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YEAR OF YOU: Joshua Messersmith AGE: 23 Of HEIGHT: 5-9 Start Current WEIGHT: 326.6 310 BODY FAT: 45% 41.7% ARMS: 16” 16.25” CORE: 57.25” 54” HIPS: 52” 51.75” THIGHS: 29.5” 30.75”


Gym rat tips scales at 326 pounds EDITOR’S NOTE: The Year of You begins anew with two participants, Jeanette Balmut and Joshua Messersmith. Each will train with a local gym with dueling styles and philosophies over the next 12 months. This profile previously appeared in the Manteca Bulletin. B y JAMES BURNS 20 9 Health Liv ing


orking out has never been an issue for Joshua Messersmith. The former four-sport athlete at Escalon High is a regular at CORE Athletic Performance, where he has cycled through bootcamps and X-Fitness workouts. By all accounts, the gym temporarily located in Manteca’s Industrial Park could be considered a second home for the 23-year-old if not for one major difference: The refrigerator in the office is stocked with water not sweets. So focused in the gym, Messersmith wages a losing battle in the kitchen. “It’s not like I don’t have time or don’t want to do it,” he said of preparing meals or eating cleaner. “I just formed a bad habit of eating 22


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Joshua Messersmith, left, with his CORE Athletic Performance trainer Robert Iniguez.

out. It’s easier to eat out.” That lack of discipline has led Messersmith here, to the second season of the Year of You at more than 300 pounds. This season, the competition offers a new wrinkle. The Manteca Bulletin has joined forces with two local gymnasiums to provide two readers with a chance of a lifetime. Messersmith is accompanied by Jeanette Balmut, a 46-yearold mother of three, in the spotlight. Balmut will train with CalFit’s Antonio Hernandez, an award-winning trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine; while Messersmith remains under the wing of Iniguez. “He’s more than a trainer. I’ve become friends with him,” Messersmith said of Iniguez, who trains many of the area’s top athletes, including University of Oregon tight end Jake McCreath. “It’s not just about what I’m doing to change my life; there are people here counting on me and he’s one of them. So I can’t disappoint him and myself.” For the next 12 months, Messersmith will adhere to a

diet and training program customized by Iniguez, chasing a transformation he’s dreamed of for years. In the past, Messersmith says he’s been able to shed 30 pounds at a time, but without fail, the weight has always caught up to him. Iniguez knows why. Initially, he was stumped. But after months of seeing very little physical progress from Messersmith, the longtime trainer figured it out. “I know his work ethic. I know he’s going to put in the work. I know he’s coming in (to the gym),” said Iniguez, who helped launch the Year of You a year ago. “I’ve seen him lose a little weight. He busts his butt in here all the time. It was like, ‘Something’s not right. If you’re working that hard, we should be down. What’s your diet like?’ He was like, ‘Ummm.’” Bingo. He had Messersmith dead to rights. Before long, the 23-year-old was baring his soul – and cupboards – to Iniguez. Ice cream and sweets are his guilty pleasures; the kryptonite to his Superman persona in the gym. “I’ve been working out hard

for about a year, year and a half, and I have seen changes,” Messersmith said. “But it got to a point where it just stopped. I’ve talked to Robert and he’s going to take me to that next step. I know my meal plan has been terrible and he’s going to help me out.” Day 1 provided immediate results. Within 30 minutes, Messersmith was indeed lighter ... in the pocketbook. The two traced their way through the aisles of Costco, filling a cart with chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, healthy snacks, protein powder and more. Messersmith exited the store pushing a cart stacked headhigh with boxes of groceries, and not a sweet in sight. “Our biggest thing is diet. ... Being accountable to what it is. It’s a matter of actually sitting down and explaining to him the decision he’s making, how to make them and why,” Iniguez said. “Know what you’re doing to your body.” Messersmith is ready for a change. 2015 promises to be a monumental year with his wedding scheduled for late October. He hopes to exchange vows at a svelte 240 pounds. “I’ve seen him put in the work,” Iniguez said. “Putting in that much work should have some kind of good finish to it.” The first step is identifying the problem, which Messersmith and Iniguez believe they have. He’s thrown out all “the crap” in his cupboards and committed himself to Iniguez tutelage. “My body has changed in the last year and a half, especially my upper body,” he said. “There’s muscle that I’ve put onto it, but there’s also fat I haven’t been able to lose because of the way I eat.” I eat “anything I want,” he added. Not anymore.

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209 healthy living march 2015