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Do you feel like the storybook of your life has a large padlock on it never to be opened? Or that it is bound tightly with ropes of fear and pain? How many secrets do you keep On a majority of occasions they will use the words ‘I know this locked up inside that book of sounds stupid’. Let me say I your experiences? never find anything ‘stupid’. We all have memories that hurt. And it’s so important not to hold The problem you have is significant and may be on to pain, but to share it, controlling your lifestyle, your whether you speak to a professional therapist or a friend work and your confidence. Years ago we talked our worries you can trust. away with our family or over the back fence with our neighbours. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years and then more recently specialised in These days we don’t always the talking therapies. I hear and have the luxury to do this. What listen carefully to a lot of stories. I we do have are counsellors, look beyond the words and into hypnotherapists and various other professionals who have the heart of each person. the time and the other resources not only to listen, They often feel like they’re but to help guide individuals the only one who has ever on a more positive pathway. felt the way they do.

Becky Wells - Hypnotherapist and Sports Therapist www.beckywells.com - 07801 941949 30 - HEALTH AND BEAUTY


We can all help each other. Make time to sit and have a chat with a neighbour, a friend or a member of your family. You may just help to make their novel into the most thrilling that has ever been written. Who knows where our stories will lead, but if they are anything like mine they are going to exciting. What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a natural state of heightened awareness that occurs within all of us. It allows us to open our minds to beneficial suggestions and allows the client to use their imagination to make positive changes. A brief way to describe a feeling similar to hypnosis is that moment you've been watching TV and not heard a word that's been said, even though you've been staring straight at the screen. Alternatively it's the car journey where you wonder how you got to a certain place. Your mind is on auto-pilot and must have been in control, otherwise there would probably have been an accident.

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