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Jeanette Balmut reviews her workout and diet plan for the coming year with CalFit trainer Antonio Hernandez.

AIMS TO REGAIN LIFE ‘Oh my God, mom, you’re breathing too hard’ EDITOR’S NOTE: The Year of You begins anew with two participants, Jeanette Balmut and Joshua Messersmith. Each will train with a local gym with dueling styles and philosophies over the next 12 months. This profile previously appeared in the Manteca Bulletin. By JAMES BURNS 20 9 Health y Liv ing

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ove past the laughter and jokes and the self-effacing demeanor and


you’ll find JeaShe wants MEASUREMENTS nette Balmut’s to celebrate YEAR OF YOU: Jeanette center. her 25th wedBalmut There, at her ding anniverAGE: 46 tender core, sary with her Of HEIGHT: 5-7 Balmut keeps everyday man Start Current some of her crush, husband WEIGHT: 260 249 darkest secrets Mike Balmut, BODY FAT: 47% 45% and deepest and finally ARMS: 16” 15” desires. take that picCORE: 46.5” 43” For instance, ture she’s HIPS: 56.5” 53” the always-onducked and THIGHS: 29” 28” the-go mother dodged for so of three longs long. to wear a provocative evening More than anything, though, dress; twist, twirl and maybe Balmut wants to stop breathing turn a few heads. so heavily when she’s doing


something taxing ... like watching TV. And she’d like to tie her own shoes. Seriously. “I literally cannot tie my own shoes,” Balmut said during a candid interview with the Manteca Bulletin. “I’m 46 and there are some hot 46 year olds. I do not feel like that. I feel old and I don’t want to feel old at this age.” Then consider this the newest chapter in her life story, “How Jeanette got her groove back.” continued on Page 21

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