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Have you checked under your bonnet lately?

This year I have been invited to undertake a car challenge called Club Lemons. I’m not driving a new car. If I had to describe my vehicle, it’s a bit like myself; been around for a while and bits are starting to show wear and tear! Now you men out there what I want to ask is, how many of you religiously take your car for a service once a year? A vast majority will say yes. Let me now ask you how often you go to your local health clinic for a men’s health check? I can imagine a lot of you right now, are heads down, avoiding this subject. Let me liken your health check to a service on your car.


Your engine has been running a bit sluggishly, getting up the hills is a bit more of an effort, so in a car we head in for a tune up. Regular blood pressure checks can ensure our heart (engine) is firing on all cylinders with no blockages in the pipe work. The lights on your dashboard keep telling you that your system is on overload. Our well being (stress levels) can be measured in a similar way to be a car being plugged in to check its electrical system. Advisories can then be given to be help reduce overloads by outside assistance or suggestions on adjustment of lifestyle. Finally, and just as importantly, is how we power these machines.


We’d never consider putting petrol in a diesel, or vice versa. Yet we take risks with our bodies. We fuel it with substances that have damaging effects both short and long term. Isn’t it about time you treated your vehicle, your body, well? These have to last us a lifetime, yet we treat them carelessly. Make a note in your diary for that yearly MOT. Maybe at the same time as you book your car in? In years to come would you rather be running on all cylinders or with a few that should have been attended to years ago? Becky Wells www.BeckyWells.com Personal Development Hypnotherapist

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