationship. The morning of October 12th 1978, after a wild night in which both of them had been consuming drugs, Sid found Nancy dead on their bathroom floor. She had been stabbed on the stomach and apparently bled to death. Sid was arrested and charged with murder. Vicious claimed he had no memories about what had happened that night, and later virgin records payed U$S 50.000 for his release. After Nancy`s death, Sid was very depressed and went into rehab after attempting suicide by slicing his wrist. The day Sid got out of rehab, February 1st 1979, he had a small party to celebrate it. The next day, Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose. It has been said that Sid’s death was intentional, and that e took his own life because of a death pact he had made with Nancy.

TOMMY RAMONE The Ramones were an American rock band born in 1974 in New York City, and it was one of the first punk rock bands in the United States and the entire world. Sadly, from the original four 'bruvvers', the only one still alive is drummer Tommy Ramone, also known as Thomas Erdelyi. Tommy was born to a Jewish family and grew up in New York City. He started a band called the Tangerine Puppets while he was in high school during the mid-60’s, with John Cummings who would later become Johnny Ramone. When the band was all set, conformed by Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone and of course Johnny, Tommy always acted like a manager, but due to internal issues he could never handle it. Nowadays, Tommy remains like the only Ramone alive from the original band, and he’s life turned the other way around. How does it feel to be the only one alive? I guess you feel a bit lonely, but mostly scared. Although I have moved on with my life, it isn’t easy not to think about death everywhere I go. Believe it or not, now I worry a lot about myself, I take care of colds and stuff like that, and that has made me a bit hypochondriac. (He laughs) Have you ever been close to dying? Not really. Maybe driving a couple of times, but it wasn’t a big deal. Actually I consider myself the Ramone who always “had it together”, or at least more than anyone else in the band. There was a short period where you were not in

the band. Why was that? Oh yes, 1978. I was replaced on the drums for six entire years, but I wasn’t out of the band, I was in charge of management and coproduction for our fourth album. Do you still consider yourself a Ramone? I think I consider myself an ex-Ramone; I left that part of my life in the past. Now I dedicate myself to my new project, Uncle Monk, and I nearly have time to think about my past. What is Uncle Monk? My new bluegrass duo band, together with Claudia Tienan. I play Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro and I sing. You don’t play drums anymore? How could that be? I don’t because it just sounded better without drums, more authentic. What do old Ramone -fans think about this huge change in your life? Some of them like it, some of them dont. Some of them have never heard bluegrass or old-time music before, but they like it. I get very good comments from fans. I just hope they support me. I’m enjoying myself in this new challenge.

“Uncle Monk”

Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan



English project. Saint John's School 2010

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