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Greek Farming

Aztec Tributes

Frequent Words As part of the study of Ancient Greece this activity focuses on farming and the various factors that affect the outcome of it being either a good or bad year. The produce used in the game are the same that are still enjoyed by many today, even if the farming techniques have changed. Students will have gained a greater understanding of the factors affecting agriculture in Ancient Greece.

The English language has some awkward, unphonetic words which some pupils have trouble identifying and spelling, even when they are older. So this game has been devised to encourage younger pupils to look at these words repeatedly, thus reinforcing their word recognition and spelling skills. Pupils will have practised hearing and identifying high frequency words which will help with their spelling

Age +9, £9.99

Age +5, £3.99

The Aztecs demanded tributes from all the smaller neighbouring tribes, and this board game is designed to show how the tribes became discontented with this system. It was this discontent that in the end lead the smaller tribes to support any group of soldiers who were prepared to help them stand up to Aztecs. Students will have learned about the Aztec tributes system and gained an insight into the downfall of the Aztec Empire.

Classic Tales This game is designed to consolidate children’s knowledge of some well-known folk tales. The stories used are: Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Three Billy Goats Gruff; Buri and the Marrow; The Elves and the Shoemaker; and The Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat. Pupils will be able to define and describe the selected folk tales and identify the key themes, characters and settings. Age +6, £6.99

Age +9, £5.99

Henry VIII’s Six Wives

Giant Turnip The bingo game has been devised to encourage pupils to explore the theme of vegetable growing in relation to the Giant Turnip book. The matching activity reinforces the learning of core words from the story. Pupils will have familiarised themselves with the key vocabulary from the story in a fun way, as well as developing an understanding of what plants need to grow.

Henry VIII was a king of major importance and his relationships to his wives helped to shape Briton. This is why we have developed this activity for students to familiarise themselves with his six wives and their role in history. Students will be able to recall the six wives of Henry VIII and some facts about them. Age +9, £5.99

Anti Semitism (WW2)

Age +5, £4.50

Giant Turnip (Rhyming Words)

There has always been prejudice against ethnic minority groups and it is still true today. But none has been as systematic as the dehumanising and destruction of the Jews and other ethnic groups during the 1930s and 40s by the Nazis, who ruled Germany and occupied other European countries. This activity looks at the historic context to the history of Anne Frank and the events in Europe at the time.

The game was devised to give pupils a richer level of vocabulary, in a fun way, using key vocabulary from The Giant Turnip book. Pupils will have developed a richer vocabulary aurally as well as in their writing. They will also have worked collaboratively with their partner. Age +6, £3.99

Age +10, £3.99 +44(0)208 44 55 123

Tudor Entertainment


As apart of the study of Tudor Briton this activity has been designed to give students an insight into the sports and entertainments that the Tudors engaged in. Students will have learned the kind of entertainment and sports the Tudors enjoyed and it will have given them an insight into life in Tudor times. Age +9, £6.50

The Collections Game was developed to expand pupils’ vocabulary in a fun way. It will help them to identify items that are normally collected into groups such as bunches (flowers) or flocks (sheep). Pupils will have expanded their vocabulary by being able to name differing collective nouns. Age +6, £6.50

Literacy Activities Sly Fox

Improving Adjectives The track and matching games encourage pupils to explore the theme of food in relation to the book Don’t Cry Sly Fox and to reinforce the core vocabulary used. Pupils will be able to name and recognise the various ingredients used to make the ‘chicken’, thus increasing their vocabulary. They will have had the opportunity to practise language structures as outlined in the core text information.

We are always looking for ways to encourage students to develop their creative writing and by playing the connect four game they are using more interesting adjectives to replace the cliched ones that get used over and over again. Students will have developed their literacy skills by expanding their vocabulary to include more varied adjectives. Age +7, £5.50

Age +5, £3.99

Too Many Apostrophes

Vowels Spelling and phonics are a vital part of learning English and we have devised here a fun way for pupils to practise their vowel sounds and link them to the vowels used in various words. Pupils will have developed their literacy skills by practising the use of vowels and spelling.

The use of apostrophes puzzles even adults, so for students learning English it can be even more confusing. Many languages do not have apostrophes or they apply them in a different way, so in this activity we give students practise at identifying where an apostrophe should be placed. Students will have gained a greater understanding of the correct way of using an apostrophe.

Age +5, £3.99 Age +7, £3.99

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