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Make your own mini Talking Book with


Mini-Book Creator!

Children can experience the fun of creating and publishing their own books with this simple software. They can narrate their own audio and can build a display of the titles they have authored! This new software gives the user the ideal tool to suit their needs: MFL students can learn simple words in French by taking photos, typing words and recording themselves speaking in French. For EAL Students, teachers can record speech for pupils so they can practise their English. The PENpal user can practise their pronunciation, build their vocabulary and gain confidence in communicating. (Mini-book creator is being used extensively in adult education in Norway)

Place a picture (a photo or your own drawing) on every page in the software. You can type the text using the software, or wait until you have printed it out and write the text by hand. Then print on to our special Storyfold paper. This A4 paper will fold into an 8-page book. Need more pages? Just carry on and bind with staples and tape. Or, if you want to make talking cards, just cut the A4 paper to the right size.

Record your voice onto every page of your own book! Each page is sound enabled for use with our TalkingPEN. So you can create talking books or talking cards! Easy! Not only can children write their own books but they can also record and re-record their own narrations straight onto the pages. The Mini-Book Creator Pack is priced at £80 + vat. The Pack contains the Mini-Book Creator Software, a PENpal and one pad of Storyfold Paper (50 pages).

My TalkingPHOTO Book Software Create a sumptuous memento of the big occasions in your life.

This FREE software is an online, easy-to-use, desktop publishing system that captures treasured memories in talking pictures. Key moments in the school year, at home, on holiday or at celebrations can be saved and displayed with sound and images in a hardback book. How it works: Use the simple My TalkingPHOTO Book software to choose your format: pages can be square, portrait or landscape. Choose how to display the photo: Enlarge a photo across two pages to give a panoramic feel (ideal for class pictures) or make a collage. Type in text and personalise the design. ‘MyTalkingPhoto’ software does all this easily. Each page has two soundspots for TalkingPEN. Preview the book, change whatever you want and when ready, press "Send". In two weeks a hardback book will be delivered to you.

Great for class projects, school year albums, and general celebrations.

As an indication, a 24-page A4 book will cost about £28. With PENpal you can keep an audio record of all your friends’ voices, school plays, music festivals... +44(0)208 44 55 123

My TalkingPHOTO Book is the world’s first printing system to give high resolution photo-quality pictures in books that speak!

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