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Science Investigation Charts


Planning an Investigation • Analysing Results • Concluding & Evaluating Gives continuous support for the full investigative cycle - from planning to manipulating data, evaluation, and eventual writing-up of the investigation. Access aural hints and definitions of subject specific vocabulary. Record answers and ideas before writing them down. This is a fantastic way to monitor children’s development.

Biology & Chemistry CD Roms Biology KS3 CD Rom The outstanding animations give clear explanations of complex ideas. Ideally suited for classroom teaching. Whiteboard interactivity is provided to enable teachers to add their own material and students to participate actively in class. Chemistry KS3 CD Rom Detailed interactive animations effectively demonstrate reactions at the molecular level. Questions are multi-formatted, including drag and drop, text fill and multiple choice – ideal for revising and reinforcing knowledge.

Hours of educational interactivity!

EAL Starter Kit The EAL starter kit will help the EAL coordinator to become effective quickly. Using the contents of the kit, Children and parents with English as a second language will be able to communicate with teachers and administrators and understand the school's rules, policies and letters that are sent out periodically. The kit comes with the following components: • 5 PENpals (p22) • a Digital Recorder • CreateLINK software (p27) • 5 "How Schools Work" posters with audio in 20 languages (p32) • 5 "Key Phrases for School" chart with audio in 26 languages (p30) • the Welcome Booklet CD-ROM with 18 languages (p26) • the "All About Me" CD-ROM with 33 languages (p26). There is also a hub and 5 USB cables enabling you to recharge all five PENpals simultaneously.

The Digital Recorder is a high-quality easy-to-use recorder that saves all recordings as MP3 files. These can then be fed into the CreateLINK software. For video guidance, please visit The pack comes in the lockable attache case, with sponge cutouts to support components neatly. The net price of this pack is £600 and with VAT at 20% it is £720. Schools and institutions are able to reclaim VAT, please discuss with the bursar.

A valuable tool for communication and inclusion in multilingual settings +44(0)208 44 55 123

All the components above are described separately elsewhere in this catalogue (see page references). In this context, the CreateLINK software allows teachers, EAL coordinators and parents to make audio recordings on any topic and to sound enable them using sticky labels, or soundspots printed onto any of our posters or books. For example, if the school wanted to communicate a letter to parents in Polish, a Polish bilingual parent could record the letter onto a sticky label and attach it to the letter which could then be sent to other parents with the pen. Parents would then be able to fully understand the requirements of the letter.

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