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1. An organization's human resources are a means by which the firm fosters a susta ined competitive advantage. 2. To achieve sustainable competitive advantage through people, an organization' s employees' skills, knowledge, and abilities must be widely available in the labor m arket. 3. Organizations set major objectives and develop comprehensive plans to achieve those objectives through strategic planning. 4. Human Resource Planning (HRP) is the conducting of recruitment and selectio n methods according to a strategic plan. 5. Strategic HRM is a combination of strategic planning and HR planning.

6. Organizations set major objectives and develop comprehensive plans to achieve those objectives through human resource planning. 7. Job specifications describe the duties, tasks, and responsibilities performed on t he job and therefore play a key role in performance appraisal. 8. Job Analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs through a proce ss of determining what the duties, tasks or activities of those jobs are. 9. Job analysis is usually more accurate and objective if the job analyst can prepar e the job description without consulting supervisors or jobholders. 10. Selection is the process of attempting to locate and encourage potential applic ants to apply for existing or anticipated job openings. Short Answer – Please provide a short answer to each of the questions below.

11. Why can some organizations that fail to invest heavily in human assets still be financially successful? Why can some organizations that do invest heavily in huma n assets still be financially unsuccessfully? 12. What are the most important workplace trends affecting HR today? How well do you feel the HR profession responds to these trends? 13. What are the main barriers that prevent an organization from taking a more st rategic approach to HR? Why do they exist, and how can they be overcome? 14. What are the major objectives of human resource planning? Why is each of th ese objectives critical for an organization’s success? What benefits are provided by each that can result in a competitive advantage? 15. How does global human resource management differ from domestic human re source management?

Hrm 498 final exam guide  
Hrm 498 final exam guide