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••• “Simply Vibrant Living-Whole Food, Whole You!” Kerri Smith, Certified Health Coach/Wellness Advocate Simply Vibrant Living provides a personalized “roadmap to health” philosophy that is bio-individualisticly (unique to you) designed to assist the client achieve their desired wellness goals. By drawing on her extensive training in holistic nutrition and coaching techniques, Smith has succeeded in helping hundreds of clients discover the regenerating power of whole, nutrient rich food along with the inner strength for change. As an esteemed graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 dietary theories and a “lifestyle change” based program, Smith’s practice is devoted to assisting real people produce real and lasting results. ••• “Overcoming Chronic Illness - Getting Your Health, Youth & Life Back” John Filippini, D.C., D.PSc., Abundant Life Health and Wellness Center Dr. Filippini is going to share some of the techniques and approaches he takes to help his patients reverse and recover

from chronic disease processes, such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, Lyme’s disease, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune diseases, and even cancer. Most chronic disease processes have a common thread, and the entire body including the digestive system, nervous system, immune system and endocrine system — all have to be addressed. Filippini will discuss the 5 pillars of health he addresses with all of his patients, and explains why our current health care system doesn’t work with chronic disease, as well as why we are growing increasingly unhealthier as a nation (America is now ranked 50th). ••• “Ayurvedic: Enhancing Your Natural Immunity & Receptiveness to Healthcare Treatments” Mandy Sahota-Flood Ayurvedic is a wholistic system of medicine from India that uses a constitutional model – to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people can stay healthy and people with health challenges can improve their health. Join Mandy as she discusses Ayurveda, and how it looks at each individual and the treatment of their health challenges uniquely, allowing the body to become receptive and capable

Home visits Caring, supportive, helpful people. In the privacy of your own home. Stanislaus County Area Agency on Aging

of absorbing and assimilating medicine, food or rejuvenative tonics that are taken, and also allowing for proper elimination of accumulated wastes and toxins. ••• “The Healing Power of the Mind” Carson Johns Eating right, treating your body right and exercise isn’t the only piece of the puzzle to wellness. Wellness requires a clean body and a clean mind. In this lecture learn about techniques and tools you can use to clear the clutter out of your brain, be more focused and most importantly in alignment. Fulfillment, happiness and joy come from within and that starts with healthy thoughts. If thoughts become things...what are you thinking? ••• “Holistic Health” Teresa Miller, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, R.N., N.D. There are many aspects to health. There is physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and the truth is they are really all parts of whole health. Dr. Teresa will be introducing a new way of looking at an old word and will be addressing the interconnectedness of the different aspects of health, to increase our understanding of what a balanced and holistic lifestyle looks like.

Someone to talk to... Home visits Caring, supportive, helpful people. Something to look forward to... Stanislaus County Area Agency on Aging

Feel alone, isolated, sad? WE CAN HELP…

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We offer free programs for adults 60 or older providing social visits , peer support and counseling. Somemes just having someone there to listen, to care, really helps. For more information Call: (209) 558-8698 Brief or Peer Counseling & Friendly Visitor Programs

Someone to talk to...

Feel alone, isolated, sad? • We offer FREE programs for adults 60 or older providing social visits, peer support and counseling. • Sometimes just having someone there to listen, to care, really helps.

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For more information: Call: (209) 558-8698 • Brief or Peer Counseling & Friendly Visitor Programs • Project Hope





209 healthy living march 2015  
209 healthy living march 2015