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with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone Volume 7 • Issue No. 9 • AUGUST 2017

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13/07/2017 16:16

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR It hardly seems appropriate to write about anything other than the tragedy at Grenfell Tower which continues to dominate our news with new horrors exposed almost daily. It’s a shocking sight in print and on TV, but a friend who passed close to the blackened tower last week tells me the pictures don’t come close to capturing the awfulness of it. She found herself staring at it in disbelief as people walked by, heads bowed.


The outcome of the official investigation won’t be known for at least a year, but thankfully action is being taken to prevent similar disasters elsewhere. We can only hope this work is completed before more lives are lost and send our condolences to those who lost family members, friends and neighbours at Grenfell Tower, and indeed all those who lost everything except the clothes they were wearing. When horrors such as this occur we tend to hold our loved ones a little closer and appreciate what we have a little more. Often our own problems seem a little less all-consuming, at least for a little while. It’s also a reminder to check that our own homes and those of vulnerable neighbours or elderly relatives have adequate fire protection and working smoke alarms. Did you know you’re four times more likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a smoke alarm that works? Around half of home fires are caused by cooking accidents while two fires a day are started by candles and faulty electrics (appliances, wiring and overloaded sockets) cause around 6,000 fires in the home across the country every year. Take a moment today to inspect your home and then take any necessary action to protect it and those who live in it. You’ll find lots of information online and you may even be eligible for a Home Fire Risk Assessment or Home Fire Safety Check which you can book with your local fire and rescue service. You can also make enquiries on behalf of another person: Suffolk: 01473 260588 / Essex: 01376 576000

In Touch

with Chelmondiston, Erwarton, Harkstead, Holbrook, Pin Mill, Shotley, Stutton & Woolverstone

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As some of you may already know, I am currently studying midwifery. I have nearly finished my first year and have loved every minute of it. Next August I have to do a midwifery placement at a different trust to gain a wider range of experiences. If I can raise enough funds, I am hoping to go to Arusha in Tanzania. The conditions out there are very different to ours with a high death rate for women and even babies. While I am out there I have the opportunity to gain clinical experience in deliveries and special care, also looking after women at high risk of pre-eclampsia and post-partum haemorrhage. I will be working in healthcare clinics undertaking maternity work, paediatrics, vaccination programmes, malaria treatment and family planning. This trip would be a once in a lifetime experience and I feel like I can make a massive difference. I need to raise £1,600 to fund the trip and am hopefully looking for sponsors and will be organising various fundraising events over the next few months. This has included a stall at Shotley Fun Day on July 8 with cake sales, raffles and children’s games. I will also be taking part in a sponsored swim. If you can support me with these events I will be very grateful. Emily Pugh

SHOTLEY FLOWER FESTIVAL This was a most enjoyable and colourful event with just over £1,300 being raised. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. The first three draw prize winners were: 1: Food Hamper – Thelma Hunt (0879) 2: Cosmetic Hamper – Kate Hambin (1829) 3: Bottle of Whisky – Derek Rutherford (3408) A full list of winners is on the village hall noticeboard.

SUTTON VILLAGE FETE Sutton Village Fete will be held on Sutton Memorial Hall Recreation Ground on Sunday, August 13 from 1-4pm. Attractions will include: barbecue, grand raffle, white elephant, cakes and bakes, local interest area, coconut shy, children’s corner and lots more!  In the Memorial Hall there will be a selection of local crafts together with refreshments being served all afternoon. There will also be a Fun Dog Show with various classes being judged during the afternoon, finishing with the Best in Show. 

10 AUGUST 2017

is the final date for both advertising and editorial copy


NEWS CHELMONDISTON PARISH COUNCIL Parish Council Vacancy: We have had a vacancy now for several months and we are in a position to co-opt a new member. Take a look at the parish council page on the website to find out more about being a parish councillor. Come along to a meeting. Speak with one of our councillors. Talk to our district councillor, Derek Davis. We need new blood in the team. There is a lot going on! The Peninsula Community Recycling Centre: Open on Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm and on Wednesday mornings from 8.30am-noon. Check out our website for information as to what you can and cannot drop off. We have now been going for five years with Alan Nunn at the helm, Morley his right-hand man and Alan’s wife Pauline popping in when needed. Sadly, we say goodbye to Morley who has now retired to tend his roses and welcome Steve Hedges who has stepped in to lend a hand. A very big thank you to our brilliant volunteers; we could not have kept this going without you. Planning: Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils have now reorganised their planning pages on their website. For details on all planning matters go to: You will be able to comment on applications using Babergh’s online service. The parish council receives notification of all applications within the parish and our planning committee will discuss and send in their recommendations to Babergh DC. Future Development: There has been a lot of ‘chat’ about future developments within the parish. An architect has approached Babergh and the parish council about the possibility of developing some land at the top of Lings Lane. We understand that no application/s, so far, have been submitted to Babergh DC, but we will be making further inquiries and we will of course keep the parish informed.

Shotley, Erwarton, Chelmondiston, Woolverstone and Freston Lack of social housing on the peninsula is proving to be quite heartbreaking for many families. I’m often being asked to help families who have children who want to move out of their parents’ house and be independent, some can be in their 20s or more, or those coming back to work in the area after university or being in the armed forces. While many aspire to buy their own homes, that is often not feasible and even the so-called affordable homes are often out of reach financially. Another sector needing help are those who want to care for their elderly parents, but don’t have room in their own homes or can’t travel too far. One of things we are trying to do better is make empty homes owned or managed by the district council get back to use quicker. Sometimes that means making them safe and habitable for today’s standards, sometimes it means knocking houses down and starting again. On other occasions it may not be viable for the council to carry on owning them and so putting them on the open market, which you may have noticed has happened recently. It doesn’t solve the housing problem we have, but every little helps. If you know of a council house which is laying empty or in need of attention and isn’t getting done, please get in touch. Poster Success Every now and again the joys of being your district councillor are underlined by an event, or initiative, which epitomises just how wonderful individuals, groups and the community on the peninsula are. One such moment came at Shotley Primary School when 10-year-old Evie Giddings won a Babergh wide competition to find the best litter awareness poster.

Recently Granted Planning Permission: Highlands on Main Road have been given planning permission to build a new four bedroomed detached property within the grounds and the owners of White House Farm are to develop their old farm buildings into new accommodation.

Evie’s winning entry now proudly adorns a Babergh cleansing department van, which will be seen all over the district collecting black bags from public bins and visits Shotley on Fridays.

Playing Field: We are still looking at installing some keep fit and play equipment on the field, but to get the necessary grants we are going to have to extend our survey. Keep an eye out for further news. We will need your help. Volunteers to help with the playing field would be vey welcome. Thank you to John, Morley, Doug and Sam for keeping the grounds looking so wonderful.

Five other artistic Shotley pupils were given highly commended awards at a special ceremony where the assembly discussed why keeping our streets clean was so important. They certainly gave a clear message.

Table tennis appears to be very popular and would be even more so if the bats weren’t thrown into the hedge! Perhaps parents could supply their children with some bats?

Sea Shantiesz Shotley schoolchildren were also involved in the amazing Sea Shanties on the Shore concert at Woolverstone Hall along with some incredibly talented primary pupils from Chelmsondiston, Stutton, Holbrook Tattingstone, Brantham and Holbrook Academy in a superb 45-minute performance led by professional musicians from the City of London Synfonia orchestra.

Council meetings: The council meets on the first Tuesday of every month with planning meetings held every three weeks. Everyone is welcome to attend and if you have any issues that you would like raised or help with, please get in touch. Agendas are posted on the noticeboards and on the website. Both draft and signed minutes can be found on the website. However, you can ask the parish clerk for copies at any time. Chelmondiston Parish Council Clerk Fran Sewell 01473 780138 /



Here we see Evie pictured with her parents Ben and Lisa, and myself (far right).

The standing ovation was well-deserved for this extraordinary performance, put on as part of the Shotley Peninsula Tourism Action Group Arthur Ransome celebrations, backed by the Art Council and some terrific work by Babergh’s Communities Team. If you have an issue you would like to discuss please contact: / 07824 167196 My Facebook page is: Derek Davis-Your Independent Councillor

In Touch online:



To celebrate Suffolk Day on June 21 we set up a BBQ on Bristol Hill picnic site and invited anyone to come along and use it – a chance to cook and chat with friends and neighbours. Same again next year!

Babergh District Councillor Alastair McCraw PLANNING AGAIN I started off this month writing a general guide to the planning process, and that was just the first item. It turned into a small but useful essay. I’ve put that to one side for now, but expect to use it. I’ve already shared a very good summary of the current position from Derek Davis in the Facebook group below. Please have a look. We are also currently revising our Local Plan to resolve some previous flaws and bring ourselves up to date in Planning Policy. In Brantham, the Rail Maintenance Yard has been granted permission. Along with the parish council, and almost everybody, I’m very hopeful for this project and what it will mean for regeneration and employment. I’m in touch with site management and we’ll work together to keep impacts to a minimum. Work has also started on the land opposite the top of Birch Drive, by Windy Ridge. Gipping Construction has visited neighbours and completion is expected in 2018. The triangle by the path will be landscaped and the path improved. The Parish Council voted that the name of the single street serving these houses should be Poppy Field. That seems acceptable to the developer, and it will also commemorate the men of the village killed between 1914 and 1918 at the right moment. I also understand poppies will be planted. In Tattingstone, the corner of The Heath and Station Road has approval for 13 units, a full eight to be affordable. Visibility questions have been answered to Highways satisfaction and I know that there are residents of the village who will welcome the possibility of being able to remain there.

Our group has been out and about as usual cutting and strimming back weeds and brambles around the village. Thanks for all the encouraging comments and ‘likes’ on Facebook when we cut back the overgrowth in Tudor Close, Queensland and Bristol Hill. We’ll keep on doing what we can to help look after the area, and any help is much appreciated. The Lloyd Road recreational area is on our radar at the moment. We are trying to keep the football field trimmed between the goalposts, and have been able to move them to a better place with grass in front of the goals as opposed to hard dirt. Thanks to Alex for all the time he puts in keeping this area in good condition for the community. A group of walkers from Eye visited Shotley on July 5 and we took them on one of our popular circular walks, the ‘Shotley Point Stroll’. They were here to learn more about the Walkers are Welcome (WaW) scheme and hope to be putting an application in for accreditation very soon. Suffolk County Council has been working with our group to create the Suffolk Walkers are Welcome Alliance which would be a forum for exchanging ideas to encourage more walkers to visit and stay in accredited locations, and to help keep the WaW brand ‘fresh’. We hope you have had a chance to look at the new footpath maps located outside the village hall and the Bristol Arms. They attract a lot of attention and complement the excellent leaflets we have available for walks around Shotley. The Shotley Explorer leaflet is being reviewed and updated and we hope to have a revised version available when the current stock runs. Look out for the new leaflet which will include the 7.5 mile ‘Farms and Rivers’ circular walk and the Arthur Ransome Walking Trail. Sometime soon we should also have one of the large Arthur Ransome information boards installed at Shotley Gate facing Shotley Pier.

On a slightly larger scale, Stutton has serious concern, not to say opposition, to 34 houses at Church Lane. Although that’s a lower density than might be expected, there are problems with access, traffic and safety. The AONB is another large consideration against. There are positives to this application however in affordable housing that may help the future diversity of the community. The applicant also made strenuous efforts to pre-consult with the village. But the access issues deal with safety and common sense. I’ve asked for a site visit to be made by any planning committee.

For the diary we have a second ‘Health Walk’ planned for Friday, September 15, starting at 11am opposite the Bristol Arms. We have worked with Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council again, and with District Councillor Derek Davis. The walk is included in the ‘One Life Suffolk’ Health Walks booklet for July to October.

MOVE TO IPSWICH Meetings seem to be being scheduled for Endeavour House in September, so that’s an indicator. But you know what moving house is like! Literally this is a work in progress.

Finally, another opportunity popped up and we just couldn’t resist. The Peninsula Tourist Action Group has set up a Peninsula Cycle Hire Sub-Group to look at expanding cycle hire facilities in the area. We believe electric cycles would be a great way to get around the peninsula, particularly for passengers who come across on the footferry, so we applied to Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB team for a Sustainable Development Grant to put money towards buying two electric cycles for our team to put through their paces for the next six months. Our application was successful, so very soon (if not already) you will see us tootling up and down the peninsula to see just how well they cope with our terrain. The results of our trials would be fed into the Peninsula Cycle Sub-Group.

PRE-APPLICATION PLANNING ADVICE Babergh will now charge for this previously free service, in line with other authorities. It’s worth considering and can be tailored to need. It does not imply that approval will be given, and it never did. Details, as they say, on application. BABERGH ELECTORAL REVIEW Currently under consultation till August 14, I feel it lacks some basic information. We drop from 43 to 31 councillors and the wards will change. The Boundary Commission do this stuff all the time. We don’t. Each councillor will, on average, represent 2,388 electors (previously 1,600). I’m working on this in spare time and will put up a list of the principles and expected electorates, but it’s an open ended jigsaw puzzle. There will be a later consultation in October on draft recommendations. That may be more useful. As ever, I can be contacted as below, or look for me on the Blue Claud Butler bicycle, now in shorts and the odd coloured cycling shirt. / 07812 564188 Facebook: Alton, Alastair McCraw & Harriet Steer (an open group)


If you went along to the excellent fun day at the Shotley Rose on Saturday, July 8 then you would have seen our team displaying some of our equipment that we use for cutting and strimming work. Thank you for supporting our tombola, proceeds help to maintain the equipment.

Thank you to all who have sent in photographs for our Shotley Calendar 2018, they are now being considered for inclusion. There are some fabulous photographs and stunning skylines. Enjoy summer, enjoy the great outdoors and let us know if you see any paths or open spaces that need improvements – we’ll do our best. If you want to be included on the growing Shotley Open Spaces email list, please contact Geraint Pugh ( or Gary Richens (, and check out our website and Facebook group (Shotley Open Spaces). Report by Gary Richens

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NEWS HOLBROOK PARISH COUNCIL Key points from the meeting held on July 19


Fundraising Lottery for the Reade Field: Councillors approved the costs and administrative requirements of setting up a lottery so this will now be progressed.

Holbrook Parish Council is seeking an enthusiastic and suitably experienced person to work as its parish clerk and responsible financial officer from September 1, 2017.

Presentation re proposed development of land north of Woodlands Road: Mr P Wells gave a presentation to the meeting regarding a proposed development on a site north of Woodlands Road identified in the latest BDC call for sites as HOL1. Indicative proposals included plans for up to 30 dwellings, to include 10 affordable dwellings, to be accessed by a single entrance on Woodlands Road. The hedge would be maintained along Ipswich Road. Councillors had the opportunity to look at proposed site plans and to comment informally on the ideas presented. Mr Wells was keen to know how the site fitted into the village, footpaths etc. He expects to submit for planning permission in eight to 12 weeks. Maintenance of Footpath 19 (The Cut): Although the hedges along Footpath 19 are not the responsibility of HPC, it was agreed that action needed to be taken for the benefit of all residents using the path. Some of the neighbours in Denmark Gardens maintain their stretch of hedge as it is clear in their deeds that this is their responsibility. Others do not have that obligation. The clerk will write to all properties neighbouring the path to outline proposals for a working party to cut back overhanging vegetation. Full minutes of this and all other meetings are available by contacting the clerk and at: or Public attendance at council meetings Councillors were concerned that there was a lack of public attendance at this meeting which might have been expected given the proposed planning application being on the agenda. All parishioners are welcome to attend meetings of the parish council which are advertised on the noticeboards and the website. There is always an opportunity for members of the public to ask a question or to comment on items on the agenda. The council represents the electorate of Holbrook and encourages involvement from parishioners to ensure that local views are heard. Meetings are usually held on the third Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the village hall. Boundary Commission Review of Babergh District Council The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is consulting on an electoral review of Babergh District Council which is intending to move from 43 to 31 councillors. This means that the ward boundaries are likely to be changed to ensure equality of representation in terms of numbers of voters in each ward. Currently Holbrook and Harkstead are represented by one councillor. If you have views on this review, or to find out more, please visit and follow the links to the Babergh review. The closing date for this stage of the consultation is August 14. Vacancy for parish clerk Are you interested in serving your community in an exciting and busy role? There will be a vacancy for the role of parish clerk and responsible financial officer for Holbrook Parish Council from September 1. For more information see the advert opposite, parish noticeboards and the village website. For further information on any of these items, contact the clerk: / 07999 583017

This is an interesting and varied home-based role working with the council to provide a service to the thriving and active community of Holbrook. The role involves advising and working with councillors, supporting council meetings and implementing council decisions. About you: You will have administrative experience, possibly within the public sector. Ideally you will have a local council background including the CiLCA qualification or be willing to undertake this within a reasonable time frame of the appointment. You must be computer literate, with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel. The clerk also maintains the village website (knowledge of HTML not required). You should have a working knowledge of accounting procedures. About the job: You will be expected to work 12 hours per week, flexible working pattern to be agreed. Attendance at evening meetings will be required. Salary will be in accordance with NJC salary scales starting at pay point LC1 SCP 21 (£10.47ph). This is due for review in October 2017. You will be required to provide a suitable home working environment including the storage of a two-drawer filing cabinet and other archives. Computer equipment may be provided. The successful applicant will be offered training to support this important role. For more information and to apply: Useful information, including copies of the job description and person specification, can be seen at: For an informal discussion about the role, please contact the current clerk, Mrs Ferial Rolfe holbrookparishclerk@outlook. com / 07999 583017 – or the chairman, Mr John Ambrose, on 01473 328815. To apply, please send a covering letter and an explanation of how you meet the requirements of the person specification. Shortlisting will be based solely on the criteria set out in the person specification. CVs sent with no other details will not be considered. The deadline for applications is August 10 and interviews will be held on the evening of August 16. Applications may be made by email to or by post to Holbrook Parish Council, 27 Denmark Gardens, Holbrook IP9 2BG marked ‘private and confidential’.

SHOTLEY AND ERWARTON JUBILEE COMMUNITY COUNCIL Our 39th flower and vegetable show takes place on Saturday, September 2 at 2.30pm. Schedules to enter the show can be obtained from Norman Bugg (787358) and returned by Wednesday, August 30. Exhibits must be in the hall by 10.30am on Saturday 2.


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Your real home from home A beautiful home offering bespoke, specialist care.


Visit Spring Lodge care home, in Main Road, Woolverstone. We provide the following key services, Residential care

Dementia care

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NEWS JAMES CARTLIDGE, MP FOR SOUTH SUFFOLK I was very honoured to be appointed a Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the ministerial team at the Department of Health. Distilled, the role of PPS is basically to act as a conduit between a government department and parliamentary colleagues. In practice this means that I will be supporting the health ministers in their day-to-day work by attending debates, statements and urgent questions, and also ensuring that they are aware of the feeling in the House of Commons and concerns individual MPs may have. If individual members are concerned about certain matters either locally or nationally, or would like assistance in gaining attention for a particular campaign, it is the role of the PPS to enable that communication. For regular watchers of the parliament channel – and I know there are some – the PPS usually sits behind the minister they are supporting and can often be seen scampering across the green benches to send or receive notes to and from departmental officials seated near the speaker’s chair. A PPS is an unpaid role, though intriguingly we are classed as being on the government ‘payroll’. Commentators sometimes use the phrase ‘payroll vote’ which refers to all ministers, whips and PPSs who are in one way or another part of the government (as opposed to ‘backbenchers’). I am delighted to have been assigned to the Department of Health because there is almost no bigger issue than the future of healthcare in the UK. I am looking forward to getting more involved in this area and developing a greater understanding about the challenges faced by the fantastic staff in our NHS. Of course, I will continue to be the Member of Parliament of South Suffolk. I will still hold surgeries, stand up for local interests and work on my various projects and priorities. My first duty remains to represent you in parliament, but it’s exciting to have new challenges to go with that core responsibility. Please see page 9 for my contact details.

HOLBROOK AND SHOTLEY SURGERY Training days Our next training afternoon will be on Thursday, September 7 when we will be shut from 1pm. Please ring 111 for advice if your query cannot wait until the following day. In an emergency, dial 999. Practice Nurse Maggie Leggett, our practice nurse at Holbrook since 1988, will be retiring at the end of September. Maggie has been a loyal and dedicated member of staff who has a huge amount of knowledge and we will all miss her. At the time of writing we are advertising to fill this vacancy and hope to be able to advise you more on this next month.

SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM Hello Readers, I expect like us here at the station you have experienced the very hot and sticky weather over the last few weeks and are constantly trying to get fresh cool air into your homes. Please can I remind you to make sure that that all doors and windows are securely locked when you leave your house and don’t offer any temptation to opportunist burglars? Over recent weeks several areas have been targeted by thieves who have broken into properties via patio doors, only for the owners of the houses to come back to find untidy searches have been made and personal valuable items have been stolen. Do not make life easy for the burglars. With recent terrorist attacks around the country, Suffolk Police would ask you to be vigilant. If you have any suspicions or see or hear anything, please call us and report it. High profile events, festivals and concerts are being particularly heavily presenced by uniformed and armed police officers and dogs. The safety of the public is paramount and Suffolk Police, together with other forces want to make these events enjoyable for all. As we enter the six week school holidays, Hadleigh SNT would like to ask all parents to make sure they know where their children are, what they are doing, who they are out with and also please remind them to respect our open parks and play areas. Pick up rubbish and bottles and be wary of the fact that little children also want to enjoy the play areas in our towns and villages and do not want to hear loud swearing and abusive comments. Everyone should be able to enjoy the summer days. A quick safety warning – the temptation to cool ourselves down in water throughout these long hot summer days is of course on everyone’s mind. Please take care. Our rivers, streams, mill pools and reservoirs might look very welcoming, but also carry hidden harm. Often dangers such as rubbish, metal and natural weeds are hidden under the surface, and tides can be dangerous. We would strongly urge you to think before you dive in. Hadleigh SNT will be out and about throughout the summer at various events including school and village fetes, as well as community engagements in some of our villages. Please take this opportunity to come and meet the team. We will advertise these events as much as possible so please follow us on Twitter (details below). Also if you have any other questions, issues or concerns for the team, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the following ways. Until next time, please have a safe and enjoyable summer from us all at Hadleigh Police Station. Twitter: @HadleighPolice Email: Emergency: 999 Non-emergency: 101 PCSO 3173 Julia Bignell, Hadleigh SNT, Hadleigh Police Station, Magdalen Road, Hadleigh IP7 5AD

Flu days It is difficult to think of flu season when the weather is so lovely, but we have organised our clinics for this year as follows: Wednesday, September 27 at Holbrook Thursday, October5 at Shotley Thursday, October 12 at Shotley Tuesday, October 17 at Holbrook As always, no appointment is necessary, please just turn up at either site (you don’t have to go to your normal site) between 2pm and 6pm and book in at reception. If you are over 65 you have automatic entitlement, those patients under 65 who are identified as eligible will be contacted by letter prior to the clinics starting. Please note that if you are not eligible, we are unable to give private vaccinations at the surgery. Fidget Quilts We have now sent more than 225 fidget quilts to the dementia unit at Ipswich Hospital as well as Suffolk Family Carers. They are also being used in A&E to calm patients with many varied diagnoses whilst waiting so if anyone has spare time to make these, please ask in practice for details. Practice Manager Julia Smith

Friday, September 29: Holbrook Bowls Club Quiz Night With a special extra prize Holbrook round! Saturday, November 25: Christmas Shopping Trip to Norwich Details to follow. Friday, December 1: Farming on the Peninsula by Richard Wrinch Living on the peninsula, arable fields are part of our daily life. But just how much do we know about farming here today? Or in the past? Richard Wrinch, whose family have farmed in this area for generations, will offer us a fascinating insight.


OUT & ABOUT SHOTLEY VILLAGE HALL Our next auction takes place on Saturday, September 16. Doors open at 9am. First lot goes under the hammer at 9.30am. Lots need to be booked with Jim Catling (788499) or Norman Bugg (787358) by Wednesday, September 13. Lots can be delivered to the hall on Thursday 14 from 10am-noon and 2-6pm. Viewing can be undertaken from 10am-noon and 2-6pm on Friday 15 when catalogues can be purchased. Catalogues 50p, lots cost £1, to enter £1, minimum bid £2.


BLACKHEART RETURN TO HARKSTEAD VILLAGE HALL We are excited to welcome back another intimate evening with the Blackheart Orchestra when they play another concert at Harkstead Village Hall on Friday, August 25 staring at 7.30pm as part of their annual tour. Advance bookings are £10 available from Tony Leeson: 01473 328687 / The Blackheart Orchestra are multi-instrumentalists Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington. The pioneering folktronic duo blend musical styles to create a unique fusing acoustic and electronic and stringed instruments with classical influences.

Saturday, September 2, 11am-3pm After the success of last year and because it was such fun, St Andrew’s Church are organising a jumble trail around the beautiful village of Chelmondiston.

The songs they write are true personal stories and they tell fascinating, sometimes hilarious and sometimes very moving stories about their songs, how and where they were written and also about their unusual musical life on the road.

Have a table top sale outside your house and visitors can follow the trail through the village. Sell all your old clothes, toys, plants, bric-a-brac and handmade items. A map will guide us through the village, browsing and shopping as we go.

Blackheart have now released four albums and three singles of which Wednesday Afternoon got national UK airplay and led them to two headline tours of Australia and New Zealand, plus successful tours of Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. Their new album, Diving for Roses, is out now.

Enjoy bacon butties at the church for a much needed rest and refreshment. Let’s make this a real community event! If you would like to take part by having a stall for a small donation of £5/£10, or wish to help in any other way, please contact Sally Letman: 01473 780036 /


SONGS FOR A SUNDAY Sunday, September 10 at 10am at Holbrook Village Hall Do you have a favourite song or hymn? Let us know. We would like to include it in a special Songs for a Sunday to which we invite anyone who would like to come. If you would like to write or say something about why it’s your favourite that would be great.

St Michael’s Monthly Morning Market in August is going to be a special one with our four legged friends being made especially welcome. The market is in Woolverstone Church, just off the main road through the village; opening hours are 9am-noon and the August market is on Saturday, August 12. As well as the regular stalls with local fruit and veg from Tattingstone, cakes, pastries, Anchor Bread, meat from East End Butchers, trees plants and shrubs, local crafts, cards, quilting, coffee and tea, bacon and Woolverstone banger butties, we will have a chance for dog owners to show us their dog’s party tricks, everyone will be a winner with a prize of a doggie treat if they are allowed one! For more information or to book a stall please email Jane Gould: / 01473 780777 And if that isn’t enough for your pets there is a Pet Service the next day at 11am for them to “Woof” an alleluia or two!


Write your choice on a card and pop it in the letterbox outside the Methodist Church (opposite the Co-op) or leave it at the parish church before August 31. We’ll try and include your choice in Songs for a Sunday.

MUSICAL SUMMER EVENINGS Why not enjoy a summer Sunday evening with five styles of music and song with a thought for the day at Chelmondiston Methodist Church from 6.15-7.30pm? July 30: Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band with Dr Liz Cope August 6: Christian Country & Gospel with Mary Sagar August 13: The Masson Family with Ian, Lynda and Sarah August 20: Peninsular Singers with Rev Andrew Sankey August 27: Male Voice Choir with Rev Andrew Sankey

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First Impressions Beauty Salon Gate Farm Road, Shotley Gate

Celebrating 18 years of serving the Shotley peninsula Your first choice for waxing and permanent hair removal, Shellac manicure and pedicure, Eve Taylor facials and massage, eyelash and eyebrow enhancement Easy parking on the premises - Opening hours to suit you Fully insured with BABTAC for all treatments For details of treatments and offers Visit Call Lin on 01473 787429

You’re invited to make an appointment at our Wherstead Park office to discuss:

Powers of Attorney Probate

Wills Court of Protection

Our out of town Ipswich location is very convinient for parking and has great disabled access. Contact us for an appointment at your convenience: Wherstead Park, The Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP9 2BJ

01473 556 900

Ellisons Solicitors is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA Number 49336



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OUT & ABOUT ADVENTURE CRUISE HOLIDAY CLUB At Holbrook Methodist Church and Village Hall Tuesday, August 29 – Friday, September 1, 10am-12.30pm A holiday club for ages four-11 with games, crafts, music and drama. Register by Friday, August 25 by contacting: / 01473 658478


Beavers Beach Comb Our Beavers had a great evening hiking from Scout HQ to Shotley Gate to go on a beach comb. They found lots of interesting items from crab claws to sea glass. These items were then made into collages. Cubs Camp Fire Although recently the weather has been very hot the Cubs decided that what was needed was a camp fire. The Cubs also made s’mores (melted marshmallows sandwiched between two biscuits). What’s not to love? Scouts Seaside Adventure The Scouts were also out an about on our coastline. While some went on a boat trip up the River Stour, others used their skill and some fishing line to catch crabs. One trio of youngsters caught 31. Penny Mile Just to let you know that this year’s penny mile raised a grand total of £230.36. Our thanks goes to all those who donated so generously. ‘Phil the Bag’ The ‘Phil the Bag’ total for April was £612.50. Thank you all for giving us your unwanted clothes, linen, shoes, etc. We will be having our next one in October, date to be confirmed.

PHILIP THICKNESSE – FRIEND OR FOE? Something fabulous is happening in Felixstowe. The story of Philip Thicknesse, Governor of Landguard Fort 1753-66, is being brought to life in the place where it all happened. This site-specific production developed by Woven Theatre Company offers a whole new perspective on a man who should be better known as an important figure in Felixstowe’s and Suffolk’s history. As you know, Landguard Fort is a spectacular location with a big central courtyard surrounded by rooms, fortifications, underground passages, an outer bailey and a moat and Philip Thicknesse is a character you will never forget. He was a man with very little respect for authority, but gained great loyalty from his men and was adored by his wives. Written by two local playwrights, Peppy Barlow and Sally Wilden, and led by four professional actors with the involvement of members of the public, Felixstowe Community Choir and the historic re-enactor volunteers based at the fort. Specially commissioned puppets – the governor’s monkey Jacko and his wife Ann’s parakeet –will add to the fun. Tickets (£12 / £6 for under 18s) are on sale through Eastern Angles: 01473 211498 / For more information visit: Do book up early and be part of the fun. Landguard Fort will never feel the same again.



Our trip to Bewilderwood finally arrived and what a fantastic day we had. Thirtytwo Brownies had the most amazing time whizzing down huge slides, playing games in the giant sky mazes, helping each other hold tightly on the wobbly zip wires, braving the broken bridge, crawling through tricky tunnels and above all having tremendous fun with Brownie friends. The Brownies even persuaded the leaders to brave the slippery slopes, much to their delight!

On Sunday, July 9, five adults did a lovely walk around Alton Water. Carol joined us for the first time on a glorious sunny day. Many people were enjoying walking, cycling or having a picnic. We had a welcome cup of tea in the café before walking back to the start.

We also had a beautiful evening for water slide fun. The leaders had kept this activity a secret and our Brownies were so excited when they saw what they were going to be doing. The girls’ enthusiasm didn’t subside even after an hour of slipping and sliding!

Our next walk is on August 13, a three mile walk around Trimley St Mary, starting at 2.30pm from a small car park at end of Station Road/Cordys Lane. Conditions: well defined field edge paths and good tracks. Muddy when wet, no stiles. Why not join us? It costs nothing to walk with us and new faces are welcome. This is a lovely walk. There is an open area with a seat to have a rest and take in the view and experience the hub-bub of a large container port at work.

Another hot evening saw our Brownies orienteering at Foxburrow Farm. Fortunately, they used their compasses correctly to solve the clues and then pull the pins out of the box in the correct order so they were able to devour the precious nuggets of chocolate hidden inside!

Sainbury’s Vouchers Total vouchers collected was 2,100. The order will be going in by the end of July, thanks for collecting. Bingo We will be holding another evening of prize bingo in September at The Rose; more details to follow in next month’s In Touch. Enquiries to Jane: 01473 787416

Contact Jill: 01473 787504

CHELMONDISTON OVER 60S On Thursday, July 6 we had a lovely afternoon’s musical entertainment from Mike Reed who kept us singing, and in some cases dancing in the aisles. We are always looking for new members; if you are over 60 come along on Thursday afternoons for friendship, fun, games, outings, tea and cakes and jolly good company. Mike and Michele Rutherford: 01473 780718

Our Brownie pack met up with Capel Brownies where we exchanged games and then had great fun with newly made friends clambering on the climbing frames and helping each other on the roundabouts, zip wire and swings. If your daughter (aged seven-10) would like to enjoy a variety of activities, take part in new challenges, make lasting friendships and, above all, have fun, please register on Girlguiding. UK. We currently have a waiting list for five and six year olds.




We welcomed Margaret Mellor to our July meeting. She talked us through the different wordings of the Lord’s Prayer and played recordings of the Lord’s Prayer sung in different countries, a very meditative afternoon. We sang the hymn Lord of the Dance, this being the title of the flower arrangement Jenny had displayed at Shotley Flower Festival. She kindly brought it to St Andrew’s Church for members to see. Our thanks to Jenny. We enjoyed tea and cakes provided by Thelma during our social time.

Goodness how time flies, we are already half way through the year. Our speakers this year have been very popular. We deliberately invited speakers covering local topics and last month’s talk by Mary Wain on Bawdsey Radar was fascinating. Some of you may remember the building was part of the Restoration programme on the BBC. The station building has since been restored and they now have funding for a permanent exhibition which will open in October this year. To find out more visit:

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, August 2 at Joan’s home, Wychwood, Hill Farm Lane, Chelmondiston. Friends, family and neighbours are very welcome to join us; it promises to be a fun afternoon. Thanks to Joan for her various competitions, plus a cream tea. All funds raised will be given SHOTLEY CHURCH HERITAGE 700 to our MU Summer Appeal for families and used around the world.

You don’t have to be a member to come to our talks; we are happy to have guests and charge £3 to cover costs. We have two more talks this year.


Further enquiries to: Christine 780621; Thelma 787660; Pam 780796



September 12: A Voyage round the River Orwell and Stour by Robert Simper November 14: A History of Languard Fort by David Wood We meet at The Shipwreck from 7pm for a 7.30pm start, and hope to see you there.

COFFEE MORNING AND BRING & BUY Shotley Village Hall, Friday, September 8, 10am-noon

and Bring andplus Buy £3 entry includes coffee & biscuits twoSale strips of raffle tickets. SHOTLEY CHURCH HERITAGE 700


everyone welcome SHOW FASHION

Shotley Village Hall, Friday, September 22, 7.30pm Where?





10am ‘til midday

Entry: £3 includes coffee & biscuits plus 2 strips of raffle tickets

Ladies fashions Edinburgh Wool Company Ladies fashions from Edinburgh Woolfrom Company’s autumn/winter be modelled fromavailable their Autumn/Winter collection will be modelled.willItems will be for sale at the collection end of the evening at discounted prices. Items will be available for sale at the end of the evening at discounted prices

SHOTLEY HALL Refreshments willWhere? include Bucks FizzVILLAGE with nibbles. When? FRIDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER Tickets (£5) are available from Shotley Post Office, Time? and Pat 7.30pm Norman Bugg (787358) Scholfield (788521). Refreshments will include Bucks Fizz with nibbles

JUNE DRAW Tickets cost £5 WINNERS and are available from Shotley Post Office, Norman Bugg (tel: 787358) and Pat Scholfield (tel: 788521) 1: £25 – Ms C Higgs (100) • 2: £20 – Mr A Rudland (158) 3: £15 – Mrs V Hawkins (035) • 4: £8 – Mr R Pare (076) 5: £7 – Mrs A Taylor (014) New members are always welcome to join the 700 Club at a cost of £1 a month which can be paid at intervals of three, six or 12 months. To join contact Norman: 01473 787358

EAST SUFFOLK ASSOCIATION FOR THE BLIND An independent and voluntary charitable organisation promoting the welfare of blind and partially sighted people in East Suffolk since 1914. Membership is free. We also hold a social from 2-4pm on the last Wednesday of every month at Stutton Community Hall when we provide entertainment, afternoon tea and a raffle and twice a year, in the summer and at Christmas, we enjoy lunch at a local hotel. If you would like to join us, please contact Ian, our community support worker, for more information: 01473 788380


CHELMONDISTON WI Our speaker in June was Simon Leatherdale, a very interesting treeholic whose passion is obviously trees! Simon’s talk was about maritime woodlands and we are very fortunate to have quite a lot of this around our peninsula. Simon has looked at trees all around the British Isles, been bombed by angry seagulls in Scotland, seen very rare trees that only live in the Clifton Gorge, knows that all the earthworms were killed in the Dunwich floods, and so lots of trees died. Lots of other little-known information came our way including the fact that Chequers pubs are called after chequers trees (they brewed beer from the berries long ago) and not the finish flag at Silverstone! Pat, our president, reminded us that we are now looking to take some action on the two resolutions passed at the WI AGM in Liverpool, which are confronting loneliness, especially in the elderly, and addressing the horrible state of our oceans – plastic in all its forms, especially ‘plastic soup’. We are reading up on this to see how we can help in our small ways. We are hoping to arrange another river trip during the holidays and we are crafting something special for Donor Awareness Week in September. Look out for surprising items hanging around the village hall! August sees our Fun and Food Day, and September brings Claire with her dogs Maddie and Minty.

CRAFTERS UNLIMITED A craft club for people who like to try different crafts in a light hearted atmosphere, meeting on the first Monday of the month (except for bank holidays when it’s the following Monday). Monday, August 7: Bath Salts (Debbie) Monday, September 4: No Sewing Cushion Cover (Debbie) Samples of each project are displayed the month before and other projects are available. Saturday workshops (10am-4pm) and Monday meetings (7.3010pm) are held in Wherstead Village Hall Meeting Rooms. Contacts: Ann is 01473 780298 / Jill 01473 713534

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Email with your reason and contact details for a chance to win! Closing date: 31st August *T&C’s apply

MATURE CIRCUITS Monday 10.00am

RUNNING CLUB Tuesday 6.00pm

FITFLEX Wednesday 6.00pm

BODY TONE Thursday 6.30pm

WILLPOWER & GRACE Saturday 10.00am

CIRCUITS AND ABS Monday 6.30pm

LEGS, BUMS & TUMS Wednesday 10.00am

HIIT Thursday 7.00am

CIRCUITS AND ABS Friday 6.00pm



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OUT & ABOUT SHOTLEY WHIST DRIVE This month we meet from 1.50-4pm on Thursdays 10 and 24, and then on September 7. We meet in the village hall where we have 12 games of whist before refreshments (usually home-made cakes) followed by another 12 games. This is a friendly afternoon and there is always someone on hand to help if needed. The afternoon costs £2 and there are prizes handed out. Lifts are always available. For information contact Norman or Eileen: 01473 787358

STOUR VALLEY MEN’S PROBUS CLUB On July 5 Lewis Tyler presented Daddy, What is TV? and on Wednesday, July 19 we held our summer lunch to which we invited our spouses and Probus widows. This year we moved to The Haywain and the occasion was enjoyed by all.  We don’t hold a meeting in August and return after our break on Wednesday, September 6 when Tom Williams presents Everyone Has a Book in Them, followed on Wednesday, September 20 by Philip Roberts with a talk entitled The Mary Rose. On Wednesday, October 4 Roy Wood will tell us how to enjoy a healthy retirement and David Ablewhite returns with a talk about the royal family on Wednesday, October 18. Our club endeavours to be simple in structure, free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other and the opportunity for development of acquaintances. New members are welcomed. We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree CO11 1EB at 10.30am. For further details please contact speaker secretary Dave Carman: 01255 880202

SUFFOLK DEMENTIA HELPLINE Call 01473 353350 We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SHOTLEY SOCIAL CLUB (OVER 60S) This month we meet on Thursdays 17 and 31 from 1.50-4pm. There will be no club on August 3 as we are going to see Summer Special at the Spa in Felixstowe, with lunch before at The Alex. We did very well with our tombola at the fun day on Saturday 8; many thanks to members who helped in one way or another. We have a lovely club and lifts are always available. For information please get in touch with Norman or Eileen: 01473 787358

STOUR VALLEY U3A On Wednesday, July 12 Dr Stephen Ashworth, senior lecturer at UEA, talked on kitchen chemistry. Stephen presented an interesting science show using readily available materials to illustrate some of the principles of chemistry.  Acids, bases, catalysts and indicators are all part of this exploration of some of the chemicals that are all around us.     We don’t have a speaker meeting in August, but our popular summer dinner takes place once again at the Constable Hall on August 4. Our speaker on September 13 is David Whittle, vice-chairman of the Harwich Society, whose presentation is entitled I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside. Being a Woman Racing Driver & Racing at Le Mans is the subject of our talk by Celia Stevens on October 11.  Celia will talk of her experience of racing historic cars three times at Le Mans Classic, once at Nuremburg and all over the UK. And she’s still racing! Our main purpose is to encourage lifelong learning for those who are no longer in full time employment and emphasis is always placed on making learning active and fun as well as helping in developing friendships. We have a wide range of groups including language study, country walking and computer studies and groups that visit gardens, churches and historic buildings. In the main, membership is drawn from communities in the lower Stour Valley and adjacent areas including Brantham, Capel St Mary, Dedham, East Bergholt, Holbrook, Lawford, Manningtree, Raydon and Stratford St Mary. We are affiliated to the ThirdAge Trust, have over 260 members and 21 groups. For further information please visit www. where membership secretary Gillian Gibbs may be contacted. We meet at Constable Hall, Gandish Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TP at 2.15pm.  Annual membership is £12 which entitles members to attend meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except August and December. It’s never too late to learn! Join the 361,477 members across 969 U3As throughout the UK today.

After the service we enjoyed her favourite ice cream It’s the little things that make a funeral special

Here for you every hour of every day

01473 851731

for your local funeral director 19



At our June meeting a representative of the Hearing Care Centre gave an informative talk about how the ear works to allow us to hear sounds, why hearing loss occurs as we get older and why nothing can be done surgically to improve matters. Our speaker then went on to explain how hearing aids work and the different types available. Costs vary from a few hundred pounds for a basic hearing aid which amplifies all sound to the latest digital ones costing several thousand which can individually adjust the level of narrow frequency bands. Some can even be controlled by the wearer via an app on their mobile phone.

Once again the weather thwarted our plans, this time for our members’ open gardens. We might have been lucky, although it did rain again at 7pm, but the gardens were very wet from previous downpours and we decided to cancel.

Janet Dann will present a talk entitled Suffolk Chapter & Verse at our meeting on August 9. This will be followed by a fish and chip lunch for club members. Future talks this year will be: Elderly Drivers, Jewel of the Canaries, A year as Mayor of Ipswich, Christmas Special Message and Carols, First Aid & AED with a demonstration, Dad’s Army, The History of Scarecrows, Pray Silence for ? and The History of Butley Priory. Meetings are held at 10am on the second Wednesday of every month in Tattingstone Village Hall. Following the speaker we have refreshments (when there is time for a chat with other members) and a raffle. New members and visitors are welcome to join us. We normally hold a members’ lunch after the August and February meetings. Roger Felgate, 01473 311684

Karen and Carole did their usual sterling job running our fundraising stall at, what we still think of as, The Rose Fete, but were a little disappointed by the take up this year and I’m told there were quite a few tombola prizes left at the end which is most unusual. Our next meeting will be our annual cream tea on August 14 with the possibility that this could be preceded by visiting a couple of members’ gardens that were missed because of the weather last month. Members will be notified of any changes to the usual arrangements. The following meeting will be the AGM at the village hall on September 11.

STUTTON CEVCP SCHOOL Please enjoy sharing the highlights of an eventful second half of the summer term. •


The Shanties on the Shore performances were enjoyed by our children, parents and staff and provided a great opportunity to work alongside the other schools on the peninsula and for the children to perform with the City of London Sinfonia.

Suffolk Libraries is reminding budding writers there is still plenty of time to enter a special Suffolk Day competition. The first ever Suffolk Day in June also coincided with National Writing Day so Suffolk Libraries invited people to submit their own Suffolk-inspired piece of writing. The best entries will be published in a library eBook compilation through the Suffolk Writes project which people will be able to download for free from the online Suffolk Libraries eLibrary.

Our older children spent a busy and fun-packed four day weekend at Aylmerton Field Study Centre in North Norfolk and had fantastic experiences, including mud-walking at Blakeney and a boat trip to see the seals, travelling along high wires, searching for fossils and semi-precious stones while walking from Cromer to West Runton and going on a twilight safari. See our website for pictures of their trip.

A group of our older children were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Wimbledon and saw some excellent tennis.

Our mini-fete grew and grew and we are very grateful to everyone who so readily offered us support giving their time and donations of money as well as prizes and lots of tasty cakes, and were there to set up and clear away. It was lovely to see so many people from the village community visiting our school during the morning.

The art exhibition was a huge success; we sold over £2,600 worth of artwork, making a profit, including donations, of over £800. Many thanks to the artists who exhibited such a very wide range of work. We were delighted with the number of people who took time out of their weekend to come along to visit the exhibition.

Our Year 6 children have visited Holbrook Academy ready for their transition there in September. As part of their work, they have made a short film entitled Change and thought about this idea in many different contexts.

Anyone is welcome to submit their own short stories, essays or poems with the theme of Suffolk, or what they love about the county. Suffolk Libraries can only accept entries submitted electronically in a Word document via email to: Entries should be your own work and in submitting them you are agreeing to allow Suffolk Libraries to publish them in an eBook compilation. Anyone submitting an entry should also fill in and attach a permissions form: Entries should be no more than 2,000 words or 40 lines for poetry. The deadline for entry is Monday, August 14.

As I write, preparations are underway for our sports day, open afternoon and the Year 6 leavers’ assembly and celebrations, not to mention the summer camp on our field. It has been a successful year: we are proud of our SAT results and the outcome of our recent SIAMS (church) inspection which was ‘Good’ overall, with Christian Character/Meeting the Needs of Learners graded as ‘Outstanding’. Plans for next year have already started and we look forward to sharing our news and events with you. In the meantime, we are hoping to be able to reinstate the play area as a community space for under 11s and their parents to enjoy. We wish everyone a very enjoyable summer break and will be back in September. Anne Clarke


In Touch online:







Music &x Song

30th JULY 2017 – 6.15 pm

Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band A visit from musicians of the Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band will lead this evening’s worship. Liz Cope will bring a thought for the day.

6th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Christian Country & Gospel

Mary Sagar will lead this evening’s worship and bring God's message in Song and Word. Congregational participation in songs and hymns of Mary’s choice.

13th AUGUST, 2017 – 6.15pm

The Masson Family

The Norfolk-based family of Lynda and daughter Sarah, will sing the old favourites, and Ian will give a brief message.The grandchildren may join us again!

20th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Peninsular Singers

We are pleased to welcome back the local Choral Group again this year for a feast of song. Rev’d Andrew Sankey will lead our thoughts.

17th AUGUST 2017 – 6.15 pm

Male Voice

A local group of Male Voices will lead tonight’s ‘Music & Song’ bringing God’s word in songs and the word. Speaker: Rev’d Andrew Sankey.

A WELCOME TO ALL who would like to share in this exciting programme of ‘Music & Song’. We welcome our MUSICIANS, SINGERS and SPEAKERS.


The life and very lively times of


A play by

Peppy Barlow & Sally Wilden LANDGUARD FORT IP11 3TW

Kindly supported by: The Landguard Fort Trust, The Rotary Club Felixstowe The Suffolk Coast DMO, Adnams, Peewit Caravan Park


It’s the perfect combination – beautiful Suffolk views and delicious local food and drink at Ormiston Families’ flagship event Walk with a Fork. Back for its fifth year, Walk with a Fork will be at Helmingham Hall on September 3. The beautiful 16th century hall and estate, on the outskirts of Ipswich, has recently been named as the Historic House Association’s garden of the year. The seven mile walk has been chosen by Lady Tollemache of Helmingham Hall who is also Ormiston Families’ president, and includes beautiful vistas, architecture and hidden valleys not usually seen by members of the public. After five years of support since the Suffolk Walk with a Fork began, Mackenzie-David Events will once again be sponsoring the event, along with Aspall, bringing some of the finest cuisine and cyder the local area has to offer. Mackenzie-David Events has been confirmed as the main lunch stop, providing venison koftas with coleslaw, salad and yoghurt which walkers can wash down with a refreshing Aspall cyder. The lunch stop will also feature home-grown musical entertainment to be confirmed later in the summer. On arrival, breakfast will be served by the tea rooms at Helmingham Hall, and the walk concludes with award winning Alder Tree Cream Ice. Other producers supporting the event include The Fish Hut, with some of Suffolk’s best fish and chips, James White Drinks, Suffolk Salami, Fairfield Farm Crisps and The Cheese & Pie Man. Gavin Lamb, relationship and events manager at Ormiston Families, said: “We’ve been so pleased with the success ‘Walk with a Fork’ has had over the years, and are especially looking forward to bringing the event back to Helmingham Hall this year. “The combination of the beautiful Suffolk countryside and delicious local food and drink make for a great day out, and all while raising vital funds which allow us to continue our work with children, young people and families across the East of England.


“We are so grateful to Helmingham Hall for having us, our sponsors and all of our fantastic suppliers.”

OCTOBER 1st, 2pm & 6pm

Proceeds from Walk with a Fork will go towards Ormiston Families’ vision of a world in which every child will be loved, nurtured and valued. The charity’s work supporting children and young people is wide ranging, from mental health services, help to bridge the gap between home and school, to support for imprisonment, domestic abuse and much more.

1753 - 1766



Tickets are £23 per person and children under five go free. Dogs are welcome. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit:

SEPTEMBER 28th, 29th, 30th, 6pm

If you are a local food or drink producer and would like to get involved, please contact Gavin: / 01473 705034

Box Office: Eastern Angles

Tweet @ormistonfamily #WWAF

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Well, it’s August already and the summer’s flying by. The swifts are on their way back to Africa, but we can still enjoy the sight of swallows and martins wheeling above us at Flatford Wildlife Garden. Generally our garden birds are rather quiet and a little more difficult to spot at this time of year. They’re going through their annual moult and as they renew their feathers they can’t fly with their usual speed and agility. This leaves them more vulnerable to predators so they tend to lay low for a while. They still appreciate a regular food source though, so do keep the feeders and water topped up even if their presence isn’t quite so obvious in your garden. Did you know that bumble bees have smelly feet? Or that sparrows have an extra bone in their tongues? Or that the silver birch is known as the ‘Lady of the Forest’? All will become clear if you come along to the garden during weekdays in August as we continue our programme of family activities. These are the themes we have planned for the following weeks, commencing with the Monday dates: July 31: What’s so special about trees? August 7: We haven’t forgotten the birds! August 14: The humble bumble bee August 21: What’s so special about trees? August 28: Round up of the holiday activities We will be offering a selection of theme related activities each weekday, so there’s bound to be something that your children will enjoy. There is a small charge per child that covers all the activities on offer that day, with a discount for members, or free on that occasion for those who join the RSPB on that day. For more details visit: If you have some spare time available and would be interested in volunteering with the RSPB locally, do get in touch for information about the range of roles available: 01206 391153 / Visitor Experience Officer Sharon Barker

The 56th Pin Mill Barge Match

This is a wonderful event and we had more competitors this year as we were able to include the half barges or barge yachts Cygnet, Dinah and Blackthorn. The weather – having been a bit grim first thing – couldn’t have been better, a good breeze and sun. Those who watched from Shotley Point had a spectacular view as the barges raced up the Stour. August will see our cruising members spending the weekend on the Deben and for those less sailing minded members we have a wine tasting event. / Facebook: PMSC Social

THE SUCCESS GOES ON Shotley Rose Bowls Club is continuing to have an excellent season and, like so many others, is enjoying the glorious weather. Our Wednesday team, playing in Division 4 of the Ipswich and District Triples, is currently sitting top of the league with a number of good wins under its belt but with other clubs still breathing down our necks. Our Monday team has slipped from top spot, but is still comfortably in the top half of the table. These are terrific positions considering our promotion to both leagues last year. Shotley Rose Bowls Club has held its own pairs competition which was a thrilling event on a lovely warm evening. Very fittingly the club’s chairman, Mr Bill Sarchet, beat all comers to be victorious. I am too modest to say who his partner was! In the county cup competitions club members have been successful although not moving on due to some obstructions from bigger clubs over the times to play fixtures. That is a regular frustration for smaller village bowls clubs. Finally, the club joined Shotley Football Club and the Shotley Rose Public House in hosting Shotley Fun Day on July 8. This was a wonderful event with lots of stalls, activities, a car boot, bouncy castle, football games, dancing and much more. Although it is early days to know how much money was raised for the two clubs it is somewhere near the £2,000 mark. We would like to convey our thanks to all who attended and especially Sarah at the Shotley Rose Public House for her support. Shotley Rose Bowls Club would welcome new players to assist in securing the future success of the club. If you would like to try your hand at bowling please get in touch with the club secretary, Norman Bugg, on 787358. Simon Whitney


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NEW FOR 2017 • Children stay dry in our brand new All Weather Play Area • Meet our new Foal, Colony Dorothy AUGUST EVENTS • Children’s Discovery Wednesday’s August • Family Horse & Dog Show 20th August • Wind in the Willows 4th August • Something Suffolk Fair 27th- 28th August SE


Woodbridge Walk, Hollesley, Suffolk, IP12 3JR Tel: 01394 411327 Email: Reg. Charity No. 1100596


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RYA Junior Courses 2017 During the school holiday period Neptune Sailing runs increasingly popular five day (20 hour) courses for young people. We aim to make each course fun and for students to learn at their own pace. Each course covers the content of the relevant RYA Stages, both practical and theoretical. There are four stages, ranging from beginner to advanced, and it is important that parents chose the most appropriate course for their children. We can advise if required. The River Orwell is a challenging environment and safety is the priority for all groups. Those with limited experience of tides should consider repeating stages to gain more confidence. There are still places left for August. RYA Dinghy Instructor Courses 2017 For the first time in many years our regular Easter and October Dinghy Instructor courses have had to be cancelled due to lack of interest from sailors. We are hoping to run a pre-assessment test training session during the summer, but will not be offering a dinghy instructor course until next Easter. If you would like to chat about what is involved do send us a text and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Craft for Sale We have Wayfarer and Omega dinghies for sale – well used and maintained. We now have a very large fleet and need to sell some of the surplus craft to make room. We are also changing our strategy with our junior performance craft. They are all reasonably priced and can be seen by appointment at the centre. Small Flexible Centre We are a small and flexible centre and can adapt to any specific requests this year. There is growing interest in parents of our young sailors in leaning to sail or achieve powerboat training. This could form a part of future programmes. Companies may also want to run tasters for their employees. Contact us via:

EAST BERGHOLT UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB Pre-season training commenced on July 3. There really is a very short break these days. UPCOMING FIXTURES 1st Team Senior Division July 29: Lawford (Friendly) / A Aug 5: Mendlesham (Friendly) / A Aug 15: Bildeston (Friendly) / A Aug 19: League Matches Start Reserves League A Aug 26: League Matches Start A Team League B Sept 2: League Matches Start Fixtures subject to change. Please refer to the fixtures website and chose the appropriate competition to confirm: ` We are always looking for people who can help the club as committee members, whether it be on the playing side or just in the background. If you would like to sponsor the club in some capacity we would also be delighted to hear from you. Club strips, dugouts, banners and boards on match days are all potential exposure for your business while supporting a local organisation. Secretary Steve Butcher.

TWO RIVERS BENEFICE ST PETER’S, STUTTON August 6 8am Holy Communion August 13 9.30am Holy Communion August 20 9.30am Holy Communion August 27 11am Informal Service ALL SAINTS, HOLBROOK August 6 4pm Afternoon Tea August 13 10am Matins August 20 8am Holy Communion 10am Informal Service August 27 9.30am Holy Communion ST MARY’S, WHERSTEAD August 6 No Service August 13 11am Holy Communion August 20 No Service August 27 11am Morning Prayer ST PETER’S, FRESTON August 6 11am Matins August 13 No Service August 20 11am Holy Communion August 27 No Service Morning Prayer: Every Friday at 9am ST MICHAEL’S, WOOLVERSTONE August 2 6.30pm Wednesday Evening Prayer with Holy Communion August 6 11am Café Church August 9 6.30pm Wednesday Worship August 12 Monthly Market, 9am-12.30pm August 13 11am Pet Service August 16 6.30pm Wednesday Worship August 20 11am Morning Prayers August 23 6.30pm Wednesday Worship August 27 11am Holy Communion August 30 6.30pm Wednesday Worship

SHORELINE BENEFICE ST ANDREW’S, CHELMONDISTON August 6 9.15am Holy Communion August 9 10am Midweek Communion August 13 9.15am Holy Communion August 20 9.30am Holy Communion at Harkstead August 27 9.30am Family Service ST MARY’S, ERWARTON August 6 11am Matins August 13 11am Holy Communion with Shotley August 20 4pm Songs of Praise Special August 27 10.45am Holy Communion at Shotley ST MARY’S, HARKSTEAD August 6 9.30am Holy Communion August 13 9.30am Morning Prayer August 20 9.30am Holy Communion with Chelmondiston August 27 9.30am Holy Communion ST MARY’S, SHOTLEY August 6 10.45am Suffolk Family@Church (Jesus on the Beach) August 13 11am Holy Communion at Erwarton August 20 10.45am Worship For All August 27 10.45am Holy Communion with Erwarton Please check on the web site or the church noticeboards for any change to the service times and places.


CHURCH NEWS HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Ipswich Road, Brantham CO11 1TB Parish Priest: Fr Christopher Smith, 180 Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich IP2 0QQ / 01473 684963 We are part of St Mark’s RC Parish, Ipswich. For up-to-date information please visit: SERVICES FOR AUGUST Sunday 6       The Transfiguration of The Lord 9am                 Mass Tuesday 8 9.30am            Morning Prayer 10am               Mass Sunday 13      19th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am                 Mass Tuesday 15     The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary 9.20am            Eucharistic Adoration 10am               Mass Sunday 20      20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am                 Mass Tuesday 22 9.30am            Morning Prayer 10am               Mass Sunday 27      21st Sunday in Ordinary Time 9am                 Mass Tuesday 29 9.30am            Morning Prayer 10am               Mass The weekly newsletter, with weekly mass times, is always displayed in the cabinet alongside the front door.

Catholic Commentary A good shepherd knows when to step down from his church and leave completely, Pope Francis has said. In his recent sermon during mass at the Vatican’s Santa Marta residence, Pope Francis said good shepherds realise they are “not the centre of history”. He added: “Whether it’s large history or small history, I am not the centre, I am a servant.” “All shepherds have to step down. There comes a moment where the Lord says ‘go to another place, come here, go there, come to me.’ And it’s one of the steps that a shepherd must take; be prepared to step down in the correct way, not still hanging on to his position. The shepherd who doesn’t learn how to do this because he still has some links with his sheep that are not good, links that are not purified by the Cross of Jesus.” Pope Francis  commented  in 2014 on the possibility of retirement, telling a press conference that Benedict XVI had “opened the door” to popes choosing to retire. “I will do what the Lord tells me to do. Pray and try to follow God’s will. Benedict XVI no longer had the strength and honestly, as a man of faith, humble as he is, he took this decision,” Pope Francis said. Events & Diary Dates The 100 Club draw took place  on Sunday, July 30 when three lucky winners shared £147. The next draw takes place on Sunday, August 20. The club, set up to raise much needed funds to support the life and mission of our parish, has grown from strength to strength since its launch. New members are always very welcome and the newsletter, that includes an application form, can be found at the rear of the church or at: Every last Thursday of the month, a Bring & Buy Coffee Morning takes place at Viv and Wyn’s home, Paddock Gate, Whitehorse Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TR from 10.30am-noon.  We are raising funds for the Parish Room refurbishment and all are very welcome to join us.  The next coffee morning is on Thursday, August 31.

CHELMONDISTON & HOLBROOK METHODIST CHURCHES HOW ARE YOU? OK, THANKS! How often have you been asked “How are you?” and you’ve given the expected reply “OK Thanks”. You may have been feeling absolutely terrible, and for once you gave an honest answer to the question, but as a glazed look comes over the questioner’s face, you realise they weren’t really interested in your well-being, just going through the motions of a polite greeting. In Zimbabwe, where I worked for 10 years, the vernacular greeting was responded to with “I’m well if you are well”. In other words, I have an interest in your well-being also. If you are not feeling well, then that gives me cause for concern. I guess even this is often used in as superficial a way, as we use the expression. In the busy-ness of our world that’s often all we have time for, but I hope everyone has some places/people they can be with who do want to hear about the ups and downs in our lives, where we don’t have to pretend but can be ourselves. In services that I conduct I often ask the question about positive things happening in people’s lives and also any concerns or difficulties that people might have that they would like prayer for. Often these might be too personal to be shared publicly, but there is always time afterwards for one to one sharing. So how are you now? Our nation and the world is in a bit of a mess. Life seems less predictable than it used to be, elections in several countries have produced surprises. Some may see the results as a blessing, others are confused and some distressed or concerned. Many of us will carry on with our lives, living to the best we can, others will be going through great hardship. Paul, the apostle, knew both great hardship (in prison for his faith) and blessing and said “he had learned the secret of being content in any and every situation”. These words have come to have fresh meaning as I have visited and spoken by telephone to a friend in prison for what I believe is a miscarriage of justice. He has been amazingly resilient and upbeat and coping remarkably well in the prison regime. Next time you ask “How are you?”, if you have time ask for an honest reply and listen well.


The Rev Andrew Sankey Minister at Chelmondiston & Holbrook Methodist Churches 8 Roundridge Road, Capel St Mary IP9 2UG / 01473 311178 / 07966 187216 AT CHELMONDISTON METHODIST Sunday 6 10.45am Worship with Mrs Margaret Brock 6.15pm Music & Song with Christian Country & Gospel and Mary Sagar Sunday 13 10.45am Worship and Communion with Rev Sankey 6.15pm Music & Song with Masson Family Sunday 20 10.45am Worship with Mr Chris Finbow 6.30pm Music & Song with Peninsula Singers and Rev Sankey Sunday 27 10.45am Worship with Rev Paul Howes 6.15pm Music & Song with Male Voice and Rev Sankey AT HOLBROOK METHODIST (HCT Holbrook Churches Together) Mondays, 2.30-4pm: Tea and Chat (HCT) Saturday 5 10-11.30am Coffee Morning Sunday 6 10am Worship – Local Arrangement Sunday 13 10am Worship with Prof David Welbourn Sunday 20 10am Worship with Dr Peter Green Sunday 27 10am Worship and Communion with Rev Allen Tuesday, August 29 – Friday, September 1: Holiday Club at the chapel in the morning (HCT) Please see the noticeboard on the front of the chapel for all events in August. For more information about Messy Church, Tiddlers and Family Live contact Alicia Holmes: / 01473 658478

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GROUNDS & GARDEN MAINTENANCE We offer the following services all year round: Grass cutting • Garden clearance Fences & Gates • Patios & Paths Hedge Cutting • Tree Cutting Sheds • Summer Houses Digger & Dumper work

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Have you ever sat in the audience during a performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ and thought, ‘I wish I was singing’?

Have you ever listened to Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ and wondered ‘wow, where could I sing that’? Well, search no more!

Holbrook Choral Society are a friendly, sociable group of people who enjoy singing and making music together. You can be assured of a warm welcome - all you need to do is turn up to rehearsals at the Royal Hospital School Music School on Monday evenings. The first rehearsal back after the summer holidays is Monday 18 September at 7.30pm.

Previous experience of singing is useful, but we welcome beginners. We have all levels of ability in the choir - so don’t feel intimidated if you want to just turn up and have a go! WE DO NOT AUDITION NEW MEMBERS!

For more information please contact the Music School or 01473 326222

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In touch news with shotley aug 2017