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TOP PHOTO: Edgar Villanueva is encouraged by classmates in Sierra’s CrossFit style physical education class. BOTTOM PHOTO: Students listen to Sierra High physical education teacher Richard Boyd before starting their workout.

Pumping Up PE

CrossFit program appeals to high school students across the board

By JAMES BURNS 20 9 Health y Liv ing


lass was all but over, but a circle gathered and grew in the far corner of the weight room, swelling in size and intensity. “One more!” they cried. There, Sierra High junior Edgar Villanueva grimaced and strained and willed his way through his final reps; each movement boosted by a chorus of cheers. The Bear Complex is just that – a grizzly test of strength and stamina. The

workout of the day, or WOD, called for five rounds of seven cycles of five different lifts: power clean, front squat, push press, back squat followed by another push press. Villanueva’s body yearned for the comfort of the locker room, but not before he answered the call. Just one more. “The kids love this,” said Nick Hobby, the patriarch of Sierra’s near-7-year-old CrossFit program. “The kids that sign up for this continued on Page 6



209 healthy living march 2015  
209 healthy living march 2015