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Volume 1, Issue 1 October 29th 2011

Pakistani-descent Physicians Society P.O. Box 4572 Oak Brook, IL 60522 Phone:(630)219-0005 Fax:(630) 214-2276 Message from the Ambassador of Pakistan to the USA

Executive Council President: Dr. Zubair M. Syed President-Elect: Dr. Waseem Kagzi Secretary: Dr. Rubina Tahseen Treasurer: Dr. Saima Sabah Immediate Past President

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Dr. Javed Imam Members at Large:

Dr. M. I. Memon Dr. Saima Sabah Dr. Kishwar Ali Dr. Faiza Kareemi Dr. Hasina Javed Dr. Sher Ahsan Niazi Dr. Aftab Khan Dr. Sajid Mehmood Board of Trustees

Dr. Maleeha Ahsan Dr. Fatima Ahmad Dr. Ifzal K. Bangash Dr. Arif H. Agha Dr. Javed Imam

I would like to congratulated e Pakistan Physicians Society (PPS) of Chicago on hosting their Annual General Body Meeting in Chicago on Octobe29,2011. Since the last three decades PPS has served as an effective forum for doctors of Pakistani origin in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin to galvanize their efforts and build their social and professional skills. The organization has also rendered notable contributions in terms of relief work and humanitarian causes back home in Pakistan and elsewhere. I hope they will continue with these noble intentions in the years ahead. I extend my sincerest wishes for a very successful Annual General Body Meeting of PPS in Chicago on Saturday Octobet2 9,201I. Husain Haqqani (Ambassador)

Message from the Consul General of Pakistan, Chicago-USA It's my pleasure to be amongst the friends of Pakistani-descent Physicians Society tonight on their annual fall meeting. PPS has always responded swiftly to any disaster situation in Pakistan and with their new tax exempt status their efforts will be even more effective. I wish them well in their future endeavors. Zaheer Pervaiz Khan

Message from the APPNA President Dear Members of PPS/APPNA, Assalam-o-Alaikum It is indeed my pleasure & honor to write for your annual Fall meeting. Your commitment & dedication to make this meeting very successful is very commendable & I am sure under the leadership of Dr. Zubair Syed this meeting will set the new standards of excellence

President’s Message Dear members, I welcome you all to our annual general body meeting; this is when you meet your friends and also get a chance to review the activity of the society for the year. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the society has finally achieved the 501c3 federal tax exempt status, a process which was started last year and after a tedious, long and patient process finally came to a successful conclusion. Continued on page 03

Alliance President:

Mr. Ahsan Siddiqui Web Chair:

Mr. M Tahseen Publication Committee:

Dr. Sajid Mehmood Dr. Tahir Rohail Dr. Arif Agha Dr. Waseem Kagzi Dr. Mansoor Alam

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President-Elect Message Proud to be called Pakistani-American! Greetings,2011 mark a significant change for our organization, process of converting PPS to not for profit organization is now complete. 2012 will be the first full working year for the new society, with a capability to raise funds and run projects both locally and internationally.2012 will also see significant changes in the health care industry with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 taking its effect . The ever shrinking payment pool will have the physicians rethink and retool their skills to adapt in the new environment.

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President’s Message Continued.

The relevant committee headed by Dr. Arif Agha in particular and the executive council in general deserves full recognition for their valiant effort. In preparation of this sensitive status certain specific measures had to be taken, like arranging a dedicated full service accountant cum bookkeeper service. Similarly, we have also hired a vendor for running the website of the society which until now was managed purely voluntarily by Mr. Mohammad Tehsin for which the society is very thankfulThe new website will be a virtual office providing us the opportunity to store important documentation as well as provide the means of collecting online donations. It will also be prudent to ensure the safety and privacy of anybody and everybody who is either a member or is just participating in any activity of the society. PPS is now a President-Elect Message Continued.

It is very important that PPS establish a good networking between physicians of Pakistani descent and also work with other local and national organizations to help each other through this transition. Internationally, things that affect our motherland may directly affect us, we need to make ourselves strong enough to ensure that none of that affect us adversely and at the same time pay over dues of the native land .With these issues in mind, the new executive committee has sets following goals for 2012. 1.

Strengthening PPS:

a. Membership: Any organization strength is in its membership. Our

transformed society with its new leadership who is dynamic and geared towards engaging in various social projects by itself or in collaboration with other entities with similar aspirations. Dear friends, as you know, Pakistan is going through the toughest of its testing time and I feel that unity amongst us is absolutely vital. I am heartily thankful to the honorable ambassador Mr. Hussain Haqqani as well the counselor general of Pakistan in Chicago Mr. Zaheer Pervez Khan to accept my invitation to attend the meeting. Similarly, APPNA’s current and future leadership including Drs. Manzoor Tariq, Saima Zafar and Javed Suleman graciously accepted my invitation in a heartbeat. I hope this will be a chance to break the ice of noncommunication between the two eminent sections of our community. In these testing times we should be supportive of

each other to become more effective in our impact on the society. Lastly, I want to thank my executive council to help attain all we achieved this year, the board of trustees for their kind guidance, alliance president Mr. Ahsan Siddiqui for all of his help and website chairperson Mr. Mohammad Tehsin for his technical expertise. I feel privileged to be associated with such a dedicated group of volunteers. Pakistan Zindabad, Zubair M. Syed, MD FACC

goal for 2012 is to double the lifetime membership.

team to provide a budget for expansion in 2012.

b. Networking: We will start a strong networking program where we can come together and improve our professional skills and also to get to know each other. We will also expand this to the allied healthcare professionals.

3. Charitable work in Pakistan: As we prosper in this country, it is important for us to pay back our dues for Pakistan. PPS Executive Council seeks your advice and leadership in this regard and once project are identified, I am confident that PPS membership will respond by making generous charitable donations towards these projects.

c. Social Programs: We will continue with our traditional 3 major programs next year with spring meeting in March 2012, Picnic in June 2012 and Annual Dinner. 2. Charitable work in United State: APPNA clinic is the star of PPS; we will make sure that clinic continue to provide care to everyone, irrespective of their race color or country of origin. I have requested APPNA clinic management

In all with your help 2012 will be the year where every member will be proud to call themselves PakistaniAmericans, who work hard to benefit both their adopted country and the motherland. Sincerely, Waseem Kagzi M.D.

Message from the APPNA President Continued.

& it will be a memorable one. APPNA is proud of it's all component societies but PPS stands out for its own 501(3c) status & APPNA/PPS Health Center. APPNA Free Clinics (Health care centers) are true reflection of commitment & dedication of APPNA membership for their communities, we serve and giving back to our communities. Your health care center is a great role model for other Chapters to pursue. APPNA & it's membership is indebted to you for your services for APPNA at large & APPNA central office at particular. I am very optimistic that your Chapter will lead in organizing & delivering during APPNA Cares-Clinic Day on November 19th. My sincere gratitude and congratulations for a great and successful meeting. Thanks ManzoorTariq, MD,FACC,FSCAI APPNA President


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Was held on May 29th, 2011 at Central Park West Oak Brook IL

APPNA/PPS Community Health Center The Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) Community Health Center is a non-profit organization. It was started as a health clinic for the local community in 2008. The mission of APPNA/PPS Community Health Center is to provide patients the most effective healthcare services with the best possible outcomes Services: APPNA Health Center provides free primary healthcare to the community , irrespective of race, gender, nationality, financial status or insurance status. Other services that are provided at the clinic include: patient counseling, prescription medication, specialist referral services, lab and imaging services at reduced cost, and onsite ophthalmology exams, with the help of Dr. Pervez Rasul. The clinic is open every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. Patients may make appointments or may see volunteer physicians on a walk-in basis. When the clinic first started, there were an average of 3-4 patients a week, now there are an average of 20 patients per week. Due to popular demand, a weekday will also be added. Success Stories : It is a great feeling to be able to treat a sick patient, who does not have health insurance at the APPNA Health Center. At APPNA, basic treatments are provided at absolutely no cost, and most medications and lab tests are also provided. Specialist services are also available free-of-cost offsite. In one case, a patient was out of insulin and could not afford to buy more. Words cannot explain how he felt when we provided him the sample of insulin. Continued on page 07 Page 4

Secretary’s Message: Welcome to our annual winter meeting. This has been a very eventful year under the leadership of Dr. Syed Zubair. In April we had a very successful meeting at Westin O'Hare. Our meeting was a joint function with DOGANA and SMCAANA We had a very well attended Memorial day picnic, despite the severe Thunder storms. I am sure you will enjoy tonight's events and if you are not already an active member please join us and get involved, We are actively involved in helping the community with our APPNA/ PPS health clinic, Chaps hajji vaccinations ,hospital supplies to Pakistan etc. Dr Rubina A. Tahseen Secretary PPS

TREASURER REPORT SUMMARY: This report will present the financial status of the society for the 3rd quarter 2011 ending on September 30th. The assets of the society are listed for month ending December 2010 and September 2011. The expenses through September 30th 2001 are also included. In summary the total cash assets of the society are $47,861.16. In 2011 up to Sep. 30, net expenses (after deducting any revenues) totaled $8,636.12. MAJOR EXPENSES AND INCOME Our spring meeting was in conjunction with the Dow annual meeting. All arrangements were made by the Dow Alumni and tickets were sold by them. There was no net profit or loss to PPS. The Picnic, The ticket sales and contributions totaled $6508.45. The expenses were $7,142.32. This resulted in a net expense of $883.87.Major expenses incurred during the 9 months of 2011 included approximately $7,000 in deposit payments made for the hall and entertainment for the upcoming annual meeting. In addition routine telephone and miscellaneous expenditures were incurred during the period. A $250 contribution was made to the Pakistan day parade. It was a great year working with the dedicated team including all the counselors ,officers and the BOT. Thank you all for your support. Saima Sabah MD. Treasurer

STATEMENT OF ASSETSPAKISTANI DECENT PHYSICIAN SOCIETY STATEMENT OF ASSETS as of month ending Assets Cash Checking Account Savings Account PayPal Account PDPS Account Total Amount

Sep 2011

Dec 2010

$23,589.65 $22,611.12 $1,160.39 $500.00 $47,861.16

$29,072.17 $22,576.30 $4,848.81 $56,497.28

The Members and Officers of PPS would like to acknowledged the volunteers, Interns and doctors who have taken time out of their busy schedules to volunteer there time and services for the APPNA/PPS Free Clinic. Without them this center would not have been possible. PPS salutes the following:

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Physicians who are accepting

Dr Iltifaat alavi Dr Aziz arain Dr Imtiaz Arai Dr Aftab khan Dr Ishaque memon Dr Javed imam Dr zubair syed Dr Nureain mirza Dr Mohammad toor Dr Rubina hussain Dr Rubina tahseen Dr Kate Gunnell Dr Ann Davis Dr Irum humayyun Dr Waseem Kagzi

our referrals: Dr Imtiaz Arain Dr Zubair Syed Dr Anis Rauf Dr Pervez Rasul Dr Arif Agha Dr Samra Hashmi Interns: Dr.Rizwan Farooqi Dr.Nasreen Amina Dr. M Baksh Volunteers: Faisal khan Amna Aslam Aasia Fatima

DuPage Pulmonary Associates LLC DuPage Sleep Center Imtiaz Arain, MD

Abid Khurshid, MD

Practice limited to Pulmonary Critical Care Sleep Medicine Office Hours by Appointment 2500 S. Highland Ave Suite 325 Lombard, IL 60148 Phone: 630-495-9810 With Compliments From


Chief Executive Officer

351 W. Baltimore Drive Vernon Hills, Illinois Phone : 847-858-2348


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Fax: 630-495-9825

APPNA/PPS Community Health Center Continued.

It was like we had given him the most important thing in his life. This is only one of the many examples of how APPNA takes care of the community by providing basic healthcare. Aside from patients, there are also several students, interns, and phlebotomists who volunteer weekly and benefit from this wonderful organization. Since the clinic began, two doctors who worked at APPNA as interns got accepted into residency programs. Hinsdale Family Practice residency program has added APPNA Community Health Center as a community health service site for their residents’ rotations. Acknowledgments: It is due to the hard work of Dr. Imtiaz Arain that the APPNA Community Health Center was formed and is presently thriving. Also, Dr. Arain’s hard work allows us to perform these great services at no charge or minimal charges. Dr. Arain has worked with the Adventist Health System to obtain reasonable prices for blood tests and the other imaging services, including ultrasound, CAT scan, MRI, and X-rays. Also, it brings us great pride and joy to share with you that all of our physicians participate on a volunteer basis. Their dedication and sense of responsibility is exemplary. We are indebted to all our physician and non-physician volunteers. With the success of this health center, APPNA is working on developing future health centers in major cities in the U.S. to provide healthcare for underserved populations.

Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Committee Of APPNA Calls for Donations: Sindh Floods of 2011 Our APPNA community has always stood together, especially for flood victims in Pakistan in the past. We are thankful to those of you who have already donated as your money has already been put towards aid in designated areas of Sindh. As a result of disaster relief efforts in the Pakistan floods of 2010, APPNA is familiar with the relief process and equipped to immediately disperse our funds appropriately. Please do your part to help those affected and displaced by this calamity. Donations are welcome through the APPNA website's 'Sindh Flood 2011' account under the 'Donate' tab. You can also mail checks to: APPNA, 6414 South Cass Avenue, Westmont, IL, 60559. Thank you in advance for your donation. Social Welfare and Disaster Relief Committee Of APPNA

Advanced Renal Care, LTD Specializing in Kidney Disease Critical Care & Nephrology

1140 W Lake Street Ste 500 | Office 630-574-9800

Anis A Rauf,MD Mohammed S Ahmed, MD Suneel M Udani, MD Carrie Kopala, PA-C Offices in Hinsdale, Lombard Bolingbrook Phone :630-495-9356 Fax:630-495-9357

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700 S Clinton St Ste 210, Chicago IL 60607 Ph:312-427-6000 Fax:312-427-6004

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MESSAGE FROM PUBLICATION COMMITTEE An encouraging response from the general membership about our web-based newsletter couple of months ago inspired us to launch our first ever paper-based newsletter after a gap of approximately 4 years. The timing could not be better for its release than the occasion of Annual General Body meeting of Pakistani-descent Physicians Society. We want to extend our appreciation to Dr Zubair Syed for his much needed motivation . We have tried our level best to transform the newsletter into something which is appealing to all of you by summarizing the lengthy reports and including materials of common interest. We strongly believe that in the years to come, the newsletters will play a pivotal role in imparting the opportunity of communication between the members of Society and their families. We are also expecting that this concept will highlight the humanitarian and other activities of the Society to its physician members and non-members alike. We are looking forward to have even more participation from all of you to add literary material to our future versions, may it be poetry or an article of common interest. Last but not the least, We would want to thank all of our sponsors, physicians & non-physicians, for advertising their practices and businesses in the newsletter and hope to receive the same degree of cooperation in the future, too. Have a wonderful rest of the year and a promising year 2012. Thanking you, Sajid Mehmood MD Page 9

PPS Fall Newsletter 2011  

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