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Now don’t tell my boss, but on Tuesday mornings when I arrive at work before A Life Scientific on BBC Radio 4 has ended, I’m forced to sit in the car until it does. Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires and motivates them. I particularly loved his interview with Eugenia Cheng on the mathematics of mathematics. Though it was never my strongest subject, I continue to love maths, desperate to understand and to find the right answer, though I seldom do.


What’s extraordinary about many of the people featured on A Life Scientific is how often a childhood interest or passion has led to a fulfilling career and it’s clear that doing something you love is a wonderful privilege. I’ll be playing the podcasts to my son when he’s a little older because whatever he does in life I want it to be what makes him happy.

The action takes place inside the Barley Mow under the management of Fred Barker and his wife Deborah. Under recent changes in the law the newly formed parish council had to hold their meeting in a public place and with no village hall yet in place, the pub seemed to be the only option. However, Lady Meadows, the chair of the parish council, is not happy when she discovers that the first meeting has clashed with the fortnightly quiz evening hosted by Red, a local man.

You may have read about the letter a teacher in Singapore sent to parents the week before her students were to sit exams. Here’s a short extract: “I know you are all really anxious for your child to do well. But, please do remember, amongst the students who will be sitting for the exams there is an artist who doesn’t need to understand math, an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about history or English literature, a musician whose chemistry marks won’t matter. There’s an athlete whose physical fitness is more important than physics. If your child does get top marks, that’s great, but if he or she doesn’t please don’t take away their self-confidence and dignity. Tell them no matter what they score you love them and will not judge them. Please do this and when you do, watch your children conquer the world. One exam or a low mark won’t take that away. And please don’t think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.” I hope you have or have had the opportunity to do what you love and that you can inspire others to do likewise. Driving to work at 6am on a cold January morning is never easy, but it’s a whole lot easier if you’re looking forward to the day ahead.

In Touch

with Ashbocking, Swilland, Tuddenham, Westerfield & Witnesham

Rehearsals have begun for The Barley Players’ next production. It recalls the little known occurrence 167 years ago when local people frustrated at the problems of travelling to London for the Great Exhibition of 1851 decided to hold their own event, The Great Exhibition of Witnesham 1851.

Subsequently, it is announced by Lady Meadows that she will be funding her trip to London from parish funds. This results in an uprising amongst the locals and the decision by a breakaway group to hold their own Great Exhibition with unexpected results. The cast includes actors from Witnesham, Tuddenham, Westerfield and Coddenham playing various locals and the vicar William Potter. Full details of tickets will be published in the next edition of In Touch. The performances will take place at the Le Panto Theatre, Manor Farm, Church Lane, Witnesham from Friday, May 4 until Sunday 6 so early booking will be advisable. If anyone needs further information please phone me on 01473 785707. Steve Henley, Village Historian and Recorder


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is the final date for both advertising and editorial copy

For Ipswich Hospital Blossom Appeal to build a new breast care centre Saturday, March 24, 10am-12.30pm, Witnesham Village Hall Easter craft items for sale, bags and cushions, book stall Enjoy coffee or tea, cake and browsing Sponsored by Ashbocking, Swilland and Witnesham WI All money raised will be given to The Blossom Appeal

IPSWICH GANG SHOW IS 80 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR Have you ever been a member of the show, on stage or behind the scenes? We are celebrating our 80 years with a dinner/dance at Trinity Park on Saturday, September 1 and would love to see anyone who has been connected to the show. For further details email:

SUFFOLK DEMENTIA HELPLINE 01473 353350 We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


NEWS REGISTER NOW FOR GARDEN WASTE COLLECTION People can now sign up to register an interest in joining Suffolk Coastal’s Garden Waste Collection Service. At its cabinet meeting in December 2017, Suffolk Coastal decided to introduce a charge for collecting garden waste from homes during next financial year (2018/19). People in Suffolk Coastal will be given the option of paying an annual charge of £43 per garden waste bin (the equivalent of paying about £1.65 per fortnightly collection). This is a completely voluntary scheme, which people will have to opt to join (rather than residents automatically becoming part of the scheme). The first paid-for collections are scheduled to start from the beginning of May 2018, with local residents able to subscribe for the new service from March 1 and we will email them when the subscription service is live. In the meantime, people can register their interest by completing a simple online form which you’ll find at: “The reality is that Suffolk Coastal District Council protected the ‘free’ collection of garden waste for as long as it could,” explained Councillor Carol Poulter, Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet Member for the Green Environment. “In 2015, when most of the councils across Suffolk and Norfolk introduced charging, we decided to maintain the ‘free’ garden waste collection service and to bear the cost of reduced Recycling Performance Payment support, despite the financial pressures on the council.

ASHBOCKING NEWS This morning’s news was not good. Our local garage, at the cross roads, had two cars stolen the previous night. It seems alarms failed to deter criminals as responses are inevitably too slow. We all need to consider our security and do what we can to look out for other people’s property too. On a lighter note, a number of parishioners have had their first meeting regarding the flower festival at our church from June 29-31. Please put those dates in your diary. June 29 will be a cheese and wine evening and a chance to see the decorated church at its best. We’ve had at least two flower festivals before and a few parishioners will remember them – 1984 and 1986. Definitely time to have another one! Obviously such an event takes a lot of organising and ‘doing’ and I know the festival will be open to all who would enjoy creating a flower arrangement. There will be a gathering at the church on Saturday, April 28 at 10.30am for everyone who would like to do an arrangement, or indeed take part in the festival. Coffee and teas will be served during the festival, so if you don’t think you can arrange flowers, perhaps you would like to do your bit and bake a cake. We know how good we are at doing that! And of course there’s the Ashbocking Produce, Arts and Craft Show on September 1. One of the attractions this year is golf, so plenty of time to practise your swing! There will be plenty to do and see and, of course, all the talents on show of your vegetables, food delights, art skills and craft items. If you’re unsure about what to grow and what to make then the schedule will be in April’s In Touch. Basically, it’s not that different to the classes last time, although don’t bother to grow kohl rabbi as that’s been removed! Start taking your photos. Pets and animals feature this year, agriculture and nature are there too. Something, we hope, for everybody.

“However, at the time, we did recognise that this is a discretionary service that we provide and we always said we would have to keep this decision under review.” Suffolk Coastal District Council is under increasing pressure financially, with dwindling support from central government. Next year (2018/19), we are faced with a budget gap of over £2.8 million. Providing the organic waste collection and composting service currently costs Suffolk Coastal over £1.2 million a year. This cost has been exacerbated by the £200,000 per year reduction in support for recycling organic waste previously provided by Suffolk County Council.

I’m afraid I have to finish with something unpleasant. It’s been reported to me that again there are many deposits of dog poo down Allotment Lane and on the community land. I intend to have a big clear-up before it’s time for Ed McHale to start his voluntary strimming. I will invite folk to join me who I know are determined to see this situation improve too. I hope those dog owners who allow their dog(s) to wander ahead, depositing faeces on areas where children walk, have some feelings of guilt as they read this.

The East Suffolk Business Plan identifies the need for us to become increasingly financially-self-sufficient in the future. “The key thing that people need to realise is that this is about us protecting local services and being able to keep Council Tax increases down to a minimum. Any funds raised from the garden waste collection service will be re-invested in providing services to local people and reducing our budget gap,” said Councillor Poulter.

But then, maybe they find reading difficult, as the signs down the lane and on the community land politely ask them to collect their dog’s poo.

Later in the year, subscribers to the scheme will also be given the option of receiving a free, larger (240 litre) green bin for their garden waste (240 litres is the most common wheeled bin size, but the current brown organic waste bins in Suffolk Coastal are 140 litres). The new, larger green bins are expected to be delivered during the autumn (2018) to those residents who request one and have subscribed to the garden waste service.


Please try to not think only of your own slight inconvenience clearing up the poo done by your dog(s), but particularly of the children who get home with shoes covered in the stuff! Seems a no brainer to me! On a more positive note, good luck with your growing and making this season! Liz Stegman

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of use were given as Deben and Leiston Leisure Pools which were under consideration.

Edited minutes from the parish council meeting held on Wednesday, January 17

The Adastral Park 2,000 housing scheme had been approved and chairman asked for guidance on the impact this might have on future planning and five year housing allocation for the parish which Councillor Whiting still felt was unclear.

The chairman paid tribute to Mr Guy Templeman, an ex-parish council chairman who had served the community for many years. Guy passed away recently and will be sadly missed in the village by all who knew him. The chairman also welcomed Suffolk County Counillor Robin Vickery who had recovered from a recent illness. County Councillor Report Councillor Vickery reported that the new SCC Highways restructure had been completed. The area for Suffolk was split into three – East, West and Ipswich areas. Swilland and Witnesham are now covered by the Ipswich Service Delivery Centre at Phoenix House in Ipswich. Full reporting and details would be made available from Councillor Vickery via the clerk to councillors. Other main points covered included: • Suffolk School Travel Consultation launched • Suffolk is chosen as one of only 10 pilot areas to retain 100% of business rates • Fully funded first-time central heating systems for Suffolk residents • Primary school application deadlines • Ground investigations for Ipswich’s Upper Orwell Crossings • High Needs Funding Consultation for Education • Clerk to make the full report available on the parish council website. It was confirmed that Jane Storey, SCC Cabinet member for Highways had acknowledged the chairman’s many requests to review the Gibraltar crossroads speed limit issue and had suggested a meeting on site sometime in late February. The chair requested Councillor Vickery’s assistance with a request the parish council highways working group had sent to SCC asking for costs to carry out some further speed reduction works through the village to include 30mph painted road signs and replacement of several missing and damaged highway signs. In spite of several requests no prices have as yet been provided for the PC to consider. Additionally several pothole reports have been reported. The chair asked Councillor Vickery to follow-up all these highways issues as a matter of urgency. Questions were raised by various councillors regarding SCC Highways efficiency in respect of resources and management structure to provide timely Inspections. District Councillor Report Councillor Whiting reported that the merger of SCDC with Waveney DC had been approved by the Secretary of State. There had been approval to charge £43 per year for brown bins in SCDC. New bins would be distributed as part of the change, but the process on how this would be implemented had not been yet been confirmed. The capital program of £43.5m was in place for 2018-22. Examples


Planning Mr Wilks was not present but had submitted a written report which was covered by the chairman. There had been three planning meetings since November. These consisted of small scale extensions, on-going adjustments at the Fynn Valley development and a barn conversion at Kirby Lane, Swilland. Jacks Field/Warrens Barn: A Variation of Conditions planning application had been considered at the PC planning meeting on January 3 with a series of listed items for approval on the development already underway. These were noted and the variations tabled were supported given that most issues appeared to be design requirements as a result of the site conditions and ground levels and that it was very much a matter for the planning authority to make the final decisions. The chairman noted at the time of the meeting there had been no objections on the SCDC website, but he advised subsequently that several neighbours have objected. Councillor Whiting confirmed that he had also been contacted and advised that SCDC Planners would be asked to consider all the points raised in respect of design and layout changes in their determination of the application which would, if required, include any appropriate site checks. Mow Hill development currently out on appeal decision awaited. Homelands House planning infringements enforcement action to be put in place shortly. Playing Field Management Committee Clerk reported that a PFMC meeting had been arranged for Thursday, February 22. Witnesham WASPs had paid this year’s rent recently of £850. Mole clearance was underway on the pitches after reports received from WASPs. Footpaths The chair thanked Mr Hindle for organising the Boxing Day walk which had seen 69 people attend and was once again a very successful social occasion. Play Area Inspections Mr Stanley had nothing to report. Mrs Pace reported that joy riding in the school car park had been observed and reported. Dr Nicol agreed to take this issue to the SNT meeting in January. Clerk reported that the play area by the school was currently undergoing repairs, but an extra cost of £136.40 (net) due to hidden corrosion had only been discovered after removal of a beam. Council were requested to consider approval which was agreed and given. Matters to be brought to the attention of the parish council Mr Stanley reported that this year’s village show is on July 14. Mrs Shaw asked about consideration of providing a defibrillator in Witnesham. The chairman asked Mrs Shaw to carry out research and to looks into costs. This will be an agenda item at the parish council meeting on March 21.

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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Consumer champions Which? have now joined the thousands of customers who recognise that Cloudy2Clear Windows really are a business that you can TRUST. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has received the coveted ‘Which Trusted Trader’ status after going through a rigorous accreditation process entirely focussed on customer service.

Group Managing Director Marcus McGee believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering the highest standards possible at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Whilst a number

of tradespeople perhaps don’t focus on customer care as much as they should do, we make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. Locally Cloudy2Clear service the Ipswich, Woodbridge, Manningtree, Hadleigh, Stowmarket & surrounding areas and manager Andy Kerridge agrees that this approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing

a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated as both my customers and, obviously a body as nationally important as Which? now recognise.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Andy a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer Than 20 MINS!!!




Events take place in the village hall unless indicated otherwise.

Art Class Twelve-week class for newcomers and improvers on Tuesdays from 10amnoon at Westerfield Village Hall. Contact Lisa Ann Puhlhofer: 01473 878734 / 07834 280287

Booking Clerk: Mrs Anne Debenham, 785798 It is always advisable to check with Anne to see if the village hall is available. Parish Clerk: Mr Steve Barron, 07719 176917 / Anne or Steve will arrange between them to put notices on noticeboards. WEEKLY EVENTS Tuesdays • Post Office at Witnesham Baptist Church, 12.30-4pm • Drop-in Café at Witnesham Baptist Church 2-4pm • Carpet Bowls Club from 7pm. Contact Mr Peter Elmy: 785754 Thursday • Post Office at Witnesham Baptist Church, 9am-12.30p • Carpet Bowls from 2p • Tai Chi Classes from 5.45pm. A new beginner’s class will start on April 5. Contact Marc: 07860 471748 Fridays • Mums and Toddlers Group in Witnesham Baptist Church, 9.15-11.15am. Contact Mrs Jean Pearson: 785478 • Pilates Class, 10-11am. Contact Kat: 07804 909083 / EVENTS IN MARCH Thursday 1: Village Voices meet in Witnesham Baptist Church Room,7.30pm. Contact Christine Laughlin: 01473 785138 Monday 12: Ashbocking Parish Council meets at Suffolk Wildlife Trust HQ, 7.30pm Wednesday 14: WI meets to hear a talk by Robert Holliday on Suffolk Ghosts and Happenings, 7.30pm Thursday 15: • Mobile Library visits The Green, Ashbocking, 12.15-12.35pm • Village Voices meet in Witnesham Baptist Church Room, 7.30pm Wednesday 21: Swilland and Witnesham Parish Council meeting, 7.30pm Thursday 22: Mobile Library visits Weyland Road, Witnesham (9.5010.20am), The Moon & Mushroom, Swilland (10.25-10.40am) and Sunset Cottage (10.45-10.55am). Saturday 24: Charity Coffee Morning and Craft Sale in aid of Ipswich Hospital Blossom Appeal for a new breast care centre. Easter crafts on sale, book stall and coffee/tea and cake. This is sponsored by our local WI and all money raised will go to the appeal. FUTURE DATES April 18: Swilland & Witnesham Annual Parish Meeting April 23: Ashbocking Annual Parish Meeting June 16: Witnesham St Mary’s Fete June 29: Ashbocking Parish Church Flower Festival September 1: Ashbocking Produce, Arts and Craft Show

SOUP AND PUDDING LUNCH AT WITNESHAM VILLAGE HALL From noon on Saturday, April 28 Bring along family and friends for a £6 lunch. Homemade soups and puddings, all produced locally by WI members


Westerfield Bowls Club The club has more than 50 members who enjoy playing outdoors from April through to the end of September. Our teams compete in local leagues as well as playing friendly games against other clubs. For further information contact Tony Baker: 01473 411347 Village Coffee Mornings Coffee mornings are held in the village hall every Wednesday at 10am. Everyone is welcome. Westerfield & District Gardening Club Meets at Westerfield Village Hall on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.15pm. • March 7: Cedric Morris Irises – Sarah Cook, RHS National Collection Holder • April 4: Garden Bugs and Beasties – Claire Whiting, Garden Designer and BBC Radio Gardening Advisor Everyone is welcome. For further details contact Barbara Bell (01473 231411), Michele Doick (01473 252330) or Barry Reeve (01473 251843). Beavers, Cubs & Scouts The 1st Westerfield Scout Group was founded in 1955. Using the village hall as its headquarters the group consists of: Beaver Colony: Thursday, 5.45-6.45pm / Boys and girls, 6-8 years old Beaver Leader Jenny Kent: 01473 218501 / Cub Pack: Tuesday, 6.45-8pm / Boys and girls, 8-10½ years. Cub Leader Joan Gibson: 01473 785510 / Scout Troop: Friday, 6.50-9pm / Boys and girls, 10½-14 years. Scout Leader Peter Runnacles: 01473 785298 / If your child is interested in joining us please use the contact form on our website from where your enquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate leader: Westerfield WI Lively meetings on the second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in the village hall with different speakers on a variety of topics. The membership is 42 at present. • March 8: Mrs Wendy Butcher – The Connie, Life on a Holiday Camp. Competition: Bookmark, any design • April 12: Eric Punaks – Comic Verse. Competition: Make an Easter Card. New members and visitors are always welcome. For further details please contact Janet Phillimore: 01473 415749 Pilates: Westerfield Village Hall on Mondays from 10.30-11.45am. Beginners welcome and equipment provided. Please contact Kat: 07804 909083 / Chi Kung; Westerfield Village Hall on Tuesdays from 2.15-4pm and Thursdays from 7.15-9pm. £12 per class, suitable for all ages. Contact Sally Askew: 01394 384013 / Yoga: Westerfield Village Hall on Thursdays from 9.40-11am. Eighty minutes of yoga stretches, breathing practices and relaxation. £48 for a block of six, 9.50 drop-in. Contact Caroline Glason: / 01473 464204 / 07746 860380 Please note that there is now an online calendar to check availability of the village hall. For more information visit:

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mother's day lunch SUNDAY 11TH MARCH 2018 three courses £19.95 children's menu £10.00 *booking essential* With our delicious frozen meals and desserts, you’ve more time to enjoy the things you love. For your free brochure visit or call 01371 876970

Fynn Valley Golf Club Witnesham Ipswich  IP6 9JA  01473 785202





Your Local Tile & Grout Cleaning Experts E BEFOR AFTER

Suffolk Floor Restore

T: 01473 614376 or 07736 000665


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The final concert in the winter Folk on a Boat series aboard the Sailing Barge Victor is on Friday, March 16 when Silbury Hill will be performing live.

The club is open to anyone of that age living not just in Great Blakenham but anywhere in the surrounding area. We meet from 2-4pm on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month in Great Blakenham Parish Room. 

The duo will be bringing their lively blend of folk rock to the Victor with a mix of original material from their own CDs, as well as a good helping of covers from artists such as Crowded House, Jethro Tull and Focus to ensure the curtain comes down on the series with a swing! Doors, and Victor’s well stocked bar, open at 7pm and the music is from 8pm. Tickets for the concert, which cost £15 per person and include the Victor’s legendary hot, hearty, buffet supper, are available from Ipswich Tourist Information Centre (01473 258070 / or online from:

RANSOMES & RAPIER ANNUAL REUNION Sunday, March 4 at Kesgrave Social Club, Edmonton Road, Kesgrave IP5 1EE. Ex-employees, families and friends welcomed from 12.30-5pm. Come and see fascinating artefacts, documents and videos. Meet up with old friends at a really enjoyable event. See what new stories and pictures have surfaced. Food and drinks available at very reasonable cost. Admission only £2 per person. For more information call Elizabeth: 01206 734581

ASHBOCKING, SWILLAND & WITNESHAM WI Come along to the meeting on Wednesday, March 14 for a talk on Suffolk ghosts and hauntings. We meet at 7.30pm in Witnesham Village Hall. A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY There will be a coffee morning at Witnesham Village Hall on Saturday, March 24 from 10am-12.30pm to raise funds for Ipswich Hospital Blossom Appeal. Of course, the WI team will make coffee and homemade cakes and stalls include a draw, books, new and nearly new clothes rail, crafts and plants. There will also be a chance to paint your own mug, bowl or plate which will be fired and returned to you.

IPSWICH PHILATELIC SOCIETY We have two meetings in March. On Wednesday 7 we have a visit from the Colchester society who will display and talk on subjects that I am sure will entertain us all. Visiting societies are always interesting as you never know what you will see or hear. On Wednesday 21 we have a member’s competition, where members can display up to 10 pages of material of their choice. This usually provides us with a splendid evening as the displays are very diverse and often very unusual. Future dates for your diary April 4: Society Auction April 14: Society Stamp Fair Meetings are held at Cedarwood Primary School, Wilkinson Drive, Kesgrave, 7 for 7.30pm, visitors welcome. For further information contact Mike Smith: 01473 403904

The cost per meeting is £1.50 which includes whatever activity is programmed for the afternoon, refreshments and raffle. On afternoons when we may play a couple of games of bingo the tickets are £1 each.  Members take it in turns to make the tea. The Parish Room, which is fully accessible and has parking at the rear, is the building with the green door more or less opposite the Chequers Public House. On February 14 with the Winter Olympics taking place we had a talk about Korea and my visit there and some of the sights and places I visited. On February 28 we have a bring-and-buy sale. Our programme for the next six months is: March 14

What do you know about Suffolk?

March 28

Beetle Drive with Jean

April 11

A visit from Andy Malcolm from the Fisherman’s Mission

April 25

Social Afternoon

May 9

A visit from Andrew Bingham, Independent Funeral Service

May 23

Social Afternoon with Brenda

June 13


June 27

A visit from Malcolm Crowe, Capricorn Crafts Toymaker

July 11

Social Afternoon with Sandra

July 25

Summer party before our summer break

New members are always welcome, but if you would just like to come along and see what goes on we will be pleased to see you. Jackie Durrant, 01449 672690

EAST SUFFOLK NATIONAL TRUST ASSOCIATION If you are a member of or a volunteer for the National Trust, then we invite you to get more out of your membership by joining our association where a warm welcome awaits you. We meet at Ropes Hall War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF. The start time is 7.15pm. Our next meeting is on March 22 when Luke Potter, the new East Suffolk General Manager for the National Trust, will give us an insight into the current work and future plans of the trust for our area. This will be preceded by a short AGM. The talk on April 19 is by Veronica Bennett, a volunteer speaker for the National Trust, who will tell us about Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, popular for its architectural variety and beautiful garden and woods. Visitors (even if not National Trust members) are welcome, entrance fee £3 each. National Trust members/volunteers can join us for £8 a year (£12 a couple at same address). We publish three newsletters a year for members and enjoy interesting day outings and other events. For more information, including details of future events and outings, contact our membership secretary – / 01473 723761 – or visit: Join us on Saturday, March 24 from 2-4.30pm for another Messy Church at Witnesham Baptist Church. Fun for all the family with something to eat and drink. Wear your old clothes, you might get messy! Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.




On Wednesday, March 7, Louise Schofield will present a talk entitled Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates.

Wednesday, March 28: The Southwold Railway Past, Present & Future, an illustrated talk by John Ridgeway

On Wednesday, April 4, John Benjamin, familiar to all those who watch The Antiques Roadshow, will give a talk to mark the Golden Jubilee of NADFAS. A History of Jewellery from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor is a lecture close to one given in early 1969 which looked at the evolution of design in jewellery. We will see beautiful things.

We meet at 7pm at the Salvation Army Citadel, 558 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. Entrance via the rear car park. Visitors £3.50, members £1.50 including refreshments.

Why not join us and enjoy good company and interesting talks? We meet at Tower Hall, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew on the first Wednesday of most months. Talks last about an hour, commencing at 2.15pm, with tea and coffee served from 1.30-2pm. Guests and non-members are welcome provided we have enough space. Exceptionally popular lectures will have a visitor limit of 20 spaces. Please contact Wendy Robbins in advance on 01394 823807 to check if there is available space. For the latest events and news please visit:

Details from Martyn (01473 422145) or Peter (01394 420490).

OTLEY & DISTRICT GARDENING CLUB Patron: Matthew Tanton-Brown We meet at 7.30pm on the first Monday of the month at Otley Village Hall, Chapel Road, Otley. Monday, March 5: Low Maintenance Gardening with Geoff Hodge Monday, April 9: AGM and Propagation – Seeds & Cuttings with Ann Tweddle


Compare gardening notes over tea/coffee and biscuits. All welcome – join up or just come along. Admission is £1.50 (members), £4 (non-members), annual membership £10.

Thursday, March 22, 7.15pm: Joy Bounds presents A Song of their Own – The Fight for Votes by Women in and around Ipswich

To find out more, contact Alan Trevelyan (01473 890563), Emma Coomber (07814 112860) or Isabel Lincoln (01473 890826).

In 1918 about half of the country’s women were able to vote for the first time. Joy tells of the long campaign by women for this basic right, the forms of protest used, and particularly what local women did to support the cause.  A story of courage and determination. Did one of your family get involved in this campaign?


Local suffragette Constance Andrews is pictured surrounded by her supporters and bystanders on her release from Ipswich Prison in 1911.

The children recently celebrated Chinese New Year, turning our role play area into a Chinese restaurant with menus, chopsticks, bowls and woks. We made dragons from egg boxes, painted blossom on trees and tried various foods – noodles being particularly popular.

We meet at the Co-op Education Centre where the pedestrian entrance is at 11 Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW, and the car park entrance is in Waterworks Street IP4 1JG. Admission is £2 for society members and £2.50 for non-members, who are warmly welcomed. You can join the society at the meeting if you wish. Tickets are not required, just turn up and pay on the door.

We have continued looking at shapes with the children by cutting circles to make tall snowmen, the children then writing the letters of their names which we have displayed in our ‘ice cabin’.

For more information contact Howard on 01473 274300 or visit:

WESTERFIELD & DISTRICT GARDENING CLUB Meetings take place on the first Wednesday of the month, starting at 7.30pm in Westerfield Village Hall (IP6 9BE), February to June and September to December. March 7: Cedric Morris Irises with Sarah Cook, RHS National Collection Holder April 4: Garden Bugs and Beasties with Claire Whiting, Garden Designer and BBC Radio Suffolk Gardening Advisor Visitors are welcome: £4 which includes refreshments and a draw ticket. Free parking adjacent to the village hall.


This month we have used our shapes to make straight-sided items – squares, triangles, rectangles and diamonds. We made these with cocktail sticks and mini-marshmallows. Asking the children how many straight sides, how many corners and then constructing them to great delight as we needed to test (or should that be taste?) our equipment! Space and rockets have us extending their counting from zero to 10 and back again with a great Blast Off! Designing shooting stars, playing with moon sand (flour and baby oil – fantastic to handle) and using our small world rockets and astronauts to fly to the moon. Whatever Next, a favourite story of the children, has us playing with a picnic on the moon and using a rocket made from a large cardboard box. Our Friday woodland walk helped us count birds seen for the Big Garden Bird Watch and we have now be-friended a robin that comes out and follows us on our walk. He will happily sit on a branch just an arms-length away much to the children’s amazement. You can download our recent newsletter from the website where you’ll also fine dates of events to come. To book a visit, please call: 01473 890950.

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Despite last half term being very short, we have been busy with various trips, visits and activities including debating and student leadership training, as well as some successful sporting achievements in cross-country and athletics.

It seems hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the first half of the spring term. The stormy weather and the road works have been rather challenging, but the days are slowly getting lighter which is much appreciated.

At the end of January, in preparation for their upcoming exam, Year 11 GCSE Art students visited the Tate Modern in London, getting inspiration from the many artists on display as well as enjoying the fantastic panoramic view of central London from the viewing floor. The set exam theme for this year is Fragments so students focussed on pieces that were fragmented, broken or dismantled, taking photograph and making sketches to use as inspiration for their own work.

Back on Thursday, January 11, most of the school went off to see the pantomime Red Riding Hood. The children were fabulous and everyone enjoyed the experience: oh yes we did! Well done to one and all.

On February 5 a group of students were joined by a fantastic band from Guildford called Kissed and Crowned and a team from IEM (Industry Education in Music) to take part in a rock band workshop and concert. Students from across all year groups split into groups to form eight separate ’bands’ and spent the day composing original pop music from scratch. With a very tight deadline this was a huge challenge, but our talented students worked extremely hard, using advice and guidance from the professionals to come up with some impressive and original material that was performed at a concert on the very same evening.

This half term Class R have used their topic of Frozen to create ‘Elsa’ castles which are on display near the hall. Classes One and Two have shared with the whole school the spaceships that they designed and created in our celebration assembly. Their spaceships were amazing with very well thought out designs. Classes Three and Four have used their topic about Rainforest to inspire their writing, for example producing non-chronological accounts about what rainforest animals eat, designing their own miniature rainforest, and creating amazing backdrops for their rainforest displays. Class Five are busy writing persuasive letters to me about a range of topics which I am looking forward to reading! Class Six are working extremely hard to make sure they can do their best in their SATS in May, as well as exploring Evolution and Inheritance for their topic.

Year 11 continue to prepare for their exams and on February 23 and 24, 110 students travelled to the Outdoors Centre in East Mersea to take part in an intense GCSE Bootcamp. This overnight event was a chance for Year 11 students to get together to learn vital revision strategies to take away with them, as well as taking part in structured Maths and English revision within a classroom setting and enjoying some outdoor challenges, such as the climbing wall, assault course and high ropes. It was really good fun (despite the mud and chilly temperatures!) and the revision process should now start in earnest. We have a small but dedicated PTA committee who work tirelessly for the benefit of the school and our students. They have organised a quiz night on Thursday, March 22, 7-9pm. If you would like to join us for this fun and popular evening, please contact Lisa, the PTA chairperson: As I write this article, we still have so much to look forward to including our annual fun run, an art exhibition featuring work from our feeder primary school students alongside Years 7-9, a music recital by Year 10 students, giving them an opportunity to perform their GCSE pieces to an audience, and BBC School Report Day. If you would like to visit the school and see us in action, please come along to one of our open mornings. The date of the next one is Wednesday, March 21. To book a place please telephone my PA, Mrs J Saunders: 01473 836110 Headteacher Maéve Taylor

HELMINGHAM COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL The first half of the spring term has flown by. The children have been working hard and enjoying learning about new topics. Moon Class is visiting BT Headquarters at Adastral Park after half term for a Computational Thinking Event. The children have attended events at BT before and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Sun Class is also planning a trip after half term. Stars Class has been learning about Vikings and have built an amazing Viking boat. Our quicksticks hockey team was very successful at the recent tournament and had great fun. It also gives the children the opportunity to meet children from other schools. The children have also enjoyed playing in the snow, even if it hasn’t lasted for long!

On Wednesday, January 31, we took a team of five children from Years 5 and 6 to play in a hockey tournament at Hartismere High School. It was a very chilly afternoon, although the sun did appear briefly. The children played four matches and while we didn’t get through to the next round, all the children played extremely well, especially as most were new to hockey. Goals were scored and there was excellent defending as well. Huge congratulations go to the whole team; you made me very proud. A big thank you also goes to Mrs Daynes for running the Years 5 and 6 Hockey Club and for helping with the tournament. If you would like to know more, our website is a good source of information, or contact the office to arrange to arrange a visit.

HENLEY PRE-SCHOOL The pre-school is keeping very busy this term. In January we had a visit from a fireman, this month the community police will be coming to see the children and a spring trip is planned in April to visit Easton Farm Park. We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and Mother’s Day. Many thanks to everyone who supported and sponsored our quiz and curry night which raised a staggering £1,100 for the pre-school. Our sessions are currently full, but we will have spaces for those children who wish to start in September 2018 and would encourage parents/carers to apply as soon as possible. For further information please call 01473 833848 during session time (9am3pm) or email our manager, Bridget Wyatt; Bridget and the team


SPORT IPSWICH RAVENS VOLLEYBALL This month we are very proud to report that we hosted the first ever open indoor volleyball tournament for junior girls to be held in Suffolk, which attracted two teams from as far away as Cambridge. The tournament is the idea of our junior coach Joao-Paulo Santos, having the goal to develop and raise the standard of girls’ volleyball by providing a competition open to clubs throughout East Anglia. We intend to repeat the tournament each month of the indoor season, and we have already received additional interest in the next month’s tournament from clubs in Norwich, Tendring and Boswells School in Essex. Our own girls section started about a year ago. The girls have applied themselves very well in training and as a result they have grown in ability and numbers.  As a result we were able to enter three of our own teams in the four-a-side tournament which the girls named Ravens, Eagles and Panthers. The highlight of the event for us was an excellent win by the Eagles in the pool phase against an experienced Cambridge B team, helping them to overall first place in the round robin.   Eagles were placed first due to having a better record in the games between the teams tied on three wins. The top three teams then went on to play in a final group, where the Cambridge teams had their revenge and the Eagles finished overall third. A very satisfactory outcome to an enjoyable tournament and the girls can’t wait for next month’s episode!  So for once the adults took second stage, as we entered two teams as usual in the monthly six-a-side tournament held at Northgate School. In Division 1 our men’s team won both of our initial pool games against Stowmarket II and Ipswich II, putting us through to the final group where we lost to Ipswich I and the very strong Lakenheath to finish third overall.  Meanwhile our ladies team showed how much it has improved recently, along with the help of new players we have attracted in recent months. We achieved our best ever result in Division 2, finishing top of our initial pool phase with wins against Bury Juniors, Seagulls and Fil-Suffolk Smashers. We therefore qualified for the final playoff, where we were beaten into overall second place by the mixed m/f team Diss Asters.  If you have ever thought about giving volleyball a try, now is a great time to give it a go. It’s a fast and exciting sport, it’s perfect to help build fitness, and being non-contact it is largely free from injuries.  At Ravens we are actively seeking new members and will welcome anyone, male or female, experienced or complete beginner, and any age from 13 upwards. Qualified coaches run the sessions with a mixture of training drills and friendly games, making them very enjoyable while helping participants to improve their skills and fitness.  We meet every Saturday from 2-4pm and most Tuesdays from 7-9pm at St Alban’s School, Rushmere.  If you are interested in joining this growing sport, call/text 07508 351875 or visit:


BRAMFORD TENNIS CLUB Hola amigos! Yes you’ve guessed it, I have just returned from sunnier climes after a week of R&R sampling the quality of the local hop and vine production (all up to standard, thanks for asking). Consequently there is little of note to report from the tennis club this month… sorry, I was waiting for the usual derogatory comments about there being no change then! Nick, my erstwhile tennis partner, informs me that he has played in a couple of matches since Christmas (makes a change as he usually stands about getting in the way while I play). Graham and Nick have managed to notch up a couple of wins to keep themselves in contention for the top spots; their form normally drops off after the Yuletide excess, at least until the hangover has cleared, so this is quite encouraging. All thoughts are turning towards the AGM and Graham has been busy trying to source some new cattle prods to help with recruitment to the committee (only joking; we have to be a lot more subtle since Amnesty International got involved last year). The date of the AGM hasn’t been agreed yet so I will include it in next month’s rubbish… I meant news! The membership fees for the year are set by the committee, as is my fee for writing this piece every month. Graham assures me that my cheque will be in the post just as soon as the chap in Nigeria who contacted him via the internet has released the funds (upon receipt of the money in the tennis club working account). Apparently once our cheque has cleared the hefty commission we get will pay my bill easily; it’s good to know the club is in safe hands. JOKE OF THE MONTH A man goes into a local car dealer to make a complaint about the car he recently bought from them. The man wants to return the car; the dealer asks him what’s wrong with it. “It’s no good, it won’t go beyond 60 up Larch hill where I live,” said the man. “That is a very steep hill, what’s wrong with that?” asks the dealer. “Well,” said the man, “I live at number 83.” I think the jet lag is still affecting my jokes. More guff next month. Mick Russ

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GROUNDS & GARDEN MAINTENANCE We offer the following services all year round: Grass cutting • Garden clearance Fences & Gates • Patios & Paths Hedge Cutting • Tree Cutting Sheds • Summer Houses Digger & Dumper work

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EASTER IS COMING March this year is right in the middle of Lent, a time when people remember when Jesus went into the desert and was tempted several times, but was able to resist the temptation. Many people give up something; it can be a good time to reflect on our relationship with Jesus and a test of self-discipline. Some Christians give up meat or fish. Others think they should give up something they really enjoy. Who tried to undertake Dry January or Veganuary? If you find the thought of giving up chocolate, cake or wine for six weeks too long, you don’t have to worry, as Sundays are not included in the 40 days as all Sundays are feast days. However, you might be like Fred, my husband, who says that if he gave up chocolate for six weeks he would get very grumpy and difficult to live with, and anyway between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday he loves having hot cross buns; we don’t buy or eat them before Shrove Tuesday and the last ones bought are during Holy Week. That put paid to the idea of us both giving up chocolate for Lent, and so what we do is take something up, do something together to help us reflect on God, Jesus and our Christian faith. It might be studying a book of the Bible in more depth, reading a book that a theologian has written, following and studying a series written especially for Lent, or going to Lent talks that are run by the diocese. Last year we led three Lent walks where we covered all the eight churches in the Carlford benefice. They were very enjoyable and other people joined us from our churches. Whether we give up something or take up something during Lent, it may be a time when we will have an opportunity to explain our own beliefs, to say something about Jesus and answer questions that many people have about what being a Christian means. Easter is just around the corner and Lent gives us that opportunity to think about what Easter means to us. It’s not all about holidays, eggs and spring; it may be getting warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, but in the Southern Hemisphere it’s getting colder and people are looking forward to winter but they still celebrate Easter. This year Easter Sunday is April 1. Yes, it might be April Fool’s Day, but the message on this day is not a joke – it is real. We remember Christ’s rising from death, the resurrection. The Bible tells us that Christ’s tomb was empty three days after His death, which is commemorated on Good Friday. His followers saw Him and talked to Him after this. Christians therefore believe that they have the hope of a new life (an everlasting life in Heaven) after death. As Bishop Tom Wright has said: “Lent is a time for discipline, for confession, for honesty, not because God is mean or fault finding or finger-pointing but because he wants us to know the joy of being cleaned out, ready for all the good things he now has in store.” Jane Woods SERVICES THROUGHOUT MARCH Sunday, March 4: 9.30am Extended Holy Communion, Swilland Sunday, March 11: 11am Holy Communion followed by APCM, Ashboking Sunday, March 18: 11am Family Service followed by APCM, Swilland Monday 26: 7pm Compline and Address at Otley with Jane Woods

8am: Grundisburgh 9.30am: Hasketon – Burgh, Clopton and Swilland 11am: Otley – Grundisburgh-Ashbocking – Boulge We welcome Bishop Mike who will celebrate Easter with the people of Hasketon and Otley. WHAT’S ON ACROSS THE BENEFICE Thursday 1: COSA Joint PCC Meeting Clopton Village Hall, 7.30pm Sunday 4: Grundisburgh Symphony Orchestra Spring Concert at Burgh House Barn at 3pm. Suitable for all ages. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to meet the orchestra over some refreshments. Tickets (£4/£2) from Olde Forge Stores, Grundisburgh School or Sarah (01473 738944). Monday 5: Otley and District Gardening Club (see page 12), 7.30pm Tuesday 6 2pm: Boulge PCC Meeting at home of Shelia Snelling 7.30pm: Hasketon and Grundisburgh PCCs Meeting in Grundisburgh School Wednesday 7 5.30pm: Funsters Sponsored Silence* 7 for 7.30pm: Deanery Lent Course with Bishop Tim Stevens, St Mary’s Woodbridge Wednesday 14 5.30pm: Funsters Pop-Up Café 7 for 7.30pm: Deanery Lent Course Tuesday 20: Ministry Team Meeting Wednesday 21: Funsters Car Wash, 5.30-6.30pm Thursday 22: Hasketon Community Lunch, 12.15pm Saturday 24: Clergy Study Day * Funsters, a Grundisburgh Church group for youngsters in Years 5-7, are taking part in 40 Acts of Kindness during Lent with a Sponsored Silence on March 7, a Pop-up Café on March 14 and a Car Wash on March 21, all from 5.30-6.30pm at Grundisburgh Parish Room Donations to a charity of their choice yet to be confirmed. CARLFORD SOCIAL GROUPS Baby Café: March 6, 9am at Grundisburgh Hobbies Group: March 7, 10am at Clopton Swapshop: No Swapshop this month Tiddlywinks: March 8 & 22, 2.30pm at Grundisburgh CARLFORD PRAYER AND STUDY GROUPS Going Deeper: March 7 & 21, 10am at Ashbocking Grundisburgh Sunday Club: March 11 & 25, 10.45am at Grundisburgh Otley House Group: March 12 & 26, 1.45pm at Otley Monday House Group: March 19, 7.30pm at Grundisburgh Beyond Belief: March 12 & 26, 10.30am-noon at Grundisburgh ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETINGS All meetings will take place in the context of worship followed by the business agenda. March 4

Boulge, 11am

Tuesday 27: 7pm Compline and Address at Burgh with Bill Herbert

March 11

Ashbocking, 11am

March 18

Burgh and Swilland, 11am

Wednesday 28: 7pm Compline and Address at Swilland with Mark Cresswell

March 25

Clopton, 11am

April 15

Otley, 9.30am / Grundisburgh, 11am

Thursday 29: 7pm Last Supper & Washing of Feet at Clopton, Clare Sanders

April 22

Hasketon, 9.30am

Good Friday, March 30: 10.30am-noon: Messy Church in Grundisburgh 2-3pm: An Hour at the Cross at Hasketon, Mark Cresswell & Clare Sanders

Please support your church by attending and giving thanks for all that has happened over the past year and with commitment to the year that lies ahead.


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CHURCH NEWS DEANERY LENT COURSE: GOD AND POLITICS March 7 and 14 at St Mary’s Woodbridge, refreshments from 7pm, for a 7.30pm start, led by Bishop Tim Stevens, recently retired as Bishop of Leicester and formerly Bishop of Dunwich. In uncertain and often confusing times, how are we as Christians to develop habits of wise reflection if we are to engage faithfully and prayerfully with the big issues of our day? What are the key commitments of our faith that connect with those big issues, and how are we to learn what sort of questions to ask when applying our Christian values to the great challenges of today? In this series of talks and discussions, Bishop Tim will explore questions including: 1: What does the Bible say about God’s action in politics and history? 2: What can we learn from outstanding Christian Leaders? 3: How can the Church enter the Public Square and what is our responsibility in this? 4: What does the Cross have to teach us about the cost of public discipleship?” BIBLE BOOK CLUB A small group – those of faith, agnostics and atheists – interested in the historical context of Christian literature. We meet in Grundisburgh on just four Tuesday mornings each year. Our next meeting is on May 1 at 10.30am when we will discuss Why There Almost Certainly is a God: Doubting Dawkins by Keith Ward. Please let us know if you will be joining us: / 01473 738474

WITNESHAM BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor: Andrew Croft, 07851 060482 Secretary: Anne Camp, 3 Acre Close, Witnesham / 01473 785448 We welcome you to worship at 11am each Sunday. Sunday, March 4: Pastor Andrew including Holy Communion Sunday, March 11: Pastor Andrew Sunday, March 18: Team Ministry Sunday, March 25: Palm Sunday – Pastor Andrew Thursday, March 29: Maundy Thursday Communion at 7pm Friday, March 30: Good Friday at 10.30am, preceded by Walk of Witness through Witnesham Sunday, April 1: Easter Sunday at 11am, Pastor Andrew including Holy Communion We welcome all families to our Family Time Together on Sundays at 9.30am. REGULAR EVENTS Tuesdays Drop-in Café, 2-4pm; everyone is welcome to call in for tea and friendship. Combine a visit to the Post Office with a cup of tea.

BEYOND BELIEF– SPRING 2018 A small group which gives us the opportunity to discuss areas of Christian Faith at six meetings held at Grundisburgh Parish Rooms, 10.30am-noon. Sessions are fortnightly on Mondays, March 12 & 26, April 9 & 23 and May 7 & 21. Why not come and try our new group?

Varied Church Open House, topical discussion group, 7.30pm

Enquiries to Paul: 01473 738474 /

Wednesday, March 14: Prayer Fellowship at 2pm


Wednesday, March 28: Bible Study at 2pm

Ashbocking: Friday 2 at the home of Linda and John Pollard of Hawthorns, The Green, Ashbocking 10.30am-noon Grundisburgh: Saturday 3 at Grundisburgh Parish Rooms, 10.30-11.45am Swilland: Saturday 3 at the home of Ann Kent of Red Court, Swilland, 10am Otley: Thursday 8 at the home of Betty and Philip David of 15 Spring Park, Otley, 10am Clopton: Wednesday 21 at the village hall, 10am-noon Burgh: Easter Coffee Morning, Saturday, March 24 at Burgh Schoolroom, 10am-noon

Fridays: Babies and Toddlers Group, 9.15-11.15am. Contact Jean: 01473 785478 Monday, March 5: The Munch Bunch Lunch Club, 12.30-2pm. Light lunch and good company. Contact Karen: 01473 251787

Saturday March 24: Messy Church from 2pm to 4.30pm The church is open for Prayer and Listening every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am-5pm; at other times please contact Pastor Andrew. The post office is open on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings in the conservatory. We have a collection box for FIND in the church and welcome any donations of non-perishable food to help families in need locally.

Do come along and join us.


In Touch with WTW

This year Easter is a good three weeks earlier than last year so that means that the church calendar show below is a little different for a few weeks and we’ve extended it to include the events of Holy Week. Holy Week is the culmination of Lent and starts with a celebratory service at Witnesham church at 11am when the Archdeacon of Suffolk, The Ven Ian Morgan will be

The Churches of the United Benefice of Westerfield and Tuddenham St Martin with Witnesham

leading the service. Palm Sunday commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when he was hailed as a king much. It is the start of a difficult week when Jesus is arrested and tried and led out to die on a cross. We have short reflective services in each of the churches in turn (detailed below and overleaf) from Monday to Thursday.

on Saturday to prepare for the celebrations of Easter Day when we remember that Jesus, though he did die, was resurrected showing us that for those who believe in him death is not the end but a new beginning.

On Good Friday Rev’d Catherine will lead a vigil in Westerfield Church from 12noon-2pm when we’ll mark “The Last Hour” - this has proved to be a popular service in past years with a large congregation. We have a day of rest

Good Friday Walk of Witness

CHURCH SERVICES March-April Day / Date Sun 4th March Third Sunday of Lent

St Martin’s Tuddenham St Martin

Website: Facebook page:

Starting 10am at St Mary’s Witnesham and walking to Witnesham Baptist Church for a short service followed by refreshments.

This information was correct at the time of going to press (early last month) occasionally it can be necessary to make changes—please cross reference with our website for the most up-to-date information at

St Mary’s Witnesham

9.30am Family Communion

10am All-age Worship

Sun 11th March Mothering Sunday

9.30am All-age Worship

10am Family Communion

Sun 18th March Fifth Sunday of Lent

9.30am Family Communion

10am Morning Worship

Joint service at Witnesham

11am Benefice Palm Sunday and relicensing of Rev’d Alan Forsdike

Sun 25th March Palm Sunday Holy Week—Monday

8am Holy Communion 11am All-age Worship 11am Family Communion

Joint service at Witnesham

6.30pm Reflective Service 6.30pm Foot Washing and Holy Communion 12noon-2pm—Vigil

Holy Week— Good Friday

2pm The Last Hour

9.30am Family Sun 1st April Communion Easter Sunday (followed by Easter Egg hunt for the young at heart)


11am Family Communion

6.30pm Reflective Service

Holy Week— Maundy Thursday

Sun 8th April Second Sunday of Easter

St Mary Magdalene’s Westerfield

6.30pm Reflective Service

Holy Week—Tuesday Holy Week—Wednesday

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9.30am All-age Worship

10am Family Communion (followed by Easter Egg hunt for the young at heart)

10am Family Communion

11am Family Communion (followed by Easter Egg hunt for the young at heart)

8am Holy Communion 11am All-age Worship

In Touch online:

In Touch with WTW

The Churches of the United Benefice of Westerfield and Tuddenham St Martin with Witnesham

Church Diary—March

Who’s Who:

Mothers’ Union—Thursday 1st March when we will hear all about The Moses Project (followed by tea). Visitors most welcome. (contact Branch Leader Revd Catherine Forsdike 252904).


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Benefice Youth Group—Wednesday 7th & 21th March at 6pm (contact Julia 785497)

t: 01473 252904 e:

Village Voices—rehearse on Thursdays 1st & 15th March, 7.30pm in Witnesham Baptist Church (contact Christine 785138)

t: 01473 252904 e: To enquire about Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals, telephone or email Rev’ds Alan & Catherine Forsdike.

Kingdom Kids—will meet on Palm Sunday 25th March in church (contact Gill Thorley 890821)  Wednesday Prayers—said Morning Prayer in Westerfield Church Room each week at 9.30am (Holy Communion is said on the first week of each month—except Aug)

Church Floodlighting

Could you mark an important date in your life by sponsoring the floodlighting? You could remember a loved one who is no longer with us or perhaps light up a church to celebrate a special birthday or another happy occasion. The money helps the church to maintain and run the lights which really make our churches stand out in the community. At St Mary Magdalene Westerfield, sponsorship is £7.50 for a week. Ring Judy on 230188 or email Sponsorship at St Martin’s Tuddenham St Martin, is £5 for a weekend Ring Jim on 785296 or email


READERS: Paul Laughlin

01473 785138

Carol Rivett

01473 717404

ELDER Julia Farmer

01473 785497

CHURCHWARDENS: Tuddenham 01473 785296

Jim Punton

Tuddenham 01473 784545

Monica Pipe

Westerfield 01473 230188

Judy Northfield

Witnesham 01473 785673

Derek Austin

KINGDOM KIDS—WITNESHAM Gill Thorley 01473 890821


01473 785497

Website: Facebook page:

Holy Week 2018 Each day at 6.30pm for about 40 minutes: Monday 26th March Witnesham Church Tuesday 27th March Westerfield Church Wednesday 28th March Tuddenham Church

Good Friday 30th March

Maundy Thursday 29th March

10am Walk of Witness from St Mary’s Witnesham to Witnesham Baptist Church

Witnesham Church at 6.30pm Foot Washing, Holy Communion and Stripping of the Altar

Westerfield Church 12noon-2pm Vigil and 2-3pm ‘The Last Hour’ 19

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The Holbrook Choral Society | Royal Hospital School Chapel Choir Chamber Choir | Show Choir | plus pupil-led ensembles Conductors: William Saunders, Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick & Edward Allen Organ: Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick

Full: £10 | Conc: £7 | U18: FREE

01206 573948

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In touch news with westerfield mar18