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The Bully Inside

I have met many individuals Have you ever considered yourself a bully? Most will not. in positions of authority whose inner bully prevented them from admitting Let me put that question weakness and seeking help. another way. Have you ever Some of these were Directors talked yourself out of being of companies, high level able to do a particular thing, telling yourself you’re not good sporting professionals as well as the young school kids enough, that you're never working through exams. going to be that good? Would you stand by and watch someone else put a friend or family member down? I suspect your answer would be no! In the first year of setting up my business I would probably have to admit I sabotaged myself. I spent the year telling myself I wasn’t going to succeed and to just enjoy the experience for as long as it lasted. Now luckily I realised what I was doing and took steps to prevent it stopping me from achieving my goals.


The internal bully does not distinguish between young, old, professional or school child. What I have found when speaking to individuals is that they feel like the only one in their situation and that nobody else can help. What therapists, coaches and other wellness specialists can do is to help you take control back of that bullying dialogue. Let me just ask you another question? How would you feel if those controlling thoughts weren’t there?


My internal voice stopped me from having the confidence to stand and up talk to people. I’m not just talking about on stage but to my potential clients. I lucky enough was able to spot the signs and symptoms with some help from friends. Now there really is no stopping me. There are no limits this year. I’m involved in raising money by driving a car around for some fantastic charities. Have a look at where taming those bullies led me www.lemons365.co.uk/ the-drivers/becky-wells/ I challenge you to show your bully the front door. Even if it means knocking on one of our doors for the initial help. Becky Wells, Personal Development Hypnotherapist www.BeckyWells.com

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TN Uncovered July 2014 Issue  

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