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When the habits start controlling you Most of us have ‘quirky’ little habits that we follow. We check the door to the house twice or more as we leave. We check that electric equipment is switched off several times before we leave the house. It not a bad thing, it keeps us safe and makes sure that those routine but important repetitive actions are done correctly.

What started as a ritual of jumping over a fish pond, with the thought that she had to do this to keep her family safe, turned into, at the extreme, washing her hands in neat bleach up to 60 times a day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take back that part of your life that controls unwanted habits?

So what is the best way to take back that control? The best way is to learn how to take those controls back It can prevent you from leading yourself. It’s important to a normal life. You are unable to have certain habits, a bit hold down a job or relationship like it’s important to have some level of anxiety, the and sometimes find it hard to important thing is to be interact even with your own in control of it. family. Sometimes, as Hayley What about when that habit explains it, leads to ‘intrusive takes over our daily lives? So how can you take back those thoughts’ about her family. Some people lose hours in controls? There are many forms the day by repeating an of therapy including CBT, action many times, sometimes OCD can affect young or old, any race or religion, sometimes counselling and medication. leading to them being With hypnotherapy, which is my leading to fears of something unable to lead a normal life. happening to others if you do background, I will take the client to a relaxed state and teach them not carry out a task correctly. This month I spoke to Hayley how to take back those controls, Leitch, author of Coming Clean: Some of the signs you may Living with OCD and advisor on notice would be turning switches rather than them feeling that the Channel 4 show Obsessive on and off a set number of times they are in a highly anxious state. or repeating an action or word Compulsive Cleaners. She What would you do if you didn’t a set number of times. As you explained to me how these can see from Hayley’s book, this have those controlling thoughts obsessions completely took going on in your mind? What just went on and on until she over her life. are your dreams, goals and got to the point where, as she explains, she felt she could no ambitions? It may just be to go out the door in the morning longer cope with life, even considering taking her own life, and not have to check the doors but was worried about the mess and light switches ten times. there would be to clean up. That goal is just as important as the Olympic athlete’s goal on the Hayley tells me she thought that she would never be cured of start of the 100m race preparing for that white line in the distance. OCD but explains how she sought professional help to deal with the issues she was facing. Why not grab that metaphorical running gear and show OCD who However, after chatting with a the real champion is? professional therapist on the ‘This Morning’ show on TV recently, she is certain with Becky Wells Buy Hayley’s book at Amazon www.amazon.co.uk/Coming-Clean-Living continuing help, that she can www.BeckyWells.com -Hayley-Leitch/dp/1782199179 rid herself of this for good. Personal Development Hypnotherapist



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