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20 — Women In Business• Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How To Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly When adopting more eco-friendly lifestyles, it can be easy to overlook the office. While drivers can drive in ways that conserve fuel and homeowners can take steps to reduce their energy consumption at home, few people may give as much thought to making their offices more friendly to the environment. But there are many environmentally friendly practices that business owners and their employees can adopt around the office. Turn computers off at quitting time. Frequently turning computers on and off can produce small surges of energy each time the computer is turned on. But the United States Department of Energy notes that this energy surge pales in comparison to the

energy consumed when computers are left on for long periods of time. When going home for the day or leaving your desk for more than 20 minutes, whether it’s during lunch hour or to attend a meeting, turn your monitor off. If you expect to be away from your computer for more than two hours, turn both the computer and the monitor off. Employers who make these suggestions to their employees may reduce their office energy consumption and save money along the way. Recycle old equipment. Advancements in technology now occur at a breakneck pace, so the equipment businesses use today may very well be obsolete tomorrow. Businesses that want to be more eco-friendly

should recycle rather than discard old equipment. Simply throwing equipment away might even be illegal depending on where an office is located. Some electronics contain mercury, lead or arsenic, hazardous materials that can do significant damage to the environment when not properly disposed of. Some retailers, including the office supply chain Staples, accept old equipment for recycling at their stores at no charge to business owners. If equipment is still functional but somewhat outdated, look into donating it to local organizations in need. Cut back on printing. Printing documents used to be the most effective way to share them with coworkers and clients. But nowadays printing is one

of the least efficient and least eco-friendly ways to share documents. Instead of printing documents to show coworkers, create PDFs and email the PDFs instead. And rather than mailing contracts to prospective clients, email contracts that accept esignatures, ultimately storing the contracts on your file server rather than in a dusty old filing cabinet. Develop telecommuting policies. In analyzing data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2005-2014 American Community Survey, found the population of regular work-athome non-self-employed persons grew by 103 percent between 2005 and 2014. Working from home is often seen as employeefriendly, but it also can

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Backk R B Row: Li Lixia i L Lemus, Di Diana J James, R Rene M Moreno, Meranda Ulrich, Yvette Vazquez Front Row: Sara Garcia, Yareli Navarro, Karlie Reep Not Pictured: Jackie Bustos, Jessica Sing, Lupe Ordaz

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benefit employers and the environment. When employees work from home, their employers need not purchase or lease as much office space, saving them substantial amounts of

money. In addition, working from home cuts down on the number of commuters driving to work, decreasing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.


Lixia Lemus - is our newest staff member. She is a Registered Technician and prides herself on accuracy and efficiency. Diana James - Has been working at River Oak Pharmacy for 17 years. She is an expert at dealing with insurance challenges. She helps our Spanish speaking patients, and enjoys helping all our patients get their prescriptions filled accurately and quickly. Rene Moreno - Is a Registered Technician, has been working for River Oak Pharmacy for 21 years, and is working in our compounding lab making custom prescriptions to meet our patients’ individual needs. Meranda Ulrich - Is a Registered Technician, assists Rene in the compounding lab, and has been helping patients at River Oak Pharmacy for over 4 years. Yvette Vazquez - Is a patient service expert. She is bilingual and is eager to help all of our patients. Sara Garcia - Is a Registered Technician, and has been working at River Oak Pharmacy for 17 years. She is an excellent patient-oriented technician. She also helps our Spanish speaking patients. Yareli Navarro - Is a bilingual patient support expert. She is always helpful to our patients. Karlie Reep - Is a Registered Technician. She is excellent at meeting patient’s needs, from Diabetic Shoes to Wheelchairs to Prescriptions. Jackie Bustos - Is a bilingual patient service expert who works diligently to get your medications in your hand and out the door as quickly as possible. Jessica Sing - Is a Registered Technician and our customer service expert. Lupe Ordaz - Is a Registered Technician and our customer service expert.

Women in business 2016  
Women in business 2016