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I have used Option A Final ExaminationOptional Assignment A or B (DUE Week 5 THURSDAY DAY 3) Select one of the individual assignments; either Option A or Option B but not both. Option A: Issues to Be Addressed in a Repatriati on Process; complete the matrix or Optional Individual Assignments A and B are listed below. Optional Individual Assignment A: (Answer the question and complete the matrix b elow) Strategic Human Resources Management, Second Edition Chapter 14 - Global Human Resource Management (Exhibit 14-5) Issues to Be Addressed in a Repatriation Process: Read the 'Repatriation' section in Chapter 14 (Week 4 etext readings) and Exhibit 145 and provide your responses in the Matrix provided below. Question: How would you manage the international assignment repatriation of ret urning employees and their career and personal issues? (Complete the matrix belo w)

Hrm 498 final examination  
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