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TREATING THE SPINE Chiropractors: World’s largest group of natural practitioners By R OS E ALBANO R ISSO 2 0 9 H e a lt h y L i v i n g


on Serafin is a secondgeneration chiropractic medicine practitioner. He grew up watching and observing his father work as a chiropractor. Interestingly enough, his career path was not influenced by that paternal professional proximity. “I actually went to school for a degree in psychology,” with the intent of going into forensic psychology, said the first chiropractor to establish a chiropractic clinic in Lathrop. But he had a change of heart after becoming “disenchanted” with his first career choice, and ended up following in his father’s professional footsteps after all. “I think that you have to have a

passion for it. It’s a great career,” Serafin said. Like many self-established business owners, he loves setting his own working hours, dealing with people, “working for myself – those things I love.” But all that aside, on a professional level, what endears him to chiropractic as a career all have to do with self-satisfaction beyond the seemingly superficial aspect of a job. “I love my patients and I love to see them well,” he said. And, like many professionals running their own business, he said, “I don’t like dealing with insurance companies and attorneys,” which all go with the territory. While chiropractic has been around for more than a century, and while the profession has made plenty of strides since

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Daniel David Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment on a partially deaf janitor in 1895, “medical communities are still not 100 percent impressed” with chiropractic and chiropractors, although a lot of that has changed, Serafin said. And is continuing to change with many younger medical doctors becoming “a little bit more openminded,” he added. They are realizing that patients are made well not just from one treatment angle, he said. From his own personal experience as a chiropractor, and dealing with a lot of patients and doctors, Serafin said a lot of things could be helped through chiropractic such as ADHD and asthma. However, chiropractors are not licensed to treat these continued on Page 13

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209 healthy living march 2015