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HSA 515 Week 5 Midterm Exam Part 2

1) The elderly are especially vulnerable to abuse and neglect in a health care setting. In light of witnessing a dramatic increase in the numbers of abuse cases, especially in nursing homes, this Act was passed.

2)After a person on life support has suffered cardiopulmonary arrest, the physician is not required to continue to use life support equipment if it’s futile because there is

3)An individual may not be tried for a felony without indictment by a

4)When members of a hospital council governing body solicit and receive money from architects on a building project, they would be convicted of

5)Beginning in 1989 and continuing into the 1990s, when the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs began to pass a series if acts specifically aimed at Physicians’ ethical practices, they were targeting

6)Social harm defined and made punishable by law

7)An agreement between an employee and employer that specifies the terms of a contract is

8)If a contract is to be considered valid, an offer must be

9)A handbook is not generally considered a contract due to a

10)A contract with a firm of anesthesiologists that requires that all anesthesia services for a hospital’s patients be performed by that firm

11) The ability of a corporation to enter into contracts is limited by

12) The ever-increasing number of alternative healthcare delivery systems has resulted in

13) Evidence offered by a witness at trial

14) The person who brings a civil suit seeking damages or other legal relief

15) An informal discussion during which the judge and opposing attorneys eliminate matters not in dispute, agree on the issues, and settle procedural matters relating to the trial.

16) The common law doctrine by which the state and federal governments have been immune from liability for harm suffered by the tortious conduct of employees

17)The common law doctrine that holds a physician, for example, responsible for the acts of a nurse in the operating room when the physician directs the nurse to perform a particular medical act in the operating room and the nurse then performs it negligently and consequently injures the patient

18) The order that calls for a document to be produced by an organization

19) A committee of the governing body responsible for reviewing and overseeing the financial affairs of the organization

20) Corporate authority that is derived from statutes

21) A committee of the governing body responsible for developing corporate auditing policies and procedures

22) A legal doctrine holding employers liable, in certain cases, for the wrongful acts of their employees

23)Dependence on government funding and related programs (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross) and the continuous shrinkage occurring in such revenues have forced hospitals to

24)Ultimate responsibility for the operation and management of the institution lies with the

25) The governing body has a ____________ responsibility that requires that it act primarily for the benefit of the corporate

Hsa 515 midterm exam part 2