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Brand Loyalty Analysis Robert Gonzales

Gatorade Sports Sports Drink It was a fluke that I had this product in my house, as I almost never buy Gatorade. The millions spent on branding and endorsements for this product is a turnoff to me, so I tend to avoid this drink. A thinly veiled Gatorade stand-in was used in the movie Idiocracy to represent how this drink was really highly marketed, but debased corporate water substitute that was poisoning the world. I think that says it best.

Hill Country Fare Vegetable Oil This is one of those products that I have no brand loyalty for. I go for the lowest price, which is usually the store brand. Until I have a meal where I say “That was some amazing vegetable oil!� I will probably never pay attention to brands, save for my general aversion to large corporate brands.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop I have an aversion to Mac products. I don’t have problems with my non-Mac devices and I can find software more readily and cheaper. Non-Mac products don’t have the planned obsolense that Macs do. I remember that my wife could not update her Iphone on her two year old Macbook’s operating system, while I could update just fine with my version of iTunes I had on my PC. We have both since switched from iPhones to Droids and are both very happy with our decision.

Pilsbury Doughboy Toy I have no Pilsbury brand products in my home, but I do have this toy. I have a nostalgia for old brands and branding, while still maintaining a dislike for the giants of global corporate capitalism. I guess my fondness for this toy is a nostalgia for more innocent days before I knew of GMOs, corporate farming and the problems of capitalism.

Various Brands Carbonated Beverages This is where brand loyalty is a lttle scattershot. “Coke Zero” is the name we call all diet soft drinks and we seemingly prefer the national brand. Though LaCroix’s taste is a little better, we like the low price of HEB’s Sparkling Water, so we go for the lower price. HEB’s original Cola with real sugar is purely a taste preference. We’d never buy HEB’s generic cola with corn syrup.

Central Market Organics Whole Bean Coffee This is the only brand we get. Not out of brand loyalty or perceived quality of the higher-priced label. It’s just delicious.

Central Market Organics Whole Milk Milk is one of those products where I am a little more conscious of the product being organic or not. I have concerns about milk cows being pumped with chemicals, along with the milk after its been collected. I also switched to whole milk after Dr. Oz announced it was better. The fuller body took some time to get used to. The Organics brand has some of the added cache of Central Market, which makes me feel smarter and hipper as well.

San Antonio Spurs Sports Team As with most San Antonians, this is a brand that I will be loyal to for the rest of my life. Though it may seem like it, it’s really not the individuals that I root for. The players I cheer for today could be traded to another team and I will quit supporting them. It’s the Spurs brand that I have loyalty for.

Hill Country Fare Vegetable Oil Hill Country Fare All-Purpose Cleanser This two of those products that I have no brand loyalty for. I go for the lowest price, which is usually the store brand. Until I have a meal where I say “That was some amazing vegetable oil!� or blame the cleaning product instead of the stain for my inability to get it out, I will probably never pay attention to brands, save for my general aversion to large corporate brands.

Amazon Retail Website I will only buy textbooks from amazon. I will only buy electronics from amazon. Only with would I buy its Prime level of membership to get free shipping. It’s got the lowest price and even give you the option of shopping used with other vendors.

Various Brands Condiments The attraction to certain brands of condiments has to do with a unique flavor, as is the case with Whataburger Ketchup or A1 steak sauce. Otherwise, it’s price that’s the difference, and the store brand is bought.

Various Brands Spices and Cooking Oils My wife purchases the spices and I don’t see a real pattern here. I think she resets every time we buy more.

Google Web Services For me, the Google brand has lost a lot of value. They began as a company that promised that they would “Do No Evil�, but I question that with its tracking and cooperation with the NSA.

Vimeo Video Site Easy interface. Great suggestions by its staff for cool, new videos. Communities for motion graphics and animation. Unlimited HD uploads for members.

Marvel Galactus Action Figure For comic book nerds, you’re a Marvel person or a DC person. Though I stopped reading comic books in middle school, all my nostalgia is centered in the Marvel Universe, as it’s those heroes and villians that I had the emotional connection with.

Van Heusen Dress Shirt How did most of my closet get filled with Van Heusen dress shirts? It’s because it’s an acceptable $25 dress shirt that looks perfectly acceptable for work. And that’s all it needs to be for that purpose.

Walgreens Floss Purchased only for price.

Various Brands Tequila To my surprise, we had four different types of tequila. The Esplon was a gift. Patron and 1800 are for when family comes over and we need a celebratory shot. Sauza is a good weekday tequila.

Product Analysis Results I would say that I am brand agnostic for the most part. If there is not strong aversion against a certain brand (like Mac or corporate brands) or strong pull towards something (amazon, Spurs, 1800 tequila) then our household will buy the cheapest brand. I wouldn’t characterize our household as a follower or leader, we let price and our tastes determine what we purchase. While the cache of the Central Market brand has its pull, HEB’s store brand is also acceptable if there is no perceived value in getting the higher priced item. In the case of the Pillsbury toy and the Marvel action figure, there are times when I have favorable and nostalic connections to the brand, but not really of the product it represents, so I keep the icon, but do not buy the product. My wife and I are very practical people and neither of us define ourselves with the brands we buy. Our brand loyalty is defined by the actual benefit or value of a product, rather than perceived value of that brand. If that benefit or value shifts to another brand, we would purchase that other product.

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