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Here is why you need to visit a Mercedes Benz dealer today

Being an elite somehow puts you under a somewhat compulsion of moving around in luxury cars. In taken into consideration, some of the top-notch entrepreneurs and other personalities coming from a high class social background, prefer to move in the luxurious and sleek silver models of Silver Arrows. Safety first for an intelligent driving experience You might have heard about the slogan "Real Life Safety� adopted by the Mercedes-Benz Accident Research team. The slogan itself speaks volumes about the kind of technological knowhow this luxury car brand counts on. The audio or visual or tactical warnings given out by the safety assistance systems are of highly advanced quality, and does all the needful to safeguard the person travelling in the car, and the unmindful people walking on the road. The systems pertaining the autonomous application of the brakes are designed in such a way that they are pose the maximum safety at times of emergency, in order avoid any accident or lessen its impact. This intelligent and innovative combination of sensors and systems pose as the ultimate savior and guide, while on the road to enjoy an accident-free driving. Visit any authorized Mercedes dealer in Noida, and you will be aware of the longtime association the brand has built with the technological innovations.

Extended warranty bonus You get a longer period on the warranty bonus slips against a luxury car like Mercedes-Benz, unlike the non-luxury car brands. For example, Toyota's Lexus luxury brand has a four-year warranty against initial 50,000 miles, while that of other common models of Toyota have a threeyear warranty against initial 36,000 miles. There are chances that you might even get to avail certain services like scheduled oil changes, brake pads, rotors and inspections for the first four years or 50,000 miles (not usually under warranty) are also offered under free maintenance; in case you consult a Mercedes Benz dealer in Noida.

Advantage on maintenance servicing

Along with the initial free scheduled servicing of your car, you get entitled for some additional benefits being a Mercedes-Benz owner. While your car gets its routine servicing or maintenance or any kind of repairs; the luxury dealerships like the Mercedes Benz dealer in Noida or any other city, offer amenities like wireless internet access, gourmet coffee with complementary baked goods. These perks are not common with the ordinary dealerships.

Here is why you need to visit a mercedes  
Here is why you need to visit a mercedes