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1) The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) was created by Congress

2) This committee develops blood usage policies and procedures. It is responsible for monitoring transfusion services and reviewing indications for transfusions, blood ordering practices, each transfusion episode, and transfusion reactions. The committee reports its findings and recommendations to the medical staff executive committee.

3) The delineation of clinical privileges is the process by which the medical staff


The committee that reviews surgical procedures

5) A physician who decides to withdraw his services should

6) Nurse licensing boards have the authority to suspend or revoke the license of a nurse who is found to have

7) A nurse who rotates from unit to unit based on staffing needs.

8) The scope of practice refers to the permissible boundaries of practice for health care professionals, as is often defined in

9) Mrs. Ard noticed that her husband was having difficulty breathing. He was reeling from side to side in bed. Believing that her husband was dying, she continued to call for help, estimating that she rang the call bell for 1.25 hours before anyone responded. A code was eventually called. Unfortunately, Mr. Ard did not survive the code. The court determined that

10) Various states recognize that nurses can render a nursing diagnosis. This was the case in Cignetti v. Camel, where the defendant physicians ignored a nurse’s assessment of a patient’s diagnosis. The court determined that

11) A health professional can be held liable for attempting to carry out a procedure clearly

12) Medication Misadventures can be decreased by

13) The Court of Appeals, in the text case Stepp v. Review Board of the Indiana Employment Security Division, where the laboratory technician refused to perform chemical examinations on vials with AIDS warnings, found that


An organization's laboratory provides

15 ) A high-risk department that tends to be a main source of lawsuits for hospitals is

16 )

17 )

Falsification of medical records is grounds for

Health care organizations undergoing computerization must

18 ) The medical record must be

19 ) The effective and efficient delivery of patient care requires that an organization determine its information needs. Organizations that do not centralize their information needs will often suffer

20) The admission record does not generally describe

21) The courts generally utilize a “subjective” or “objective” test to determine whether a patient would have refused treatment if the physician had provided adequate information as to the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the procedure. Under the subjective test theory,


The ethical rationale underlying the doctrine of informed consent is


An informed consent form should include

24 )At the end of the day and as recognized by the courts, whose right is it to accept or refuse treatment based on the alternatives available

25) A patient’s refusal to consent to treatment, for any reason, religious or otherwise, should be noted in the

26 ) Incident reports contain statements made by employees and physicians regarding

27 ) Caregivers who suspect abuse

28 ) A sentinel event is

29 ) Unnatural deaths must be referred to the

30 ) The criminal and civil risks for health care professionals in child abuse cases

Hsa 515 final exam part 1  
Hsa 515 final exam part 1