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Alapuzha Day in A House Boat

A fleet ready to take you to a relaxing day

This was when the journey started. A long, relaxing day, out and out from The worries of the daily routine, taking the mind From the tensions of the city‌

We make it to the house boat, ‘early’ enough, by about 10 in the morning morning.. Packed our bags with enough stuff for the day, all ready to set sail sail.. The boat initially had some starting troubles, but everything was sorted out in about 30 minutes minutes.. A lurking rain storm kept things interesting interesting..

The Photo sessions started as usual â˜ş. For me, the boat was more of an experience than what I expected. expected. The facilities, and the ambience was exceptional.. exceptional

Time for laziness. The rain stayed away. The day was hot and humid. But the breeze was soothing. The heat and humidity vanished to thin air.

There was a kitchen and a cook ready to take orders. Kappa,, fish of all kind, chicken, mutton, Kappa golden fried prawns, mussels, and what all. Whoa! Idli with the spicy chicken curry was from heaven.

In an effort to taste some local flavours flavours,, we anchored at the nearest Kallu shaap. shaap. Went straight in to the kitchen, looked at what was available, and ordered some gorgeous fish items. We are on land. Time for more photos‌ photos‌ After a small break, the dishes were ready, and we set sail in to the Vembanad lake.

Lunch Time! The idea of getting to land and having lunch under a tree appealed to everyone.. The ‘captain’ was given the order to everyone anchor the ship near a tree tree.. But when we landed and saw the thick undergrowth, all notions of having an outdoor lunch vanished. vanished. But the tree induced some primate instincts in some of us ☺

Lunch was filling, to say the least. A small glitch in the motor and a strong gust saw us moving side bound, on nature’s mercy. The boat hit against one of the bunds, and we wasted no time in getting out again, this time onto someone ‘s private property. The sight of tender coconuts irked unexplainable commotions, that saw picking 8-9 of them. In 15 minutes flat. The motor was fixed and we were on our way back to the end of the journey.

Finally, it was time to depart depart.. We bid everyone goodbyes goodbyes.. Had a few final snaps, and the tired souls were on their way back to bustling Bangalore. Bangalore. Bringing with us, memories of a funfun-filled day and picture postcards of an incredible weekend break break..


Alapuzha Backwaters  
Alapuzha Backwaters  

A Day In A Houseboat