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ShareLINK for Collaborative Learning ShareLINK is our free software that allows schools to share audio recordings with other classes and schools. The software can also be distributed to schools in different countries due to the increasing use of Collaborative Learning abroad. The simple but powerful software acts as a library of all the collective work on different activities and can be shared. For detailed information on the different activities please see the Collaborative Learning Library (page 13). Since activities are being added every day, please go to our website for the latest additions. Sharelink is only available to people who subscribe to the Collaborative Learning Library.

How ShareLINK works Step 1 Download the free software on to the computer. Step 2 The first screen shows the various Subjects: Biology, Maths, English, Geography, etc. Select the subject that you are interested in, for example Biology. Then select the biology activity you want.

Biology Activities Science: Biology

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Maths Activities Maths Activity. View the all list.

Click here to view the list of all the activities. Birds and Animals

A list of all the sound Shared Files Birds and Animals by Emma, Kate, Henrie at Moss Hall School +44(0)208 44 55 123

Alternative Birds by St Pauls School

recordings with star ratings will be shown for you to download

Birds and Animal Classroom A/B Grangemouth School

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Step 3 Attach the Pen through the USB cable to your computer, select the audio content that you want to download and press ‘GO’. ShareLINK will install the file into PENpal for you to listen and compare how other classes/schools have responded on the same activity on which you are working. If you wish to upload your content, follow the same path in ShareLINK, and share your work with others.

The fundamental principle behind collaborative learning is that learning occurs through discussion and debate, by speaking and listening. This project has a rich heritage over the last 30 years and Sharelink has developed the process of community building - be it between pairs of students in the classroom, between classes in the same year, or even between schools. As the files are stored centrally on Sharelink, the work is always available for assessments by inspectors, and for future students. Collaborative learning is being used not only in subject specific areas but also in MFL and EAL. The software is free and we invite you to join the community.

The combination of FREElink, ShareLINK and CreateLINK software make the PENpal a very powerful, flexible and affordable learning device.

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