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HRM 326 Week 4 Individual Quiz To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Retrieve the Quiz for Week 4 posted in the Course Material forum of our OLS classroom. Complete the multiple choice quiz by highlighting the correct response. Post your completed quiz to the assignments link. 1. The following are all benefits of new technology that have been incorporated into training, EXCEPT: 2. This typically involves videoconferencing and/or computers for the delivery of instructions from a trainer to trainees who are different locations. 3.

Which one of the following is NOT an advantage of e-learning?

4. Online learning allows more employees to gain access to these types of programs in a quicker time period than if face-to-face instruction is used. 5. All of the following are the most frequently used training techniques EXCEPT: 6. In this variation of the lecture method, two or more speakers present information and ask question. 7. This is an attractive training method because compared to others; it needs less investment in time or money for materials, trainer's salary, or instructional design. 8. The major advantage of apprenticeship programs is that learners can _____ while they learn. 9. In case studies, trainees are required to analyze and critique the actions taken, indicating the appropriate actions and suggesting what might have been done differently. 10. Vicarious reinforcement occurs when a trainee sees a model being reinforced for using certain behaviors

Hrm 326 week 4 individual quiz  
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