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Johannesburg, 11 June 2012

Server Technology’s intelligent rack mount power distribution units now Cisco EnergyWise certified Available from Falcon Electronics – monitor both Infeed and Outlet Watts for the most accurate and comprehensive data centre power consumption. Server Technology, expert in producing the highest quality rack mount power distribution units and power monitoring solutions, announced recently that all of its intelligent rack mount power distribution units (PDUs) are now Cisco EnergyWise certified and interoperable with Cisco’s EnergyWise client technology. Server Technology’s intelligent PDUs, when combined with a Cisco network, allow device power to be accurately monitored, analysed and controlled to optimise energy consumption and reduce total cost of ownership by conserving energy at the data centre rack level. Server Technology’s PDUs are the first PDUs to pass Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT), Cisco’s process to ensure compatibility with Cisco technology. “It’s a seamless way to capture power information using your existing Cisco infrastructure, providing an easy and low-cost power monitoring solution

that is simple to implement,” said Darrian Bhana of Falcon Electronics, the leading distributors of Server Tech products in southern Africa. “When you combine Cisco EnergyWise with Server Technology’s intelligent PDUs, it’s easy to monitor the power consumption of every piece of equipment within each rack in the data centre using the existing network infrastructure. They’re the only company that can report both the outlet information, through Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPSTM), as well as the inlet information, through Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPS) feature – all providing the most granular and accurate power consumption information,” added Bhana. “Customers can be reassured knowing that the PDUs have been pretested, reducing integration costs, accelerating deployments and minimising risk of failure. The power information provided by Server Technology’s PDUs at the device level in conjunction with

JOHANNESBURG • Press Releases: - Servertech’s Intelligent Rack Mount PDU’s now Cisco EnergyWise certified - Falcon Electronics debuts ATEN LCD KVM switches with remote management functionality • New Products: - Aten VM0808 8x8 Video Matrix Switch + Audio - Aten CS1944 4-Port USB2.0 Mini DisplayPort Dual View KVMP Switch

- Aten CS533 Tap

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Cisco’s EnergyWise Network will give data centre and IT professionals the information they need to control and improve their energy efficiency,” added Bhana.

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Johannesburg, 23 May 2012

ATEN Debuts New LCD KVM Switches with Remote Management Functionality New IP-based LCD KVM switches provide versatile server room management. Falcon Electronics is once again proud to announce the launch in South Africa of ATEN International’s new dual rail LCD KVM over IP switches. The KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai switches are control units that enable secure access for up to eight or 16 computers from a single KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) console. The units consist of an integrated 17- or 19-inch LCD monitor, keyboard and touch-pad in a 1U rack-mountable retractable sliding housing. Catering to the needs of both local and remote staff, the KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai feature IP-based connectivity to monitor and access computers on an installation. Leveraging TCP/IP for its communications protocol, the KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai can be accessed from any computer on the LAN, WAN or Internet – whether that computer is located down the hall, down the street, or halfway around the world.

16-port dual rail LCD KVM switch LCD console + Cat 5 high-density KVM switch with KVM over IP.

For additional convenience, the LCD and keyboard/ touch-pad modules slide independently of each other. To maximise space in a server room or data centre, the keyboard/touch-pad module can slide back to “hide away” when not in use, while the LCD monitor rotates back – flush against the rack – enabling convenient monitoring of computer activity.

Key features of the KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai include:

The KL1508Ai/KL1516Ai also includes enhanced features such as Panel Array Mode, which displays the video output of up to 16 computers at the same time, and a message board that allows logged-in users to conveniently communicate with one other remotely. Additionally, RJ-45 connectors and CAT5e/6 cables provide a compact and efficient wiring configuration.

• Enhanced console control – The extra console ports provide administrators with the ability to use a standard keyboard/monitor/mouse console.

“We’re pleased to strengthen our dynamic line of ATEN products in the South African market, specifically the LCD KVM switches range with the latest launch of Aten IPcapable KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai units,” said Grant Sauls, Operations Director of Falcon Electronics. “Today’s network administrators with data centres of all sizes are still facing the challenge of conserving precious rack space. We believe that our space-efficient LCD KVM switches meet that challenge and provide IT staff with a versatile solution for server room management.”

• Space efficiency – The KL1508Ai/KL1516Ai provide a streamlined method to conserve server room rack space by integrating a retractable LCD monitor, keyboard and touch-pad in a 1U dual rail housing that is designed to install easily and operate smoothly.

• Remote power control – In conjunction with attached Power Over the NET devices such as the PN0108, users can reboot power remotely if there is an operating system crash or the keyboard does not respond to input. • Panel Array Mode – Panel Array Mode technology permits simultaneous monitoring of the video output of the installations’ servers. Operators can monitor the screen display of up to eight or 16 servers for real-time server monitoring. • Mouse DynaSync – Automatically synchronises the local and remote mouse movements for perfect alignment of mouse pointers, regardless of server mouse acceleration settings. The new ATEN KL1508Ai and KL1516Ai switches are available from Falcon Electronics.



New Product Ready for Shipping Dear Valued Customer, ATEN is proud to inform you that our VM0808 8x8 Video Matrix Switch + Audio is ready for shipping. You are welcome to place an order, or contact your ATEN product representative for more information. Marketing and Promotion Dept. 2012-06-15



New Product Ready for Shipping Dear Valued Customer, ATEN is proud to inform you that our is ready for shipping. You are welcome to place an order, or contact your ATEN product representative for more information. Marketing and Promotion Dept. 2012-06-28


New Product Ready for Shipping Dear Valued Customer, ATEN is proud to inform you that our CS533 Tap (USB to Bluetooth KM Switch) is ready for shipping. You are welcome to place an order, or contact your ATEN product representative for more information. Marketing and Promotion Dept. 2012-07-06


product notifications CommScope® Grounding Strap for Cable Ladders CommScope® introduces a grounding strap for cable ladders; creating a common ground between spliced ladder rack sections. The kit includes one braided copper ground strap and hardware. Installation requires drilling of two holes for mounting.

Ordering Information: Material ID

Product Number



760109124 CRGND ST Fiber Adapter Grounding Strap CommScope Consolidation

CommScope® announces the consolidation of single-mode and multimode ST adapters into a hybrid platform making the selection process easier on our customers – one adapter can be used in a single-mode and/or multimode application. Effective July 1, 2012, the existing multimode ST adapters (MFA) will be replaced with single-mode adapters and renamed HFA-ST01. The barrel assembly on the adapter will be stamped with an “SM” until inventory is depleted. After depletion of current inventory, the barrel assembly will have “SM” stamped on one side and 180 degrees out will be stamped “MM”. Ordering Information:


Replacement Material ID

CommScope Wire Basket Hanging Kit for Overhead Mini-Rack Material ID

Current Product Description


New Product Description



Description Change





Description Change



® CommScope introduces a wire basket hanging kit for (Circular SFA-ST01-CMN (Circular Description HFA-ST01-CMN 760000638 Mounting Nut) Mounting Nut) the overhead mini-rack – giving anChange additional mounting

option for the overhead mini-rack.Description SFA-ST01-CMN-100-BULK760116764






None 700004864

700011075 760000638


Ordering Information: www.commscope.comProduct Number

Material ID

NA 700011133

When introduced in 2011, the overhead mini-rack came 700004906 MFA-ST01-100-BULK-PACK Discontinued None standard with a mounting kit for the cable ladder and is MFA-ST01-CMN (Circular still the option today. In addition, we now offer a kit for 700004914 Discontinued None Mounting Nut) installing the mini-rack on a wire basket cable tray. The MFA-ST01-CMN-100-BULKkit760116756 is comprised of c-shaped metalDiscontinued brackets that attach on None one side to PACK the wire basket tray and on the other side to the overhead mini-rack. The kit comes with two brackets, four ¼ inch (.63 cm) bolts and nuts and assorted washers.







Don’t let fear or complacency get in the way of prospecting for new customers. By Barry Farber Complacency, lack of qualified prospects and fear of rejection are just a few of the reasons sales people are reluctant to make new sales calls. One of the main reasons call reluctance sets in is because we might have experienced months, or even years, of success without making new calls - and now our prospecting skills have diminished. I see this all the time – Maybe your industry has gone through tough times or more aggressive competitors started taking away your account base. Whatever the reason, a dry pipeline sounds a clear wake-up call – it’s time to prospect for new business. Here are five ways to overcome call reluctance and make sure it doesn’t sneak up on you again.


Go visit a satisfied account

Your passion and positive attitude about your profession are critical when making new sales calls. When you listen to how your customers benefit from your products and services, it puts you in a positive frame of mind and allows you to collect ammunition to use against objections. So when that new prospect says, “It’s not in our budget,” you can respond: “I can appreciate that. I was with one of my customers today who said the same thing at first, and when they found out how much money we saved them in productivity, it made up for the initial investment. I’d like to see if we could do the same for you,”


Prepare your pitch and benefits statement

I’ve always said that if someone asks you, “Can you give me three good reasons why I should do business with you?” those answers should be right


on the tip of your tongue. So what are the three biggest reasons someone should do business with you? What’s in it for them and what added value can you bring to the table that the competition can’t? This exercise will help you create an elevator pitch that you can use when someone wants to know what you do.


Always ask for referrals


Feed your brain


Manage your fear

Sure, there are good times to ask for referrals, like when a customer tells you how much she loves your product. But we should always be asking for referrals, even if the person we’re talking to doesn’t need our services. Why? Because you never know who they know. If you’ve built any type of rapport. the customer usually volunteers that information. If not, ask: “If you were in my shoes, what three people would you call on who could benefit from our products and services?” Nothing warms a cold call faster than being recommended by a person the prospect knows and respects.

You bring about what you think about. Whether it’s from reading or the people and environment around you, there is nothing more powerful than learning when it comes to motivating your spirit and maintaining enthusiasm for life. Some people think they know it all and don’t need to learn anything new, and that’s when they get into trouble. It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts in life. New knowledge keeps you fresh and focused and can provide new tools and new ideas to sell and live better.

Fear is what drives people. Make fear your ally. Allow it to motivate, challenge and push you -

don’t let it stop you dead in your tracks. Remember that when it comes to prospecting, it is in doing what we fear most that we grow.

All relationships can be salvaged, as long as you know where to start. By Carol Tice

HAPPY. . .



recently came across tip lists for how to deal with angry customers. I found them interesting, because all too often I am that angry customer.

When I have a problem, or a company has done something wrong, and they can’t or won’t fix it. it makes me insane. Maybe it has something to do with writing about business for 20 years, but I’m deeply familiar with how a good business should work - and always disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Though I’ve had my blow ups, I believe you can salvage a relationship with an angry customer. Here are seven ways to keep angry customers like me from storming out of your real or virtual store, never to return.

>> Realise my time is valuable. If you’re putting me on hold and transferring me, you are losing me. And that’s what happens all too often. As John Tschohl, author of Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service, puts it; solve my problem quickly, or find someone who can. You can only do this if your employees all understand the chain of command and are empowered to solve problems.

>> Actually care. Yes, you’re calm, but if I don’t sense real empathy for my situation, your calmness is only making me crazier. It makes me feel you don’t understand that I’m in crisis, and you need to make it better.

>> Reach out on Twitter. If you are not monitoring your business name on Twitter, you are losing a big opportunity. I’ve had companies respond to me immediately about a problem. That is an instant anger defuser.

>> Get real about outsourcing service.

>> Go above and beyond.

You think your customers can be helped by people with strong accents and limited English skills in foreign countries. But the reality is quite often, we can’t.

Once you’ve made a customer mad, do something to fix the relationship. It’s like a spat with your spouse. You need the equivalent of a nice card or flowers.

>> Don’t just file a support ticket. These are the Internet age’s slow boats to China. You need another option - live email chat. Twitter support or something else that moves faster and gives me more confidence that you understand the urgency of my situation.

>> Fix the broken policies. You can avoid angry customers if you figure out what’s wrong with your process. My husband and I recently opted to have a new shower installed, but canceled instead. It took 45 days and multiple conversations to get our deposit refunded, even though the company installs showers in a single day. © Entrepreneur Media Inc. All rights reserved.


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