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with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone Volume 7 • Issue No. 8 • JULY 2017

1st Holbrook Brownies, see page 13




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A WORD FROM THE EDITOR At the end of my weekly yoga class we spend about 15 minutes unwinding (sometimes literally). It’s meant as time to relax but this week I found myself imagining what I would say if my son had been caught up in one of the recent terrorist attacks. I tried in vain to dismiss the thought but silent tears were quickly sliding into my ears as I lay there counting down the minutes. There simply are no words. How does one cope with grief such as this while also dealing with the fact that your child’s life has been taken from them? All their hopes and their potential wiped out, all that energy and excitement and fun and love stolen from the world forever. Ironically, in the background my yoga instructor was speaking about being a positive influence in the world and the following words struck me: a positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, actions and outcomes. In the context of recent events this seems more than a little frivolous, but in coming together to share a minute’s silence, or at an event such as One Love Manchester, isn’t that exactly what we are doing. When we come together to share our grief we find comfort in others and strength to carry on, and now more than ever we need to look out for each other. We’re told our behaviour as adults has a direct impact on how our children behave. Is it possible that our behaviour can have a positive influence on the adults we interact with too? Is compassion contagious? Does the kindness of another change how we behave? If we have it within us to influence the behaviour of others we have power and we can use this power to affect positive change. A kindness shown to a stranger today might change how they behave tomorrow, and so it goes. It’s a tiny ripple in what appears to be a rather deep, dark ocean but together we are stronger.

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with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone

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10 JULY 2017

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NEWS SHOTLEY PARISH COUNCIL COMMUNITY AWARDS 2017 Shotley Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the special people in Shotley who, year after year, tirelessly continue to make our village such a wonderful place. They will most probably be terribly embarrassed and shy at this very public display of appreciation, but I’m afraid it just had to be done. Miss Karen Higgs Karen has been a permanent fixture of the drama group for at least 15 years and is always a smiling, welcoming face to all, particularly the little ones. She has been in most of the pantomimes, in musical reviews and often buys props and make-up and facial cleansers for backstage. When a play is on, she helps with teas, coffees, cakes and sweets, as well as helping the cast to change and looking after their costumes. She always arrives with a cheery smile and always helps everyone to the best of her abilities. But most of all Karen is a wonderful ambassador for people with a disability and shows day after day that obstacles can be surpassed. Keep smiling Karen! Mrs Maureen Coulson and Mr Andrew Coulson Andrew is a lay reader at St Mary’s Church and also a volunteer for Shotley and Erwarton Good Neighbours’ Scheme. He also does outdoor green bowls where he can be found helping to repair the green. More recently, he has put his oratory skills to an alternative use and has become the auctioneer at the Shotley Village Hall biannual auctions. Maureen wears many hats such as the secretary of the history group, the Women’s Institute and the Parochial Church Council. She is also a member of Shotley Village Hall Management Committee. Mr Tim Poole A postman in a million! One of the old school – long serving, well liked and much appreciated – Tim has been delivering in Shotley for many years and is known to almost every resident. Since the loss of the post office in Shotley Gate he has been known to collect almost as much as he has delivered. This award is in appreciation of all the work, beyond the call of duty, that Tim has put in for this village. Mrs Jo Lee One of our unsung heroes, Jo is someone who has helped not just organisations in Shotley and neighbouring villages but also individual people, and in her case big ones and little ones. Having recently retired from the post, Jo was secretary of Shotley Village Hall for many years and has also been secretary of the local Women’s Institute branch. Her artistic, and may I say award winning, flower arranging skills are certainly very appreciated by Shotley, Erwarton and other neighbouring parish churches. As if that wasn’t enough, Jo has also volunteered for Home Start, one of the leading family support charities in the UK. HomeStart volunteers help families with young children deal with the challenges they face. The volunteers support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children. If you wish to nominate your unsung hero for next year’s Shotley Parish Council Community Award, please contact Shotley Parish Clerk, Mrs Dina Bedwell: 01473 788248 /




– GOLD MEDAL WINNERS AND BEST IN SHOW AT SUFFOLK SHOW Boast About The Garden, a landscape design and build service based at Shotley Gate, won a gold medal for garden design and the annual trophy for Best in Show in the model garden design competition at this year’s Suffolk Show.

Shares are now on sale to become part-owner of the Victorian Shotley Pier. A minimum investment of £50 will secure two shares, and the maximum investment allowed by any one investor is £10,000. Shares can be bought by going to the Crowdfunder website and searching for Shotley Pier in the Find Projects section. Shotley Heritage Community Benefit Society is administering the project to buy the pier, with £ for £ match-funding up to a total of £100,000 promised by the Co-op’s Power to Change booster programme. A minimum £80,000 target has been set by the pier group, with the Coop set to match up to £65,000, which would give the project £130,000 so the group can meet the £100,000 asking price and the cost of initial safety work. If successful, a second tranche of investment will be sought in order to repair and renovate the pier. The booster programme will match the first £35,000 invested by investors. Sally Chicken, chair of Shotley Heritage Community Benefit Society, said: “People who invest should do so for community reasons. This is not primarily a financial investment, as there will be no dividends. We welcome small purchases from £50 to ensure that everyone can take part in this unique community business.”

The competition, regarded as a ‘mini Chelsea’ of professional model gardens, is judged by two professionals along with a local celebrity. Boast About The Garden created a contemporary design with smooth, modern porcelain paving and a simple pergola idea overhead to draw visitors around a central ‘pallet wall’ feature. The rustic timbers used gave a good contrast between modern and traditional, and the movement led the visitor from a pallet bench seat to a ground level fire pit with outdoor cushions, with informal planting throughout.

The share offer closes on July 14 and the pier group’s Crowdfunder site offers a huge range of rewards for investors, including the chance to pop the final rivet, enjoy a personalised boat trip or taking a VIP flight over the pier. “This is a fabulous opportunity for the community and other backers from further afield to take ownership of this Victorian pier, which is steeped in history,” said project founder member and Babergh District Councillor Derek Davis. “It’s wonderful to see an idea bounced about in the Bristol Arms a couple of years ago, now taken up by villagers, supported by the council and moving forward. “When the initial survey, commissioned by our community team, was encouraging we secured £20,000 from Babergh District Council and that set us on our way. Chris Knock, Babergh’s grant guru, put us onto the Power to Change funding stream and that, along with the fabulous support we have had from people far and wide, has been hugely encouraging in making us all believe this is now very achievable.” The group plans to bring the pier back into use by fishermen, sightseers, birdwatchers and for small yachts to berth alongside, and just for people who enjoy a gentle stroll down a uniquely British pier.

Boast About The Garden has been in business for more than 15 years and mainly works on domestic garden design and build projects, big and small around Ipswich, south Suffolk and north Essex. The company encourages the use of high quality materials and techniques to provide the best results, always trying to create unique and individual ideas for its clients.

Michael Evans, Strategic Director for Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, said: “We are proud to be able to support the community buying and renovating Shotley Pier. This is a great example of what a community can achieve by coming together, working hard for a common cause and engaging with thousands of people along the way.

Find out more and view a gallery of completed projects at:

“The enthusiasm and professional approach of the steering group is inspiring, and we look forward to working with them in the months to come. Shotley Pier is on the way to becoming a community asset owned and enjoyed by all.”

Robert says: “It was a brilliant experience to take part in the show, see old friends and make some new ones, and winning something just made it even better. It was a great effort from my team and just makes us even more determined to keep working hard to build gardens and help people enjoy their gardens in the years to come.”

Originally known as Bristol Pier, after the Marquis of Bristol, the pier was built in 1894 in order to cash in on the expansion of the railways, especially the mail route from Harwich to the Netherlands. The pier originally had rail tracks to carry mail and dollies were used by the Royal Navy to move munitions. A ferry operated from the pier, which has also been used by fishermen and barge owners.


Robert Boast and his team now look forward to defending their title at next year’s Suffolk Show.

The Suffolk Show is run and managed by the Suffolk Agricultural Association. As a charity, the SAA’s core purpose is to promote the importance of food, farming and the countryside to the economy and character of Suffolk through the Suffolk Show itself and a series of education programmes aimed at young people in schools and colleges.

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NEWS DISTRICT COUNCILLOR DEREK DAVIS – BERNERS WARD Shotley, Erwarton, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston I have been asked to explain what is meant by Babergh’s (along with many other councils) lack of a five-year land supply. For a start it is poorly phrased; really it should be a lack of housing supply over the next five years. The country, county and district are suffering a lack of housing which has fallen well short of our housing needs. To try and counter that the government has set targets based on objective assessment needs (AON) for councils to achieve over five year periods. At Babergh we have fallen well short. Not enough houses have been built in order for youngsters to leave home, young families to move into bigger houses or those looking to downsize. More and more people either want to stay on the peninsula or want to move here from an ever-growing urban sprawl, and the peninsula needs to take its fair share and provide for those, while not ruining this special area. Our current target is 355 homes to be built per year – last year only 149 were completed. According to Babergh’s local development scheme, which can be found on the council’s website, over the next five years the target set is 1,750, plus an extra 645 due to under-supply in the last set period. This means we need to build 2,420 homes across the district by 2022. It is currently predicted we will only reach 1,833, showing a significant shortfall that would have to be made up in the next phase.

Having had such a busy June with the walking festival things could ease off – not a chance! Our group has been busy cutting and strimming in Shotley Heritage Park and on the footpath leading from Shotley Gate to the primary school. We know that strictly speaking some of the stuff we do should be done by others (e.g. highways), but when necessary we can react much quicker and have the experience to do the work safely with our group of competent volunteers. We not only have a website – – but now also have a Facebook group, Shotley Open Spaces. Why not apply to join and get real time updates on what we are doing? We are using Facebook to rally volunteers to help with stuff and for anything anyone thinks is worth posting to do with open spaces or footpaths. For our walkers around the peninsula, check out the Arthur Ransome Walking Trail from Pin Mill to Shotley Gate (or the other way round – you choose). This trail has become hugely popular and the information boards and high quality leaflet are brilliant. It’s not often the district council get praise, and praise indeed they must get. The Peninsula Tourist Action Group, under the direction of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council, is delivering some superb initiatives to help lift the local economy. Our group, with encouragement and support from Derek Davis, our local district councillor (and yes, he puts on a hi-vis vest to help maintain the pathways) helped make the Arthur Ransome Trail happen and we’ll ensure it is kept in tip top condition.

In order to help councils get developers to build more homes, the government has told planning committees to give greater weight to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) when deciding on applications. While it doesn’t mean driving a coach and horses through our core strategy and other policies, it is designed to guide members towards the fundamental aim of giving decisions based on a presumption in favour of sustainable development.

For technophobes, there’s the Arthur Ransome Geocache trail. Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPSenabled devices. Use or the official geocaching apps for iPhone or Android to pick a geocache (container) and navigate to its hidden location. For anyone who knows me, yes I cribbed these words from the Arthur Ransome Walking Trail leaflet. Haven’t the foggiest what this is all about but I’m willing to give whatever it is a go!

My view is while we need more housing, it can’t be a case of saying “yes, we know young people need to get on the housing ladder; yes, we know empty-nesters need smaller homes; yes, we need to help families get big enough homes” and then throwing a protective arm around our piece of green and pleasant land and saying “just not here though”.

Back to the world I understand! For the first time, SOS has teamed up with One Life Suffolk to do the first of two Shotley health walks. The first is on Friday, July 28, starting from the bottom of Bristol Hill, Shotley Gate at 11am.

That doesn’t mean building willy-nilly. We should utilise brownfield sites first, such as the former HMS Ganges site where work has started on 285 homes, retail units and community buildings and that five-year project is on track. We also need to ensure the government and the county council do more to get the infrastructure right. We need to ensure the Community Infrastructure Levy or S106 agreements are used wisely and fully and developers are made to keep to legal agreements and fulfil their responsibilities. We need to ensure things such as highways, surgeries, schools, etc. are taken into consideration and improved in parallel with developments. There also needs to be a better way to ensure that developers actually build when permissions are granted and not just landbank, or wait until the markets are more favourable to them. Tough decisions – and unpopular ones too, especially for those directly affected – are going to have to be taken, but if everyone said no, nothing would ever be built and those objectors might not even be in the homes they live in now. There are many areas on the peninsula that were objected to in the past but have proved invaluable more often than not. Charges for advice As a slight aside, the first decision by Babergh’s newly-formed cabinet – made up entirely of Conservative members – is that the council will start charging applicants for pre-application advice from July 2017.

What is a health walk? It’s a very gentle, slow, easy going amble on a circular route of just less than two miles. It’s not for keen walkers or ramblers. It’s for anyone who simply wants to get some gentle exercise. Ideal for anyone recovering from a knee or hip operation, or just for someone who wants to get some fresh air but doesn’t want to feel left behind. The walk will go at the pace of the slowest, and for anyone who doesn’t want to do the complete distance there are several ‘short cuts’ back to the starting point, or to nearby bus stops. There will be four or five walk helpers who will provide help for anyone who needs it. Please join us if you wish, though I emphasise it’s a slow and gentle amble with some moderate uphill bits. Anyone of any age will be very welcome. We can’t guarantee the weather so please dress accordingly. Finally, another reminder for budding photographers – or folk who see a good photo opportunity. The SOS 2018 Calendar theme is Shotley through the Seasons. We have posted notices about this at various places around the village. Please submit your entries to marian.pugh@ by the end of July. All entries will be displayed on our website from October 2017. As with the 2017 Calendar we would like to credit the photographer alongside their photos so please let us know if that’s ok. Also, if the photo includes any people, please confirm that you have their permission to allow it to be shown.

If you have an issue you would like to discuss please contact: / 07824 167196

If you want to be included on the growing Shotley Open Spaces email list, please contact Geraint Pugh ( or Gary Richens (

My Facebook page is: Derek Davis-Your Independent Councillor

Report by Gary Richens


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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Consumer champions Which? have now joined the thousands of customers who recognise that Cloudy2Clear Windows really are a business that you can TRUST. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has received the coveted ‘Which Trusted Trader’ status after going through a rigorous accreditation process entirely focussed on customer service.

Group Managing Director Marcus McGee believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering the highest standards possible at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Whilst a number

of tradespeople perhaps don’t focus on customer care as much as they should do, we make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. Locally Cloudy2Clear service the Ipswich, Woodbridge, Manningtree, Hadleigh, Stowmarket & surrounding areas and manager Andy Kerridge agrees that this approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing

a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated as both my customers and, obviously a body as nationally important as Which? now recognise.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Andy a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

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NEWS NEWS FROM HOLBROOK AND SHOTLEY SURGERY Following the Ransomware virus that attacked computer systems internationally, we have received confirmation from our IT department that our systems were not affected and no data has been compromised. Our staff did a fantastic job and soon had the backlog of prescriptions and other work under control. We’re sorry if there was a delay in processing your medication items and thank you to those patients who kindly waited an extra day to collect these. Unfortunately, on the back of this incident, we had a second attempted break in at Shotley where a window was broken. This cost the practice more than £300 to replace and we lost more time in dispensary while waiting for the police and forensics. We are now considering installing additional security, including CCTV, to protect our premises and staff, which will again cost money. At a time when the practice is trying to save money to continue to provide extra services such as blood tests and annual reviews for our housebound patients, this money could have been used more wisely. Returning medical equipment If you have a wheelchair, walking frame or crutches that you no longer need, please return them to Medequip by contacting: 01473 351805 / Please do not leave them in the practice as we have no space to store them. Self-care information You’ll find lots of easy to read self-care information on various topics on our website, from acne to urine problems in men. Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the link under ‘Further Reading’. Training days Our next training afternoons will be Thursdays, July 13 and September 7 when we will be shut from 1pm. Please ring 111 for advice if your query cannot wait until the following day. In an emergency, dial 999. Collecting prescriptions In order to ensure that you have no missing medication items, we will be asking patients to collect their medication three working days after ordering in the future. On occasion, especially around the bank holidays, we have had a number of missing items meaning patients have had to return to the practice to collect ‘owed’ items. We are hoping that the extra day will ensure that all of your medication is ready to collect at the same time. Practice Manager Julia Smith

HOLBROOK PARISH COUNCIL Key points from the parish council meeting in May The May meeting was also the annual meeting of the parish council. Councillor John Ambrose was re-elected as chairman and Councillor Chris Sawyer was elected to the position of vice-chairman. Alton Green Councillors Ball and Ambrose had met with the current and previous owners of Vine Cottage to re-establish the boundary following building works and to discuss options for the reinstatement of the common area. It was resolved to organise a small working party to look at this in more depth and bring a recommendation back to the full council. Matters arising from the Annual Parish Meeting It was agreed that no further action would be taken regarding Community Speedwatch until the results of the speed surveys have been received. It was agreed that a public meeting should be arranged (in the early autumn) with a speaker from Babergh District Council to help the community better understand the neighbourhood plan idea and to measure support for the project. Financial matters The internal auditors report was reviewed and his recommendations were approved. The statement of accounts and sections of the annual return were approved and signed. The annual return will now be sent to the external auditor. For the full minutes of these and all other meetings visit: Dog fouling on Reade Field Complaints have again been received about dog fouling on Reade Field. Dog mess is the most unacceptable and offensive type of litter on our streets; it’s not only deeply unpleasant, it is dangerous. While rare, contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis – a nasty infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness and seizures. While many dog owners are caring, responsible individuals, there are still some people who do not clean up after their pets. Reade Field is a shared space where children should be able to play in safety – please clear up after your dog. Questions or comments about parish council matters should be addressed in the first instance to the clerk, Mrs Ferial Rolfe: / or leave a message on 07999 583017

JAMES CARTLIDGE, MP FOR SOUTH SUFFOLK I was extremely grateful to have received such a strong mandate from the voters of South Suffolk at the recent general election. Achieving over 60% of the vote, the highest share in the constituency’s history, was something I would not have dreamed of. However, I am fully aware that this is only a time limited mandate, and there is now a duty for me to deliver and keep working hard as your Member of Parliament. It looks like I will continue to serve South Suffolk against a national backdrop of seemingly never-ending Westminster drama. The cause of this latest bout of unplanned intrigue was an election result that few had predicted when Theresa May surprised the nation, including myself, in announcing that she would go to the country. But the one lesson I have learned as an MP is that nothing is predictable anymore. And so we face a Hung Parliament, and at the time of writing, talks with the Democratic Unionist Party are progressing about coming to some kind of arrangement for them to support us. I would emphasise that the DUP have previously entered into talks with other governments


who were not sure of their majority, most notably Gordon Brown’s Labour government. If it turns out that they do commit to some kind of agreement it is unlikely to be a full coalition and it does not mean for one minute that we are endorsing all of their views or policies. Rather, it is a fact that the country requires a government and we have a duty to find a way to provide stability amidst the current uncertainty. Of course nobody wanted this outcome, but politics is about facing up to the reality of one’s position and dealing with it. That is what we are doing. We must not forget that our country is confronted by a heightened level of terror threat and imminent Brexit negotiations which will be extremely challenging. It is simply not possible to proceed confidently as a people without a government able to do its core job of stewarding the nation from day to day. I hold regular advice surgeries offering help and support to local people. Please see page 22 for my contact details.

In Touch online:

NEWS SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM In the light of the recent tragic attacks in Manchester and London, I thought it might be worth taking a different theme this month and talking about terrorism.


While Suffolk is a relatively low-risk county for terrorist incidents, we should not be complacent, and all Suffolk Police Officers are trained in line with the government’s ‘PREVENT’ strategy, which you can view online at: (search ‘prevent’). Up and down the country, the police and security services rely on information which is passed to us by ordinary members of the public – we rely on you to be our eyes and ears. What is Radicalisation? People are not born ‘terrorists’. They go through a process to either become a terrorist or support extremist causes in other ways. This can happen to anyone, which makes spotting it difficult, but what we do know is that people are far more likely to be radicalised if they are vulnerable. Those who are most vulnerable are (but not limited to): • Younger people from age 13 upwards • Those experiencing an identity or personal crisis • Individuals with feelings of unmet aspirations or a sense of injustice • People with a need for adventure or excitement • Those with a pre-existing conviction that their religion or culture is under threat • Individuals who feel socially isolated and, possibly, are suffering from depression • Those who have a history of criminal behaviour What are the signs that someone may be at risk of radicalisation? • Being overly secretive about their online viewing – this being one of the core ways in which ISIS is known to communicate. • Displaying feelings of isolation or expressions of an ‘us and them’ mentality – a sign of the sense of social isolation. • Becoming more argumentative or domineering in their viewpoints, being quick to condemn those who disagree and ignoring views that contradict their own. • Questioning their faith or identity. • Downloading or promotion extremist content. • Social isolation – losing interest in activities they used to enjoy, distancing themselves from friends and social groups. • Altered appearance – change in style of dress and/or appearance. • Abnormal routines, travel patterns or aspirations. What can YOU do if you are worried about someone being radicalised? The simple answer is – TELL US! ANTI-TERRORIST HOTLINE: 0800 789 321

Saturday, July 1, 10am-5pm Sunday, July 2, 11am onwards Songs of Praise at 4pm Stalls, refreshments, draw and more

EVENTS AT SHOTLEY VILLAGE HALL Tricks of the Trade are playing on Saturday, July 22 from 8pm. Tickets are £10 each and available from Norman Bugg: 01473 787358 Our next auction is on Saturday, September 16. Lots, which cost £1 to enter, can be booked with Jim Catling (788499) or Norman Bugg (787358).

GOOD NEIGHBOUR SCHEMES A HELPING HAND WHEN NEEDED The Shotley Peninsula Good Neighbour Schemes are an important support network in our villages. They are run by volunteers under the umbrella of Community Action Suffolk. They can be contacted for assistance over a range of activities, including shopping, pet care, trips to hospitals and surgeries and collecting prescriptions. We are supported by parish councils and voluntary donations. All volunteers have been DBS and reference checked and are simply people in the community who don’t mind being asked for a helping hand. The contact phone is held by a rota of volunteers who ask volunteers in turn if they are free to help with a particular task. It is for all to use – all of us at some point are glad to be able to call on a neighbour for help. Please contact the Good Neighbour Scheme for your village: Chelmondiston and Pin Mill: 780408 Harkstead and Lower Holbrook: 328326 Shotley and Erwarton: 07799 873881 Stutton Support Network: 327753 Tattingstone: 07895 052086

We stopped to look at our favourite view It’s the little things that make a funeral special Here for you every hour of every day

01473 851731 for your local funeral director




Shotley Rose Football Club and Bowls Club Fun Day is on Saturday, July 8 from 2pm on Shotley Rose Inn playing field. To book a stall, contact Sarah on 787237.

BACH CELLO SUITES IN HARKSTEAD CHURCH Recital by Orlando Jopling as part of his Cello Pilgrimage / Saturday, July 22, 5pm Orlando’s previous concert in Harkstead blew the (sold-out) audience away with the sheer beauty of the music and performance, combined with the wonderful acoustics of the church. Those who booked early enough to join the candlelit supper afterwards felt the magical atmosphere was even further enhanced by good food and company. Early booking recommended as the concert will be very popular. Bach Suites No.2 in D Minor, No.3 in C Major and Britten Cello Suite No.1 for unaccompanied cello. Tickets £10 (£5 students) including interval refreshments. In addition, places are available at £10 (prepaid only) for a candle-lit supper in the church after the concert. Tickets available from: Eleanor Soar: 01473 327266 / Sally Wilden: 01473 327140 / Patience Shone: 01473 787586 / This is fundraising event for Harkstead Church.

The next monthly market at St Michael’s, The Church on the Park, Woolverstone is on Saturday, July 8, 9am-12.30pm. Fruit, vegetables, cakes, bread, meat and an interesting range of handcrafted items which helps present buying. East End Butchers are pleased to be the market’s resident meat supplier. If you would like to place on order with them it can be collected at the market each month. Their number for orders is 01206 392190. Come along to mingle with your friends, have a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie and enjoy the lovely venue. New stalls welcome. Contact Jane Gould: 01473 780777

MUSICAL FUN IN A COUNTRY CHURCH If you are a closet musician, someone who has always wanted to play an instrument but never quite dared, a musician looking for even more musical fun or fancy coming along to meet us and see what we do, you are very welcome to join the Friday Fun Folk. We meet in St Michael’s Church, Woolverstone and will be there from 10am-noon on July 21 and from 2-4pm on Friday, August 11.


We currently have people playing clarinets, violins, a cello, a piano accordion, guitars, cornets and recorders, but welcome all instrumentalists and all ages. For more information contact Jane Gould: 01473 780777 / Photo by S Harris

SHOTLEY WHIST DRIVE Saturday, September 2, 11am-3pm After the success of last year and because it was such fun, St Andrew’s Church are organising a jumble trail around the beautiful village of Chelmondiston. Have a table top sale outside your house and visitors can follow the trail through the village. Sell all your old clothes, toys, plants, bric-a-brac and handmade items. A map will guide us through the village, browsing and shopping as we go. Enjoy bacon butties at the church for a much needed rest and refreshment. Let’s make this a real community event! If you would like to take part by having a stall for a small donation of £5/£10, or wish to help in any other way, please contact Sally Letman: 01473 780036 /


This month’s whist drives are on Thursdays, July 13 and 27, 1.504pm. Our whist drive is the only one on the peninsula now. We have 24 years’ experience from the time when we started in the old hall. I always have people to help me if needed. If you have been to our whist drives in the past but stopped coming for some reason, we miss you and look forward to seeing you back with us. Lifts are always available. If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch with Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

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Your real home from home A beautiful home offering bespoke, specialist care.


Visit Spring Lodge care home, in Main Road, Woolverstone. We provide the following key services, Residential care

Dementia care

Respite care

Call us today on 01473 851 934 or visit


OUT & ABOUT SHOTLEY SOCIAL CLUB (OVER 60) Our next meetings are on Thursdays, July 6 and 20, 1.50-4pm. Our trip to the Felixstowe Spa is on August 3. We went to Felixstowe on June 6 and had a very good meal at the Alex with fish and chips, ice cream and tea and coffee. Then we went to the Spa to see the Andrews Sisters tribute. The coach, meal and show cost £35, which we thought was very good. We have decided to repeat this outing on August 3. We have also booked a coach which has a ramp for the disabled and those who find it hard to get up the coach steps. The show we are going to see is The Great Seaside Special. We are taking names now so to avoid disappointment it’s wise to book within the next few weeks. We do have a very friendly club, which makes it a lot easier. After bingo we have refreshments, usually homemade cakes, followed by whist and dominoes. Lifts are always available. For further information, please contact Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

SHOTLEY CHURCH HERITAGE 700 CLUB May draw winners 1: £25 001 2: £20 072 3: £15 087 4: £8 016 5: £7 021

Mrs J Wrinch Mrs J Rutherford Mr R Jones Mrs J Stevens Mr J Catling

An independent and voluntary charitable organisation promoting the welfare of blind and partially sighted people in East Suffolk since 1914. Membership is free. We also hold a social from 2-4pm on the last Wednesday of every month at Stutton Community Hall when we provide entertainment, afternoon tea and a raffle, and twice a year, in the summer and at Christmas, we enjoy lunch at a local hotel. To everyone who attended our charity event at Holbrook Village Hall on May 20, thank you for your support. The final sum realised was £1,074.49, an outstanding amount raised through your generosity, all of which will be used for the benefit of the members in our local area. If you would like to join us, please contact Ian, our community support worker, for more information: 01473 788380

On Wednesday, July 12, Stephen Govier will present a talk on the local history of our villages.





A local charity for local people


New members are always welcome to join the 700 Club draw at a cost of £1 a month. Monies can be paid at intervals of three, six and 12 months.



Music &x Song

Future talks this year: Suffolk Chapter & Verse, Elderly Drivers, Jewel of the Canaries, A Year as Mayor of Ipswich, Christmas Messages & Carols, First Aid & AED, Dad’s Army, History of Scarecrows, Pray Silence for ? and History of Butley Priory. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month in Tattingstone Village Hall at 10am. Following the speaker we have refreshments (when there is time for a chat with other members) and a raffle. New members and visitors are welcome to join us. After the August and February meetings, we normally hold a members’ lunch. Roger Felgate, 01473 311684

30th JULY 2017 – 6.15 pm

Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band A visit from musicians of the Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band will lead this evening’s worship. Liz Cope will bring a thought for the day.

6th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Christian Country & Gospel

Mary Sagar will lead this evening’s worship and bring God's message in Song and Word. Congregational participation in songs and hymns of Mary’s choice.

13th AUGUST, 2017 – 6.15pm

The Masson Family

The Norfolk-based family of Lynda and daughter Sarah, will sing the old favourites, and Ian will give a brief message.The grandchildren may join us again!

20th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Peninsular Singers

We are pleased to welcome back the local Choral Group again this year for a feast of song. Rev’d Andrew Sankey will lead our thoughts.

17th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Male Voice

A local group of Male Voices will lead tonight’s ‘Music & Song’ bringing God’s word in songs and the word. Speaker: Rev’d Andrew Sankey.

A WELCOME TO ALL who would like to share in this exciting programme of ‘Music & Song’. We welcome our MUSICIANS, SINGERS and SPEAKERS.


STOUR VALLEY MEN’S PROBUS CLUB Tom Tyler returned on June 7 with a talk entitled When Holidays Were Fun and on June 21 John Field presented a talk entitled The Redevelopment of Ipswich Docks. On July 5 Lewis Tyler presents Daddy, what is TV? and on Wednesday, July 19 we are holding our summer lunch to which we invite our spouses and Probus widows. This year we have moved to The Haywain to enjoy the occasion.  We don’t hold a meeting in August and return after our break on Wednesday, September 6 when Tom Williams presents Everyone Has a Book in Them, followed on Wednesday, September 20 by Philip Roberts with a talk titled The Mary Rose.  Our club endeavours to be simple in structure, free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other and the opportunity for development of acquaintances. New members are welcomed. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree CO11 1EB at 10.30am. For further details please contact speaker secretary Dave Carman: 01255 880202

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Formally Tattingstone and Wherstead WI As we now welcome members from villages around the reservoir, we hope this new name is more appropriate. We do hope you like it. Our meeting on June 15 was a very relaxed social evening when we created fiddle muffs and mats while we chatted, ate cake and drank tea or coffee. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a fiddle muff or mat is a fabric or knitted muff or mat with interesting bits and bobs attached. Many patients with Alzheimer’s, arthritis and dementia find them comforting and therapeutic as they encourage movement and brain stimulation. We are donating these to local patients. Sean Day will tell us all about the Mayflower Project at this month’s meeting on July 20 in Tattingstone Village Hall at 7.30pm. The Harwich Mayflower Project is building an authentic replica of the ship that carried pilgrims to America. The new Mayflower ship will embark in 2020 on a new re-enactment and crucial journey that will carry today’s new adventurers as they face up to the environmental dangers and challenges presented by climate change. We welcome new members and visitors from villages around Alton Water so do come and join us. For further details contact Jane (01473 327865) or Tamzin (01473 328670).

CRAFTERS UNLIMITED Monday, July 3: Notebook & Waterfall Card (Jill) Monday, August 7: Bath Salts (Debbie) Samples of each project are displayed the month before and other projects are available.

Continuing with our programme of outside activities, Holbrook Brownies visited Jimmy’s Farm to have a go at making and lighting fires. The wood had had enough rain to make selection of the right twigs especially tricky, and keeping them alight even harder. At least we had yummy sausages to enjoy afterwards! The Brownies continued a favourite tradition of making boats and sailing them on a perfect, sunny evening. The girls worked hard following the instructions to make their boats as seaworthy as possible and then had great fun seeing how well they sailed. Oh, and of course, it’s always much more fun if you get wet through and have to empty your willies!

Saturday workshops (10am-4pm) and Monday meetings (7.30-10pm) are held in Wherstead Village Hall Meeting Rooms. Contacts: Ann is 01473 780298 / Jill 01473 713534

MOTHERS’ UNION, SHOTLEY PENINSULA BRANCH Several members and visitors attended the June meeting. Our speaker was Mr Chris Wilkes from The Children’s Society, a charity working to support vulnerable children. Chris presented us with appalling figures including the number of children who run away from home each year, the causes being frightful, and the number of young carers, some at primary school, the demands of which has a tremendous effect on their lives. Two million children live with families in debt, again it is the children who are most affected. Chris offered those present a collection box to place loose change in to help this worthwhile charity. Our next meeting is at 2pm on Wednesday, July 5 in St Andrew’s Church Room, Chelmondiston. Our speaker, Mrs Margaret Mellor, opens The Lord’s Prayer through music and worldwide interpretation. The afternoon is followed by tea and cakes and a social time. Everyone is made most welcome. For information contact Christine (780621), Thelma (787660) or Pam (780796).

Our Brownies were especially excited when we caught the train from Ipswich to Woodbridge and once again they were so polite, well behaved and managed to hold on tightly to their train tickets. The train guard said his journey would not be nearly as nice for him after Woodbridge, although it would certainly have been quieter. Our Brownies then enjoyed a personal tour of the Tide Mill. They watched the enormous water wheel turning, had a go at grinding the flour and then had great fun exploring all three floors of the mill as they hunted for the mice. We still have many more summer evenings to enjoy including orienteering, building sand sculptures, and taking 32 members of our Brownie group for a fun-filled day at Bewilderwood’s enormous outdoor activity park. If your daughter (aged between seven and 10) would like to enjoy a variety of activities, take part in new challenges, make lasting friendships and, above all, have fun, please register on Girlguiding UK. We currently have a waiting list for six year olds.


OUT & ABOUT CHELMO WI Our speaker in May was Iwan Rees, a First Responder and the sort of young man you would want to be first in your crisis! He showed us how to cope in various emergencies, including our own Chelmo defibrillator.


Asking for a volunteer for the Heimlich manoeuvre, he spotted his mother-in-law in the audience, so Monica was resuscitated. Much laughter ensued! We were all very busy on the Arthur Ransome Day at Pin Mill, with some members on the raffle stall and others making tea, providing scones and washing up. Well done everyone, what a lovely day it was. The winners of the raffle baskets were Mr Barnard and Mrs Walker, and the dinner for two at the Red Lion (thanks to Mandy) was won by Mrs Waite. Our speaker in June will be Simon Leatherdale on Maritime Woodlands, and in July we shall be doing African drumming. In the meantime we are all looking for our favourite recipes for our new cookery book. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at Chelmo Village Hall.

STOUR VALLEY U3A On Wednesday, July 12, Dr Stephen Ashworth, Senior Lecturer at UEA, will talk on kitchen chemistry and present a science show using readily available materials to illustrate some of the principles of chemistry. Acids, bases, catalysts and indicators are all part of this exploration of some of the chemicals that are all around us.     We don’t have a speaker meeting in August, but our popular summer dinner takes place once again at the Constable Hall on August 4. Our speaker on September 13 is Sean Day who will update us on The Harwich Mayflower Project. Our main purpose is to encourage lifelong learning for those who are no longer in full time employment and emphasis is always placed on making learning active and fun as well as helping in developing friendships. We have a wide range of groups including language study, country walking and computer studies and groups that visit gardens, churches and historic buildings. In the main, membership is drawn from communities in the lower Stour Valley and adjacent areas including Brantham, Capel St Mary, Dedham, East Bergholt, Holbrook, Lawford, Manningtree, Raydon and Stratford St Mary. We are affiliated to the ThirdAge Trust, have over 260 members and 21 groups. For further information please visit www.stourvalleyu3a. where membership secretary Gillian Gibbs may be contacted. We meet at Constable Hall, Gandish Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TP at 2.15pm.  Annual membership is £12 which entitles members to attend meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except August and December. It’s never too late to learn! Join the 361,477 members across 969 U3As throughout the UK today.

Saturday, July 8 and Sunday, July 9, 10am-4pm Entrance: Adults 50p, accompanied children free Works from local artists will be exhibited alongside that of our children. All proceeds will go towards providing more creative experiences and opportunities in our school. If you would like to exhibit, please contact interim headteacher Anne Clarke: / 01473 328351

RSPB FLATFORD WILDLIFE GARDEN As we move into July some of our largest and most iridescent flying insects can be seen darting about the garden at Flatford. Dragonflies are always fascinating with their tantalising flashes of colour as they swoop and dart through the air, catching insect prey in flight. We have a great view of them from just outside the barn. They’re not the easiest of insects to identify individually, but they do sometimes pose obligingly on flower stems and tall blades of grass in our mini flower meadow. If you’re looking for something for the children to do during the long holidays that start towards the end of the month, something that involves them being outside in the fresh air and engaging with nature in beautiful surroundings, remember that RSPB Flatford Wildlife Garden is on your doorstep. We will be offering nature-related family activities, including nature trail challenges, owl pellet dissection, bird feeder making and craft activities during the school holidays, with a programme that changes from week to week. No booking is required, just turn up and join in! We open at 10.30am and the gates close at 4.30pm. There is a small charge that includes all activities available on the day, and there is a discount for RSPB members. For visitors who join the RSPB on that particular day, there will be no activity charge on that occasion. For full details visit the website. If you haven’t visited us for a while, you’ll find some giant wooden creatures around the garden by following our new family activity trail too. These new additions join our log piles to rummage in, a child-sized nest box and a wonderful living willow tunnel to race through! So, all this set in the peaceful surroundings of the garden that slopes gently down towards the Stour, with plenty of places to picnic, means that there’s something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you. Visitor Experience Officer Sharon Barker


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WOULD YOU LIKE TO: • Make improvements to your home? • Give financial help to your children or grandchildren? • Review your existing Equity Release arrangement? • Treat yourself to a little extra luxury? • Pay off debts? • Have extra income?

Independent financial advice for Equity Release and lifetime mortgages. Michael Hodgetts CeMAP CeRER T: 01473 730 999 E: 4 Constable Court, The Street, Belstead, Ipswich, IP8 3LY

LIGHTHOUSEPLATINUM Wealth Management Ltd Equity Release may involve a lifetime mortgage or a home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks of an Equity Release scheme please ask for a personalised illustration. Equity Release may not be right for everyone. It may affect your entitlement to state benefits and will reduce the value of your estate. Check that this mortgage will meet your needs if you want to move or sell your home or want your family to inherit it. Lighthouse Platinum Wealth Management Ltd is an appointed representative of Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


First Impressions Beauty Salon Gate Farm Road, Shotley Gate

Celebrating 18 years of serving the Shotley peninsula Your first choice for waxing and permanent hair removal, Shellac manicure and pedicure, Eve Taylor facials and massage, eyelash and eyebrow enhancement Easy parking on the premises - Opening hours to suit you Fully insured with BABTAC for all treatments For details of treatments and offers Visit Call Lin on 01473 787429


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ON THE GRAPEVINE QUESTIONS ON CASH With Independent Financial Adviser, Nick Plumb Simon from Needham Market asks: “In order to reduce the value of our estate for inheritance tax purposes, my wife and I intended to gift our main residence to our son. We would like to be allowed to continue to live in the house for the remainder of our days under a formal agreement with our son. After we have both died, he would be able to move into the house or sell it. However, a friend tells us that this would not save inheritance tax. Is that right and if so, why?” Like many people at your stage of life, your main residence is free of mortgage and thus forms a major part of your joint estate. Many people who have substantial property assets believe that to reduce the potential inheritance tax liability on their estate, they can gift their house to their children during their lifetimes but stay living in the house and pay a so-called ‘peppercorn’ rent. There is a common misconception that after seven years have elapsed, the house would then no longer form part of their estate.

EBONY’S BLOG: LIFE AT THE SHELLEY CENTRE Dear friends, we have another ask of you and your dear families, to help us receive a massive boost to our funding. We have been nominated as one of the charities that will receive money from the Freemasons Charitable Foundation that is launched this year in celebration of the 300th anniversary of The United Grand Lodge of England. Three-hundred organisations across the country will share in £3m the foundation is giving out. The public has to get involved. It’s a bit like Britain’s Got Talent actually, so please help us to receive the maximum possible prize in this wonderfully generous charity talent competition.

However, if you gift part or all of your main residence to your children and you still continue to live in the house rent free, or by paying a ‘peppercorn’ rent, then HMRC would almost certainly deem the transfer to be a Gift with Reservation (of Benefit) or GROB. In effect, this means that although you made a gift of the house to your son, you continued to enjoy the benefit of living there. On this basis the gift would not be recognised and in the event of your deaths, the full value of the house at the date of death would be still included in your estate for calculating the inheritance tax payable on your estate. Your only option would be to either move out after making the gift, or pay the normal market rate of rent for the property to your son ongoing. Gifting the house without continuing to live in it would of course not be practical, as you would need to find somewhere else to live anyway. Harry from Woodbridge asks: “I recently applied for an insurance policy to cover funeral expenses so that my family would not be out of pocket if I died. I have received a letter from the insurance company telling me that the premium has been increased from £25 per month to £43 per month on medical grounds. My bank has refused to tell me why. How can I find out?”

Voting ends on July 31 at: Please vote for The Shelley Centre in the Province of Suffolk MORE VOTES = MORE MONEY The grant money we have applied for would be used to excavate and then resurface the ponies’ yard at the back of the stable buildings. Over the years it has been badly undermined by rabbits, the surface is either a thick wet sea of gloopy mud or a hard and uncomfortable clay bake. The horses and ponies come in here to await their work or to shelter from the elements. It is one of our most useful enclosures. I never see it of course, but I hear the maintenance team worrying about how to keep it safe for the live herd. Knowing them, they will have more items on the wish list too, so please get voting and ask your friends to do the same!

In reality Harold, your bank is not hiding anything from you. They simply cannot tell you why you have been rated as medical information is confidential and your bank are not told the reasons for the rating by the insurance company. The bank act as an agent of the insurance company and your personal and medical information is not shared with them. The insurance company can only discuss this with you personally or with your doctor, if you signed an authority form. Give the insurance company a call to ask why you have been rated. If they will not discuss their decision over the phone, write to their chief underwriter. They must reply to your written request for information. Nick Plumb is an Independent Financial Adviser and Practice Principal at Plumb Financial Services of Baylham in Suffolk. The information within this column is provided only as a general guide and does not constitute personal financial advice. If you would like to take advantage of a complimentary meeting to talk over your options for your own investments or financial planning you can contact Nick by email at or by calling the office on 01473 830301. Plumb Financial Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Just to remind us what this is all about, look at Kay-Kay, who is nearly blind, enjoying her time on Bob with her team of helpers beside her. Next month I shall have pictures of the Shelley Show for you and, of course, the dog show which takes place on July 8, after I shall have gone to press! / 01473 824172


ON THE GRAPEVINE KENNY’S SESAW NEWS At last it’s time to invite you to the SESAW Open Day and Fun Dog Show on Sunday, July 30. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, particularly the local friends and children we met at Gladwell’s Charity Day recently. As you can see in the photo, they made a fuss of me and now the company has kindly agreed to sponsor the rosettes for our main dog show classes. I’m also looking forward to seeing lots of pictures from Bentley and Copdock School Federation pupils when they enter our art competition. There will be prizes for the best pet picture and the best wildlife animal picture, winners to be displayed at the SESAW Open Day. There will be lots more to enjoy: family games, face painting, competitions, stalls, a vintage corner, music, homemade snacks and cakes, a BBQ and ice cream too. If you still have the energy after all that, you may pick up a bargain in our Barking Basement! Most importantly, you can meet the animals awaiting new homes because that’s what it’s all about. The event starts at noon and if you are really lucky, you will also meet me, Kenny (the Boss) Chihuahua! Suffolk & Essex Small Animal Welfare, Stoke Road, Leavenheath CO6 4PP / 01787 210888 /

SUFFOLK DEMENTIA HELPLINE Call 01473 353350 We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION LAUNCHED TO CAPTURE THE SOUNDS OF SUFFOLK Take a moment to imagine if you couldn’t hear the birds singing, your friends talking in the pub or your favourite song playing on the radio. This is reality for many people who experience hearing loss and a major new photographic competition is being launched by one of Suffolk’s bestknown businesses to raise awareness about the importance of hearing. Titled Sounds of Suffolk, the competition is being launched as part of Deaf Awareness Week, a national initiative also aimed at highlighting hearing impairment. Award-winning hearing care specialist, The Hearing Care Centre, is inviting amateur and professional photographers alike from across the county to enter the competition with pictures which demonstrate the incredible sounds that can be found in and around our beautiful county and may not otherwise be heard by those with hearing loss. “It could be the sea crashing against the shore at Southwold, birds singing at Minsmere, the bells chiming at Bury St Edmunds Cathedral or screaming thrill seekers on a ride at Pleasurewood Hills,” says Managing Director Karen Finch. “In fact any picture which depicts the sounds of the county in a powerful way. People with good hearing often don’t realise the impact even mild hearing loss has on the enjoyment of ordinary things around us – we want our competition and the campaign to draw attention to some of the sounds that hard-of-hearing people cannot hear.” Karen explained: “It can take years for some people to decide to do something about their hearing loss. It’s estimated that there over 119,000 people in Suffolk who experience hearing loss, yet so many have yet to do anything about it. We want to get the message across that they really are missing out on life and can do something about it.” The Hearing Care Centre, which has 24 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk, is putting up a top prize of £250 for the best picture, followed by £100 for second place and an annual subscription to Suffolk Magazine for third place. The closing date is Sunday, July 30. For full information about the competition and the entry details, visit:

CELEBRATE THE HEROES IN YOUR COMMUNITY Nominations are now open for the Community Action Suffolk Awards 2017 (supported by Birketts Solicitors) which recognise the volunteers, communities and young people making an impact on the lives of people in Suffolk. Eight awards will be presented to individuals and organisations in Suffolk, from Village Hall or Community Building of the Year to the Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering award. If you know of someone, or an organisation making a real difference, you have until Friday, July 21 to make your nomination via the CAS website: Freckenham Village Hall, near Mildenhall, won the 2016 Village Hall or Community Building of the Year award. Jane Leitch, secretary to the trustees at the hall, said: “It is so lovely to be recognised for the hard work and occasional sleepless nights! The hall will be 20 years old in 2017 and we have come a long way from just having a mother & toddler group or the occasional bingo session, lunch or outing to the seaside!” The hall committee consists of a dedicated group of enthusiastic volunteers who ensure an inclusive, active programme of events including farmers markets, film nights, exercise classes and live entertainment. They work hard to make the building more sustainable, having installed solar panels and upgraded the lighting system to save energy, and with plans to install a more energy efficient heating system.


Judith Gunion won an award in 2016 for her volunteering achievements, giving her time to many local, national and international events. Judith said: “I can’t believe I’m stood here inspiring others, when only a few years ago I was just one of 270,000 people who applied to be a London 2012 Gamesmaker. Volunteering is a fantastic way of learning that you can push your boundaries. You will learn from it, grow from it and in time you will pass on those skills to others. So take the first step. Start small and then let the world be your oyster”. The eight CAS Awards are: • The Anne Dunford OBE award for Youth Participation • The Roddy Macleod award for Youth Club of the Year • The Andrew Towers award for Young Person of the Year • The Colonel Probert award for Community Initiative • The Ian Campbell MBE award for Individual Initiative • The Village Hall / Community Building award (supported by CAS Insurance Services) • Outstanding Contribution to Volunteering (supported by My CharityGuard) Event Organiser of the Year (supported by Larking Gowen)Awards will be presented at CAS’s Annual Celebration event on September 26 at the Museum of East Anglian Life. For more information and to make your nominations visit:

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Powers of Attorney Probate

Wills Court of Protection

Our out of town Ipswich location is very convinient for parking and has great disabled access. Contact us for an appointment at your convenience: Wherstead Park, The Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BJ

01473 556 900

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If you are looking for fun and adventure this summer, Suffolk museums have got you and your family covered! Throughout the school summer holidays, museums across the county will offer a jam-packed line-up of exciting events, activities and workshops for the whole family to enjoy together. From arts and crafts to archeological digs, science workshops, amazing collections and discovery trails galore there’s something for everyone to enjoy in museums this summer. This year, summer visitors are being asked to do the important job of helping to choose Suffolk’s most family friendly museum and there’s certainly lots of events and activities on offer to help you make your choice. Highlights include the range of family fun days, including Steam Railway Days at the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Museum or swing dancing and spitfires at the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum. Budding scientists can take part in hands-on experiments at The Long Shop Museum’s Workshop Wednesdays or take part in the museum’s all new Summer Discovery Club, a creative arts and crafts club for children aged seven-12. Or unleash your inner archaeologist and unearth real finds at West Stow AngloSaxon Village or discover what life was like during Medieval times at Dunwich Museum’s Family Discovery Days. Arts and crafts can be found at Gainsborough’s House, where you can design your own fancy dress costume, or at the Pirate Takeover workshops in Moyse’s Hall. The popular Mud, Bugs and Baking sessions also return to the Museum of East Anglian Life where craft enthusiasts can also get involved in Make and Take fabric workshops, including a chance to create part of a giant caterpillar out of a

STUTTON CEVCP SCHOOL It’s report-writing time of year. Each year our children contribute to their annual report by writing about the highlights of their school year. Here are just a few of our KS2 children’s thoughts:

traditional Suffolk Puff! Ipswich Museums will host a Summer of Sound inspired by the iconic Clangers, featuring music workshops, craft activities and storytelling sessions. Along with all this, there are loads of games, quizzes, discovery trails and fun, interactive collections at museums throughout the county.

Most museums and activities are either low-cost or absolutely free. Many sites offer free parking and refreshments or a chance to unwind with a family picnic in the sun. You can download your free Summer in Suffolk Museums event program at or to keep up to date with all the latest information and family-friendly event news, follow us at:

“Yoga is a different activity to everything else; it’s calm, relaxing and slow to do, but fun too.”

“My year at Stutton School has been awesome. During this year, we have done about a thousand things!” “In January, the whole school went to the O2 to sing and be part of Young Voices with about 8,000 other children. Our parents were there to listen to the concert. I thought it was an amazing trip.” “I love going to the church because it’s fun and we learn about God. The best part about going is we don’t just do the same lessons – we do something different every time we visit.” “The Daily Mile is great because I love running. Also, I enjoyed going to the sports tournaments, especially the basketball which we won!” “I enjoyed learning about the Second World War because we had a ‘tent’ in our classroom which we pretended was an air raid shelter. We visited the one at Clifford Road School.” “The film we made for our website was good and it shows that we really are like one great big family.” “World Book Day was great because we dressed up as our favourite character, shared books and had book-based lessons.” “I loved our Easter Egg Hunt in Canham’s Wood because we got to work together and have time and fun with our friends.”


By Alex

By Ruby

We have very close links with St Peter’s Church in Stutton. Our youngest class recently visited the church, created stunning drawings and found out lots of information: “Last week it was exciting because we were going to the old bumpy church. Vicar Geoffrey told us that it was over 100 years old. Wow! First I went to see the stained glass window. It was shiny and beautiful. I was amazed and I realised I was christened in that church!” by Lola, Y1. A SIAMS (Church) inspection was undertaken on June 6. Our children were a credit to their families and our school. We look forward to sharing the report with the wider community. See Art Exhibition on page 14.

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SCHOOLS / SPORT CHELMONDISTON CEVC PRIMARY SCHOOL The end of the school year is fast approaching and what a fantastic year it has been at Chelmondiston CEVC Primary School. The children have had an incredible range of experiences this year and many inspiring visits. I have been particularly impressed with the music that goes on at the school. We are privileged to have three music teachers who come into the school to work with the children on a weekly basis. At a recent musical extravaganza, the children had an opportunity to share their talents with both parents and the wider community. It was a fantastic morning and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

CHELMONDISTON CARPET BOWLS CLUB The new summer season has started rather slowly, with several matches postponed due to opposing teams’ lack of players. A problem with holiday time, but we have won our first two matches, hopefully a good omen. At our recent AGM, Michael Rutherford took over as our summer captain and Alan Storey as our club chairman, and trophies were handed out to the winners of our club competitions. Forget Me Not Cup: Winner – Patrick Mann / Runner-up – Edie Chappell Singles Champion: Winner – Patrick Mann / Runner-up – Michael Maile

The children in EDME class have participated in a performance at Jerwood DanceHouse and are currently preparing for Youth Perform at the New Wolsey Theatre. The school also enjoys a wide range of sporting activities and this year children have taken part in numerous events. Our tennis players recently came first in a competition. There is a follow up in the next few weeks and we wish our players all the very best.

Pairs Champions: Winners – Wal Kittle and John Nunn / Runners-up – Michael Maile and Bruce Miller Player of the Year: Joint Winners – Barbara and John Nunn

The school isn’t just about sporting, theatrical and musical success. We are also delighted with the academic progress the children have made during the course of this year. It has been a real privilege to work with such dedicated and enthusiastic children and I am confident that when the results come out the children will have made great progress.

The standard of play was very good from all participants, so well done to all.

The Parent School Association has also gone from strength-to-strength. We have held a number of events this year that have connected the school to the wider community. At the beginning of the year we held a fantastic autumn fair that we are looking forward to repeating in September. We also enjoyed beetle drives and quiz nights as well as discos and other fundraising events. In the coming year, these events will be repeated and there are more exciting opportunities on the horizon.

Alan Storey

The school has also become much closer to the local churches and have enjoyed services at both the Methodist and St Andrew’s Church. These connections are so important in making the school such a vital and integral part of the local community.

We hope to have a fish and chip supper in the near future so keep a look out for dates.

PLAYERS NEEDED IN WOOLVERSTONE U18 Woolverstone U18 are looking for players to strengthen their squad for next season. We will be playing in the Premier Suffolk Youth League. Matches are played on Saturdays and we train on Thursdays. If you are interested please contact Clive Catchpole: 07816 335438

This coming term we are participating in a transition project with the other local primary schools that feed into Holbrook Academy. Change is the theme of this project and I’m confident that it helps our children move into their new secondary schools with greater confidence than in the past. These events will culminate in the sharing of professionally created videos which I look forward to watching at the academy awards in July. We are also looking forward to participating in Shanties on the Shore and are working with the other local primary and secondary schools to prepare a performance based on Arthur Ransome’s We Didn’t Mean to go to Sea. The children have been composing songs and lyrics as a celebration of this work. We have already been working with the local community as part of these celebrations and recently hosted a duck race at the Arthur Ransome Gala Day. It was great fun day and fantastic to see the school as it should be at the centre of the community.

The future is both exciting and challenging and here at Chelmondiston CEVC Primary School we are well prepared to take this on. We will be supported by becoming a member of the St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Multi Academy Trust on July 1, giving us both the capacity and the ability to take on these challenges with enthusiasm, making sure that our school is the very best it can be. Headteacher Sean Cornish

SHOTLEY ROSE BOWLS CLUB Shotley Rose Bowls Club has got off to an excellent start to the new season. The club was prepared for a tough start considering both our Wednesday and Monday teams had gained promotion last year, but the players have really come up to the mark and currently sit top of their respective leagues (at time of writing / June 7). The Wednesday team has won two and lost two, while the Monday team has won all three of its matches. Club secretary Norman Bugg said he was delighted with the new start and hoped the club could remain in a comfortable position in the top half of each league. Some of the club members hope for more than that and are mentioning a second promotion, but it’s early days yet. Shotley Bowls Club has started its internal club competitions and these will run throughout the summer. Also, some club members are starting their individual journeys into Suffolk county cups. The club is delighted to have gained some new members for this season and anyone else interested in a game please contact Norman Bugg on 01473 787358.



Volleyball is loads of fun and a very friendly game. It’s the only highenergy, no-contact mixed team sport you can play indoors and outdoors, whatever your ability. It’s energetic enough to help with your fitness, but without placing high demands on your body, and good teamwork is important as well as individual skill. This summer is the perfect time to give volleyball a go and find out why it’s one of the top three most-played sports in the world. The sport is thriving in Suffolk with clubs in Ipswich and Stowmarket with members of mixed abilities, male and female, and all ages from teenagers to their grandparents. The clubs will all give a warm welcome to prospective new players whether experienced or complete beginners, and this summer you can go along to join a session and play some friendly games at a park near you. Ipswich Ravens and Ipswich Volleyball Club  play in Christchurch Park (near the Westerfield Road entrance) on Saturday afternoons, while  Stowmarket VC play on the Recreation Ground on Tuesday and Sunday evenings. All sessions are subject to weather and other fixtures. The great thing is – all sessions are completely free. The clubs are happy to accommodate people who want to play either competitively or just at a recreational level. All sessions are organised by qualified coaches who also give some playing advice to each individual. So why not go along and take a look? If you like what you see please introduce yourself and you will be very welcome to participate in a session under no obligation.  To find out more, visit:

The 2016-17 season is now over. All in all it was a good season for the club. The First Team finished in sixth position in the Senior Division, a sound return in something of a transitional season. The Reserves were fourth in League A, but they became the stars of the club when they secured the Goals of Ipswich Cup with a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Claydon Reserves in the final at Woodbridge. Their success in bringing some silverware back to Gandish Road gave cause to some celebration amongst the ranks. The A Team completed their schedule with back to back victories, which comfortably ensured their League B status and can be considered something of a success after a tough season. There have been some exciting developments on the management front. Ben Swan has left his role as coach to take up a position with Brantham Athletic, we wish him well. However, the club is delighted that former Debenham manager Dale Vince has agreed to join the club as First Team/ club coach. Dale brings with him considerable knowledge and experience and his appointment is a very positive move. Also Cieran Dadds has decided to take more of a back seat following the birth of his daughter. Cieran has done a fine job for which the club is very grateful. We are very pleased that Lee Webb has re-joined the club to fill Cieran’s position as A Team manager. We are always looking for people who can help the club as committee members, either on the playing side or just in the background. If you would like to sponsor the club in some capacity we would also be delighted to hear from you. EBUFC is a community club with very strong village traditions. Steve Butcher:

NEPTUNE SAILING Reflections on the Arthur Ransome celebrations at Pin Mill It has been a few weeks since the celebration, but it was certainly a great success and also opens doors to running sailing taster events at other venues. We were able to set up shore facilities and transfer equipment from Neptune to enable us to operate from the shore. Also

there were several requests from adults who accompanied children afloat to gain experience. If there is sufficient interest we could arrange adult taster sessions at Neptune or other sites. Neptune Youth Groups We still have spaces on our evening youth groups. It will be possible to fit new sailors into one of the three ability groups depending on individual experience. Contact our membership secretary via our website. School Groups We will be shortly arranging for additional school taster sessions. Summer Courses Our open-access summer courses are very popular and are filling up steadily. If you would like to reserve places, or require information, visit our website. We are flexible and can adapt or arrange a programme to suit your requirements.

Transferring from RIB to Wayfarer Sailing Dinghy


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CHURCH NEWS CHELMONDISTON & HOLBROOK METHODIST CHURCHES THE BEST LAID PLANS How many plans backfire on the one making them? David Cameron planned the referendum, but he didn’t get the result he wanted and he resigned. Boris Johnson planned to take over, positioned himself on the ‘leave’ side, but was pipped to the post in the nominations and didn’t even get on the ballot paper. Then Theresa May planned for an election to have a larger majority, only to find her majority wiped out and dependent on others to prop her up. To be a politician you need a certain amount of self-confidence and a thick skin to take the knocks and criticisms that come, but it can so easily tip over into arrogance and the best laid plans come to nothing.

JULY AT CHELMONDISTON METHODIST Toddler Group: Tuesdays 9-11.30am Bible Study: Wednesdays, 7.30pm

Sunday 16 10.45am 6.30pm

Worship and Communion with Rev Hill Circuit Service at Bramford Road Methodist Church

It’s understandable that we want to (and need to) plan for the future. We do everything in our power to ensure our future measures up to our expectations. Businesses encourage us in this, pension plans, investment plans, insurances against anything and everything, even funeral plans. These have their place, but nothing can guarantee the future – we never know what tomorrow may bring, shattered plans or even death in a concert hall or on the streets.

Saturday 22


Messy Church on the field with a BBQ

Sunday 23

10.45am 6.15pm

Worship with Mr Westren Worship with Rev Ayden

James wrote: “You should know better than to say ‘Today or tomorrow we will go to the city. We will do business there for a year and make a lot of money!’ What do you know about tomorrow? How can you be so sure about your life? It is nothing more than mist that appears for only a little while before it disappears. You should say “If the Lord lets us live, we will do these things” (James 4:13-15).

JULY AT HOLBROOK METHODIST What’s on in July (HCT Holbrook Churches Together) Mondays, 2.30-4pm: Tea and Chat (HCT) Tuesday 4: Evening Conversations Group

It is necessary to look ahead, but it is also vital that we live each day as it comes, valuing it for what it is, and being open to what it might bring rather than arrogantly planning to prosper. How about “walking humbly with our God” (Micah 6:8). If you want to discover more about walking with God, please be in touch by phone, email, text or letter. Share any comments or challenges that you find are raised for you. The Rev Andrew Sankey, Minister at Chelmondiston & Holbrook Methodist Churches 8 Roundridge Road, Capel St Mary IP9 2UG / 01473 311178 / 07966 187216

Sunday 2

10.45am 6.15pm

Worship with Mr Molton Worship and Communion with Rev Sankey

Sunday 9

10.45am 6.15pm

Worship with Rev Sankey Worship with Mr Jowett

Sunday 30 10.45am 6.15pm

Worship with Rev Ayden Music and Song with Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band and Dr Cope

Saturday 1

10-11.30am Coffee Morning

Sunday 2


Worship with Mr Clow

Sunday 9


Worship with Mr Nichols

Friday 14


Messy Church

Sunday 16


Worship with Rev Sankey

Sunday 23

10am 6.30pm

Worship with Mr Stock Something Different with Rev Sankey

Sunday 30


Worship with Mr Westren

Please see the noticeboard on the front of the chapel for all events in July For more information about Messy Church, Tiddlers and Family Live contact Alicia Holmes: / 01473 658478

TWO RIVERS BENEFICE ST PETER’S, STUTTON July 2 8am Holy Communion 10.30am Worship for All (School) July 9 9.30am Holy Communion July 16 9.30am Holy Communion July 23 11am Informal Service with Baptism July 30 11am Benefice Service in Holbrook ALL SAINTS, HOLBROOK July 2 4pm Afternoon Tea July 9 10am Matins July 16 8am Holy Communion 10am Informal Service July 23 9.30am Holy Communion July 30 11am Benefice Service followed by BBQ ST MARY’S, WHERSTEAD July 2 No Service July 9 11am Holy Communion July 16 11am No Service July 23 11am Informal Service

July 30 11am

Benefice Service in Holbrook

ST PETER’S, FRESTON July 2 11am Matins July 9 No Service July 16 11am Holy Communion July 23 No Service July 30 11am Benefice Service in Holbrook Morning Prayer every Friday at 9am ST MICHAEL’S, WOOLVERSTONE July 2 11am Café Church July 5 6.30pm Wednesday Worship July 9 11am Anniversary Service July 12 6.30pm Wednesday Worship July 16 11am Morning Prayers July 19 6.30pm Wednesday Worship July 23 11am Holy Communion July 26 6.30pm Wednesday Worship July 30 11am Benefice Service in Holbrook August 6 11am Café Church


CHURCH NEWS HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Ipswich Road, Brantham CO11 1TB Parish Priest: Fr Christopher Smith, 180 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ / 01473 684963 We are part of St Mark’s RC Parish, Ipswich. For up-to-date information please visit: SERVICES FOR JULY Sunday 2       9am                

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass

Tuesday 4 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 9 9am

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass

Tuesday 11 9.20am 10am

Eucharistic Adoration Mass

Sunday 16 9am

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass

Tuesday 18 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 23 9am

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass

Tuesday 25 9.30am 10am

Morning Prayer Mass

Sunday 30 9am

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Mass

The weekly newsletter, with weekly mass times, is always displayed in the cabinet alongside the front door. Catholic Commentary “Issues like slavery and the death penalty were once considered normal, but now we know them to be inadmissible,” the Pope has recently commented. “Faith is a journey guided by the Holy Spirit who helps the church grow in understanding the sinful nature of these once-accepted practices. While people once even used religious reasons to justify these practices and ‘wars of religion’, over time the Holy Spirit has deepened the church’s understanding of the Gospel.”

He said slavery “is a mortal sin; today we say this. Back then, some would say that this could be done because these people did not have a soul.” The number of people enslaved today is “even more, but at least we know that it is a mortal sin. The same goes for the death penalty; for a time, it was normal. Today, we say that the death penalty is inadmissible.” When Catholics go to confession, he said, they should consider not only the shame they feel for their sins, but they should recognise that confession as another step they need to make in preparation for meeting the Lord. “Asking God’s forgiveness is not automatic,” he said. By understanding their sins and asking God for forgiveness, Christians will discover that they are part of “a people on the way and that one day – perhaps today, tomorrow or in 30 years – I will find myself face-toface with that Lord who never leaves us alone, who accompanies us on the way.” “This is the great work of God’s mercy,” he concluded Events and diary dates The 100 Club draw took place  on Sunday, June 18 when three lucky winners shared £143.  The club, set up to raise much needed funds to support the life and mission of our parish, has grown from strength to strength since its launch. New members are always very welcome and the newsletter, that includes an application form, can be found at the rear of the church or online at: Every last Thursday of the month a Bring and Buy Coffee Morning takes place at Viv and Wyn’s home, Paddock Gate, Whitehorse Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TR from 10.30am to noon. We are raising funds for the Parish Room refurbishment and all are very welcome to join us. The next coffee morning is on Thursday, July 27. Supporting our local hospice All parishioners are asked to collect used postage stamps and to place them in the box at the rear of the church to help support the outstanding work of our local hospice. Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital Fr Adrian Gates is the Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital (01473 726701). Please phone him if you or a Catholic is in or due to go into hospital and requires his services. All are very welcome to attend Holy Family services; it’s not necessary to be a Catholic and enquiries about the Catholic faith are always welcome. Please contact the presbytery, as above, or a local person whom you know is a Catholic.



July 2

9.15am Holy Communion

July 2

9.30am Holy Communion

July 9

9.15am Benefice Holy Communion

July 9

9.15am Benefice Holy Communion at Chelmondiston

July 12 10am

Midweek Holy Communion

July 16 9.30am Holy Communion

July 16 9.15am Holy Communion at Harkstead

July 23 9.30am Holy Communion

July 23 9.30am Family Service

July 30 10.45am Benefice Holy Communion at Shotley (Sea Sunday)

July 30 10.45am Benefice Holy Communion at Shotley (Sea Sunday)



July 2


July 2



July 9

9.15am Benefice Holy Communion at Chelmondiston

July 9


Benefice Holy Communion at Chelmondiston

July 16 10.45am Worship For All

July 16 11am

Holy Communion

July 23 1am

Holy Communion

Songs of Praise

July 23 10.45am Holy Communion July 30 10.45am Benefice Holy Communion (Sea Sunday)

July 30 10.45am Benefice Holy Communion at Shotley (Sea Sunday) Please check the website or the church noticeboards for any change to the service times and places.


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In touch news with shotley july 2017