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Bridal 2017

Spring Bridal Showers


he spring is the most popular time of year for weddings for a number of reasons. The weather gives you options not available during the potentially hot summer months or unpredictable winter and fall. For the most part, you can count on spring’s mild temperatures and its steady weather patterns — especially in late spring. The spring also gives you flexibility when it comes to planning a bridal shower. Friends of the bride have long put their heads together to pull off a memorable shower experience that all involved parties remember for years to come. Here are some of the most important things to remember when throwing a shower: • Decide on a date that is ideal for all attendees — usually a weekend day when getting off of work isn’t an issue. • Choose your venue and make sure you book it months ahead of time. There’s nothing worse that having to go to your backup plan just because you didn’t plan ahead. • Plan (and stick to) your budget. Set a budget for the entire event and make sure you follow it during both the planning and execution phases. Your fellow bridesmaids will likely pitch in to help you avoid over-spending on this special event.

SHOWER IDEAS Below are some ideas for what kinds of spring bridal showers you can plan for your friend or family member. Don’t forget to incorporate the bride’s likes

and dislikes into the festivities. For example, if the outdoors isn’t really her thing, a daylong event filled with lawn games probably isn’t your best bet. Be creative, be practical and most of all be fun.

SPA PARTY A spa bridal shower is a great way to relax the bride during this anxious time. Consider booking your local spa or hiring a couple of professionals to come to you. A DIY spa station could include a massage table, a facial space and a mani-pedi seat. Be sure to play relaxing music and deck your place out with soothing decorations.

FOOD PARTY What bride doesn’t love food — especially healthy food to help her stay trim and fit for her special day? Set up a food-themed party to let your guests indulge on deli sandwiches, cheese and crackers, vegetables and fruit salads.

PERFUME BAR If your venue allows it, a perfume bar is a unique addition to your bridal shower. This is a great complement to s spa location. Ask the company’s management if they would permit you to put together a table area full of perfumes for sampling throughout the shower.




Lawn Games

et’s face it. You want your wedding to be the most amazing experience in the history of weddings. The entertainment of your guests is paramount to you, and you’ll do anything to make sure they’re having the time of their lives.

Lawn games let your guests wind down after your formal ceremony. They also make for great conversation and friendly competition that bring out the best in your friends and family members. Lawn games are not only fun but inexpensive, as well. You can even build them yourself. Decide which lawn games you’re hoping to incorporate and head to the hardware store for lumber and other necessities. Some of the most popular lawn games include bags, Frisbee golf and lawn darts. Make your own scoring systems and rules to make things more interesting. Here are a few more ideas:

HORSESHOES Horseshoes is a time-tested lawn game perfect for all ages. Minimal equipment is needed for setup, making it the perfect DIY lawn game for your reception. You can likely find a horseshoe set at your local hardware or toy store. Or you could make your own by purchasing a few steel rebar rods about 1 inch thick and getting your hands on some actual horseshoes. Check in with family members who have horses or even your local horse veterinarian to see if they have any extras lying around. You’ll have a legitimate horseshoe lawn game set up in no time.

FOR THE KIDS Let’s say you plan on having four or five lawn games set up for the adults at your reception. This is a good number that allows rotation between games and includes plenty of guests in the fun. But what about the kids? Children’s lawn games can include pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, potato sack races or simply smaller versions of the adult games you have set up. Whatever you choose, be sure to assign someone to supervise the activity to ensure optimal safety.


Bridal 2017


The Bulletin-Spring 2017


Wedding Party Bonding


oming up with the final roster of wedding party participants can seem like one of the biggest chores of planning your wedding.

You don’t want to leave out anyone, and you also want to pair the right groomsman with the right bridesmaid to match your vision for photos. Once you select your party, it’s up to you to help them form a bond ahead of your wedding. That way everything from the rehearsal to the reception can go that much smoother. You want your wedding party feeling relaxed and able to have a good time, so do your best to bring them together. Ways to do so can range from throwing a party at your home or inviting everyone out for a fun evening on the town. Whatever you decide, be sure to include everyone to make sure you create the strongest bond possible.

HIT THE WATER The springtime provides beautiful weather for outdoor activities. Take advantage by inviting your wedding party out for a day of fishing, boating, swimming or lounging. If you have a local marina, consider renting jet skis or large rafts for the afternoon and spend the day getting to know each other in the water. You also could choose to simply spend the day at the pool. What’s more relaxing than laying poolside with a cool drink in your hand? The laid-back atmosphere is perfect for fostering communication between those in your wedding party.

PLAY SPORTS One of the best ways to build a bond is through a little friendly com-


petition. Set up a half-day of fun on your local golf course, your local bowling alley or even your local paint gun range.

Make sure everyone can attend well ahead of time and consider splitting teams strategically, so people outside of your normal social circle can easily

get to know those who aren’t. Your wedding party will appreciate your efforts in trying to bring everyone together before the big day.

Add Hanging Decor


rom flowers and lanterns to everything in between, hanging decorations can add a special touch to any church, hall or reception area. The best part is that you can find — or make — a hanging decoration to match any theme.

Consider the space you have to work with when coming up with hanging decor ideas. If your banquet hall is on the large side, it may be difficult to make enough pieces to fill it. On the other hand, you don’t want to overwhelm a small, cozy room with too many materials hanging from the ceiling. Find a balance to pull off the perfect look.

Flowers Fresh or dried flowers make for the perfect touch suspended upside down from the ceiling. They provide vi-brant colors and distinctive smells, perfect for an entryway or spaces between tables. Mix them with ribbons, strings and other garnishes to make them even more

attention-grabbing. A colorful mix of flowers and ribbon can help you pull off the perfect soft design complement to nearly any theme.

Hanging Backdrops If you’re looking for a stunning yet practical backdrop for reception photos, consider handing a backdrop made of a combination of paper cutouts and other special touches that complement the color of your wed-ding. You’ll

enjoy seeing guests flock to capture their own memories of your wedding in front of your spectacularly designed backdrop.

Check Out Bridal Fairs The greatest benefits of attending a spring bridal fair involves being able to ask professionals what they can offer in the way of your unique wedding wishes.

If you have an idea for a hanging decoration that you haven’t seen at weddings in the past, you can find out the possibilities of pulling it off by asking a designer or planner at a bridal fair. They also may come up with additional ideas that you hadn’t considered. This kind of collaboration is key in exploring all options for your perfect hanging decor.

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Bridal 2017

The Bulletin-Spring 2017


Choosing Performers


Before deciding on your final choice for music, make sure to ask some basic questions — along with any others specific to your wedding — to make sure you find the one most aligned with your nuptial needs. Do you perform original music or play cover songs? This is a question for a band you are consider hiring. You want to make sure their musical preferences match what you’re looking for. Weddings are generally an atmosphere where cover bands may be a better fit, but this is up to you. What is your price range, and can I get a quote on paper? Making sure you have a written quote will help resolve any confusion come payment time. How many weddings have you performed for in the past couple of years? This answer may be one of the most important, as you want to make sure the company is experienced and up to the challenge. Will you be providing the equipment and song list? Can you take requests? A “no” answer to any of these questions could lead to more work for you as you try to coordinate what will be played during your ceremony.

usic is one of the most important parts of any wedding celebration. Finding the perfect musical act or DJ can be a frustrating exercise if you’re not prepared for the search.


Do you only play one event per day? You want to make sure you have the full attention of the musical act or DJ during your wedding.

Are you easy to get in touch with if I have questions throughout the music planning process? A good musical act or DJ will surely answer “yes.” A

good follow-up question is for a list of references just to make sure you can conduct a little follow-up research. Do you also do announcements?

It’s a great bonus to have your wedding band or DJ make announcements throughout the night. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Wedding Veils Complete Bridal Look


he perfect dress is on the wish list of many a bride-to-be, but no bridal ensemble is truly complete until the bride chooses her veil.

Veils have been worn by brides at their weddings for centuries. Veils can be traced back to the Middle East, where veils helped protect against the weather while also preserving the modesty of the bride. In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, veils were used as protection against evil spirits. According to popular wedding website The, until Vatican II, all Catholic women were required to have their heads covered in church, including during their wedding ceremonies. Veils were worn for this purpose, but they also symbolized trust in the groom and his love and companionship. Some Christians also see the veil as a visual representation of submission to the Church and to God. Others think of the veil as another beautiful accompaniment to their bridal gown, without attaching any additional meaning to the veil itself. Veils come in various lengths and can complement the style of a wedding gown. They also tend to add glamour to brides’ looks. Here are the types of veils from shortest to longest. • Blusher: Blushers cover the face, though some extend only to mid-cheek on the bride. • Flyaway: Flyaways cover just the back of the head. Shorter veils may work better on petite women. • Shoulder: Shoulder veils are about 20 inches in length and will hit at the brideÕs shoulders or just below. • Waist: Waist-length veils cascade down to the middle of the bride’s waist. • Fingertip: These veils extend down 38 to 42 inches, brushing against the

Bridal veils come in many different lengths and can complement personalities and gown styles.

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bride’s fingertips.

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• Waltz/Knee: For a dramatic look, many brides may opt for waltz-length veils, which fall to the back of the knees. • Chapel/Floor: Veils that extend to the floor may be referred to as “chapel” or “floor-length” veils. Such veils cascade slightly behind the bride. Veils can complete brides’ wedding day looks. Shorter veils may be comfortable to wear throughout the day and evening, but brides may want to consider detachable veils if they are selecting lengthier options.

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The Bulletin-Spring 2017


Go Green for Your Big Day


new wave of brides and grooms are redefining the way weddings are planned and executed — and the environment is at the forefront of their efforts.

According to a poll by the Clinton Global Initiative and Microsoft, 66 percent of millennials believe there is solid evidence of global warming, and about 75 percent say it is because of human activity. In turn, these environmental advocates are taking action by planning weddings that relay less on disposable products and fossil fuels and more on sustainable practices that can lead to a healthier environment. Follow our suggestions below to integrate a little of this approach into your spring wedding.

CHOOSE EARTH-FRIENDLY VENDORS One of the most meaningful steps you can take is to enlist the services of Earth-friendly vendors. These businesses are committed to following environmentally sound processes when producing and delivering their products, which can range from paper flower bouquets to sustainable invitations. There are card companies that print their materials on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper or alternative non-tree fibers. Some businesses pledge to plant a tree for every order you make with them. Knowing you had a posi-


tive impact on the environment in your wedding planning will give you that extra feeling of satisfaction.

CHOOSE LOCAL VENUES The less distance you put between your church and reception hall, the less pollution you are inviting into the atmosphere through the burning of gasoline in the vehicles

of your wedding party. This seems like a small step, but consider how many cars will be traveling around town on the day of your wedding. Inviting 200 guests means you’re probably also inviting 50 to 100 vehicles onto your community’s roadways. That’s a large carbon footprint you could lessen by keeping things confined to the same building

or ones that are close in proximity.

RECYCLE YOUR FLOWERS Many companies across the country collect flowers after weddings and repurpose them for delivery to nursing homes and shelter facilities. By choosing to participate in such an arrangement, you are passing along some of the beauty of

your wedding to even more people around you. These companies also keep your flowers out of landfills by composting them into usable materials for gardens and other uses. Look around in your area for these types of services or offer to do it yourself in collaboration with your local nursing homes or shelters.

“I do,” Take Two: Guide To A Second Marriage

C Pew Research Center indicates that, as of 2014, 64 percent of divorced or widowed men have remarried, compared with 52 percent of previously married women. Lavish second weddings were once uncommon, but that trend is also shifting. Couples who are taking another crack at marriage are tying the knot with renewed vigor and with weddings that may rival some first-timers’. Men and women who are remarrying after divorce or being widowed may not know how

ouples are returning to the altar in increasing numbers, as second and third weddings are becoming ever more popular.

to approach planning their upcoming nuptials. The following are some guidelines to making the wedding sequel a success. Wardrobe Couples who have been married before often find that they have more leeway with regard to their wedding wardrobes than they did when tying the knot for the first time. Brides may choose something less traditional than a long, white dress. In fact, this can be a time to let loose and select something that is fes-

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tive or even funky. This also may provide a great opportunity to choose clothing styles from different cultures or ties into one’s heritage. This freedom also allows brides to broaden their horizons with regard to where to buy their wedding wardrobes. Grooms may opt for something more casual than a tuxedo or coordinate with their bridesto-be so they are on the same creative page. Colored tuxedos and vintage suits are acceptable, even though such attire might have raised a few eyebrows the first time around. Guest list The guest list doesnÕt have to be a source of anxiety. Others will understand that there may be a melange of people at a second wedding. Children from previous marriages as well as divorced spouses or former parents-in-law are not out of the question. Even if exes will not be included, make sure they know about the nuptials in advance of others. It’s common courtesy, and it can help head off feelings of ill-will. Some couples choosing to tie the knot again

scale back the size of the wedding this time around, feeling something smaller and more intimate & with only the closest of friends and family & is more suitable. Registries and wedding gifts Considering couples who have been married previously likely have many of the housewares and items for daily living that first-timers may not, registering for these gifts is not necessary. What’s more, some of the same guests may have been present at first marriages and gifted then. In lieu of gifts, couples may ask guests to donate to a specific charity or forgo gifts altogether. Vows Couples can use experience to draft vows that have personal meaning to their unique situations and make the wedding ceremony even more special. People getting married again can impart their own personalities into the ceremony and party to follow. There are no hard rules governing second weddings, so couples can plan their weddings with good times in mind.

Bridal 2017

The BBRIDES ulletin-Spring 2017 B6 SPRING | BEAUTY

Tips for Perfect Nails


ne of the finer details of the perfect wedding day look is in your nails.

You will be showing off your new wedding ring to all of your guests at the reception, so you want your nails to look their best. As you know, the options for how to prepare and design your nails are endless. Choosing the right color of polish is just the beginning.

PREPARE YOUR NAILS Since you know your nails will be near the center of attention when the focus is on your ring, start taking care of them months ahead of time. This means stop biting your nails and cuticles. It also means moisturize your hands often to get them ready to shine on your special day. You can’t expect a nail technician to be able to fix damage caused by improper care. This comes down your effort in maintaining healthy hands and nails today and beyond.

KNOW YOUR PREFERENCES You probably already have a favorite nail look from past formal events you have attended, such as other wed-

dings or your prom. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. This day is all about you, so the more familiar you keep these kinds of details, the more relaxed you will feel throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than experimenting with a new nail application only to find it makes your hands feel clunky and awkward when you want them to feel comfortable and natural.

HAVE A BACKUP PLAN Nails break and paint chips. Will you be prepared if something like this happens on your wedding day? It’s a good idea to keep extra bottles of polish in multiple locations. If you will be sporting artificial nails, be sure to pack a repair kit comprised of extra nails, glue and other items that will enable you to make a quick fix in the case of a nail breaking. Consider having one in the room where you will be preparing, as well as one in your purse or the purse of your bridesmaid — that way you’ll be prepared to handle an emergency situation without stress.


Make Proposals Special And Successful


marriage proposals is a couple’s first official step toward the altar.

Tradition dictates that men pop the question, with their surprised and hopefully soon-to-be-fiancés ultimately deciding if wedding bells will be on the horizon. Proposing marriage can be nervewracking. However, if the time seems right and love is in the air, popping the question can be exciting. Regardless of who is proposing marriage, the following strategies can help make proposals memorable and successful.

29. Centuries later, women can still use this tradition as the impetus to take the marriage reigns into their own hands. But women need not wait for the next leap year to propose. Many women view proposing as an empowering action that is tied to the evolving view of independent women. Couples are negotiating more in the marriage process, and the dissolution of commonly held practices is occurring more often.

Turn the tides An old Irish tradition known as “The Lady’s Privilege” was established in the fifth century by a nun named St. Brigid. She decided to create an opportunity for women to propose marriage. This day fell on every leap year, February

Choose a sentimental location Couples will remember the proposal for the rest of their lives. So choose a proposal location that has sentimental connections. Think about where the first “I love you” was uttered or where a first date occurred.

These can be prime locations to pop the question. Note her style Engagement rings play a big role in many couples’ proposals. One person’s style is not necessarily what his partner will like. Bigger isn’t always better. Rather, choose a ring that reflects your partner’s preferences and personality. Take your partner jewelry shopping and see which types of jewelry he or she is most drawn to. Certain preferences can serve as a jumping off point for ring designs.

2012 Holiday Coloring Contest

A wedding proposal is a special moment in couples’ lives 2 - $25 Grand Prizestogether. It can be Name: Birthday: made even more specialChild’s by following some guidelines. Parent’s Name: *

Ask for the family’s blessing Men no longer need to ask their girlfriends’ fathers for “permission” to wed their daughters. However, asking your partner’s family for their blessing is a

Phone Number:

sign of respect and can add a romantic and heartfelt touch to the proposal. Capture the moment Though we live in an

age when every moment of people’s lives is documented with videos and photographs posted to social media, proposals still stand out as extra special

moments. Hire a professional photographer to discreetly capture the proposal and your partner’s reaction so it can be cherished for years to come.

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