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’m 46 and there are some hot 46 year olds. I do not feel like that. I feel old and I don’t want to feel old at this age.”

Balmut will get a chance to recapture that glow. She’s been selected for the Bulletin’s second season of the Year of You. She will pair with CalFit master trainer Antonio Hernandez for a year-long transformational ate and may not always align journey. This season, the Year of You with her work in the gym and will pit two local trainers against kitchen. She begins the journey at 260 one another. Hernandez will pounds with a body fat percentmatch his philosophy and style against CORE Athletic Perfor- age of 47. “We’re going to lose the mance’s Robert Iniguez, who will train Joshua Messersmith, weight the way we want to,” a 23-year-old fast-approaching Hernandez said, “but also add muscle. So you might lose 50 his wedding day. Balmut is nervous about com- pounds, but gain 25 pounds in peting against someone half her muscle. That’s the only way age – “I think I’m going to we’re going to succeed in life. throw up,” she says often – but We want to make a lifetime understands opportunities like change. I want to help you make that lifetime change. I don’t this are few and far between. For the next 12 months, she want this to a competition for a will endure a training regiment year and then six months down designed by Hernandez, certi- the road forget it.” Hernandez knows of which fied by the National Academy he speaks. of Sports Medicine and fortified The Lathrop native won a in his ways by awards and other similar compeacknowledgetition six years ments. ago while Their focus working for will be on Gold’s Gym in functional fitModesto. He’s ness, with an not only studemphasis on ied the body building lean and its relation muscle tissue to exercise and and keeping food, but also Balmut in the the mind. fat-burning — JEANETTE BALMUT, For now, zone. Balmut is a H e r n a n d e z YEAR OF YOU willing victim. will begin Balmut, a former softball player She welcomes the cardio and and Homecoming Queen, with iron, the prepared meals and the three to four days of light car- pressure to follow through. For years, she’s been trapped dio and three days of weight training. Each session will last in a body she says hasn’t felt like her own. She’s owned a an hour. The trick, Hernandez said, is membership to CalFit for a keeping Balmut’s heart rate at decade but only stepped inside 135 beats per minute – the fat- the gym to pay her bill. Her husband and children, burning zone. “It’s going to be a hate-love two of which attend major colrelationship,” he said. “Trust leges in Southern California, are me, that’s how it’s going to be.” fit and active. Now it’s her turn. Hernandez doesn’t want “I’m planning on working Balmut’s focus to be solely on out,” she said, pausing for drathe scale. He has warned her that the numbers may fluctu- matic effect. “A lot.”

“It’s going to be a hate-love relationship. Trust me, that’s how it’s going to be.”

— JEANETTE BALMUT, YEAR OF YOU Letting go won’t be easy, though. Balmut is a foodie, through and through. She enjoys the taste, the social appeal and the service. “I love food and everything about it. I want to go out. I want to hang with people,” she said. “All the activities that are fun to me revolve round food, so I have to redirect that.” Balmut arrives with built-in goals. Along with celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, Balmut’s niece is planning to get married later this year. “I don’t want to be the fat auntie,” she said. Balmut also hopes to take part in a Lupus run with her

oldest daughter, Myklyn, and she has her 30th high school reunion on the horizon. If those weren’t enough to keep her motivated, there’s always this: “I don’t know which daughter it was, but she was like ‘Oh god, mom, you’re breathing too loud,’” Balmut said with red cheeks, the brutal honesty cutting a sharp line through the laughter in the room. “How embarrassing. I’m watching TV and I’m breathing too loud?” To contact Managing Editor James Burns email jburns@ Follow him on Twitter at jburns1980.

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209 healthy living march 2015  
209 healthy living march 2015