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• 5 K & 1 Mile Fun Run • Arts & Crafts • Chocolate Avenue • Classic Car Show • Food Booths


MAY 18

9am-5pm SUNDAY

MAY 19


• Kids Area

• Local Bands

• Pony Rides & Petting Zoo • Specialty Merchandise

& Services Booths



2 — Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Welcome Back To Our Sweet Festival

n behalf of the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce, Board of Direc-

tors and staff, I would like to thank you for attending our 27th Annual Oakdale Chocolate Fes-

There’s always fun and games at the Chocolate Challenge stage.

tival. As Oakdale Chamber CEO I want to thank and acknowledge the Chocolate Festival Committee members and hundreds of volunteers who donate their time and energy to produce our successful event. This festival brings our community together and allows us an opportunity to showcase what a great community we live in to all the visitors. We hope that you enjoy your

day with us, at the Oakdale Chocolate Festival. There are many things to see, purchase and be entertained with so Relax, EAT Chocolate, Shop and EAT more Chocolate. See you next year the Third Weekend in May. Your support is greatly appreciated! Enjoy! Mary Guardiola Oakdale Chamber of Commerce CEO

The classic cars will cruise in for two days, all shiny and ready for visitors to admire them.

Vendor booths will offer up a variety of wares at the annual Chocolate Festival in downtown Oakdale.

Festival goers can get a lesson in gold panning as part of their day.

Chocolate Avenue will hit the spot for attendees at the weekend’s annual Chocolate Festival.

The sweet offerings of Kloud 9 will entice visitors to try a bite at the Chocolate Festival.

Some of your favorite princesses will be roaming the festival grounds, able to pose for photos and meet with visitors.

Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 — 3

4 — Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019



DALE CHOCOLATE K A O L A U FESTIV ANN AL We offer sincere appreciation to the following businesses for their

generous contribution for the 27th year of the Oakdale Chocolate Festival’s success BRONZE BAR Cumulus Media, Inc. CHOCOLATE FUDGE SPONSOR Oakdale Leader CHOCOLATE ALMOND SPONSOR Basi Insurance Firestone Walker Brewry Gilton Solid Waste Management Special Events

CHOCOLATE CARAMEL SPONSOR Black Oak Casino Oak Valley Community Bank Oak Valley Hospital District Oakdale New Car Dealer Association SPECIAL RECOGNITION SPONSOR City of Oakdale Oakdale Saddle Club Progressive Dairy Solutions Inc Sconza Candy Company Teachers Pension & Insurance Services

And a Big Thank You to all who support the Festival with their participation and attendance

Trademark used with permission of sponsors

For more information:

590 N. Yosemite Ave., Oakdale 847-2244

Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 — 5

The Various Types Of Chocolate Chocolate wasn’t always the sugarsweetened dessert people consume today. The history of chocolate dates back to 1900 BC, when Aztecs believed the cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom. Chocolate was made into fermented beverages, and the cacao beans also were used as a form of currency because they held so much value. According to the History Channel, some ancient civilizations considered chocolate to be a mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. Chocolate was believed to have mystical properties and was revered so much that it was reserved for rulers, warriors and priests. It was not until centuries later that edible chocolate became popular among the masses. Dutch chemist Coenraad Johannes van Houten invented the cocoa press, which could turn extrude cocoa butter, paving the way for the modern age of chocolate as a confectionary ingredient and gift. Choosing the right type of chocolate may require gaining an understanding of various chocolate-related terms. • Cocoa powder: This is the unsweetened raw form of cocoa made from partially defatted chocolate liquor. Dutchprocessed (alkalized) cocoa powder is milder and less acidic than natural cocoa powder. • Unsweetened chocolate: “Bitter” or “baking chocolate” are other names attributed to unsweetened chocolate. It is best used in baking when it can be combined with sugar and other ingredients. It is also the base ingredient of most forms of chocolate, with the exception of white chocolate. • Dark chocolate: Chocolate that contains only chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, and lecithin is considered dark chocolate. No milk solids are added in. The higher the percentage on the wrapper, the more bitter the chocolate. • Milk chocolate: In addition to dark chocolate ingredients, milk chocolate also contains dry milk solids or condensed milk. It is sweet and has a mild chocolate taste. • Bittersweet and semi-sweet: These chocolates are milder than dark chocolate, but not as sweet as milk chocolate. Many chocolate manufacturers derive

Even our youngest of


readers can’t get enough of our local news

Chocolate is a favorite, making it a perfect gift or dessert. their own formulations for these types of chocolate, varying the amount of cocoa solids they include. • Couverture chocolate: An expensive chocolate, this is coveted by professional bakers or confectioners. It contains a high percent of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, which helps it to melt evenly. It is ideal for tempering and can coat candies smoothly. • Ganache: Ganache is a whipped filling, glaze, icing, or sauce that is used in various desserts. It is made by heating cream and pouring over chocolate of any kind. When cooled, it is malleable but not runny, which is why ganache is often used in making candies or fillings. • Truffle: A chocolate truffle is made from a ball of ganache rolled in cocoa powder. Truffles can be made from any variety of chocolate.

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6 — Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Tips To Making Delicious Ice Cream At Home

Ice cream is a favorite dessert across the globe. The average American consumes more than 23 pounds of ice cream per year, says the International Dairy Foods Association. Even though a trip to the local ice cream parlor can yield many different opportunities to indulge, making ice cream at home is easier than one may believe. Also, creating homemade ice cream can be a fun way to experiment with unique flavors and textures. It is easy to customize concoctions based on what everyone likes best. Making ice cream also is a fun way to bring the family together with the reward of a tasty prize for all of the effort. Here are some tips for making ice cream at

home. • Buy quality ingredients. Choose fresh, highquality ingredients. Real vanilla beans or extract can produce better flavor than imitations. Select inseason berries and other fruits and, if possible, use organic milk. All of these ingredients will blend together for fresh flavor. • Freeze equipment early. Cold equipment is necessary to produce ice cream. Store the bowls of an ice cream maker in the freezer to keep them frozen and ready for when the mood strikes to make a batch of ice cream. • Avoid ice crystallization. According to Food 52, a foodie equipment and recipe resource, ice crystals in the ice cream can ruin texture by making ice cream crunchy.

Freezing ice cream quickly at very cold temperatures is essential. That means freezing the bowl and keeping the ingredient mix cold. Spinning the ice cream and transfering it quickly to the freezer helps keep ice crystals small. • Keep mix-ins small. Mix-ins, like cookie pieces or cake crumbs, can add a different dimension to ice cream. Chill the ingredients and make sure they are small (roughly the size of chocolate chips). Add them after the ice cream is entirely frozen. • Watch alcohol usage. Alcohol can create a tipsy ice cream experience, but adding too much can interfere with ice cream’s ability to freeze. Therefore, use alcohol sparingly.


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Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 — 7

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8 — Chocolate Festival • Wednesday, May 15, 2019

27th Annual

May 18th & 19th, 2019

Entry Gate #4

Sierra Ave

Sierra Ave

SMS Booths

H Street

G Street

Entry Gate #5

SMS Booths

Yosemite Ave

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Oakdale Chocolate Festival 2019  

Oakdale Chocolate Festival 2019