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class work extremely hard. In the old days, kids signed up for body conditioning to hang out on the bench. It’s completely changed.” ••• CrossFit: Embracing the movement Around the world, and in virtually every Central Valley community, CrossFit is re-defining what “fitness” means. It has shaken the establishment, luring more and more people away from their traditional gyms to the box with a buzz. More than 7,000 affiliate gyms have opened since its founding in 2000, according to Google analytics, making CrossFit the fastest-growing gym in the world. Faster than Gold’s Gym. Faster than 24 Hour Fitness. In our schools, though, the culture has been slow to take hold. Except at Sierra, where



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Chabryel Fay, front, works out during the CrossFit style PE class.

two CrossFit owners have revolutionized the PE Department and inspired thousands of teens. Richard Boyd is the owner of CrossFit Alpha Omega in Ripon and the department chair

at Sierra. Hobby is a teacher under his watch and the man credited with introducing CrossFit to Sierra and the City of Manteca. Hobby is part owner of CrossFit

Excel, home to National Pro Grid League athlete and CrossFit Games competitor Buddy Hitchcock. Along with teacher Julie Cannon, Sierra has become a torchbearing school in the Central Valley’s CrossFit community. Modeled after programs in Sacramento, Sierra is the only campus in the Manteca Unified School District with three CrossFit Level 1 certified instructors. “Our ultimate goal is to instill a lifelong love of fitness in these kids,” Boyd said. “Kids today spend so much time sitting in front of a computer or staring at a phone or playing video games. It’s good to get them up and exercising and moving.” ••• Extreme Makeover. Crossing over to CrossFit In 2007, Sierra High made the bold decision to transform its PE Department, infusing its body conditioning and body tone classes with an innovative form of exercise and lifestyle prin-

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