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Community News Racing Demon performed in Cuckfield The Cuckfield Dramatic Society will be performing the award-winning play, Racing Demon, at the Holy Trinity Church this month. Written by Sir David Hare, the play is a story of conscience and conflict, with topics including female clergy, homosexuality and the lack of relevance of the church to ordinary people. This is the first time Racing Demon will have been performed in a working church, with religion and faith forming the play’s foundation. But it’s also a show everyone will enjoy, as it explores people in the workplace. The show is raising money for the Holy Trinity’s ‘reordering project’, which has

seen the interior of the church transformed. This has enabled it to support more secular uses while remaining a dedicated place of worship. Recently retired Vicar of Holy Trinity, Nick Wetherall described Racing Demon as, “A quite brilliant play - entertaining as well as deeply moving” and “raising real questions about what the Church is actually about”.

Performances will take place Wed 12th – Sat 15th November at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 each, and available now. Contact the society at 0845 591 1291 or, .

Cuckfield Dramatic Society has been established for 20 years and has received many awards for their plays. Being a registered charity, it works to educate, entertain and involve the local community in drama and the performing arts.

Bolnore benefits from councillor’s cheque Haywards Heath Town Councillors all have an annual budget to spend in their wards, in aid of the community. The councillors in each ward make decisions throughout the year on how to spend this money. These donations can range from much-needed community items, to things that will simply enhance or aid clubs and groups. In September, Haywards Heath Town Councillors from the Lucastes and Bolnore ward decided that they wanted to contribute some of their budget towards equipping the new Woodside Pavilion in Bolnore, which was only recently built.

Mims Davies and Lynn Packham (pictured) presented two cheques to the trustees of the partnership in early September. £1,000 was donated for white goods for the Pavilion kitchen, including fridges, cookers, etc; and £1,271.30 was donated for sporting equipment for community groups. “There is a Bolnore Village football club which didn’t have a base or a place to play, but the Woodside Pavilion is now a great place for clubs like this to meet, which is why we decided to donate money to this cause,” said Cllr Lynn Packham.

A new Bolnore Village Community Partnership was set up, who will be running “Other community causes that we have the Woodside Pavilion. This is going to contributed to, include the Beech Hurst be a centre point for all community uses. 60th anniversary picnic that was held 10 - Community

back in August. It was a huge success and brought in the crowds on a rare sunny day at the end of August.” Our Town Councillors work hard to benefit the community. To find out more about the work the councillors may be doing in your area, visit Who-is-my-Councillor. To advertise call - 01293 824088

RH16 Uncovered November 2014 Issue  

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RH16 Uncovered November 2014 Issue  

Local Glossy Magazine