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with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone Volume 8 • Issue No. 2 • JANUARY 2018

A Great Light at Waldringfield by Jamie Bird



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A WORD FROM THE EDITOR When I was much younger, New Year’s resolutions seemed to be quite important. I remember feeling I had to come up with some genuine pledges to do one thing or another, or to not do one thing or another. Of course, they all fell by the wayside, but I thought it would be fun to share a few I have failed to keep over the years. 1: I will stop biting my nails (every year since I was five) 2: I will run 5K (last year) 3: I will learn a new language (every year since I married into a family where everyone else does) 4:  I will not watch daytime TV (rarely happens, but does feel like a treat when I get 10 minutes – got to love those housewives!) 5: I will eat less sugar (a daily failure) 6:  I will not buy any new shoes or clothes for an entire year (I tried this and it made me completely miserable. A girl needs an occasional treat, or at least the possibility of one!) 7: I’m going to do face yoga every morning (recommended by a friend in 2014 – we don’t see much of each other anymore) 8: I’m going to drink six glasses of water every day (oh the guilt!) 9:  I’m going to listen to less Leonard Cohen and be more positive about everything (can’t do it – Leonard truly holds the keys to my miserable heart) 10: I’m going to make time for a weekly date night with my husband (turns out he would have to make the same resolution and get home from work before 9pm) So I’m going to skip the resolutions this year and just get on with living, always trying to do better, to be healthier, more appreciative, more thoughtful… all of which would be easier if I got more sleep. I’ve just talked myself into a resolution, haven’t I? Failed again!

In Touch

with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone

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10 JANUARY 2018

is the final date for both advertising and editorial copy

NEWS HOLBROOK’S POPPY TRAIL The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) awarded £6,200 to Holbrook Primary School’s ‘Poppy Trail’ to mark its former pupils’ contribution in the Battle of Arras in the spring of 1917. Awarded through HLF’s First World War: Then and Now programme, the project commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the First World War. Holbrook Primary School has served generations of pupils throughout its 150-year history. On its wall hangs a Roll of Honour paying tribute to former students who fought for their country. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers died in the horrors of the Western Front. Their lives ended there. But what happened to the soldiers who returned? How did they adapt when they returned home? What did they do for a living? How was post-war life on the Shotley Peninsula affected by the experiences of those who served? The stories of the lives of those who returned are now told as part of a history trail, ‘The Poppy Trail’, a unique living history of the forefathers of Holbrook and surrounding villages. Many descendants of veterans of the First World War still live in the village today. The Wagstaff family used to run the Sorrel Horse Public House. Victor and Bertie Wagstaff were builders in the village, but also ran the pub. Sadly, Bertie was wounded in action in 1917 and later died of his injuries. The family had to give up running the pub, but continued to build many houses in the village. On hearing about the HLF grant, Mel Holmes, a great-great niece of Victor Wagstaff, commented: “Our family feels close ties to our ancestors passed and it is a great honour to hear that our dear Victor and his brother Bertie, who so honourably served in the war, will be remembered in such a way. They lay at rest in Holbrook Churchyard, only yards from their family home, the Sorrel Horse, as it was then known. What a blessing to be able to visit their gravesides and the memorial plaque within moments of each other.” The trail was first launched in July with more than 200 people being guided around the village by Year 5 pupils. The trail’s vision was to be a lasting legacy for Holbrook, celebrating the local men who sacrificed their lives during the First World War. The trail includes a detailed booklet created by pupils, with biographies relating to these soldiers and a map with the locations which have been researched. Descriptions written by Year 5 pupils paint a vivid description of what life would have been like in Holbrook during this period. November’s Poppy Trail was a particularly poignant milestone in history, allowing children to reflect on the sacrifices made by local men during this time of remembrance. An event on November 10 hosted members of Holbrook Society, a local community group, with Year 5 pupils guiding them around Holbrook to the location of the soldiers’ dwellings. The trail is something which will go on in Holbrook’s history. Trail booklets can be found in Holbrook Co-op and Woody’s. Members of the public are warmly invited to borrow these at any point to walk the trail independently by making a donation towards The Royal British Legion. Please feel free to contact the school for further information or look on our school website. Deputy Headteacher Mr Reynolds

Cover image by Jamie Bird: Prints and commissions available; for more information email:


NEWS HOLBROOK PARISH COUNCIL Key points from the meeting held on November 20 Update on the Suffolk County Council Street Lighting Report An update and apology has been received from SCC which explains that the promised report into the condition of the street lights and whether they can be turned off on a timer has not been produced due to workload issues. A technician will take closer look to gather further information. Once there is a clear picture of the needs the works will be priced and forwarded to the parish council with recommendations and options. There is no timescale attached to this piece of work at the moment. Full minutes of this and all other meetings are available at or by contacting the clerk. Future meeting dates are: January 15, February 19, March 19, and April 16. Babergh and Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan Consultation Public consultation on the first stage of the Joint Local Plan has now been completed. The parish council will continue to monitor the process as it moves into the next stage. Boundary Commission Review of Ward Boundaries in Babergh The parish council have made a formal response to the draft recommendations released by the LGBC, highlighting their concerns. If you would like further information, please follow the links available on the Holbrook village website. For further information on any of these items, contact the clerk: / 07999 583017

HARKSTEAD VILLAGE QUIZ 2018 There will be only one Harkstead Village Quiz in January 2018, but it will be a very special one to raise funds for The Royal British Legion. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice signing to end the First World War. The quiz has been supplied by The Royal British Legion to commemorate this. The regular quizzers invite anybody who would like to attend to come along and help to raise funds for The Legion. The quiz is at The Bakers Arms, Harkstead on January 23 and starts at 8pm. Entry is £3 per person and you can enter individually or as a team. Teams can have up to six members. The entry fee includes a tasty ‘half time’ buffet, so please book places by ringing Roger on 01473 328657 before Wednesday, January 17.

HOLBROOK AND SHOTLEY SURGERY Training days There is no training day in January so our next training afternoon will be on Thursday, February 8 when we will be shut from 1pm. Please ring 111 for advice if your query cannot wait until the following day. In an emergency, dial 999. Adult and Community Services and Home First ACS and Home First will be at Holbrook Surgery on Monday, January 8 from 1.30-4.30pm. If you are over 18 and would like the chance to speak to someone to discuss your situation, perhaps to signpost you to an organisation that can give you help and support, give advice on simple equipment or financial matters, or help with accessing care and support, please book in via reception or drop in on the day. Community Connector Bus Launched on November 16, the Community Connector bus is now operating on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at various locations in Holbrook and Shotley from 10am to 2pm. Staff on the bus can connect patients to local community groups and can provide non-medical solutions to issues such as social isolation or loneliness. Personal Action Plans can help you to reach your life goals and the scheme can help support you in this. Each visit will have its own additional focus subject eg diet information, talks about mental health issues, medicine wastage. There will even be buggy runs and guided walks for those who want a little more activity. Please support the bus otherwise we may lose this valuable resource on the peninsula. For more information go to: Fidget Quilts and Muffs Thank you to everyone who has knitted or sewn the fantastic variety of fidget quilts and muffs. These have been well received by patients with dementia and have a positive effect on their wellbeing. We have now sent more than 300 to Ipswich Hospital, Suffolk Family Carers and local care homes and will be continuing to support this scheme, so please let us have your completed items. If you would like to start making them but need inspiration please pop in and see our examples in the waiting rooms. There is no specific pattern and you are free to let your imagination rule. They should be lap sized and have at least six small items of different textures sewn onto them securely; nothing too big or with sharp edges that could hurt someone’s skin. Small zips and buttons can be used to help with dressing skills. Regular Repeat Prescriptions If you tend to order the same prescriptions each month and take them regularly, we may be able to offer you our Managed Repeat Service. Once on the scheme you can re-order your prescription items when you collect your medication, thereby saving a trip to the surgery. We will diarise the prescription request and let you know the week it will be ready to collect. If you feel this would be of interest, please speak to one of the dispensers at your next visit. This service is unsuitable for patients who have frequent medication changes. Also that if you are late in collecting your prescription please let the dispenser know so we can adjust your diary date as failure to do so may result in you running out of medication. Practice Manager Julia Smith


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NEWS DISTRICT COUNCILLOR DEREK DAVIS – BERNERS WARD Shotley, Erwarton, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston For me the New Year always brings a welcoming phase of positivity, joy and a sense of moving forward. 2017 was an interesting and challenging year and 2018 promises to be just as challenging, but I choose to look forward with optimism and look back at the good things rather than the bad. Indeed my New Year’s resolution is to continue to focus on the positive, challenge and scrutinise wherever necessary and remain a force for good in terms of helping people whenever possible. Among the good from last year and moving forward, remain the people who strive to make things better for their neighbours, the wider community and the peninsula as a whole. My admiration and gratitude falls to all those who give up their time and energy working in community groups, charities and organisations, looking to help less fortunate than ourselves, or those isolated or struggling with illness (physical and mental), addiction or relative poverty. As councillors we are always subject to scrutiny in making decisions which affect our community, as are all groups and bodies involving the public. The rewards for those who do the right things, for the right reasons are tangible in the smiles on people’s faces and the occasional award or recognition. Sport is often a metaphor for life, political or not, and squeezing every ounce of potential and ability from someone in order to achieve a measure of success, invariably starts with being inspired by positivity in the face of adversity.   One of the most positive examples for me is the story of American basketball coach Jim Valvano who, after a successful career in inspiring underdogs in high school and then college basketball, was a popular pundit who bravely fought cancer before dying aged just 47. His philosophy, and indeed his foundation’s motto was “Don’t give up, never, ever give up.” Just before he died he gave an emotional speech at an awards ceremony and offered this advice: “To me, there are three things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. Number one is laugh. You should laugh every day. Number two is think. You should spend some time in thought. And number three is, you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy. But think about it. If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” Amen to that. If you have an issue you would like to discuss please contact: / 07824 167196 My Facebook page is: Derek Davis-Your Independent Councillor

SUFFOLK DEMENTIA HELPLINE Call 01473 353350 The helpline can provide a listening ear as well as information and signposting to services that can help. The Suffolk Dementia Helpline can support anyone who needs to talk. Perhaps you have memory worries yourself or even a recent diagnosis and want someone to talk to. Maybe you have concerns about a loved one, or need support in your caring role. The line can help anyone who is looking for practical support and is able to provide you with local information and get you in touch with organisations that can help.


SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM Dear Readers, I never cease to be amazed at the danger that some drivers put themselves in each winter. I often see people driving with windscreens totally frozen or misted over, often so badly they can’t see through. Rather than spending a few extra minutes clearing their windscreen before they set of, they would rather put themselves and others in danger by driving with their head out of the driver’s window or squinting to see through a small patch in the windscreen. A safe journey starts in the preparation the night before. Check the weather forecast; if it’s going to be frosty, put a protective sheet over the windscreen (available online or from most good vehicle accessory shops). Alternatively, get up 15 minutes earlier to allow enough time to fully defrost your car before you set off. Please don’t pour hot water on your windscreen; although the windscreen companies will love all the extra business from the shattered / cracked windscreen, I’m sure you can think of better ways of spending your time and hard earned money. Think carefully if your journey is really necessary. If it is, please allow a greater stopping distance between you and the car in front, especially on apparently wet (potentially black ice) or icy roads. Hopefully, you find these tips useful and will help you have a safe and enjoyable start to the New Year. If you would like any detailed advice on road safety or crime prevention, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team on either our new telephone number of 101 or email us at: EMERGENCY: CALL 999 NON-EMERGENCY: CALL 101 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @HadleighPolice POLICE CONNECT: Until next time, Best wishes for prosperous New Year PC 1220 Garrod, Hadleigh Police Station, Magdalen Road, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 5AD

DEATH CAFÉ Sunday, January 7, 11am at Berners Hall, Main Road, Woolverstone Did you take a sharp intake of breath when you thought about what a ‘Death Café’ might be all about? Well, you could Google it and we hope some of you will to get some history of how they started. A Death Café is an event where people drink tea or coffee, eat lovely food and discuss death and related matters. It is a discussion with no agenda, objectives or themes and is filled with interesting conversation to raise awareness of death with a view to helping us all make the most of our lives. Come and enjoy coffee, tea and cake with us and discuss this fascinating and often taboo subject. It is important to note that the Death Café is not a bereavement support or counselling session, rather a time to explore all aspects of death and dying in an objective way. This is the third Death Café that has been offered in our area, come and join us!

HOLBROOK SOCIETY We had a great day in Norwich on Saturday, November 25, and it was a very happy coachful which returned to Holbrook. We’ve already been asked whether we’re going again next year! A reminder of our next meeting at 7.30pm on January 12 when Richard Wrinch presents a talk entitled Farming on the Peninsula, Past and Present. We thank you for your support during 2017 and wish you all a very happy New Year.

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Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Consumer champions Which? have now joined the thousands of customers who recognise that Cloudy2Clear Windows really are a business that you can TRUST. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has received the coveted ‘Which Trusted Trader’ status after going through a rigorous accreditation process entirely focussed on customer service.

Group Managing Director Marcus McGee believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering the highest standards possible at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Whilst a number

of tradespeople perhaps don’t focus on customer care as much as they should do, we make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. Locally Cloudy2Clear service the Ipswich, Woodbridge, Manningtree, Hadleigh, Stowmarket & surrounding areas and manager Andy Kerridge agrees that this approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing

a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated as both my customers and, obviously a body as nationally important as Which? now recognise.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Andy a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer Than 20 MINS!!!

Delicious & delivered


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NEWS / OUT & ABOUT CRAFTERS UNLIMITED A craft club which meets on the first Monday of the month (except for bank holidays when it’s the following Monday). Saturday workshops (10am-4pm) and Monday meetings (7.30-10pm) are held in Wherstead Village Hall Meeting Rooms. Monday, January 8: Bulls Head Safety Pin Keeper (Jill) As we start to enjoy another year of our open spaces in Shotley and neighbouring villages it’s worth a moment to look at the future challenges that our community faces. With large and small housing developments on the go, particularly at Shotley Gate, our green spaces and footpaths become increasingly important. There will be more people walking the paths with or without their four legged friends. More children playing on the foreshore, in the woodlands and using the recreational amenities. We believe all of our collective resources in the parish inclusive of volunteer groups, local government officers and individuals should pull together to do their best to look after the open spaces and amenities that we are so proud of. We are unquestionably a coastal community surrounded by the largest and busiest rivers in East Anglia. Most of us choose to live here because of its natural beauty, not in spite of it. So let’s mobilise our resources to protect and look after what we have for future generations. SOS is looking at what we can do with the limited resources we have and just maintaining what we have is quite a challenge. However, building for the future is a much greater challenge and we look to our local government organisations to use their influence, position and experience to help take us forward. Last year we started the Shotley Health Walks with the help of Babergh District and Suffolk County Councils. These have been very successful, and the next one is on January 16, starting from the Shotley Rose at 11am. A lovely gentle stroll round the ‘dry’ end of the village, returning an hour and a half later. Please join us if you can. Keep an eye out for our team working around the village and if there are any paths or areas that you think need sorting out let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Finally, for those who have opened their new Shotley Calendars, it’s a chilly snow scene looking towards Shotley Primary. Those children hopefully are warm and snug inside. If you wish to be included on the growing Shotley Open Spaces email list, please contact: Geraint Pugh: Gary Richens: Tony Lawford-Randall:

Samples of each project are displayed the month before and other projects are available. Contacts: Ann 01473 780298 / Jill 01473 713534

SHOTLEY DRAMA GROUP Come one, come all, join Dick Whittington on his journey to London to seek his fortune at Shotley Drama Group’s next pantomime. Take a step back to the 80s While the Tide is High and Walk like an Egyptian to help good overcome evil. Playing from Wednesday, February 14 to Saturday 17 at 7.30pm, with a 2.30pm matinee on Saturday 17. Adults £7.50, OAPs and children £6.50, family (2A 2C or 1A 3C) £24. Tickets available from early January from: The Shotley Rose; the village hall on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm; Mandy on 01473 787460; Carol on 01473 787353. For reservations please contact: Please note there will be an extra £1 if paid on the door on that evening’s performance.

SHOTLEY WHIST DRIVE We wish everyone a pleasant and peaceful 2018. We had a very successful and pleasant year last year with new players joining us. Our next whist drives will be on Thursdays, January 11 and 25, 1.50-4pm. For information or lifts please contact Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported our latest jumble sale and made it a great success. If you missed this last sale, there will be another in either April or May, so watch this space! Please save all your goodies, but, if this is a problem, we can collect before then. Pam Rayment

Report by Gary Richens

ST MICHAEL’S MONTHLY MARKET The next monthly market at St Michael’s, The Church on the Park, Woolverstone is on Saturday, January 18, 9am-12.30pm. Fruit, vegetables, cakes, bread, meat and an interesting range of handcrafted items which helps present buying. New Year Sales! East End Butchers are pleased to be the market’s resident meat supplier. If you would like to place on order with them it can be collected at the market each month. Their number for orders is 01206 392190. Come along to mingle with your friends, have a cup of coffee and a bacon buttie and enjoy the lovely venue. New stalls welcome. Contact Jane Gould: 01473 780777


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Inspected and rated

We are so proud to be GOOD The CQC has rated Spring Lodge good overall and good in every category, judging the home to be safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led.

The inspector notes the friendly atmosphere in the home with residents laughing and smiling with staff who are described as “brilliant… caring and efficient”. Residents praise their food, one describing his lunchtime meal as “good, lovely and laid out very nicely”. The report praises the “very supportive” and “very hands-on” manager and highlights the positive feedback received about the home’s leadership.

Visit Spring Lodge care home, in Main Road, Woolverstone. We provide the following key services, Residential care

Dementia care

Respite care

Call us today on 01473-851934 or visit



Come and find out about the Community Connector Scheme for Shotley Peninsular! You can make an appointment with the Community Connector directly by ringing:

01473 835445 communityconnector

Timetable Jan 2nd

............................... Holbrook Community car park

Jan 3rd

.................................................. Chelmondiston

Jan 9th

..................................................... Shotley Gate

(OneLife Suffolk Health checks/blood pressure checks appointments not necessary)


Jan 10th .............................................. Stutton Village Hall Jan 16th ............................................. Shotley Village Hall (OneLife) Jan 17th ............................................ Shotley Village Hall (OneLife) Jan 23rd ............................................ Shotley Village Hall (room inside hall) Jan 30th .............................. Holbrook Community car park Jan 31st ..................................................... Shotley Gate


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We hope you all had a very good Christmas and we wish you all a healthy and peaceful 2018.

We don’t have a speaker meeting in December, but held our Christmas lunch at the Constable Hall on Wednesday, December 6. This popular event was sold out and enjoyed by all who attended.

Our concert to thank the villages for their kindness to us was a very pleasant afternoon with our guest duo performing many songs we grew up. I must thank my helpers for their support. Our first meeting of the New Year is on Thursday, January 4, after which we will be back to normality. For information or lifts please contact Norman and Eileen: 01473 787358

1st SHOTLEY SCOUTS We’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year Beavers Bullseye The Beavers had an exciting evening having a go at archery; some even hit the gold which in archery terms is the centre of the target (you can’t get better than that). Well done to those who managed it. Some were just happy to hit the board. Cubs Create At the end of the winter term Cubs decided that they wanted to learn about fossils. Mowgli (Cub Leader) brought in some fossils from home to show the Cubs. They then wanted to make fossils of their own so they did a hike to Shotley Gate to have a beach comb. They found some interesting things and decided to put their finds into plaster of Paris. Once the plaster of Paris had dried they excavated their finds just like archaeologists do and then took them home. Scouts Scrap Heap Challenge The Scouts had a great evening taking part in a scrap heap challenge. They were asked to bring in lots of ‘rubbish’ from home that could be recycled and made into constructions using only the things from home and a few items that were sourced by the Scout Leaders. There was a sleigh, presents and a wearable snowman costume. The children were obviously in a Christmassy mood that evening. New Year Have you all made your New Year’s resolutions yet? Is your resolution to help others, or to do some volunteer work? Then why not give Scouting a try? We are always looking for more volunteers, whether you want to take on a Scouting role, help out occasionally or have a particular skill that you wouldn’t mind teaching others, then please get in contact via this number: 01473 787416 Hope you enjoyed the recipe from last month’s magazine!

On Wednesday, January 10, we will be entertained by Ancestral Voices who will take us back to the festive season under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I using words, music and images, including  instruments from the period. Many of today’s carols and Christmas traditions originate from the Medieval and Tudor eras. You will hear carols as you may have never heard them before! On February 14 Robert Burridge will speak on Scott, Amundsen & the Race to the South Pole. He will concentrate on the personalities of both men, their leadership styles and the equipment they used to show their characters and their epic achievements in the face of huge difficulties. The Life and Times of Sir Alfred Munnings is the subject on March 14. Marcia Whiting, Curatorial Associate at The Munning’s Museum will give an illustrated presentation exploring his life and wide ranging subject matter, including portraits, landscapes and rural scenes as well as the horse paintings for which he is so well known.   Our main purpose is to encourage lifelong learning for those who are no longer in full time employment and emphasis is always placed on making learning active and fun as well as helping in developing friendships. We have a wide range of groups including language study, country walking and computer studies and groups that visit gardens, churches and historic buildings. In the main, membership is drawn from communities in the lower Stour Valley and adjacent areas including Brantham, Capel St Mary, Dedham, East Bergholt, Holbrook, Lawford, Manningtree, Raydon and Stratford St Mary. We are affiliated to the ThirdAge Trust, have over 260 members and 21 groups. For further information please visit where membership secretary Gillian Gibbs may be contacted. We meet at Constable Hall, Gandish Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TP at 2.15pm.  Annual membership is £12 which entitles members to attend meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except August and December. It’s never too late to learn! Join the 361,477 members across 969 U3As throughout the UK today.

VILLAGE LINK CLUB Our meeting on January 10 will include a talk on first aid and AED including a demonstration of first aid and other techniques. Future talks: The Legendary Dad’s Army, A History of Scarecrows, Pray Silence for ? and The History of Butley Priory. Meetings are held at 10am on the second Wednesday of every month in Tattingstone Village Hall. Following the speaker we have refreshments, when there is time for a chat with other members, and a raffle. New members and visitors are welcome to join us. Roger Felgate, 01473 311684

It was the chat with them over a cuppa that got me through the day Here for you every hour of every day

01473 851731

or visit




In December we created beautiful floral decorations for our Christmas tables using cereal boxes as a base under the expert guidance of Sheila Cooper.

This term the Beavers have been working hard towards their Chief Scout’s Bronze Award, including gaining their Disability Awareness Badge and stage one in first aid.

The New Year came and went and in January we get crafty with our very talented member Caroline Giles showing us the way.

It has been a busy term in the Cub section. The Cubs have been working on the Our World Challenge Award with the help of Andrea who has been sharing her knowledge of the Czech Republic with us. We celebrated the Czech festival of Hody with some traditional Czech dishes and some Polka dancing! One evening we met at Hallowtree, where Andrea helped the Cubs to prepare a whole meal of Czech dishes. The Cubs really enjoyed preparing, and particularly eating the food! We wish Andrea well and thank her for all her help as she returns to the Czech Republic at the end of the year.

On February 13 we look forward to a talk from Oggie Weldon, milliner and proprietor of Capelli hat shop. On March 13 we shall be celebrating our group’s birthday with a party. New members are always warmly welcomed to our meetings which take place on the second Tuesday of each month at Chelmondiston Village Hall at 7.30pm. It’s not all ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ but we can promise great cakes to have with your tea or coffee!

SHOTLEY CHURCH HERITAGE We hope you all had a happy and enjoyable Christmas, and enjoyed the New Year celebrations. We wish you a peaceful and pleasant 2018.

Other favourite activities this term have included an evening of fun and excitement tobogganing at Suffolk Leisure Park!

November 700 Club Draw Winners 1: Mrs L O’Leary (022) £25 2: J Houghton (110) £20 3: Mrs S Ratcliffe (144) £15 4: Mr R Cushing (142) £8 5: Mrs J Kirk (013) £7 New members are always welcome to join the 700 Club at a cost of £1 a month, which can be paid at three, six or 12 monthly intervals. To arrange to join contact Norman Bugg: 01473 787358

1st HOLBROOK BROWNIES As part of our World Cultures Badge, the Brownies designed and illustrated beautiful wigwams. It was lovely for the leaders to watch the girls take such care in creating their designs. Above all it gave everyone the opportunity to chat and chill with friends. There was lots of excitement when we welcomed Theresa from Superstarz. The Brownies had so much fun learning their dance routine. The Owls thoroughly enjoyed watching the pretty lights and the smiling faces. Thank you Theresa for a brilliant evening! Well, I don’t think it has ever taken us quite so long to complete a badge, but it was worth the wait. Finally, a clear sky on a dark night so we could go outside and study the star constellations and much to the delight of our Brownies, complete our Stargazer Badge. The start of our festivities began with making Christingles and pretty Christmas decorations and after a very busy term, we finished with our Christmas party. The Owls are already busy planning lots of fun for next term as well as an action packed sleepover! If your daughter (aged seven to 10) would like to enjoy a variety of activities, take part in new challenges, make lasting friendships and, above all, have fun, please register at Girlguiding UK. We currently have a waiting list, so please don’t leave it until they are seven to register.

As Christmas approaches, we are preparing to visit the residents at St Mary’s in Holbrook to entertain them with Christmas carols and songs. This will involve boys and girls from across the Scout group (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts), ranging in age from eight to 14. We’re really looking forward to this opportunity to meet the residents and spread some festive cheer!

EAST SUFFOLK ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND A local charity for local people An independent and voluntary charitable organisation promoting the welfare of blind and visually impaired people in East Suffolk since 1914. Membership is free. We also hold a social on the last Wednesday of every month at Stutton Community Hall from 2-4pm when we provide entertainment, afternoon tea and a raffle, and twice a year we have a lunch at a local hotel. If you would like to join us, contact Ian, our community support worker, for more information: 01473 788380 We are always in need of volunteer drivers to assist us with  our monthly social event. If interested please contact Barbara McDonald: 01473 328907

MOTHERS’ UNION: SHOTLEY PENINSULA BRANCH Our Advent Carol Service in December was most inspiring, and well supported in spite of the temperature outside. We were welcomed to St Peter’s Church, Freston by The Rev Geoffrey Clement who planned and led the service, the theme – Travelling with God, the chosen hymns and readings all expressing the journey’s taken before the birth of our dear Lord and Saviour. To start the afternoon, The Rev Clement admitted Doreen, a new member to join our peninsula branch. Doreen will be made most welcome. Following the service we enjoyed our social time at the village hall. Our thanks to Jenny for organising this venue, a happy and chatty time was had. This month we meet on Wednesday, January 3 at 2pm in St Andrew’s Church Room to enjoy Maggie and Thelma sharing a selection of hymns and readings. Everyone is most welcome to join us for an enjoyable afternoon. Should you require a lift or more details don’t hesitate to call Christine (780621), Pam (780796) or Thelma (787660). May I wish all members, readers, in fact everyone a very happy and healthy New Year. Pam Ross


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You’re invited to make an appointment at our Wherstead Park office to discuss:

Powers of Attorney Wills

Probate Court of Protection * We also offer a range of other services

Our out of town Ipswich location is very convenient for parking and has Contact us for an appointment today: excellent disabled access. Wherstead Park, The Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BJ 01473 556 900 Ellisons Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA Number 49336



IDELO TRAVEL – BEING A TRAVEL AGENT IN THE ONLINE WORLD…. When I first set up my business I was totally new to travel. Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, all of my experience came from simply being a customer who had travelled. People asked me how I could possibly do this – after all there was ‘the internet’, the ’Big Boys’ and so on – but I think this was an asset. Being an outsider and new to the industry, it made it legitimate for me to ask why, to challenge the perceived wisdom. Did it have to be done like that? Could it not be done differently? Were there not improvements to be made? For my agency, it has allowed us to really move things forward – to distinguish ourselves and explain why customers come to us. Which is why I was so excited! Having been ‘a customer’ all of my travelling life, as opposed to simply a travel agent who has travelled, I feel I truly understand that whether it be your holiday of a lifetime, a last minute getaway or a new adventure, finding the right holiday just for you is important. It takes time to research all the options. You want independence and excitement, but also safety and peace of mind. Not only are we fully ABTA and ATOL protected, but we really do understand why it is so important that all of your arrangements have been dealt with by someone who really cares. Working with over 200 high quality tour operators also enables us to maximise not only customer choice but also competitive pricing. We offer complex as well as the simpler products – tours, cruises, flights,


accommodation, car hire – sometimes all in the same holiday and all with complete ATOL Protection. Something that the internet often struggles to match where people regularly search for the cheapest flights, hotel and car hire, but from different sources, and hence miss out on that all important Package Protection. And as for technology… For me, it is our staff which sets us apart. The internet is great for process, but ultimately I don’t think a holiday is just a booking process. Only a person can offer true inspiration and enthusiasm when exploring your options and discuss with you alternatives and ideas, using their breadth of knowledge and real travel experiences. And what about if/when something doesn’t turn out as planned? Ash clouds, air traffic control strikes, Ryanair cancellations, the Monarch collapse. Maybe something more personal; your suitcase gets lost in transit from a flight, your hotel does not have your reservation. In this increasingly automated world, isn’t it still good to talk to the same friendly face – quite possibly ‘The Boss’ of the business – and know that someone can not only enthuse about your amazing plans but also help with all the extras and the ‘unexpected’. For me, this is the essence of a great travel agency and no matter what there will always be a place for one – albeit alongside increasingly clever technology. Managing Director Andrea Powell

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Paul Oliver presented his popular Christmas Quiz on December 6 and on Wednesday, December 20, Barbara Faulkner told us about The Man in Red and we all believed her.

Winter is bad – the cold, the confinement, but one thing that gardeners can fall back on is the seed catalogues. Drawing up lists, trimming then down, planning for something new, trying something adventurous… it helps and as a member of the horticultural society there is a significant discount on seeds ordered so it eases the conscience.

We don’t have a speaker meeting in January, but instead have our New Year Lunch for  members, their spouses and Probus widows. This will take place on Wednesday, January 17 at The Haywain, Bentley Road, Little Bromley CO11 2PL. Dudley Chignall presents Journey to Paradise on February 7 and on February 21 David Whittle presents a talk entitled How the Victorians Developed Dovercourt. On  Wednesday, March 7, Grant Elliot returns again and this time his subject is  The Life of Chic Murray. We hold our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 21.

Our new horticultural year starts on January 30 when we will have our usual ‘joining’ evening, accompanied with a free cheese and wine buffet. A year’s membership is only £7.50, with no other mandatory charges. What other treat can you get for yourself or a friend for that money? In February we start our speakers’ season with Karen Kenny and a talk entitled Weeds, Glorious Weeds. If you were with us for Karen’s last talk a couple of years ago, you will know that hearing her alone is very well worth paying £7.50!

Our club endeavours to be simple in structure, free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other and the opportunity for development of acquaintances. New members are welcomed.

So please come along. We very much look forward to seeing old friends and new members on January 30 at 7.30pm in the village hall.

We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree CO11 1EB at 10.30am. For further details please contact speaker secretary Dave Carman: 01255 880202

Our last meeting in November got moved to the third Monday of the month to enable us to have Jo Lee to teach us how to make Christmas wreaths. This gave us time for the idea to spread. Shotley and Erwarton WI got wind of us and Jo suggested that we could accommodate a few visitors. At the next meeting I asked if anyone wished to join us and was rather alarmed at the response. I was very sorry that I eventually had to tell people who contacted me later, that we couldn’t take any more.

ORWELL DECORATIVE AND FINE ARTS SOCIETY Happy New Year to all our members and guests Our first ever study day, Art and Architecture of the American West with Roger Mitchell MA, held on November 17 was a resounding success, so much so that we shall certainly try to arrange another one in the near future. After our lecture on December 6, we have a break until Wednesday, February 7 when Barry Venning will be presenting Giles: His Life, Times and Cartoons which we are sure will be a very popular subject. We would remind guests to call the membership secretary to add your name to the booking list for non-member seat allocation. Why not join us and enjoy good company and interesting talks? We meet at Tower Hall, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew on the first Wednesday of most months. Talks last about an hour, commencing at 2.15pm, with tea and coffee served from 1.30-2pm. Guests and non-members are welcome provided we have enough space. Exceptionally popular lectures will have a visitor limit of 20 spaces. Please contact Wendy Robbins in advance on 01394 823807 to check if there is available space. For the latest events and news please visit:


We meet in the committee room and can’t expand into the main hall as the carpet bowlers are in there. How I managed to set up tables for more than 20 trainee wreath makers I don’t know, but I did, with a few seats round the edges for observers as well. It was quite cosy! Jo demonstrated and then helped as everyone made some really beautiful wreaths. A very big thank you goes to all those who came with lots and lots of extra greenery which seemed too fill every corner of the remaining space. It was a lovely, happy, fun evening and timed perfectly for the Wreath Festival at Erwarton Church the following weekend. Our next meeting will be our Christmas party and will have happened by the time you read this. I am sure we will have enjoyed ourselves – we usually do. In January once again we will be partying, this time at the Red Lion far our annual New Year meal out. Back to serious growing things on February 19 (another third Monday) when Simon Leatherhead with be telling us about his ancient woodland, Tyler’s Wood. Interested non-members will be welcome at this meeting. Just let Karen (787731) or June (787422) know if you want to come along. June Edwards



STUTTON CEVCP SCHOOL Congratulations to our KS2 children for putting their enterprising skills into action and organising a fantastic Children in Need afternoon which raised an amazing £140. They set up their own stalls, often donating the prizes themselves. We named teddies, guessed how many baking beans were in a jar, puzzled over the initials of nursery rhymes, hoped we would choose the sticks with the spots, searched for Pudsey, tried to pick up Maltesers with tweezers, rolled marbles to score points and ate the most delicious chocolate brownies and cakes. Great fun was had by all. Well done to everyone! We are now busy planning a wealth of exciting activities for the New Year – watch this space! Anne Clarke

This photograph helps me to forget about the January and February blues and start to look forward to longer days and summer weather.

This last month saw another big entry in the popular 6-a-side indoor series held at Northgate School, with six teams in Div 1 including Ravens men, and eight teams in Div 2 including our ladies. The men’s team included four of our improving juniors and remarkably managed to win our initial pool with exciting victories against local rivals Ipswich and Stowmarket. This meant we qualified for the final group where we followed up with an excellent performance in losing narrowly to Lakenheath who have not yet lost a match this season, but finally the wheels came off somewhat as we lost to Stowmarket who we had previously beaten in the pool phase. Div 1 Results – Pool Ravens  25-24  Ipswich I Ravens  25-23  Stowmarket II Final Group Ravens  22-25  Lakenheath Ravens  15-25  Stowmarket II Captain Chris Giles said: “We played our highest level of volleyball to date. It was a reward for our hard work in training. We just lost concentration in the final game and gave Stowmarket their revenge.” Meanwhile in Div 2 our ladies team entered a team of eight players in total including two new members and two of our U15 girls.  This gave the newcomers in particular some great experience, but it also meant we had to adopt a system of substitutions which rather confounded us and we lost all four games – albeit all four of our opponents were teams of mixed men and women.

We have had a cracking autumn/ winter of entertainment reaching its peak with a Christmas party for children, followed by a Christmas lunch for the grownups. The doors of the club are thrown open to the community on Christmas Eve followed by the Morris Men dancing on Boxing Day. To help us through to dark January, the club will be taxing its members’ brains with a quiz night. This will be followed by the annual jolly in the shape of Burns Night, when the haggis will be piped in (well, a fiddle will be played) and then addressed within an inch of its life. Watch this space for more action and entertainment: / Facebook: PMSCSocial

But the highlight of the month was the first match in the new Suffolk Ladies 6-a-side league. This new tournament is intended to develop the ladies’ game through competitive matches between players on a level footing and there will be a series of triangular matches throughout the season. In the first one Ravens met with an experienced and talented team from Stowmarket, and an after-work group SCC Seagulls.  For many of the players this was their first experience of a match in this format, the games were played in a friendly spirit and Ravens were pleased with our return of a win against Seagulls and defeat against Stow Aces.  Ravens  0-2  Stow Aces  (11-25, 16-25) Ravens  2-0  SCC Seagulls  (25-16, 25-23) If you have ever thought about giving volleyball a try, now is a great time to give it a go. It’s a fast and exciting sport, it’s perfect to help build fitness, and being non-contact it is largely free from injuries.  At Ravens we are actively seeking new members and will welcome anyone, male or female, experienced or complete beginner, and any age from 13 upwards. Qualified coaches run the sessions with a mixture of training drills and friendly games, making them very enjoyable while helping participants to improve their skills and fitness. We meet every Saturday from 2-4pm and most Tuesdays from 7-9pm at St Alban’s School, Rushmere.  If you are interested in joining this growing sport, call/text 07508 351875 or visit:


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SPORT NEPTUNE SAILING It’s now very much the end of the season for most dinghy sailing on the River Orwell, though there are still a few racing series taking place for those able to manage the cold, and it is very important to be well prepared for this. At Neptune, all of our craft are now ashore and have been scrubbed and washed to prepare them for the winter. Preparations for next season are well underway and the trustees will be reviewing the facts and figures from this season in order to plan activities for our next series of youth groups and open courses. We can reflect on a successful year, even though our numbers, at just less than 2,000 sessions, have been slightly down on the previous year.

EAST BERGHOLT UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB One win, one draw and one defat thus far in November has seen the First Team make some progress in the Senior Division. However, the Bob Coleman Cup draw wasn’t very kind, handing them a trip to League favourites Achilles on January 6. The Reserves achieved one victory and two draws to consolidate their position in the pack chasing top spot in League A. The A Team drew one and lost one in League B and were unfortunate to exit the Club Colours Cup at BROB, the tie going to extra time. We have had a number of incidents of dog fouling both at Gandish Road and more particularly at Flatford Lane. Residents are reminded that youngsters also use these facilities and are asked to ensure that they clean up after their pets. UPCOMING FIXTURES

Our three evening youth groups had good attendances at all levels and were able to make good progress, showing competence and confidence in a range of craft. The average group consisted of 12 members, enabling us to focus on each individual’s needs, and helping with their progress to higher RYA levels. Sailing right through the season ensured that the full range of conditions were encountered, which is important for development of skills and understanding. Only one evening was missed due to very high winds, and this was replaced with a final Saturday session, which was well attended and offered the chance of a longer sail than usual. We will hope to repeat this final weekend session for all three groups next year, combining it with our awards event. Summer junior courses were more popular this year, with all sessions running, and we will try to offer even more courses this year. Our regular team of younger instructors were very much appreciated, receiving much praise from parents and youngsters, and we will aim to use the same team again this year. It seems very likely that we may be able to run two dinghy instructor courses this year, helping our youth group members to qualify and providing a pool of talent for the centre to use. If you are interested in one of these courses, do get in touch soon as the summer course is almost full already – you can register an interest via the website. Adult courses have seen an upsurge this year and we have had a large increase in demand for both adult sailing and powerboat courses. We have been keen to stress the fun aspect on both courses, even though the background theory content on both is significant, requiring a good understanding of topics such as weather, tides, sail setting and other key aspects specified in the syllabuses. It has been invaluable to course members to work with a larger group, enabling the sharing of ideas and experiences. We have been asked many times to arrange higher level courses and will aim to offer a Level 3 sailing and two or three safety boats courses this year. These courses build on what is taught previously, adding important new skills, such as helping to right an inverted dinghy, and laying a racing course. This season we are aiming to involve all of our local primary schools in at least one group sailing session. Some very nervous youngsters were much more positive about sailing after their session. Last year we hosted groups from Stutton, Tattingstone and East Bergholt Primary Schools, as well as our regular Holbrook Academy and Ipswich High School groups. We have been very well supported and encouraged by Babergh District Council this year. We look forward to working with them again in future.


1st Team: Senior Division Sat, Dec 23: Henley Athletic (A) Sat, Dec 30: Capel Plough (H) Sat, Jan 6: Achilles Bob Coleman Cup R3 (A) Sat, Jan 13: Bramford Utd (A) Sat, Jan 20: Wenhaston Utd (H) Sat, Feb 3: Grundisburgh (H) Reserves: League A Sat, Dec 23: Henley Athletic Res (H) Sat, Dec 30: Wenhaston Utd Res (A) Sat, Jan 6: Westerfield Utd Re (H) Sat, Jan 13: Coplestonians Res (H) Sat, Jan 27: Ipswich Athletic Res (A) A Team: League B Sat, Dec 30: Benhall St Mary Res (A) Sat, Jan 6: Trimley Red Devils Res (H) Sat, Jan 13: Cockfield Utd Res (A) Sat, Jan 20: Bacton Utd 89 Res (A) Sat, Jan 27: Wickham Market Res (H) Fixtures are subject to change. Please refer to the fixtures website to confirm: The popular Darts Night returns on Saturday, January 20. This is an open event so anyone in the village can test their skills with the arrows. Please contact the secretary for more details if you are interested. The Race Night will now be held towards the end of February. Again this is an open event, please email for details. We are always looking for people who can help the club as committee members, whether it be on the playing side or just in the background. If you would like to sponsor the club in some capacity we would also be delighted to hear from you. Club strips, dugouts, banners and boards on matchdays are all potential exposure for your business while supporting a local organisation. EBUFC is a community club with very strong village traditions. The majority of the players either live in, or have links to, the village. Please come along and give us a look sometime. Steve Butcher:

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ON THE GRAPEVINE TREATING HEARING LOSS CAN HELP KEEP YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS By Karen Finch Every New Year brings with it a sense of renewal. For many, this renewal may include New Year’s resolutions pledging that the next year will prove better than the last. The challenge is not making these resolutions, but making sure they do not melt away with the snow as winter turns to spring. Some common resolutions might include reducing stress levels, staying in touch more regularly with family and friends, and being more socially involved. For those who struggle with hearing loss, keeping these and other perennial resolutions may prove challenging. Here are a few examples of how treating your hearing loss in the New Year can help you achieve your resolutions and improve your life. Reducing stress Staying stress free in the New Year may seem like an insurmountable task, but we can all do a few things to make sure stress doesn’t dominate our lives. Hearing-related stress can present itself in everyday situations with the potential to significantly increase your overall stress level. If you have become nervous to speak up when clarifying what was said in a conversation, or avoid loud places for fear of being cut from the conversation, it may be time to address your hearing issues. Finding a solution could help you reduce some of your daily stress.

NOMINATIONS OPEN FOR SUFFOLK’S YOUTH PARLIAMENT Nominations are now open for Suffolk’s Youth Parliament and young people in Suffolk have until January 7 to submit their nominations. The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) is the largest elected body of young people in the UK who influence policy. Made up of elected Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) and deputies, they meet locally and nationally to give young people a voice. There are currently two MYPs in Suffolk and up to 15 MYPs and deputies will be appointed when elections are held in February. MYPs assist in running  Make Your Mark,  the UK›s largest youth consultation.  The results of the consultation are used to develop services locally and nationally. There are also opportunities to attend British Youth Council conventions and attend the Make Your Mark debate in the House of Commons. Above all, young people are given the opportunity to meet new people, make lasting friends and make a difference. Results of the recent Make your Mark consultation can be viewed at:

Staying in touch with family and friends Staying connected with family and friends is difficult whether loved ones are spread across the country or live just around the corner. If keeping in touch with the important people in your life tops your list of resolutions, addressing your hearing concerns may be a step in the right direction. Being able to communicate with family and friends without worrying about what was said by a loved one over the phone, on Skype, or face-to-face is of the utmost importance. Not only does it put your mind at ease, it makes conversations with loved ones that much easier. Branching out Hearing loss may hinder you from branching out and meeting new people. If you are nervous to extend your social circle because of your hearing loss, addressing the issue in the New Year could be the push you need to make new friends and experience new adventures in the coming year. Have you always wanted to volunteer with an organisation or join a club but have been too self-conscious about your hearing loss? Don’t let apprehension and worry keep you from meeting new people and enjoying all the sights and sounds that the world has to offer. Starting a new hobby Whether by yourself or in a group setting, it can be both challenging and entertaining to start a new hobby. If you would like to learn how to play a new instrument and want to better hear the notes, or if you are taking a class at your local college and want to be able to contribute to the discussion without feeling nervous, having the confidence to address your hearing issues can lead to new talents and friends. Taking action If any of the above scenarios resonate with you, your hearing loss could be a barrier to accomplishing your resolutions. It may be time to add another resolution to the list: book a hearing assessment. Seeking help, advice and ultimately treating your hearing loss will benefit not only your physical health but your mental and social health as well. Placing priority on your hearing health will not only help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, but will give you a renewed confidence in your hearing and social life. Invest in your hearing. Invest in yourself. Karen Finch is the Managing Director and lead audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre in Ipswich. The multi-award winning, family-run company has 25 centres across Suffolk and Norfolk. Karen is offering free hearing assessments at her Ipswich practice between January 24 and 26 (normally £20). Appointments are essential.

Councillor Gordon Jones, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Education and Skills, said: “I would always encourage young people to get involved in politics and UK Youth Parliament is a great opportunity for young people to be a part of important decisions made both locally and nationally. “Being a Member of Youth Parliament gives young people a powerful voice to present views, opinions and issues of Suffolk’s residents to local decision makers. Elected MYPs will demonstrate a passion and energy to drive real change for the better.” Current Member of Suffolk’s Youth Parliament, Meg Day, said: “Youth Parliament has given me so many opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t have been offered to me otherwise. I’ve met likeminded people from up and down the country and made some of the best friendships I’ve ever had. UKYP holds the largest youth consultation in the world and you really do feel like you’re making a positive difference for young people.” The UK Youth Parliament holds elections for UKYP members to be elected in Suffolk in February to start their term in March. To apply, you must: • Be aged 11-18 • Live, work or study in the area you are standing for • Be able to commit seven hours a month (or one-two hours a week) to Suffolk UKYP To run for election, young people will need produce a short video or a written manifesto, addressing three areas they are passionate about and would like to change in their local area – one of these must be taken from the top 5 Make Your Mark results. Manifestos must be submitted by January 7, 2018. Full details of how to apply can be found here: For more information about the UK Youth Parliament, visit:

For more information 01473 230330 or visit:


ON THE GRAPEVINE DANCEEAST TO HOST NATIONAL YOUTH DANCE FESTIVAL U.DANCE 2018 Following four days of youth dance celebrations in Birmingham earlier this year to mark One Dance UK’s U.Dance 2017, it was revealed that DanceEast will host the national event for the first time in 2018. Each year the U.Dance festival showcases a selection of dance groups from all over the country, as well as providing young people with the chance to take part in workshops and masterclasses with dance industry professionals, and inspire each other with a love of dance. The 2018 festival will run in July, across both DanceEast Image by Brian Slater and Snape Maltings. It will enable young dancers from both schools and youth dance groups to participate in classes, workshops, careers sessions and social activities during the three and half day residential. Coming to the East of England for the first time, One Dance UK will work with DanceEast to make U.Dance 2018 a unique experience, inspired by the region’s urban and rural landscapes. DanceEast will also host the regional platform, which forms part of the selection process for the festival, on Sunday 18 February 2018, at the University of Bedfordshire. Applications for the regional platform open on DanceEast’s website at the end of October, closing on Friday 24 November. Youth dance and school dance groups are invited to apply to perform, in a bid to be part of the national festival in the summer of 2018. Applications are welcome from across the entire eastern Image by Brian Slater region and groups working in any dance genre are encouraged to apply. Dancers need to be aged between 11 to 19 (or up to age 25 for dancers with additional needs). Working in partnership with One Dance UK, DanceEast is excited to continue to champion youth dance in all its forms. DanceEast’s base at the Jerwood DanceHouse has played host to regional U.Dance heats since 2012 as the East of England partner organisation, heading to the University of Bedfordshire for 2018. Lucy Bayliss, Head of Creative Programmes, said: “Work with young dancers is a core part of DanceEast’s programme and we are excited to have the opportunity to celebrate this work with groups from across the country through such a prestigious event. U.Dance brings a huge amount of colour and energy to the host area and is a positive celebration of what young people can achieve. We are looking forward to welcoming the national groups to Suffolk, to experience just a little of what is special about living and working in the East.” Andrew Hurst, Chief Executive of One Dance UK, said: “We are excited to partner with DanceEast in presenting U.Dance 2018. The U.Dance national youth dance festival is an important event on the national dance calendar. From the local platforms to the Festival itself, U.Dance engages with more than 7,000 young dancers each year, encouraging them in the pursuit of excellence in dance and embarking on careers in dance, highlighting one of One Dance UK’s key aspirations - to get as many young people as possible dancing.” In true U.Dance tradition, the 2018 event will further extend DanceEast’s offering of dance opportunities. Additional specialised projects are also hoped to increase the dance opportunities for children and young people in the region for 2018, expanding the reach of U.Dance to young people in Suffolk and beyond.


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This spring, the New Wolsey Theatre will present the premiere of Our Blue Heaven, a brand new musical in celebration of 40 years since Ipswich Town’s historic FA Cup Victory. The production runs from Friday 4 to Saturday, May 26. With a hasty wedding, a first birth and missing tickets to contend with, will our mad-keen Ipswich fans make it to the final? Can the town navigate the frozen pitch at Bristol Rovers, the rioting Millwall supporters at the Den, dodgy refereeing at Villa Park and make it all the way to Wembley? Created from the heart-warming memories of super blues fans themselves, with a live soundtrack of chart hits from ‘78, join Bobby and his Blue Army on this nostalgic trip down Wembley Way. The production opens at the theatre exactly 40 years on from the win – a moment when Ipswich united to celebrate success as the underdog and became victorious. With funding raised from the community and local businesses, this production will really be a show drawn from the local community, for the local community! Next year will also see the New Wolsey Theatre collaborating again with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch to produce Patrick Hamilton’s Rope, running from Wednesday 7 to Saturday, March 17. Based on a 1920’s real life case, this dark classic was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1948 and remains to this day one of the most tightly coiled of thrillers. Chilling and spine-tinglingly gripping, this production will be coproduced with Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, who last collaborated with the New Wolsey for the classic Ealing comedy The Ladykillers. Nottingham Playhouse Theatre will produce the third Ramps on the Moon touring production. Our Country’s Good which will tour to Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield and London. The production will arrive in Ipswich from Wednesday, March 28 to Saturday, April 7. Both a comedy and powerful drama, Our Country’s Good tells the extraordinary true story of a group of convicts and a young officer who rehearse and perform a play – Australia’s first theatrical production. With opposition from the officers and a leading lady who may be hanged, the odds are stacked against them. For more information visit: The New Wolsey Theatre and fingersmiths co-produce John Godber’s awardwinning comedy Up ‘n’ Under. The Wheatsheaf Arms amateur rugby league team have never won a game. They don’t have enough players and they have no kit. Can Arthur, our hero, coach them to beat the mighty Cobblers Arms in the cup final? The production, showing from Wednesday 7 to Saturday, February 10, will be given a fingersmiths’ spin featuring a cast of Deaf and hearing actors using British Sign Language and spoken English. Oliver Award-nominated actress Josette Bushell-Mingo mixes story and song as she draws together tales from the life of Nina Simone and her own


extraordinary career from Tuesday 20 Thursday, February 22 with Nina – A Story About Me and Nina Simone. Snapdragon Productions and The Watermill Theatre present an awardwinning, punchy new musical that race through the dark and damaged world of post-war London: a brand new Britain bombed to bits by the Blitz, belts tight with austerity, but ripe and ready for revolution with Teddy from Monday 19 to Saturday, March 24. Mark Goucher and David Ian present a Cheltenham Everyman Theatre production Quartet. A charming tale of four ageing opera singers, this brandnew revival of the bitter-sweet comedy Quartet, from Oscar-winning writer Sir Ronald Harwood and directed by the New Wolsey Theatre’s Artistic Director Peter Rowe, will run from Monday, February 26 to Saturday, March 3. A collaboration from Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch and Selladoor Productions will mark the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport and 25 years since the play was written by Diana Samuels. This deeply moving and timely modern classic will take to the New Wolsey Theatre stage from Tuesday 17 to Saturday, April 21 as a part of its National Tour in 2018. From Tuesday 24 to Saturday, April 28, English Touring Theatre Company will return following the success of Silver Lining and Rules For Living in 2017, with a bold revival of Tennessee Williams’ timeless masterpiece A Streetcar Named Desire. Stanley Kowalski’s entire way of life is threatened by the arrival of his anxious, seductive and fiercely clever sister-in-law Blanche. This raging portrayal explores what is means to be an outsider, in a society where we’re all desperate to belong. Performances for children and families include: M6 Theatre with Mike Kenny’s A Tiger’s Tale; an interactive performance with Little Howard’s Big Show for Kids; one for all the family with Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show featuring vortex generating dustbins, vanishing bears and exploding Pringles tubes; Kid Carpet return with Noisy Holiday; a performance from the characters of the BAFTA Award-winning CBeebies show with Sarah and Duck; an adaption of the popular children’s book Captain Flinn and the Magic Cutlass; and Full House Theatre with a story based around Edward Lear’s poem The Owl and The Pussycat. There will also be plenty of music and comedy to entertain throughout the season. Appearances include The Magic Flute, Duke’s Comedy Club, A Salute to Sinatra and the Swing Legends, Graffiti Classics; Judy and Liza, Dad’s Army Radio Show, This Is Going to Hurt (The Secret Diary of a Junior Doctor) and the return of Si Cranstoun with Twisting the Night Away. Tickets at the New Wolsey Theatre are on sale now and can be booked by calling 01473 295900 or online at:

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Bruisyard Hall, the country house wedding venue set in the rolling countryside just outside Framlingham, is opening its doors for a Wedding Open day on Sunday, January 28 from 10am to 2pm. Due to weekend wedding bookings, this open day is the only available weekend to view the hall for at least four months. The Wedding Open Day at Bruisyard Hall is free to attend though guests do need to pre-register online. It gives couples the chance to tour the 14th century country house that provides luxury accommodation and can be an intimate wedding venue for up to 24 people. A few paces away, the lovingly refurbished medieval barn can host up to 140 guests for a ceremony and wedding breakfast. The open day means guests can see the venue, meet the team and meet a range of trusted suppliers. There will also be canapés to sample and free prosecco for the first 50 guests through the door. Everyone will receive a goodie bag to take away. The weddings team will be available to check availability, talk through catering options and answer any questions that may arise. Alan Sabol, general manager at Bruisyard Hall, explains: “We look forward to welcoming couples, their friends and family to Bruisyard Hall’s unspoilt corner of the Suffolk countryside. Our open day provides an opportunity for us to share the warmth and character that resonates from this magnificent estate as our guests mingle with suppliers and enjoy making plans for their special day.” Robert Rous, owner of Bruisyard Hall, added: “Despite its grandeur, Bruisyard Hall is a cosy and welcoming ‘home from home’ for wedding parties to enjoy. Our family business is focused on customer satisfaction, so we offer a helpful, reliable and friendly service along with the privacy to relax and enjoy the facilities.” Bruisyard Hall is a magnificent 14th century stately home turned  exclusive use country house. The stunning building and its barn are set in 700 acres of beautiful parkland and forest in the Suffolk countryside. Not far from Framlingham with easy access from the A12, Bruisyard Hall and Barn have been lovingly refurbished to a very high standard throughout. The Hall can accommodate up to 24 people in its 12 bedrooms – perfect for the bridal party. And with over 45 rooms, including a games room and attic bar, there’s no chance of getting under each other’s feet. For more information please call 01728 639000 or visit:


As one year closes and another opens, Krissy and Friends Foundation have been reflecting on what an exciting and amazing 12 months we’ve had. With your support and donations we have been able to provide therapy through music to many local charities, organisations and causes including Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward, specialist schools, 4YP, Musica (young people’s workshops) and South Street Kids.   This has enabled Krissy and Friends Foundation to reach  more East Anglian children with therapy through music than ever. Your generous and growing support has meant that moving into 2018 we hope to meet our target of supporting even more of our communities most vulnerable young people.  Thank you to everybody who has made a difference and we look forward to seeing you at our events in the year ahead.

SHORELINE BENEFICE ST ANDREW’S, CHELMONDISTON January 7 9.15am Holy Communion January 9 10am Midweek communion January 14 9.15am Holy Communion January 21 9.15am Holy Communion January 28 9.30am Family Service ST MARY’S, ERWARTON For information on services please go to: ST MARY’S, HARKSTEAD January 7 9.30am January 14 9.30am January 21 9.30am January 28 9.30am

Holy Communion Morning Prayer Holy Communion Holy Communion

ST MARY’S, SHOTLEY January 7 10.45am January 14 10.45am January 21 10.45am January 28 10.45am

Family@Church (Epiphany) Holy Communion Worship for All Holy Communion

Please check on the website or the church noticeboards for any change to the service times and places

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CHURCH NEWS TWO RIVERS BENEFICE ST PETER’S, STUTTON January 7 8am 10.30am January 14 9.30am January 21 9.30am January 28 11am

Holy Communion Worship for All (Primary School) Holy Communion Holy Communion Informal Service

ALL SAINTS, HOLBROOK January 7 4pm January 14 10am January 21 8am 10am January 28 9.30am

Winter Refreshments Matins Holy Communion Christian Unity Service Holy Communion

ST MARY’S, WHERSTEAD January 7 No Service January 14 11am

Holy Communion

January 21 January 28

No Service 11am

ST PETER’S, FRESTON January 7 11am January 14 No Service January 21 11am January 28 No Service ST MICHAEL’S, WOOLVERSTONE January 7 11am January 13 9am-12.30pm January 14 11am January 21 11am January 27 7pm January 28 11am February 4 11am

Informal Service Matins Holy Communion

Death Café, Berners Hall Monthly Market Worship the Woolverstone Way Morning Prayers Barn Dance, hot meal and bar Holy Communion Café Church


Parish Priest: Father Christopher Smith 180 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ / 01473 684963 We are part of St Mark’s RC Parish, Ipswich. For up-to-date information please visit: SERVICES FOR JANUARY 2018 Sunday 7: The Epiphany of The Lord 9am Mass Tuesday 9 9.30am Morning Prayer 10am Mass Sunday 14: Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am Mass Tuesday 16 9.20am Eucharistic Adoration 10am Mass Sunday 21: Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am Mass Tuesday 23 9.30am Morning Prayer 10am Mass Sunday 28: Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am Mass Tuesday 30 9.30am Morning Prayer 10am Mass

6. Create dignified jobs for young people 7. Respect and take care of nature 8. Stop being negative 9. Don’t try to convert somebody, respect others’ beliefs 10. Work for peace Events and Diary Date The 100 Club Draw took place on Sunday, December 17 when three lucky winners shared a record £150. The next draw takes place on Sunday, January 21. The club, set up to support the life and mission of our parish, has grown from strength-to-strength since its launch. New members are always very welcome and the newsletter, that includes an application form, can be found at the rear of the church or at: Every last Thursday of the month a bring and buy coffee morning takes place at Viv and Wyn’s home, Paddock Gate, Whitehorse Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TR from 10.30am to noon. We are raising funds to repair the ceiling at the back of the church and all are very welcome to join us. The next coffee morning is on Thursday, January 25. The parish is planning an Epiphany Lunch on Thursday, January 4 at The Best Western Hotel, Claydon. This lunch will follow 11.30am mass at St Mark’s. Further details, including an opportunity to sign up to join this popular parish event, may be found at the back of church.

The weekly newsletter, with weekly mass times, is always displayed in the cabinet alongside the front door.

Supporting our local hospice All parishioners are asked to collect used postage stamps, all year, not just at Christmas, and place them in the box at the rear of the church to help support the outstanding work of our local hospice.

Catholic Commentary Many people make resolutions at the start of a New Year and it can be difficult to consider what they should be. So a review of Pope Francis’ ‘Top 10 Secrets To Happiness’ can provide many ideas:

Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital Father Adrian Gates is the Catholic Chaplain at Ipswich Hospital. Please contact him (01473 726701) if you or a Catholic is in or due to go into hospital and requires his services.

1. Live and let live 2. Be giving of yourself to others 3. Proceed calmly in life 4. A healthy sense of leisure 5. Sundays should be holidays

All are very welcome at Holy Family, Brantham All are very welcome to attend Holy Family services, it is not necessary to be a Catholic and enquiries about the Catholic faith are always welcome. Please contact the presbytery, as above, or a local person whom you know is a Catholic.


CHURCH NEWS CHELMONDISTON & HOLBROOK METHODIST CHURCHES NEW HOPE FOR A NEW YEAR IN ZIMBABWE Ten years of my life was spent in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe, first as prime minister (Head of Government) and then as executive president (Head of State and Government). The constitution could not be changed for seven years after independence in accordance with the Lancaster House Agreement which paved the way for independence and the end of white minority rule. Mugabe took the first opportunity to change the constitution to take the status and the powers to himself. The president for the first seven years was a Methodist Minister, The Rev Canaan Banana, but he had no real power and had no option but to relinquish his post when Mugabe changed the constitution. We got to know Canaan’s wife, Janet Banana, who visited our church and home at Kwenda Mission while she was first lady and we visited her with her two-and-a-half-year-old toddler (Nobuhle) in State House with our three-year-old toddler (Joanna). After she had sought asylum in the UK in 2002 she described that time when her husband was removed from the Presidency: “At the beginning, when Mugabe was prime minister, he was a friendly and approachable gentleman. But when he became the executive president he became a different man. They say power corrupts and it does. It corrupts absolutely.” For the next 30 years, Mugabe’s despotism, corruption and paranoia has been evident to the world and to many in Zimbabwe. The secret police (CIO) were everywhere and fear prevented real challenges. Any sign of questioning Mugabe’s authority, whether from the opposition or from within his party was dealt with brutally. Most people kept quiet. Even those in his own party became ‘Yes men’, agreeing to everything he dictated. If you didn’t, you were no more. Mnangagwa, the new president, has obviously been alongside Mugabe all these years, and until very recently when he was sacked, Mugabe had presumed him to be loyal. A ‘Yes man’ of Mugabe!


does not allow people to speak their minds. Several generations have only known fear. Now people have found their voice. Mnangagwa has been described as pragmatic. I hope that a different kind of politics will emerge. Zimbabwe is a wonderful country with some wonderful resourceful people. May they flourish, together may the country recover its agriculture and industry that people have work, food and good governance. Rev Andrew Sankey, Minister at Chelmondiston & Holbrook Methodist Churches 8 Roundridge Road, Capel St Mary IP9 2UG / 01473 311178 / 07966 187216 JANUARY SERVICES AT CHELMONDISTON METHODIST Sunday 7 10.45am Worship with Rev Michael Ayden 6.15pm Communion with Rev Andrew Sankey Sunday 14 9.30am Worship with Mrs Margaret Brock 6.15pm Worship with Rev Diane Smith Sunday 21 10.45am Covenant Service with Rev Andrew Sankey 6.15pm Worship with Rev Michael Allen Sunday 28 10.45am Worship with Mr Chris Jowett 6.15pm Worship Arranged Locally AT HOLBROOK METHODIST (HCT Holbrook Churches Together) Tea and Chat (HCT): Mondays, 2.30-4pm Home Groups: First and third Tuesdays at 7.30pm and Thursdays at 2pm (ring for venue)

I have watched with great interest the development. The popular uprising, when the lack of fear of speaking against Mugabe had disappeared. His days were numbered. The dismay when his first speech did not include a resignation bought gloom to the country after the euphoria of the previous days – a sudden fear that his days weren’t over and somehow those caught on camera might yet be visited by the secret police and beaten up.

Saturday 6 10-11.30am Sunday 7 10am Sunday 14 10am Friday 19 3.30pm Sunday 21 10am 6.30pm Sunday 28 10am

I think and hope a seed change has taken place in Zimbabwe and I think Mnangagwa will have picked up that the Mugabe way of instilling fear is not to be repeated. He will know he has enough skeletons in his past that will be exposed if he does not allow free and fair elections, if he

Please see the noticeboard on the front of the chapel for all events in November. For more information about Messy Church, Tiddlers and Family Live (HCT) contact Alicia Holmes: / 01473 658478

Coffee Morning Worship with Mr Chris Finbow Covenant Service and Worship with Rev Sankey Messy Church (HCT) United Worship at All Saints with Mrs Watsham Musical Evening – Something Different Family Friendly Worship with Mr Geoff Wilson

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Dry Foam Upholstery Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning Professional Local Service For a FREE no obligation quotation

call John Burch: 07870 347486

Tel: 01449 721441






GROUNDS & GARDEN MAINTENANCE We offer the following services all year round: Grass cutting • Garden clearance Fences & Gates • Patios & Paths Hedge Cutting • Tree Cutting Sheds • Summer Houses Digger & Dumper work

For a free quotation please call Nigel Coton 01449 721025 or 07801 515505

To advertise in this section, which appears in 18 magazines in areas across Suffolk and Essex, please contact a member of our sales team on 01473 400380


Come & Explore Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’

with Holbrook Choral Society and The Come and Sing Company! As part of an exciting new partnership, HCS and CASC are coming together to delve deeper into the history and performance possibilities of Vivaldi’s famous and iconic Gloria. CASC will be offering a number of sessions enabling members old and new to learn more about this fabulous work.

Monday 15 January 2018 7.30 – 9pm Venue: Royal Hospital School, Ipswich Join RHS Director of Music William Saunders and Associates of CASC in an introduction to Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’. Hear professional singers of the highest standard perform excerpts of the work. Be inspired by their interpretation and realise the beauty and drama of this masterpiece.

Monday 22 January 2018 7.30 – 9pm Venue: Royal Hospital School, Ipswich Enjoy a fascinating lecture on the origins of the Gloria and its relationship with Vivaldi’s ‘Ostra Picta’. As part of the evening, the work will be performed by Soprano and CASC co-founder Elenor Bowers-Jolley.

Anyone who enjoys singing, or would like to give joining a choir a try, is very welcome. Contact the Music Department on or 01473 326222 for more information.

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