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New life to each and every person that walks through their doors. They help to take away some of the stresses of trying to conceive, advising on the challenges faced along the way. Taking time to look at past medical histories, advising on tests and treatments such as immunological testing. They’ll guide and support you through the process of pregnancy. Their The time of year of new life is coming. The fields will be filling aim is help make that journey to become a new parent an with small bouncy lambs. enjoyable one. As humans we put ourselves How about trying through all sorts of stresses when thinking about bringing hypnotherapy, counselling or a similar talking therapy? new life into this world. Women’s bodies go through We should never be afraid of a some amazing changes but chat with someone, whether it’s are well adapted to deal with a friend, fertility professional, or the challenge. Most women a therapist. Don’t feel like you’re not only carry this new life the only one. around for nine months, they are dealing with the stresses of work, of daily life and those So when you’re next walking along, watching the smallest inevitable emotions too. bud peeping up through the We want to give our bodies earth, remember nature has the best chance possible to challenged it all along the provide the perfect place for way. But with the right help it that new life to develop. blossomed, as will you. Sometimes the stress of trying for a baby and not succeeding Don’t stay hidden below the surface. There are a lot can also be emotionally of great fertility clinics, friends draining. How about allowing the professionals to give you a and therapists around ready to lend that helping hand. helping hand along the way. As I walked my dog this morning, wrapped up in the usual hat, coats, gloves, it felt like someone had left the freezer door open. In the forest something captured my eye. In between the leaves decaying from the previous year was the very top of a perfect bud, a wild primrose.

Many people are now turning to fertility clinics. These specialist professionals offer a service that will feel personal 22 - Health

Becky Wells, www.beckywells.com Personal Development Hypnotherapist www.payitforwarduk.net

What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a natural state of heightened awareness that occurs within all of us. It allows us to open our minds to beneficial suggestions and allows the client to use their imagination to make positive changes. A brief way to describe a feeling similar to hypnosis is that moment you’ve been watching TV and not heard a word that’s been said, even though you’ve been staring straight at the screen. Alternatively it’s the car journey where you wonder how you got to a certain place. Your mind is on auto-pilot and must have been in control, otherwise there would probably have been an accident. What can hypnotherapy help with? • Agoraphobia • Anxiety • Blushing • Confidence Building • Depression • Fears and Phobias • Gambling • Guilt • Habits and Compulsions • IBS • Insecurity • Insomnia • Memory Recall • Nail biting • Nervousness • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Pain Control • Panic Attacks • Public Speaking • Smoking • Stress Management • Timidity • Trauma • Weight Problems • Worry To advertise call - 01293 824088

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RH6 Uncovered March Issue 2015  

RH6 Uncovered March Issue 2015