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HORSESHOE TRIVIA Horseshoes bring more than good luck and serve as more than a tool for the popular backyard game. Horseshoes keep working horses’ feet healthy and safe from wear and tear while also providing support and traction. People who frequently work with horseshoes may know a lot about them, but others can test their knowledge by seeing how many of these trivia questions they can answer correctly. 1. A person who shoes horses is known as what? Answer: Farriers trim and apply horseshoes. 2. True or false: Attaching horseshoes to the animal is a painful process. Answer: False. The density and relative insensitivity of the hoof makes it possible to secure the shoes to the horse without causing discomfort. 3. How are horseshoes attached? Answer: A farrier may use nailing or gluing to attach the shoes. 4. Who invented the horseshoe?

Answer: According to Encyclopedia Britannica, horseshoes are a Roman invention. The Roman poet Catullus mentioned a mule’s loss of its shoe in the first century BC.

six weeks. If a shoe is overly worn or if the toe is overgrown, this may happen more frequently. 9. Do race horses wear horseshoes? Answer: Yes. Racing horses tend to

5. What were primitive horseshoes made of? Answer: Materials included booties made from hides and woven from plants. Romans were the first to use leather and metal in horseshoe designs. 6. How many nail holes are in a horseshoe? Answer: Seven. 7. Can a shoe help improve a horse’s health? Answer: Yes. A skilled farrier can create shoes to alleviate gait flaws and conformation issues in a horse. Conformation is the outline of a horse as dictated primarily by his bone and muscle structures. 8. How often do shoes need to be replaced? Answer: Horses tend to be shod every


A general rule is that horses tend to be shod every six weeks, though each case should be evaluated individually.



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wear shoes made of aluminum because of their light weight. Show horses also may wear aluminum shoes. The material used can be customized depending on the need of the shoe for the horse.

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