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Let’s create a Pay it Forward ripple

Paying it Forward in life can create a ripple much further than you realise. April 30th 2015 is ‘Pay it Forward Day’, a day that encourages us to highlight actions that are already happening on a daily basis around the world.

I have the privilege of helping to promote this ripple effect around the world. I help run one of the groups in the UK www.payitforwardUK.net that encourages others to share their experiences of kindness and demonstrates how its reach can spread globally. To put a ‘pay it forward’ into a visual image, how about using a social media demonstration? One person posts a positive picture or quote, their friends and then their friends share this. Before you know it, many people have been positively influenced by the post. They then go on to help others as they become more positive and the ripple expands. 30 - Health

By helping that person in the street, or by allowing that car out in front of you, you feel much better about yourself. They will appreciate the gesture and they may well act more positively throughout the day themselves. That act of kindness ripples forward in the world. We’ve got seven billion people to reach so it needs to be a big ripple.

What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a natural state of heightened awareness that occurs within all of us. It allows us to open our minds to beneficial suggestions and allows the client to use their imagination to make positive changes.

A brief way to describe a feeling similar to hypnosis is that moment you’ve been watching TV and not heard a word that’s been said, even though you’ve been For me ‘Pay it Forward’ is a way staring straight at the screen. of being. I know that when I Alternatively it’s the car journey where buy a bunch of flowers and give you wonder how you got to a certain place. them to someone in the street, Your mind is on auto-pilot and must have they’ll appreciate that kind been in control, otherwise there would gesture. I am also just as likely probably have been an accident. to contact a friend and tell them to come and see me What can hypnotherapy help with? if I think they need help. • Agoraphobia • Anxiety All I ask is that they pay the • Blushing • Confidence Building kindness forward when they feel they can. • Depression • Fears and Phobias • Gambling • Guilt So ‘Pay it Forward’ is not only • Habits and Compulsions for strangers. No definitely not, • IBS • Insecurity • Insomnia it’s just as important that you help a friend, a family member • Memory Recall • Nail biting • Nervousness • Pain Control or anyone else. • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder The one thing I will say is it’s • Panic Attacks • Public Speaking really hard to ‘Pay it Forward’ • Smoking • Stress Management without reward because the • Timidity • Trauma inner feeling inside is such a • Weight Problems • Worry great feeling. What ‘Pay it Forward’ have you done? Let us know and we can share it with the Pay it Forward community.

Becky Wells, www.beckywells.com Personal Development Hypnotherapist www.payitforwarduk.net To advertise call - 01293 824088

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