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PRESS RELEASE Embargoed until 20th November 2013

London, 15th November 2013

NightNight Suite Concept project by THDP for The Sleep Event 2013 London 20 - 21 November

CONTACT: Nicholas Hickson Interior Designer tel. 0044 (0) 208 3052 254


London, 15 November 2013

NightNight Suite by THDP Concept project by THDP for The Sleep Event 2013, London 20 - 21 November. STORY TELLING “Two people meet at a west London fashion event. They laugh, they drink and they dance. She’s a fashion journalist and he’s an art collector. Tonight they want to be together, so they check-in to the NightNight Suite. Is it love at first sight? They don’t want to be disturbed, they close the door and order room service. She leaves early to catch a flight to Rome, a fashion gala. She leaves him a message on the mirror, but would like to have time to tell him more. Only she keeps her dreams to herself for now. He wakes up and she is gone. He doesn’t leave the room for another day, the scent of her perfume lingers. The world is outside. Night Night”. CONCEPT DESCRIPTION NightNight Suite is a reminder of happy times, when perhaps a childhood “NightNight” was the last thing you heard before a blissful night’s sleep. In our story, two people meet and their innocent attraction forms a narrative, linking the suite to the era of the sixties. The sixties, when suddenly mass media, European fashion, rock music, art and design literally exploded with ideas. This era, now brought fully up to date, perhaps made more comfortable, with a modern international blend of Italian & British styling and an infusion of connectivity. NightNight Suite is a deconstructed room space refurbishment with residential styling and personal touches, to offer the guest the pleasure of a welcoming and fulfilling experience. LOCATION AND INSPIRATION London in the sixties a decade packed with inspiration and iconic players. THDP focus on the years from 1962 to 1966. THDP found inspiration in 2013 London Art shows from Tate Modern’s “Roy Lichtenstein, a retrospective”, to David Bowie at the V&A, the Barbican “Pop Art Design” exhibition and the Christies “When Britain went pop” exhibition and auction.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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DESIGN NARRATIVE Our story is the power of ideas. The sixties were a creative wave. A direct result of the sudden diffusion of mass media, where, through the potential of radio, television (finally affordable to all), film, the new ‘pop’ music, and International News were finally in everyone’s living room. Surely although no-one knew it, this is when information technology really began. It was the decade which saw ‘availability’ as a new norm, and a possibility for a new culture like never before. Finally shrugging of the austerity of the post war years, rationing finishing only 4 years earlier, this was the decade where you could not just get it – but you could have it all. Commercial air travel brought cheap holidays to the masses, cultural ideas from one country were breaking out in another, the impact of this cultural ‘ideas’ explosion was everywhere. In particular the Italian style was not just something to enjoy on your holiday but was actively influencing London style. With its Café & Bar Culture, fashion and architectural and furniture design. Suddenly Italy was everywhere in London & London was everywhere in Italy. THDP was founded in Italy, but since early 2013 opened an office in London (its principles being Italian & British), it seems only natural to us to explore this era from a personal perspective, when it was not just art and architecture, but everyday cultural icons, mass media and people’s lifestyles that influenced each other, and to us are still doing so today. Our suite aims to re-interpret this Italian & British cultural juxtaposition that became the look of the 60’s where; cultures, ideas, colours, fashion, music & lifestyles were often quite literally meeting one another for the first time. Why have the ‘Sixties’ become so influential today, is it because they are a reminder of a simpler, happier times, where a new cultural explosion made everyday life ever so more exciting. NightNight Suite, the name a throwback to a childhood comfort phrase for goodnight. A reminder to the guest of a simpler, happier time from their childhood, (to us the Sixties). Now brought fully up to date, perhaps made more comfortable with an infusion of connectivity. INTERIOR DESIGN Our project utilizes contemporary pieces clearly influenced and re-interpreting the styling of the sixties. The palette reflecting the black and white media of the day, and the monochromatic ‘brushstroke’ series from Lichtenstein. Bringing together an International collection of companies and products, we promote; certified quality, original design, research and technology in every project and the selection that we’ve made for the Sleep Event 2013 project reflects our working ethos. The space is created as a flowing circle connected through four function areas: • • • •

relax and rest area. social and dining. dressing and grooming. cleansing and conditioning.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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FOUR CIRCULAR COMPOSITIONS: REST & RELAXING: The stand exterior entrance is a glimpse at the suites corridor design with the Digital printed Dogtooth Black wallpaper by Tektura and the Poster Bodoni font room signage by Apir. Welcome to the sixties style. The Coco Bed by Gervasoni is a residential collection, giving the guest a real sense of being relaxed and a home from home. The headboard and bed frame are upholstered in blue stitched velvet Stitched City by Jab Anstoetz with acqua green piping. The composition is highlighted by upholstered wall panels finished in silver bi-elastic antibacterial ecoleather, Polaris Pro by Resinflex, a seventy colour collection designed by THDP and launched at The Sleep Event. Night Tables are Grey 45 by Gervasoni in natural walnut, a reminder of the sixties use of veneers. The bed is furnished with various throw cushions prepared by Citielle with Jab Anstoetz fabrics, the Bed Linens are luxurious white Egyptian Cotton with a silk trim, a double twisted Makò by Quagliotti and an innovative mattress topping from Flexilan. Bedside Lights are Tube Led by Martini Light and are formed by two elongated satin metal blue and black cylinders. The colours are inspired by the meditative Landscape paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. The aim is to enhance the surreal and dreamy feeling of the bed area, and to give a very contemporary feel to the composition. The THDP custom designed carpet by Brintons and the wall covering above is Decoupage - Quartz by Tektura a handmade paper tiling also available in other formats, it has a three dimensional effect. Above the bed hangs an evocative woman’s face printed on a vinyl concertina panel, depicting two poses with eyes open and shut, a reminder of the dream behind our NightNight suite concept, the artwork is by Elegant Clutter. The concertina effect give the work a dynamic effect that changes within the space. The inspiration for this artwork comes from the close up poses and focus that were often portrayed on Jean Shrimpton photographed by David Bailey. Lounge seating is provided by the Sweet 27 Gervasoni easy chair with matt black lacquered metal frame woven with matt black PVC, inspired by the Cone chair by Terence Conran, and totally sixties in feel. A full height central partition forms the suite’s main axis and is decorated with Oikos Paint wall finishes designed by THDP and applied by Bluebell Finishes their UK partner. The rendered plaster has a resin effect, an innovative texture, 100% waterproof, launched at The Sleep Event by Oikos Paint. The basin wall has an embossed artwork with the words from the comic strip ‘We rose up slowly’ by Lichtenstein (1964), the very first inspiration for the NightNight Suite concept. Facing the bed is a 40” Samsung LED TV, with a linear wood surround. The very pop designed mirror is Sweet 97 with silk screen and black decoration by Gervasoni. Glass Vases are by Villeroy&Boch and inspired by 60’s ceramics.

SOCIAL & DINING: The window effect is formed by a London skyline establishing a sense of place, the artwork is prepared by Elegant Clutter, a panoramic vinyl print by photographer Will Pearson and shows a romantic autumnal Kensington, forming the perfect backdrop to the NightNight Suite story line. The window is framed by a long and narrow sofa bench upholstered in Resinflex Polaris Pro black eco leather by Citielle with squared stitched upholstery details. The bold accent throw cushions are inspired by the Pierre Cardin, 1966 futuristic collection, bold orange, teal and green with clashing black and white patterned cushions in Alcantara and mohair for extra drama. The Kimera ergonomic retro chair is by Kastel and is finished in white Resinflex Polaris Pro with diamond upholstery stitching detail echoing the bed upholstery and the carpet pattern, resulting in a sharp but elegant look. Illuminating the

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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workspace is the Cormorano vintage task light and above within the case goods frame Essential, an innovative downlighter designed for refurbishment projects by Martini Light. The desk and sofa bench are connected, allowing the guest easy access to the connectivity products at the desk, the telephone by Samsung, desktop wi-fi and IHOME alarm clock are by Teleadapt. Connectivity is a service for the guests to connect ‘out’ it doesn’t necessarily mean that the hotel connects ‘in’. THDP believe in ‘no clutter’ information. The Gray 26 armchair is by Gervasoni and the Mary Quant inspired curtains are by Jab Anstoetz prepared by Citielle. The sofa bench also allows for a dining area, making for a comfortable ‘in-room’ dining experience. Table for two Gray 39 by Gervasoni in natural walnut, mise en place with Villeroy&Boch Black Lines Night and Day Hotel Collection tableware inspired by Op Art. All F&B suppliers are Italian as the F&B concept derives from the Bar Italia in Soho, London, an iconic family run café’ in the heart of London’s nightlife. Coffee is provided by Caffe’ Vergnano, Minibar snacks by Bottega dell’Albergo with Eataly, the slow food concept stores and restaurants. Guido Gobino, internationally awarded chocolatier, has created a custom set for the chocolate tasting experience.

DRESSING & GROOMING: O Donnell Furniture Makers, are market leader in case good manufacture, and have developed the fitted furniture, wardrobe, desk, sofa bench and stand structure with THDP for the NightNight Suite. The wardrobe functionality is enhanced by details inspired by sixties fashion. The doors are finished in a warm grey wood veneer, BIO²® a new range by Tabu made with FSC® certified wood, using a colouring system that does not require any synthetic dyes and allows consistant colour matching across different batches. The wardrobe interior is finished in thermo-structured melamine by Xilo Cleaf, there are two designs; “Primofiore”, which imitates a soft leather texture and is by Antonio Citterio & a hounds tooth design with anti-scratch finish, which is a unique technology by Xilo Cleaf. The Scribble Grey ceramic handles by Pamar are a direct reference to Sol Lewitt and his wall paintings series and add sophistication to the case goods. The guest is served by a Dometic minibar which has the lowest energy consumption of all comparable absorption minibars, with silent electronic preset thermostat. The design is advanced with acrylic transparent and blue glass door. There is also a Dometic safe, Iron & Board as well as other amenities, including hangers which are his and hers in dark wood and velvet by Aslotel. The dressing area forms a linear elevation of functional spaces, designed to offer the guest an immediate access throughout the room with the aim of delivering a relaxing experience to the guest. The flooring is a thermo structured laminate finish from Xilo Cleaf, designed to minimize marks. Free-standing minimally designed HOE accessories are by Apir. The bathroom is planned around the vanity by Gervasoni, adapted from the Gray collection, which allows for two sizes My Nature by Villeroy&Boch ‘his and hers’ basins with London’s Roullier White hotel line by Aslotel to suit. Two different height positions for the Mira round mirrors by Monteleone with etched led light detail and patented magnifying integrated swivel mirrors. Lineare Single-lever basin mixer Taps by Grohe and Silestone suede finish Lyra top with Microban, antibacterial. Blueprint Ceramics are the suppliers and producers of the bathroom space. The company will showcase Art, one of the latest ceramic tile collections selected at the 2013 Cersaie in Italy, a wall cladding collection of 3D modeled effect wall cladding in majolica.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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The WC is the Subway 2.0 Vi CleanWc by Villeroy & Boch a WC with electronic Bidet spray fully integrated. The Squaro Super Flat Shower tray with integrated waste and waste cover from Quaryl® are by Villeroy & Boch, it’s a smooth, pore-free surface that makes cleaning easier and has anti slip properties. The material allows minimal edges tolerance for seamless intallation. The shower encloser is generous, sized for two people with Grohe Rainshower® Veris 300 Speed Clean anti-lime system. Retro Chrome accessories by Monteleone. Pasa XP shower door by Kermi with perfectly integrated, easy clean hinge technology. Terry towels with silk trim and Terry toweling robe with silk collar and cuffs by Quagliotti. End. Interior Design

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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References: Architecture: Richard Seifert, Centre Point, The Royal Kensington Hotel.

Art: ‘Structures’ by Sol LeWitt.

‘We rose up slowly’ and Landscapes by Roy Lichtenstein.

System Painting by Laurence Alloway.

David Hockney California interiors.

Blake’s iconic graphics.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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Design&Graphics: Terence Conran Habitat Store 1964.

David Hicks patterns.

Poster Bodoni.

Food & Bar Life: Soho’s Bar Italia, Carnaby Street.

Films: Blow Up, by Michelangelo Antonioni.

Sixties Fashion: Mods Italian Suites, Tommy Nutter.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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Mary Quant.

Pierre Cardin 1966 collection.

2013/14 Fashion: Hilfiger Tom Ford


Marc Jacobs

Sixties Celebrity scene: Mick Jagger Jean Shrimpton&David Bailey

Photography: David Bailey’s 60’ magazine covers Brian Duffy




Michael Caine

Terence Donovan

Music: The Beatles’ “I’ve just seen a face”, “Love me do”. Mick Jagger on the Beatles: "England was a real wasteland. England had nothing really to offer as far as pop music was concerned. The Stones were playing little clubs in London – doing Chuck Berry songs and blues and things – and we thought we were totally unique animals, [that] there was no one like us. And then we heard there was a group from Liverpool. They had long hair, scruffy clothes and a record contract, and they had a record in the charts, with a bluesy harmonica on it, called Love Me Do – when I heard the combination of all these things, I was almost sick." End. References The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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AKNOWLEDGMENTS Concept and Interior Design THDP (The Hickson Design Partnership)

Leading Sponsors O Donnell Furniture , Stand Structure and Casegoods contractor Gervasoni 1882 + Letti&Co , Loose furniture and bed Blueprint Ceramics, Bathroom contractor Elegant Clutter, Artworks

Premier Sponsors

Jab Anstoetz, Fabrics Martini Lighting, Technical and Decorative Lighting Oikos Paint & Bluebell, Wall plaster finishes Tektura , Wallpaper finishes Villeroy & Boch, Sanitary, Porcelain and accessories Xilo Cleaf, Laminates and Hard Flooring

Sponsors Apir, Signage and room accessories Brintons, Room carpet Citielle, Soft upholstery contractor Dometic, Minibar and safe Grohe, Tapware Kastel, Desk chair Monteleone, Bathroom mirror and wall accessories Resinflex, Engineered Leathers Tabu, Dyed wood veneers.

Partners Aslotel, Guest amenities and room accessories Flexilan, Bed mattress and pillows Kermi, Shower door Quagliotti, Bed linen and towel sets Pamar, Handles Samsung, Led tv screen and telephone Silestone, Vanity top Teleadapt, Connectivity systems and alarm clock Will Pearson, London landscape

F&B Partners Guido Gobino, Chocolate Caffe’ Vergnano, Espresso machine Bottega dell’Albergo, Minibar snacks

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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Thank you to all the people who helped us (in no particular order): Sergio Bertossi, Laura Coloricchio, Domenico Scognamiglio at Gervasoni Aodh O’Donnell, Chris Enright, Alan Tanner at O Donnell furniture Simon Peel at Blueprintceramics Harry Pass, Richard, Alicia, Andrew at ElegantClutter Claudio Balestri, Marisa Corso at Oikos Group with David Hinton at Blue Bell finishes Mr Carrara , Anna Franzetti, at Cleaf Italy Paolo Borghi, Fabrizio Bongio at Tabu Marco Marocchi, Valentina Modena at Martinilight Jon Bond, Stephanie Savage at Brintons Nic Cross, Kim Peakok at Villeroy & Boch Eric Kirwan at Grohe Trisha Byrne at Tektura Karen Brennan, Christina E. Wallis-Copley at Jab Anstoetz Giuseppe Lazzarotto, Lina Spateri e Vladimiro Magoga at Citielle with Mr Villa Pietro Angelini and Valentina Carlini at Apir Renato Rolando, Luigi Vicari at Resinflex Fiona Gray at Dometic Luigi and Katia Monteleone at Monteleone. Guido Gobino, Loredana Ligori, Antonietta Barletta at Guido Gobino Michael Ferguson and Mr. Sirabella at Bottega dell’albergo Mrs Quagliotti, Anna Fontana, Patricia Capone at Quagliotti Stephanie Ibbotson at Aslotel and Valeriano Capitani Luca Licchelli and Edy Maso at Kastel Andrew Sharp at Kermi Dario Tagliabue at Pamar Tony Trimi and Matthew Needham at Teleadapt Nicola Toledo and Jorge Lope Idarreta at Silestone Luigi Hari at Flexilan Jim Ellam Photographer Jonathan Wood (Installations at Poggenpohl) with Julian and Harry Last but not least Yogesh Dhokia at Poggenpohl Norman Glenn Project collaborators: Tatiana Vinciguerra at THDP Gianluca Bettinelli, Luca Uslenghi, Marcello Acquati at Mabu Design - CGI renderings Valentina Carlini at Apir - Signage

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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THDP PROFILE The Hickson Design Partnership is a London & Turin Architecture and Interior Design practice specialising in Hospitality and High End Residential Projects. THDP was established in 2004 by partners Nicholas Hickson and Manuela Mannino, the studio has brought together some of Britain’s & Italy’s diverse design talents to serve the most prestigious International clients. In 2012 THDP joined the Royal Institue of British Architects (RIBA) as Chartered Architects, the American Institure of Architects (AIA) as International Associates, and are proud to be full members of BIID. In December 2012 THDP opened a new studio in Royal Borough of Greenwich, London. MAIN PROJECTS: THDP’s clients include; Hilton, InterContinental, Marcegaglia group (steel and real estate) and private developers. Hilton London Kensington Hotel: Meeting Rooms floor soft interior refurbishment. In progress. Hilton Double Tree Krakow Hotel: 230 rooms New build , spa and pool, ballroom, meeting areas, restaurant and bar. Lobby connecting hotel with Hampton by Hilton. In progress Hilton Cardiff Hotel: 196 rooms Interior Design refurbishment. In progress. Hilton Milan Hotel: 220 rooms refurbishment in progress. The project has been selected for the prestigious Hilton Design Review.The ballroom and meeting rooms areas have been completed. Lobby and bar areas in progress. Albarella Resort, Marcegaglia Tourism: private island with an 18 hole golf course south of the Venice Lagoon, Italy. Capo Nord Hotel: 63 duplex apartments and 23 hotel rooms hotel. Lobby, restaurant and bar completed. Conference Centre in progress. Golf Hotel: 23 suite hotel with view over the 18 holes golf course. Rooms Completed. Pugnochiuso Resort, Marcegaglia Tourism: 150 rooms refurbishment, restaurant, external areas, entrance, beach, night club refurbishment in the 56 acres complex in the Puglia Region. Uptown Palace Milan: 4 star superior hotel conversion completed in 2011, now part of the Accor MGallery collection. Pragelato Village Resort & Spa: Completed for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics was managed by Kempinski and entered as a Leading Hotel of the World.

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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BIOS Nicholas Hickson - British Furniture, lighting and interior designer, graduated in 1984 and since then has worked on high profile interior design projects for international clients and property developers in the areas of Belgravia, Mayfair and Hampstead in London, and for the last 8 years with Hotel Interior Design. His contemporary approach to traditional manufacturing ideas, combined with his attention to detail, delivers inspirational client led solutions.

Manuela Mannino - Italian Architect, graduated at the Turin Polytechnic in 1993. She has worked in product design, interior refurbishments and conversions for private clients. Working in London from 2000 on residential developments projects Riverside Quarter and Albion Riverside and designing the interiors for the contract design company CP Hart. She brings her contemporary eclectic approach to projects, combined with her skills in design concept, to take care of the aesthetic link between architectural function and decorative details.

Contact: Manuela Mannino Architect tel. 0044 (0) 208 3052 254 Contact: Nicholas Hickson Interior Designer tel. 0044 (0) 208 3052 254 ***End***

The Hickson Design Partnership Ltd 214 Maurer Court, John Harrison Way Greenwich London SE10 0SX UK t. +44 (0)20 8305 2254 Co. No. 6981969 VAT No. 155 2381 18

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01 press release thdp sleep event  
01 press release thdp sleep event  

Press release for The Sleep Event NightNight Suite by THDP, 20-21 November 2013