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Subject Packs: Talking Phonics This beautifully illustrated award-winning resource is packed with sounds, songs and games, all designed to support practitioners and parents in their understanding and delivery of early phonics. The PENpal gives instant access to a huge range of sounds; children can explore the charts and cards, while developing their sound discrimination skills. Children are encouraged to make their own recordings, listening to phoneme sounds and then recording their £100 + VAT including PENpal own versions. “Talking Phonics is a fantastic pack to own!” PPS Awards Judges 2010 (If you already have a PENpal you can buy the pack without it for £45 + VAT)

The pack includes: +44(0)208 44 55 123

• 8 Charts: What’s in the box?; Environmental Sounds; Farmyard Sounds; Animal Orchestra; Dancing Animals; Fairytale Voices; I Spy Alphabet; 3 Letter Objects • 6 Game Boards • 36 Flashcards • 2 Talking Books • 1 set of Talking Stickers • Puppet • 16-page Guidance Booklet • A free Download with explanations of the core aspects of phonics is available in multiple languages • 1 PENpal

Testimonials "Outstanding product. It can be used in large or small groups, or by a single child. It includes lovely stories and fantastic games. The children were fully involved with this product. It meets all areas of the EYFS; the resources allow you to extend this learning further and further. With ECAT being introduced to childcare this year, Talking Phonics is a fantastic pack to own." Practical Pre-School Awards Judges 2010 “The pack is great value for money and contains a vast number of excellent resources. It can be used endlessly with different groups of children and varying learning objectives.” Alison Dibden, Teaching Consultant, Hampshire, UK

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