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In Touch with Hadleigh

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Now don’t tell my boss, but on Tuesday mornings when I arrive at work before A Life Scientific on BBC Radio 4 has ended, I’m forced to sit in the car until it does. Professor Jim Al-Khalili talks to leading scientists about their life and work, finding out what inspires and motivates them. I particularly loved his interview with Eugenia Cheng on the mathematics of mathematics. Though it was never my strongest subject, I continue to love maths, desperate to understand and to find the right answer, though I seldom do. What’s extraordinary about many of the people featured on A Life Scientific is how often a childhood interest or passion has led to a fulfilling career and it’s clear that doing something you love is a wonderful privilege. I’ll be playing the podcasts to my son when he’s a little older because whatever he does in life I want it to be what makes him happy. You may have read about the letter a teacher in Singapore sent to parents the week before her students were to sit exams. Here’s a short extract: “I know you are all really anxious for your child to do well. But, please do remember, amongst the students who will be sitting for the exams there is an artist who doesn’t need to understand math, an entrepreneur who doesn’t care about history or English literature, a musician whose chemistry marks won’t matter. There’s an athlete whose physical fitness is more important than physics. If your child does get top marks, that’s great, but if he or she doesn’t please don’t take away their self-confidence and dignity. Tell them no matter what they score you love them and will not judge them. Please do this and when you do, watch your children conquer the world. One exam or a low mark won’t take that away. And please don’t think that doctors and engineers are the only happy people in the world.” I hope you have or have had the opportunity to do what you love and that you can inspire others to do likewise. Driving to work at 6am on a cold January morning is never easy, but it’s a whole lot easier if you’re looking forward to the day ahead.

In Touch

with Chattisham, Hadleigh, Hintlesham, Raydon, Layham & Holton St Mary

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In Touch with Hadleigh


Every Friday from 9am-2pm in Hadleigh Market Place Hadleigh Market now has around 12 stalls every week, all selling a fantastic range of products and was recently featured on BBC Radio Suffolk as a shining example of a successful weekly market. The market has become a real shopping experience. You can buy a whole range of items and actually give up the supermarket for a few days. Carl Jones has a wonderful selection of fruit, fresh herbs, salad and vegetables. Wooster’s sell their award winning bread, croissants and pastries. David Cootes sells a fabulous range of fresh fish and seafood and Lee Cecil has his really popular homemade jams and chutneys. We have a wonderful stall selling reasonably priced plants and cut flowers and Hadleigh resident Lisa Li now sells her delicious homemade Chinese dumplings. The Cheese and Pie Man is a weekly stallholder and we have a variety of dried spices from The Suffolk Spice Company. Sharon Goddard has joined us selling Avon products, Sue Lynd has homemade jewellery and we have delicious take away Mac and Cheese, really good, freshly brewed coffee and a brilliant sharpening service so you can get all your knives, hedge cutters, hairdressers’ scissors and garden shears, oiled and sharpened! We are always looking for new traders so if you would like to join us, please do not hesitate to get in touch; there is no minimum number of weeks required, you can book one week or every week, it’s up to you! For further information contact Justine Paul: 07704 627973 /

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EASTER BUNNIES CELEBRATE AT HINTLESHAM On Easter Sunday, April 1, Central Suffolk Rabbit & Cavy Club will be hosting a competition at Hintlesham Community Hall, Hintlesham (IP8 3PS) to find the region’s best pedigree and best pet rabbit. The pet show will have classes for rabbits (buck, doe and challenge) and guinea pig (boar, sow and challenge) and will be judged on friendliness, cleanliness and condition, with the best pets awarded rosettes and a ‘best in show’ trophy. Supreme Petfoods (Hadleigh) has kindly offered some Easter prizes and give-aways for winning pets. All pets must be entered beforehand by contacting Ms Amanda Leadbitter (01638 490403 evenings) or in writing to 1 Heron Close, Beck Row, Bury St Edmunds IP2 8HW. Amanda will need to know the number of pets that are to be entered and whether they are male or female. Exhibitors should bring their pets (each housed in a suitable pet carrier) to the community hall by 10am on the day. The entry fee for each pet is £1 and payable on the day. Judging begins at 10.30am. All pets must remain in their cages until 3pm. when the pet prize giving takes place. The rabbit and cavy show is open from 9.30am and admission is free (regret no dogs allowed). Visitors will be welcome to watch the all-day judging of the pedigree rabbits in the British Rabbit Council’s two-star show which will be judged by Derbyshire expert Richard Grindey. All-day refreshments include Easter cream teas and there will be a competition to win a giant Easter toy bunny.



DEMENTIA FRIENDLY HADLEIGH We are proud to report that 27 local business are now registered as being dementia friendly in Hadleigh, if your group or organisation would like to get involved please contact Jill: 07522 935179 / Ainger Holbrows Ltd Ansell Community Centre Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Council Barclays Bank – Hadleigh Boots, 91 High Street, Hadleigh East of England Coop Elmsett Post Office and Stores Frost and Partners Gotelee Solicitors

Hadleigh Baptist Church Hadleigh Boxford Group Practice Hadleigh Farmers’ Agricultural Association (organisers of Hadleigh Show) Hadleigh Mobility Centre Limited Hadleigh Town Council Hadleigh United Reformed Church Hall Street Hollow Trees Farm Ltd Ipswich Building Society

HOW TO REDUCE YOUR RISK OF DEMENTIA Ageing is the biggest risk factor for dementia and can’t be changed. There are however lots of things you can do to reduce your risk. It’s up to you. It’s never too late to develop good habits, but mid-life (age about 4064) is a good time to start making healthy choices if you’re not already doing so. Many people use changes in their lives – children moving out, a health scare, divorce or starting the menopause – as a prompt to start living more healthily. You’ll find it easier to adopt a healthier lifestyle if you can build it into your normal daily routine. Get your friends and family to support you – or better yet, join you. Based on the latest research, here are our top tips to reduce your risk of dementia. Your risk will be lowest if you can adopt several of these and not just one or two. 1. Keep physically active – for at least 30 minutes, five times a week. You’ll need to be active enough to raise your heart rate and get a bit out of breath. You could walk, cycle, swim or join an exercise or dance group. Regular physical exercise in middle-aged or older adults reduces the risk of developing dementia. It’s also good for your heart and mental wellbeing. Exercise like this brings health benefits even if you’re not losing weight. 2. Don’t smoke – if you already do smoke, try to stop. By smoking you are at a greater risk of developing dementia and harming your lungs, heart and circulation. If you want to stop smoking, talk to your GP. They can provide help and advice about quitting, and can refer you to an NHS Stop Smoking Service. 3. Eat a healthy balanced diet – A healthy diet has a high proportion of oily fish, fruit, vegetables, unrefined cereals and olive oil, and low levels of red meat and sugar. Such a diet will help reduce your risk of dementia and heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Try to cut down on saturated fat (eg cakes, biscuits, most cheeses) and limit sugary

Keith Avis Newsagents Magdalen House – Alysia Caring Mill Pharmacy Osteopathy in Suffolk Hadleigh Pool & Leisure St Elizabeth Hospice St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh The Hadleigh Ram The Hadleigh Thrift Shop

treats. Keep an eye on your salt intake too, because salt raises your blood pressure and risk of stroke. Read food labels to see what’s in them and seek out healthier options. 4. Keep your alcohol within recommended limits – and remember that these limits changed in 2016. They are now a maximum of 14 units each week for men and women, spread over 3 or more days. This is the same as four or five large glasses of wine, or seven pints of beer or lager with a lower alcohol content. Regularly exceeding these weekly limits increases your dementia risk. If you find yourself struggling to cut down what you drink, talk to your GP about what support is available. 5. Take control of your health – If you’re invited for a regular mid-life health check at the doctor’s, be sure to go. It’s like an ‘MOT’ for your body and will include a check of your blood pressure, weight and maybe cholesterol level. These are linked to dementia and conditions that are strong risk factors for dementia (heart disease, stroke and diabetes). If you’re already living with one of these long-term conditions, follow professional advice about medicines and lifestyle. If you feel that you might be getting depressed, seek treatment early. 6. Keep to a healthy weight – this will reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease – and hence probably of dementia. A good place to start is to follow the advice on exercise and diet. Keep a diary of your food intake and exercise for each day, and remember that alcohol contains hidden calories. The NHS Live Well website has lots of practical tips. Or you could join a local weight loss group. If you’ve tried to make changes without success, your GP can also offer advice. 7. Give your brain a daily workout – this could be reading, doing puzzles, word searches or crosswords, playing cards or learning something new - maybe another language. If you can keep your mind active you are likely to reduce your risk of dementia. There is a bit less evidence, but keeping socially engaged and having a good social network may also reduce your dementia risk. Visit people or have them visit you, join a club or volunteer.

For more information on dementia visit: For more information on the alliance or dementia friends visit: If you would like to get involved and become a dementia friend or dementia friendly business, contact Tracey at: / 01473 823470


In Touch with Hadleigh

In Touch with Hadleigh


NEWS ALL HADLEIGH MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 There is still time for you to be in the line-up of Hadleigh’s new event running from July 5-8 with good afternoon slots available on Saturday 7. Please contact the organiser via email or call by 127 High Street. Festival highlights to be announced at our preview event on Saturday, April 21 at St Mary’s Church. Enjoy two special concerts, from 4pm Hadleigh Ukelele Group, and seated from 5pm a mixed programme including choral favourites, Serendipity, the Hadleigh Orchestra plus guest pianists. All welcome, refreshments will be served from 5pm EARLY WARNING: CALLING ALL BANDS The new festival will open with a bang on the evening of Thursday, July 5 at Hadleigh Town Hall. Compete to be the best band; full contest details to be announced.

JOCELYN HALLS GARDENING & DESIGN Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Jocelyn Halls, a qualified gardener based in Capel St Mary. Born and educated in Colchester, I moved to Suffolk in 1992 and to Capel St Mary 20 years ago. My interest in plants started at a very young age, gardening alongside my dad, he sharing with me everything he knew. Many house and garden-moves later with a few life changes along the way have led me over recent years to explore and follow my passion for gardening more deeply, successfully achieving Royal Horticultural Society qualifications with the Beth Chatto Education Trust (Gardens) in Elmstead Market. Gardening to me is life’s biggest pleasure, cultivating a piece of land which you can call your own, no matter how large or small. My aim is to create beautiful gardens that reflect the personal style and practical needs of my clients, from regular hourly and seasonal maintenance to planting plans for rejuvenating borders or individual garden design. For me garden maintenance is not just pulling up weeds, it is about cultivating the soil, nurturing plants, transforming your garden into your own personal outdoor space. Regular maintenance is undertaken in weekly or fortnightly time slots, by the hour. I work with your goals in mind to keep your garden looking its best. I am willing to advise on the best way to use all your garden waste, to mange your garden in a more ecological and wildlife friendly way. Maybe you have taken on a new garden and are not sure where to start? Or you may even be very new to gardening? If so I am happy to work alongside you and to coach you in your garden to help you achieve your goals. I feel very fortunate being able to garden for a living and look forward to helping you with yours. I look forward to hearing from you soon. See page 11 for contact details.


FUNDRAISING COFFEE MORNING Burstall Village Hall on Saturday, March 17, 10am-12 .30pm Delicious homemade cakes and fresh tea and coffee, served on beautiful vintage china. Do come along and join us and find out more about this vital Suffolk charity. Fresh Start – New Beginnings is a charity working across Suffolk and Norfolk, set up to help child victims of sexual abuse and their families recover from the associated trauma. We provide one-to-one therapy to the child victims as well as groups for children and their carers. Fresh Start – New Beginnings use a clinically evaluated treatment model which is proven to help children recover from the guilt, blame and shame many feel following sexual abuse. The children are offered a safe place to unravel their thoughts and fears with a worker who will not judge or be shocked by what they hear. The children are helped to process their abuse and given strategies to deal with the effects of the abuse. The charity’s vision is ‘to ensure all children and young people who are the victims of sexual abuse have the opportunity to access help, advice guidance and therapeutic intervention to aid their recovery’. In Suffolk, Fresh Start – New Beginnings get some statutory funding (Health and Police) but this only covers half of the costs. The charity has so far received over 980 referrals and our service is free at the point of delivery.

SUFFOLK DEMENTIA HELPLINE 01473 353350 We are here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The helpline can provide a listening ear as well as information and signposting to services that can help. The Suffolk Dementia Helpline can support anyone who needs to talk.

CONCERT IN AID OF NEW DAWN INDIA On Saturday March 24, a concert will be held at Capel St Mary Methodist Church in aid of New Dawn India – a ray of hope for the Vidiyal Children. The concert will feature The Orwell Singers, a ladies choir based in Ipswich and conducted by Gloria Wilson. The choir will be singing a wide range of music, which will include popular songs, folk songs and light classics. The concert will start at 7.30pm and tickets are £6 and will include refreshments. Proceeds from the concert will go to the charity New Dawn India, a locally based Christian charity run by volunteers for the relief of poverty in Southern India, in particular helping children living rough on the streets or in the slums of the city of Madurai. For more information on the concert or charity, please contact Neville Cooper: 01473 310574

In Touch with Hadleigh


Cloudy2Clear Announce Trusted Trader Partnership Consumer champions Which? have now joined the thousands of customers who recognise that Cloudy2Clear Windows really are a business that you can TRUST. The company which specialises in repairing windows which are steamed up, broken or damaged by replacing the panes – not the frames has received the coveted ‘Which Trusted Trader’ status after going through a rigorous accreditation process entirely focussed on customer service.

Group Managing Director Marcus McGee believes that Which? have endorsed Cloudy2Clear’s long standing company policy of delivering the highest standards possible at all times. ‘Our service is simple. If your double glazing has misted up we can replace the glass at a fraction of the cost of a new window, in any type of frame, and with a new 25 year guarantee. But it’s not just about saving people money, although that obviously helps. Whilst a number

of tradespeople perhaps don’t focus on customer care as much as they should do, we make sure we turn up when we say we will, do the job the customer requires and leave their house as clean as a whistle. Locally Cloudy2Clear service the Ipswich, Woodbridge, Manningtree, Hadleigh, Stowmarket & surrounding areas and manager Andy Kerridge agrees that this approach is a major factor in his success. ‘The truth is that it’s not just the personal satisfaction that I get from doing

a good job but also it makes good business sense. I get a huge amount of business from friends and family of people I’ve done work for, which just goes to show how much a little bit of effort is appreciated as both my customers and, obviously a body as nationally important as Which? now recognise.’ So, if your windows are steamed up, broken or damaged give Andy a call for a free quotation on 0800 61 21 118 and he’ll be happy to help!

Cloudy2Clear GUARANTEE All Customers That An Average Quote Will Take No Longer Than 20 MINS!!!

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We take regular reports from members of the public who have fallen victim to various scams and cons which start off with a phone call or an email. Unfortunately, some victims are defrauded of large amounts of money – sometimes their entire life savings.

A review by Tony Dewhurst

Over the years we have heard of various tricks and ruses, as the fraudsters come up with increasingly convincing ways to gain the confidence of their victims. Sometimes victims are contacted by someone purporting to be from the fraud department associated to their bank and makes claims that their account/s are being targeted by rogue bank employees. They also claim that such ‘rogue employees’ are currently being internally investigated, but to safeguard the victim’s money they need to transfer their savings out of their account into an apparent ‘safe’ account. The fraudulent callers will apply a time pressure and the need to supposedly keep secret the transfers out of the account. The victim is either asked to make instant transfers online or to go to their local branch to carry out the necessary transfers. During the phone call the victim is guided on the mobile phone as to what they should and should not say to others, especially bank staff. DC Joanne Smith from Safeguarding and Investigations said: “The fraudulent caller will sound very convincing, and claims to know the banks procedures and even information about the victims account to gain their trust. The fraudulent caller may also build the trust over a couple of days before asking to make the transfers, as well as providing genuine telephone numbers and passwords that will correspond to the legitimate Bank / Building Society. Some fraudsters have the ability to mask their telephone number so what appears on the caller display conveys the impression it is a genuine phone number.” Residents should remember the following: Your bank or the police will never ask you to withdraw money or purchase items. Your bank or the police will never ask for your PIN, bank card or bank account details over the phone – never give these details out. If the victim has any concerns about what the caller is asking then they should end the call and report to their branch and or fraud department

The first thing to say about the concert on February 17 is simply that it was a lot of fun and the audience loved it. A friend, coincidentally a singer and a musician, and I went along not knowing what to expect and came away buzzing about it. Sarah Gallop, the musical director, captured the audience immediately with her confident, relaxed style and gentle humour, and the choir’s obvious enthusiasm and well-rehearsed numbers just took it on from there with some lovely and intricate harmonies. Graham Holmes supported well as accompanist, blending nicely and playing a moving solo piece. The choir ranged over musicals and Gershwin through modern standards like Something Stupid and Stand By Me to a Russian folksong that had the audience clapping along. Along the way we got humour, solos and Sarah Gallop singing What I Did for Love from A Chorus Line. Well. It was a Valentine’s concert, after all! The concert raised funds for Riding for the Disabled and The Shelley Centre and if you weren’t there you missed a really a good evening.


Never download any software suggested by caller. Do not rush into complying with the scammer’s demands/requests. If you receive such a call leave the landline for at least five minutes to make an outside call. Fraudsters will keep the line open and have been known to play ring tones, hold music and a recorded message down the phone so the victim believes they are making a call to a legitimate number. Use a friend or neighbour’s telephone instead. Friends, family, carers and neighbours are asked to spread the word to ensure everyone is aware of this scam and what they should do. You can report incidents of fraud to Action Fraud by calling 03001 232040 or using their online reporting tool: You can also sign up to the Trading Standards weekly email alert on rogues and scams targeting Suffolk: Until next month, if you any queries or questions please contact Hadleigh SNT at Hadleigh Police Station, Magdalen Road, Hadleigh IP7 5AD / EMERGENCY: CALL 999 NON-EMERGENCY: CALL 101 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @HadleighPolice POLICE CONNECT:


A variety of gardens, large and small will be open from 11am to 5pm Refreshments will be available in the church Guided tours of the medieval Guildhall Complex Entrance to gardens by programme obtainable from St Mary’s Church, Idler Bookshop or any participating gardens Entrance £5 / Children (12-16) £3 This event is organised by The Friends of St Mary’s Church, a charitable organisation dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage of Hadleigh’s magnificent historic Church and Deanery Tower

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If your vehicle needs some care and attention contact ...


Tel: 01473 730 654 or 07597 618 034 U n it 17 • C h a rit y Fa rm • C h at t i s h a m • I p sw i c h • S u f fo l k • I P8 3 Q G

In Touch with Hadleigh




It was nice to see so many of our members attend the AGM. A full report was given, detailing our finances, what we are planning to do with monies raised and ideas for future events.

We wish to pass our thanks and support to The Friends of Capel Library and County Councillor Gordon Jones for providing the staff with a brand new work station. The other one was well over 10 years old and needed updating. We have moved the self-checking machine also and this new layout is working well with most borrowers. Please take care to read the screen carefully when returning books as some are not being placed in the correct area. Any book that says ‘Place in Blue Bin’ is an item that has been requested by another borrower and needs the staff to deal with it. A book that says ‘Place on Red Shelf’ means that the book will stay within Capel Library for somebody else to read and enjoy. Thank you for your assistance.

I am pleased to report that our new reception area has now been fitted and it looks stunning. A big thank you to all of you who attended events over the past year for making this possible. I would also like to personally thank Councillor Gordon Jones (Suffolk County Council) and both Capel and Bentley Parish Councils for their support and generous donations which have allowed us to complete this work. As you will be well aware from these articles, our main fundraising event is the cinema club, which goes from strength to strength with near sell out audiences for most screenings. Our February showing was Victoria & Abdul and in March we will be screening the much-awaited Murder on the Orient Express. Tickets will be on sale from February 20. More and more these days we have to shop, book or renew things online. Did you know that we run free weekly computer courses in the library? We also have a couple of iPads that are available to borrow, so if you want to try before you buy, or simply want to learn how to use a tablet PC, pop into the library for more information. Lastly, I would like to welcome Dave Busby who has now joined the ‘Friends’ as a trustee. We are all looking forward to working with Dave, who we are sure will be a valuable addition to the team.

Groups meeting this coming month Baby Bounce continues each Tuesday afternoon at 2pm; come along and join in with singing nursery rhymes and action rhymes, suitable for children up to five years old to be accompanied by their parent or carer. No charge for this activity. Early notice: this group will not meet during the school Easter break and re-starts on Tuesday, April 17. Minecraft: Meets on Sundays 11 and 25 from 10.30am-12.30pm. Children under eight must be accompanied by a parent or carer. No charge for this activity. Lego Club: Saturday, March 31 from 10.30am-12.30pm. It’s just 50p per child which includes a drink and a biscuit. Under eights to be accompanied by a parent or carer. Book Group: Meets on Friday, March 16 from 2.30pm. Do come along and join in the discussion of the latest book being read. Please bring your library card each time you visit to take books out; this is library policy.

Trevor Stevenson

A WILLIAM PRETTY DAY Saturday, July 14, 9.30am-4pm An Edwardian Ipswich family, their department store and corset factory and the Hadleigh connection Presented by Julia Barrett and Roger Kennel, at St Mary’s Church, Hadleigh Tickets are £30 and include buffet lunch This event is organised by the Friends of St Mary’s Church, a charitable organisation dedicated to preserving the architectural heritage of Hadleigh’s magnificent historic Church and Deanery Tower

BELSTEAD VILLAGE MONTHLY MARKETS A market is set to take place in Belstead Village Hall from 9am-noon on the first Saturday of every month – starting on Saturday, April 7 – to raise vital funds to support refurbishment of the kitchen and ladies toilet.

Don’t forget that we sell books of stamps and book tokens in any denomination; ask staff for further details. If we are closed please place any returned books through the letterbox in the wall and they will be dealt with when we are next open. OPENING TIMES Monday: closed Tuesday: 9.30am-12.30pm & 2-5.30pm Wednesday: 9.30am-12.30pm Thursday: 9.30am-12.30pm Friday: 2-5pm & 5.30-7.30pm Saturday: 9am-3pm Sunday: 10am-3pm Contact: 01473 311699


With an extensive range of tables, a raffle and refreshments, the market is the perfect place to meet with friends for a chat over a cuppa and a piece of cake while supporting this essential local amenity.

Capel Irish Set Dance Group meets at St Mary’s Church Hall on the third Sunday of every month (except August and the second Sunday in December) from 2-5.30pm. We are a friendly group and it’s not necessary to have a partner. In fact you’re welcome to come along just to enjoy the music.

You can also support Macmillan who will have a table laden with homemade goodies for sale.

2018 Dates: March 18, April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, September 16, October 21, November 18 and December 9

If you can sew, make or create and would like to hire a table (£10) please contact: 07981 335859 /


Hille and Trevor Peartree: 01473 310146 Chris and Marjorie Haste: 01473 311615

In Touch with Hadleigh

OUT & ABOUT BRANTHAM ANNUAL GARAGE SALE 2018 Saturday, June 16, 9.30am-3pm Open garages throughout the village. Come and browse through a treasure trove of household items needing a new home, all at bargain prices. Look for the balloons and signs throughout Brantham on the A137. The village hall will host a table top sale with WI refreshments, handicrafts, preserves and plants and much more. There will be a BBQ, a tombola and an ice cream van. Make a day of it, grab a bargain and help St Elizabeth Hospice and  Nepal Children’s Trust. For more information contact: Maya Watling: 07508 430671 / Margaret Woods: 07867 546484 / Louise Madley: 07792 236414 /

EAST BERGHOLT DRAMATIC SOCIETY Presenting the hilarious farce Don’t Get Your Vicars in a Twist by Ann Gawthorpe and Lesley Bown at The Constable Hall, East Bergholt from April 19-21 at 7.30pm. Desperate to find the funds to pay for his daughter’s wedding, churchwarden George seizes the opportunity to rent out the vicarage for a Murder Mystery Weekend while waiting for a new vicar to be appointed. Unfortunately for George, a new female vicar is appointed to the parish before this Murder Mystery can take place. He is delighted though when the new vicar, Caroline, announces that she is attending a college reunion. However, events take a turn for the worse when Bishop Herbert rings to announce that he is coming to visit his new incumbent today. Chaos ensues as half of Dickie’s cast fail to make an appearance and the remainder including a bishop and a female vicar, spend most of their time either fighting with each other, getting drunk, or both. This is even before we meet the guests! Come along to this fast-moving farce full of fun, frolics and lots of doors! Tickets are £6 in advance and available from 01473 311553 or 07803 475750.

STOUR VALLEY ARTS & MUSIC Young Musicians’ Concert 2018: Sunday, March 4, 4pm at Constable Hall, Gandish Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TP A welcome return of our popular concert showcasing some of the many talented young musicians in our area. The concert will be followed by a delicious afternoon tea. Tickets are £6 including refreshments. Proceeds will go towards SVAM’s education projects. Sacconi Quartet with Clarinet, Michael Collins: Sunday, March 18, 4pm at St Mary’s Church, East Bergholt CO7 6TG Programme Glazunov: Oriental Reverie op14 Mozart: Clarinet Quintet in A K581 Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in B minor op 115 Tickets are £14. Generously sponsored by Martin and Alicia Herbert. Tickets: 01206 298426 / / Tickets can also be bought from Grier & Partners, East Bergholt

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OUT & ABOUT HADLEIGH BRIDGE CLUB Congratulations to the winners of the Annual Teams Competition for the Gentle Shield. This was played on Monday, January 15 after the competition was postponed due to inclement weather. The winners were (from left) Malcolm Kraushaar, Liz King, Sylvia Martin and John Morris. Following our membership to the English Bridge Union in September 2017, we congratulate the members who have been promoted to various master statuses since we joined, Sheila to area master and Barbara, Colin, David and Vivien to local master Hadleigh Bridge Club welcomes new members if you play or used to play bridge in the past. We are a friendly club meeting on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons at Hadleigh Football Club. Don’t worry if you have no partner as we can always find someone to play with you if you let us know in advance.

STOUR VALLEY MEN’S PROBUS CLUB In February Dudley Chignall presented Journey to Paradise and David Whittle presented How the Victorians Developed Dovercourt. On March 7 Grant Elliot returns with The Life of Chic Murray and we hold our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 21. On April 4 Bob Milne will talk on The Assignation of the Italian Barber and Oliver Paul from Suffolk Food Hall, voted the best local food venue in the UK and Ireland in the Countryside Alliance Awards (Rural Oscars),  will present Food and Farming Heritage on April 18. Our club endeavours to be simple in structure, free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members at minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other and the opportunity for development of acquaintances. New members are welcomed. We meet on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at St John Ambulance HQ, Manningtree CO11 1EB at 10.30am.  For further details please contact speaker secretary Dave Carman: 01255 880202

For more information visit:

STOUR VALLEY U3A Robert Burridge presented a talk entitled Scott, Amundsen & the Race to the South Pole on February 14. He concentrated on their personalities, their leadership styles and the equipment they used to show their characters and their epic achievements in the face of huge difficulties. The Life and Times of Sir Alfred Munnings is the subject on March 14. Marcia Whiting, curatorial associate at The Munnings Art Museum will give an illustrated presentation exploring his life and wide ranging subject matter, including portraits, landscapes and rural scenes as well as the horse paintings for which he is so well known.   On  April 11, in a talk entitled GM Crops  –  Where are we now?, Professor Wendy Harwood will cover what the technology is, how it has developed from the first GM crops, how the new technology of gene editing fits in, the current situation worldwide and what’s in the pipeline. Roger Kennell will present William Pretty – A Suffolk Family & Corset Manufacturer on May 9. Our main purpose is to encourage lifelong learning for those who are no longer in full time employment and emphasis is always placed on making learning active and fun as well as helping in developing friendships. We have a wide range of groups including language study, country walking and computer studies and groups that visit gardens, churches and historic buildings. In the main, membership is drawn from communities in the lower Stour Valley and adjacent areas including Brantham, Capel St Mary, Dedham, East Bergholt, Holbrook, Lawford, Manningtree, Raydon and Stratford St Mary. We are affiliated to the ThirdAge Trust, have over 260 members and 21 groups. For further information please visit where membership secretary Gillian Gibbs may be contacted. We meet at Constable Hall, Gandish Road, East Bergholt CO7 6TP at 2.15pm.  Annual membership is £12 which entitles members to attend meetings on the second Wednesday of each month, except August and December. It’s never too late to learn!  Join the 361,477 members across 969 U3As throughout the UK today.


EAST SUFFOLK NATIONAL TRUST ASSOCIATION If you are a member of or a volunteer for the National Trust, then we invite you to get more out of your membership by joining our association where a warm welcome awaits you. We meet at Ropes Hall War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF. The start time is 7.15pm. Our next meeting is on March 22 when Luke Potter, the new East Suffolk General Manager for the National Trust, will give us an insight into the current work and future plans of the trust for our area. This will be preceded by a short AGM. The talk on April 19 is by Veronica Bennett, a volunteer speaker for the National Trust, who will tell us about Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, popular for its architectural variety and beautiful garden and woods. Visitors (even if not National Trust members) are welcome, entrance fee £3 each. National Trust members/volunteers can join us for £8 a year (£12 a couple at same address). We publish three newsletters a year for members and enjoy interesting day outings and other events. For more information, including details of future events and outings, contact our membership secretary – / 01473 723761 – or visit:

HADLEIGH & DISTRICT GARDEN CLUB This month is our Annual General Meeting. We meet on Monday, March 12 at 7.30pm in Hadleigh Town Hall (opposite The Ram). The competition this month is a bowl of crocus. Refreshments will be available after the meeting and visitors are very welcome to attend.

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OUT & ABOUT / SCHOOLS SUFFOLK BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT Recently bereaved or experiencing a delayed reaction? Are you in need of help and support? Why not join a small focused group of five to 10 sharing bereavement issues? Groups are led by an experienced facilitator creating a warm, safe environment in which to explore the many aspects of loss. Groups are held in Hadleigh (afternoon) and Capel St Mary (evening) and are free to Suffolk residents. For more details or to reserve a place contact Patrick or Margaret: / 01206 299832 Main funders: Suffolk Community Foundation and Comic Relief Community Cash

ALLOTMENT PLOTS AVAILABLE AT CAPEL Half plots are available now at £16 per annum plus membership. If you live in or around Capel and fancy a go at ‘Growing Your Own’ please contact Dennis: / 01473 310988

ROBIN’S NEWS Baby Bears This term we have watched many of our Baby Bears blossom into confident Toddling Tigers. In preparation for their big step the Baby Bears team have been working very hard with the Toddling Tigers team to ensure the transition goes smoothly and the Bears are comfortable throughout. The month before our Bears turn two they start to play and explore the Tigers’ room, learning the routines, making new friends and getting to know the staff. By the time the Bears turn two they are usually very settled and confident within their new room. 

LAYHAM PLAYGROUP The children have continued to watch the wildlife in our playgroup garden. We have made binoculars and have recorded all that we have seen. So far, we have seen blackbirds, blue tits, great tits, sparrows and a robin. The children have been very excited as we have found some bird nests in the hedge surrounding our garden. We are planning for our Easter Fun Morning which will be on Wednesday, April 4, 10am-noon at the village hall. The event will be £2 per child, open to all children up to the age of 10. Children must be accompanied by an adult. There will be crafts and activities in the village hall and an egg hunt around the village. Refreshments will also be on sale in the village hall. Please contact us on 07999 866419 or email us at: LADYBIRD TODDLER GROUP Ladybird Toddler Group takes place every Wednesday morning during term time from 9.30-11am at Layham Village Hall. It’s a drop in group and is open to all children from birth to five years. We have a range of toys and activities ranging from a quiet baby area to role-play, small world, playdough and crafts.

SUFFOLK ROCKETS NETBALL CLUB Our junior teams have been very busy playing their matches in the Colchester League. Cosmic Rockets are sitting third in the league table and Saturn Rockets are just below in fourth. There are seven teams altogether, so both teams are doing extremely well considering it’s their first season! On January 18, Cosmic won 13-5 against KATs Kestrels and Saturn won 10-1 against KATs Osprey. On February 1, Cosmic won 12-4 against KATs Osprey and Saturn won 12-1 against Colne. On February 8, Cosmic took on second in the league Kelvedon to secure a 7-7 draw and Saturn played top of the league KATs Savannah Meats and unfortunately lost 16- 4.

Toddling Tigers The Tigers have been busy with a week focused on transport. Our Tigers show great interest in trains, cars, tractors and fire engines. We have explored the marks we can make by rolling our vehicles through water, sand and paint. We have also used paper plates as steering wheels to have races in the garden and used our logs in the garden to go on a train journey. We took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch and encouraged the birds to visit our garden by threading cereal onto pipe cleaners to decorate the trees and throwing bird food onto the field. Threading the cereal encourages fine motor development which is necessary for later on with writing. Our Tigers loved this and their little fingers were perfect for this fiddly task.  A number of Tigers have started toilet training and we have introduced potties in a fun variety of ways, such as potty decorating for the baby dolls, reading potty stories such as Aliens Love Underpants and I Want My Potty. So far, everything has been a success and we are all positive about potties.  Gruffalos What a busy February! We have had a wonderful wild pirating time. The Gruffalos have been on a treasure hunt climbing over and under, balancing along the plank and using prepositions to find the treasure.  They also discovered an abandoned pirate ship during a forest school session.  The children reconstructed it and set sail on their adventures, telling tales about what they saw. We have written our own group pirate story with the children’s words being used to tell the tale. It is a wonderful adventure that the pirates go on; the children have amazing imaginations and it was a great way to share them. If you would like information about Robin’s Childcare please contact us on 01473 310767, visit or follow us on Twitter/Facebook.

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On January 24, we welcomed neighbouring club Wattisham to our training session for a friendly match. The Rocket girls did very well and won 12-7 with great netball from both teams. It was lovely to welcome the club back for the second time. We are now welcoming junior players ready for next season; we are looking for girls who will be year seven or eight in September 2018 who would like to join the club either as training players or team players. Girls are welcome to come along to a taster session any Wednesday for free before deciding; please contact the club for more details. Our Adult/Back to Netball sessions continue to be extremely popular with more ladies joining us. Adult sessions are Wednesdays from 8-9pm at Hadleigh High Leisure; either contact us for more information or just turn up. We have plenty of friendly games and tournaments booked in which all players are invited to play. We now have a website; please visit for more information about the club, meet the coaches and keep up-to-date: / FB & Twitter: Suffolk Rockets NC




January was a disappointing month for the 1st Team. It started well with Bob Coleman Cup victory at Achilles, but then injuries set in and the remaining three games in the month all ended in defeat, latterly disappointingly going out of the Bob Coleman Cup to Division One Sporting 87.

MAKING SENSE OF LIFE Can you imagine a blind man, in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there? For some the study of philosophy, the meaning of life, being and existence can be a bit like that dark room and not much hope. Many people feel as hopeless as that about their search for God. A social worker visited a sick boy in the back streets of Lagos and found some books on the table beside his bed. They were a Bible, the Book of Common Prayer, the Koran, a copy of the Watchtower, a book by Karl Marx and another with the title How to Stop Worrying! A quest for the meaning of life down so many avenues is a very confusing business.

The Reserves started the year slowly, but ended it with victories in the Travel Plus Tours Cup and League A. The A Team’s struggles continued. UPCOMING FIXTURES 1st Team/ Senior Division Sat, Feb 24: Haughley Utd (H) Sat, Mar 3: AFC Hoxne (A Sat, Mar 10: Colpestonians (H) Sat, Mar 17: Ransomes Sports (H) Sat, Mar 24: Benhall St Mary (A) Mon, Apr 2: Capel Plough (A) Reserves / League A Sat, Feb 24: Framlingham Town Res TPT Cup (A) Sat, Mar 10: Old Newton Res (A) Sat, Mar 17: Sporting 87 Res (H) Sat, Mar 31: AFC Hoxne Res (A) A Team / League B Sat, Feb 24: Claydon Res (H) Sat, Mar 3: Stowupland Falcons Res (H) Sat, Mar 10: Stonham Aspal Res (A) Sat, Mar 17: Wickham Market Res (A) Sat, Mar 24: Claydon Res (A) Fixtures are subject to change. Please refer to the fixtures website to confirm: It has been decided to put the race night on hold for the time being. We are always looking for people who can help the club as committee members, whether it be on the playing side or just in the background. If you would like to sponsor the club in some capacity we would also be delighted to hear from you. Club strips, dugouts, banners and boards on matchdays are all potential exposure for your business while supporting a local organisation. EBUFC is a community club with very strong village traditions. The majority of the players either live in, or have links to, the village. Please come along and give us a look sometime. Steve Butcher:

Life itself can often throw things at us that cause that quest for meaning of life to be broken or be affirmed and enriched. A dear Christian sister, Sally Laws (known to many readers), who taught religious education and was herself a Christian with a profound faith in God, has recently died after 21 years of living with Multiple Sclerosis. Despite the pain, the suffering and the frustration she had a confidence in God and that God would provide the strength she needed for each day. She radiated love, joy and peace. There could be no doubting her faith in God, or that God had chosen her to be his child and to bear fruit in the midst of suffering. We will be celebrating her life and faith on March 5. As I was reflecting on Sally’s life yesterday with others, I came across this quote: “The greatest thing about heaven is being with the Lord”. We know that’s where Sally is. What makes that difference? The Christian faith is not about people blindly groping for God, but more about God seeking for individuals, because he loves them and wants them to know and love him. An agnostic journalist, broadcaster and satirist who had been trying to run away from God but came to faith late in life said: “I’ve never wanted a God, or feared a God or felt under any necessity to invent one. Fortunately, I’ve been driven to the conclusion that God wants me.” And why did God want him? Why does God want you? The answer is not because of anything in you, but solely because of His love for you. That’s humbling yet so clear. We love because he first loved us. If your quest for meaning in life is hitting the buffers, or you are struggling to make sense of life, do get in touch. AT CAPEL METHODIST Home Groups on various days and times – contact the minister for details Sunday 4 10.30am Worship with Mrs Carole Almond 6.30pm Prayer Sunday 11

10.30am Local Arrangement - Worship

Sunday 18

10.30am Worship with Rev Chris Hill

Sunday 25

10.30am All Age Worship with Rev Andrew Sankey 6.30pm United Prayer Time St Mary’s

The Rev Andrew Sankey, 8 Roundridge Road, Capel St Mary IP9 2UG / 01473 311178 / 07966 187216 AT ELMSETT METHODIST Minister: Rev Derek Grimshaw, 2 Henley Avenue, Ipswich / 01473 805486 Lay Pastor: Alicia Holmes / 01473 658478


Sunday 4

9.45am Worship with Mrs Heather Bentley 6.30pm Communion with Rev Derek Grimshaw

Sunday 11

9.45am Worship at St Peter’s 6.30pm Worship with Rev Diane Smith

Sunday 18

9.45am Worship with Mrs Alyson Ellis 6.30pm Worship with Rev Derek Grimshaw

Tuesday 20

3.30pm Messy Church

Sunday 25

9.45am Communion with Rev Derek Grimshaw

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Come and meet us We are a family of ordinary people who love God and trust Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We would be delighted to welcome you to our Church office in George Street and to any of our services, activities, courses and events. Sunday Services (live streaming) 10.30am: All Age Worship including crèche, teaching and activities for ages three-13

Audio recordings of our services are available on our website, YouTube and as podcasts from iTunes. If you are unsure what Christianity is all about but would like to find out, we regularly run free, friendly and informal Christianity Explored courses. You will not be asked to read or pray aloud but will be given the opportunity to ask your questions. Many people have found this course helpful. Midweek Small Groups We have seven small groups meeting on two evenings (Tuesday and Wednesday) and one that meets Thursday daytime in the Chapel lounge and in homes around Hadleigh and the surrounding area for Bible study, fellowship and prayer. FREE CAP Money Management CAP Money is a comprehensive yet surprisingly simple money management course that has received national recognition. It lasts three weeks to help you get, and then stay in control of your finances. Proven to be effective for thousands of people. Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 31 (Easter Saturday) 10am to noon All ages welcome. Prizes for all. Please see our website for full details or call the Church Office on 01473 829602. Baby, toddler, children and youth groups We have two-midweek groups. One, run jointly with our friends from the URC, is for babies and toddlers with their parents or carers and is called The Ark. It meets on Friday mornings from 9.30-11.30am. We also hold a group for young people in School Years 7-9 (Thursdays 7.45-9pm) called 7-Up! Further Information and where to find us George Street, HadleighIP7 5BE (free parking in nearby public car park on Magdalen Road) Tel: 01473 829602 and speak to Chris. Website: Twitter: @HadleighBaptist Facebook: HadleighBaptistChurch YouTube: Hadleigh Baptist Church

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GROUNDS & GARDEN MAINTENANCE We offer the following services all year round: Grass cutting • Garden clearance Fences & Gates • Patios & Paths Hedge Cutting • Tree Cutting Sheds • Summer Houses Digger & Dumper work

For a free quotation please call Nigel Coton 01449 721025 or 07801 515505


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