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It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about that four letter word ‘Love’. How about learning to love YOU first? When you first hear the word ‘relationship’ you may automatically think I am talking about a lover, a partner or spouse. But relationships are more than this. We have relationships with all those around us, friends, family, the shopkeeper from the local shop who hands you your newspaper each day, and many others. If I asked you to create a circle with ten layers in it, each one numbered by how important you are, compared to other people,


She wanted to feel that she was an equal partner in a particular relationship. She realised that she was putting herself at the back Let me give you an example. You have been in a relationship of the queue in every circumstance. I helped her for many years, so you would to appreciate her own worth. place yourself on the same That she was “worth it”. circle as your partner. But in Everyone is important, a social situation you feel no matter who they are. inferior to the opposite sex, reluctant to join in She found it helped her conversations, worried to open up and to allow that everyone will laugh others near her for future at some incorrect comment relationships, whether you may make. for friendship or a sexual relationship. A client recently came to see me for treatment to help with So how about starting gaining a new perspective on today, building that positive her relationship with herself. relationship that you need We looked at a variety of to have with YOU first, right situations she faced and now. Cupid is sharpening she described herself feeling up his arrows for a perfect like “the small child hiding shot at life. behind the parent’s legs waiting to be spoken to”. I wonder where you would place yourself in comparison to them?


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RH19-RH18-RH7 Uncovered February 2014 Issue  

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