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Wanted. Hard worker. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To wait on me hand and foot. Feed me, clean me and comfort me even when I don’t know why I’m upset. Learn on the job and no manual included.

Would you apply?

I wonder how many would apply if they saw this advert in a job search? These amazing people, known as ‘Mothers’, take this on day after day, potentially for up to 18 years or even more. So with Mother’s Day looming, how about making Mums the number one priority?

So how about treating your Mum to some ‘Me’ time this March? There are so many different types of ways, which sometimes can include the little ones too. How about booking your Mum in for a hypnotherapy session just for relaxation? A great idea if they feel they haven’t slept properly for months.

Working with Mums individually or in groups over the past few years, one thing really stands out. They often feel that admitting their anxiety or their need for emotional support is seen as ‘not being strong enough’.

Or try a relaxing massage or a Reiki session or two? These can also be enjoyed with your little one, or even your big ones too. There are some fantastic wellness and holistic centres in Sussex and Surrey.

What I feel any therapist does is to act as a catalyst, enhancing a Mother’s natural skills, allowing them to realise that asking for help is not a failure, but something that strengthens them and their bond with their young.

My sister asked me the other day if I’d hypnotised my new two month old niece, as (unusually) she’d slept for hours. Personally I think she knew if she opened her eyes I’d sing again, and sleep was the better option.



What is hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a natural state of heightened awareness that occurs within all of us. It allows us to open our minds to beneficial suggestions and allows the client to use their imagination to make positive changes. A brief way to describe a feeling similar to hypnosis is that moment you've been watching TV and not heard a word that's been said, even though you've been staring straight at the screen. Alternatively it's the car journey where you wonder how you got to a certain place. Your mind is on auto-pilot and must have been in control, otherwise there would probably have been an accident. What can hypnotherapy help with?  Addictions (e.g. alcoholism, nicotine)  Anger management  Anxiety  Blushing  Bruxism (teeth grinding)  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome*  Depression  Eating Disorders  Exam Nerves  Fear of Flying  Food Addiction  Gastric Band Hypnotherapy  Insomnia  Internet addiction  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Low Self Confidence  Low Self-Esteem  Obsessions & Compulsions  Childbirth  Confidence  Fears and phobias  Grief  Habits e.g. nail biting  Health  Memory  Relaxation  Performance  Personal development  Regression  Relationships  Sexual problems  Sleep Disorders  Sports performance  Stress and anxiety  Weight loss

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