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with Barham, Claydon, Henley & Whitton Rural Volume 9 • Issue No. 3 • JANUARY 2019

Reaching for the Stars by Jason Powell


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A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Recently I spent time with an friend who is caring for her elderly dad. Sarah is exhausted, sad, stressed and worried, worn out from sleeping on chairs next to her dad’s hospital bed. She talked about the ongoing struggle to get the support they both need, the ever-changing nature of her dad’s condition and her fears for the future, but also of the people she calls ‘Angels’ who she has encountered along this difficult journey. These ‘Angels’ are few in number, but they stand out because they are so remarkable. One she particularly remembers is Sam. He operates the overnight tea trolley in A&E at their local hospital. A&E is never a pleasant place to be, particularly so at 3am, but when Sam arrived, pushing his tea trolley quietly so as not to disturb or agitate patients, my friend was amazed by his smile and the gentle manner in which he approached people. She watched him make his away around the room and was astonished by the effect he had. People returned his smile, grateful to have a hot drink and to chat for a moment to someone who actually looked happy to be there. As he approached, my friend prepared herself to speak for her dad, but Sam spoke directly to him. He said: “I have a cup of tea for you and something tells me you’d like it with sugar.” Her dad hadn’t said a word for hours, but to Sarah’s surprise he replied and he and Sam had a brief chat. When Sam departed with a smile and a wave, Sarah’s dad continued to chat into the morning. This one brief encounter had lifted his spirits and for a short time Sarah and her dad chatted about all and sundry. For this Sarah will forever be grateful to the ‘Angel’ with the tea trolley. I share this story because it has had such an impact on me. I have never been, and will never be, an ‘Angel’. I try to be positive, I really do, but it doesn’t come to me naturally. If I had to push a tea trolley around A&E at 3am I’d be more likely to leave a trail of despair. I dread to think what my work colleagues might have to say! When I’m feeling sorry for myself I think of Sam and my friend’s tears as she recalled her all to brief encounter with him. January is a difficult month for many people for many different reasons. Do you have the capacity to be an ‘Angel’ in someone’s life for a brief moment? I hope I do!


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NEWS NEW LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT FOR COMMUNITY FIRST RESPONDERS Following their successful 2018 pantomime, The Little Mermaid, Bar-Clay Music Makers made a very generous financial donation to the Blakenham, Barham & Claydon Community First Responder Group. This donation has enabled the responder group to buy two Cardiac Science G5 defibrillators to replace those which have been in use since the group became active in 2006. One of the new defibrillators has recently been used by a responder when the East of England Ambulance Service’s Emergency Operation Centre asked them to attend a 999 call for a person in cardiac arrest. With a countertop donation bucket, the staff and customers of Claydon Post Office raised £500. With this money, a training version of the G5 defibrillator has been purchased to enable the responder group’s members to practise their life-saving skills using the same model as they are now carrying in their medical aid kit bags. Claydon & Whitton Parish Council have also made donations to the responder group, which helps with the costs of procuring and maintaining their kit and clothing. Blakenham, Barham & Claydon Responder group received over 40 emergency medical emergency calls last year, attending patients who were unconscious or unresponsive or suffering from chest pains, breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and injuries sustained after falls and other medical ailments. On most occasions a Community First Responder was the first medically trained person to get to the scene. In the vital minutes before the arrival of an ambulance, they gave valuable care not only to the patient, but also to their families, and then provided assistance to the ambulance crews. Blakenham, Barham & Claydon First Responders are one of over 60 selffunded, Community First Responder groups in Suffolk whose members give their time and effort voluntarily to directly help people in their community and to support the East of England Ambulance Service by attending medical emergencies in their local area. The support and encouragement received from all organisations and individuals is very much appreciated. The financial donations allow the responders to maintain their medical kit and equipment in good order and up to date. For further information about the East of England Ambulance Service’s Community First Responder Scheme, please visit: Alternatively contact the Suffolk & South Cambridgeshire Community Collaboration Manager at: For an informal chat about being a CFR please contact our group co-ordinator, Alan Seager: 07766 443400 Pictured left to right: Alan Seager (Responder), Vanessa Wingard and Alison Ruffles from Claydon Post Office, Linda Pullen and Vera Rogers from Bar-Clay Music Makers, Gail Cornish from Claydon & Whitton Paris Council and Dick Bound (Responder) / Photo courtesy of Geoff Rogers – Ideas into Print

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Recycle your Real Christmas trees For a number of years the parish council, with the cooperation of the Recreation Ground Management Committee, has arranged for a collection point to which real Christmas trees can be taken and collected by Mid Suffolk District Council for recycling. This facility will again be available on the recreation ground adjacent to the car park and everyone who can is encouraged to bring their real trees along before, or at the latest by Wednesday, January 16. The designated area will be signed and members of the community are asked to please not leave trees in any other part of the recreation ground. Killing Speed in Claydon The parish council has long been aware of the problem of speeding motor vehicles in and around the village and has regularly contacted the police to try and deal with this problem in response to complaints from members of the public. In the time during which we had a dedicated PCSO, regular checks were carried out in various locations. However, since this service was withdrawn very little enforcement has taken place due to lack of police resources. However, Suffolk Police has been provided with extra funding to tackle the issue of speeding in the county by appointing additional enforcement officers with new vehicles and cameras. Two new officers will focus primarily on those roads across Suffolk where local communities have raised speeding issues via individual complaints, parish councils, Community Speedwatch data or information from the constabulary’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams. The parish council will endeavour to ensure that Claydon is one of the areas included and would appreciate the cooperation of the community by either reporting cases of speeding direct to the police by either calling 101 or online at, anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at or by contacting our parish clerk who will pass the information on to the police. Meetings in January The next meeting of Claydon & Whitton Parish Council will take place on Monday, January 14 at 7.30pm at the offices of the Suffolk Association of Local Councils, Hill View Business Park, Old Norwich Road, Claydon IP6 0AJ. Opportunity is given at every parish council meeting for members of the public to speak about matters either on the agenda or that are of particular concern to them. Agendas will be available prior to the meeting on the noticeboards outside the village hall in Claydon and on Old Norwich Road in Whitton, online at or from our our parish clerk, Mrs C Greenan, 129 Poplar Hill, Stowmarket IP14 2AX / 07887 459989 For the very latest news and information about village life and other items of interest, please visit: / Twitter @claywhitpc The members of Claydon & Whitton Parish Council send their best wishes to all members of the community for a very happy New Year.

BARHAM PARISH COUNCIL A final reminder to residents or community groups with a need for grant funding from the parish council for any projects they are currently running or would like to run in the near future. In a similar way, are there any projects that residents would like the parish council to run for their benefit? If so, please contact the parish clerk by January 25. The parish council would like to remind residents that the dog waste bins are not for the disposal of household waste. The parish council is yet to hear when the planning applications for Church Lane and Ely Road will be heard by Mid Suffolk District Council, but can report that the application for 20 houses on Pesthouse Lane went to the planning committee on Wednesday, December 5 and was deferred on a technicality. It will be represented in the new year.

HENLEY PARISH COUNCIL Suffolk County Council contracts Galloways to provide the Henley/Ipswich bus service (and to subsidise it too) and the county officers are aware that there have been quite a few problems with the service recently. If you have an issue with the bus (late arrival/departure, failure to turn up at all, sets off in the wrong direction) it’s obviously important to register your complaint with Galloways themselves, but do also let your parish clerk know so that I can pass on the details to the county. You can contact Galloways on 01449 766323; their Twitter handle is @gallowaytravel and their email is: Still on roads and buses, the county is also responsible for school transport and we have raised with them the problems which arise on school days at the Fiveways junction. A particular issue is caused by the coach which picks up there every morning to go to Farlingaye; if the coach could be persuaded to stop a little further down Ashbocking Road, well clear of the crossroads, there would be less congestion, less visibility problems and a much saferfeeling half hour. Initially we contacted Suffolk Norse, which provides the bus service, but it turns out that the county determines routes and stopping points, so the issue sits with them at the moment. Hopefully they will take some action and improvements will follow – but again, if you have concerns about this, or detailed information to pass on, do please contact the clerk. And finally on the roads theme, the county (again) has now launched the legal and consultative work required before installing the formal parking restrictions on Ashbocking Road outside the school. It will take some time to get this work done, but it is now definitely in hand and the result should be a safer stretch of road for all users. Many drivers who drop off at the school are now routinely using the community centre car park (and thank you for that); the yellow lines will confirm the arrangement. All these highways and transport issues find themselves in the in-tray of our county councillor, John Field, who has with great patience and determination supported the parish council in seeking improvements for the village. The next parish council meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday, January 22 in the community centre and as always is open to anyone to attend and contribute. You can find our privacy notice on the Henley website. If you have any questions about this or anything else to do with the parish council, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are not on our village email list and would like to be, just send a simple request to or and we will sort it out. And don’t forget to keep an eye from time to time on our own website where we publish all sorts of useful (we hope!) information and contacts. Henley Parish Council Clerk Rod Caird: 07785 331217 The next full parish council meeting is on Monday, January 7 in Claydon and Barham Village Hall. Future meeting dates and agendas are available via the website or can be viewed on the village noticeboards located near the entrance of the Co-op and at Barham Green. If you would like a specific topic discussed as an agenda item please email the parish clerk. The agendas have to be published at least three clear working days before the meeting date, so any items received after this would have to be added to the next council meeting. For the latest news and information relating to the villages visit: Barham Parish Council Clerk Jo Culley 07958 402335 /

Barham Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to wish all its residents a happy New Year.


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NEWS COUNTY & DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORT JOHN FIELD’S REPORT TO GIPPING VALLEY: DECEMBER 2018 Happy New Year to you all. I hope that you and the Suffolk economy prosper in 2019 despite the challenge of whatever occurs on March 29. Locality Funds Your district councillors – John Whitehead, James Caston, Kevin Welsby and myself – all get a Locality Budget of around £6,000 to help community groups to deliver projects. I get a further similar sum from the county. If there are further things you want to do could you let us know before the end of January. Increase in insurance pay-outs Between 1 January and 16 October last year, Suffolk Highways have already paid out £67,819.07 for vehicle damage including costs and legal fees. This is a dramatic increase from the £26,004.63 for the whole of 2017. The number of claims has also more than doubled from 598 in 2017 to 1,265 in 2018. This shows the cost of not getting potholes fixed quickly and the problems that Suffolk residents suffer. The county must do better. Pension Fund The local government pension fund has performed well and is now worth almost £3,000m. It covers county and district staff, many academies and town and parish council staff and is now 92 to 97 percent funded. The level changes day to day as Brexit and other economic news drives the costs and share values up and down. It does have some funds in companies that produce fossil fuels and supply tobacco. It will look again at this around March to decide if it is proper. Is it reasonable to consider just the financial duty to the pensioners and their employers, or should the damage to the environment and people’s health count as well? The Incinerator As I type, Suffolk County Council is considering a further re-financing of the incinerator. Currently the money is borrowed by Suez as part of the contract that saw them finance, build and run the plant. The county can borrow through the Public Works Loan Board at a fixed rate lower that Suez can. So, there is a significant cost saving if SCC takes on a bit more of the risk of plant ownership. The SCC investment will increase by another £10.2m, and the council will own 28.4 per cent of the plant value in total. The net present value of the saving will be £5.1m. Scrutiny The top level view of the budget proposals for next year were scrutinised on November 22. The basic assumptions on income are:

The inflation assumptions are two per cent on wages or three per cent on purchased materials and services. The cost pressures in ACS include the ageing population and the increasing complexity of need. In CYP we are seeing increasing numbers of children with learning or behavioural difficulties. The Transformation Programmes are targeting considerable savings at £13m and, in addition, there will be a need for ‘tactical savings’. Tactical savings will total £11.2m and proposals include: • • • • • • • • • •

Phased removal of Citizens Advice Grant Staffing reduction (totalling £3m) across all directorates Reduce Housing Related Support and hostel beds Negotiate care pricing Stop displaying bus timetables at the roadside Reduce spend on sponsored bus services Reduce Suffolk Highways out-of-hours stand-by service and winter support fleet Stop road sign cleaning and only maintain mandatory road markings Turn more streetlights off overnight Cease accreditation of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme (the scheme will continue, however organisations will license themselves directly with the charity rather than through SCC)

• Council tax will be increased by 2.99 per cent and the Social Care Precept by one per cent. The council tax base will increase by one per cent.

The saving on the CAB grant is particularly difficult to understand. This is a charity that delivers high value at low cost as much advice is given by volunteers.

• No estimates have been made for the value of the chancellors’ recent announcements of extra funding.

I do have Twitter (@JohnFieldjd) and Facebook (fieldjd) accounts and my website is at:

TRAVEL NOTICE 114 BUS RETIMING The 08:57 service 114 departure from Claydon to Ipswich has been retimed to run five minutes earlier at 08:52. During school term it will not follow its normal route via Asda and Norwich Road, but will operate via the A14 to Suffolk One College and then travel to Old Cattle Market Bus Station. CHRISTMAS /NEW YEAR HOLIDAY SERVICES First Eastern Counties – services 88/89 Ipswich-Stowmarket: Normal service up to Monday, December 24. No service on December 25/26. Normal service until Monday, December 31. No service on New Year's Day then normal service from January 2. Galloway – services 113, 114 Ipswich-Eye-Diss (also 115 & 116 through Henley), 87 Sunday Service: Normal other than no service on December 25/26 and New Year's Day.


Ipswich Buses: Early finish at 18:30 on December 24. No service on December 25/26. Saturday timetable December 26-29. Normal service on Sunday 30 and Monday 31 but finishing that day at 18:30. No service on New Year's Day. Normal service from January 2. Greater Anglia Train Services Main Line Ipswich – London Liverpool Street: Normal service until Saturday, December 22. Engineering work will involve replacement of trains by buses from Ingatestone to Newbury Park Central Line underground throughout the holiday period from Sunday, December 23 until New Year's Day. All tickets are valid on the underground. Local services to Cambridge, Peterborough, Lowestoft and Felixstowe, also Ipswich-Norwich: Normal services other than early finish at around 21:00 on December 24, no services December 25/26, but trains run on New Year's Day. Barry Moore, Transport Representative, Claydon and Whitton PC

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NEWS / OUT & ABOUT THANK YOU FROM THE FAMILY OF THE LATE ALFRED REGINALD HAMMOND (REG) Pam Hammond and daughter Hayley would just like to say a big thank you to everyone in Barham and Claydon who attended Reg’s funeral at Barham Church on Friday, November 2. It was lovely to see the church full to over-flowing, with family, friends and acquaintances made over the years. Those of you who knew him, will know that he spent all his life in Barham and Claydon, having been born in Manor Farm Cottages in Barham Church Lane and only moving to Claydon after he married. Pam would also like to pass on her thanks for the many cards and messages of sympathy that she received, following the loss of Reg. They had been married for 57 years and it is lovely to know that so many people care at a time like this. Pam Hammond & Hayley Brock

CLAYDON & BARHAM COMMUNITY CENTRE Church Lane, Claydon IP6 0EG Cup Cake Café / Open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30am to 3.30pm, the café is run by volunteers with support from individuals who attend via The Papworth Trust. These volunteers give their hours to make sandwiches, other food and drinks for no payment. Please support this venture. We also run Meet-Up Mondays, an initiative from Mid Suffolk Council. Come in and have free cup of coffee and biscuits. Monday: Dance for Fitness with Abi 6-7pm; Short Mat Carpet Bowls 7pm; Bar Open 7-10pm Tuesday: Karate’ (all ages) 4-7pm); Carpet Bowls; Ladies Darts; Crib (single and double teams are high in the East Suffolk League) Bar Open 7pm-midnight Wednesday: Bingo 7pm; Bar Open 7-11.30pm Thursday: Street Dance for Young People 6.30-8pm Friday: Karate (all ages) 4-7pm; Bar Open 7pm-midnight; Weight Watchers in the Compton Lounge, 5.30-6.30pm – entry via the rear gate on the school side of the community centre. Money Box is drawn on Friday evenings at approximately 10pm. It starts with 15 keys and the prize increases until the key turns the lock. Come and try your luck!

COFFEE MORNING AT ST PETER’S COURT, CLAYDON First Tuesday of every month There are table top sales and raffles and all the money raised goes to the Air Ambulance.

CLAYDON AND BARHAM VILLAGE HALL Dates for January Wednesday 2 Thursday 3 Sunday 6 Monday 7 Tuesday 8 Wednesday 9 Thursday 10 Friday 11 Sunday 13 Monday 14 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 Friday 18 Saturday 19 Sunday 20 Tuesday 22 Wednesday 23 Thursday 24 Friday 25 Saturday 26 Monday 28 Tuesday 29 Thursday 31

Bar-Clay Music Makers Sunshine Service Slimming World Bar-Clay Music Makers Barham PC Meeting Women’s Institute Bar-Clay Music Makers Young Families Slimming World Moo Music Bar-Clay Music Makers Bar-Clay Music Makers Bar-Clay Music Makers Silver Surfers Slimming World Moo Music Pantomime Performance Pantomime Performance Pantomime Performance Private Hire Table Tennis Bar-Clay Music Makers Young Families Silver Surfers Slimming World Moo Music Pantomime Performance Pantomime Performance Pantomime Performance Claydon PC Meeting Table Tennis Silver Surfers Slimming World

6.30-10pm 10am-noon 5.30 & 7.30pm 1.30-5.30pm 7-10pm 7-10pm 6.30-pm 9.30-11.30am 5.30 & 7.30pm 10am-noon 1.30-10pm 6.30-10pm 6.30–10.00pm 11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm 10am-noon 7.30-10pm 2.30-5pm 7.30-10pm 1-5.30pm 7.15-10.45pm 6.30-10pm 9.30-11.30am 11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm 10am-noon 7.30-10pm 2.30-5pm 7.30-10pm 7.30-9.30pm 7.15-10.45pm 11.30am-2pm 5.30 & 7.30pm

Please visit the Claydon and Barham website and use the online booking process. Follow the notes on the bookings page. If you have a problem please contact Geoff: 01473 836972 /

Saturday: Co-op Juniors Dance Company 9am-noon Bar Open 7pm-midnight Sunday: Bar Open noon-4.30pm Christmas Saving Club and a traditional meat draw The bar is fully stocked with popular lagers, real beers and spirits. The hall and Compton Lounge are available for hire. For details contact: 01473 831805 / New Year’s Party: Monday, December 31 This year we have Rachel and the Reverbs (https://rachelandthereverbs. com), a well-known Suffolk Group who will ensure the party mood and lots of dancing. Bring your own snacks. Tickets (members £12.50 & children £7.50 / non-members £15 & children £9) are available from the community centre. Saturday, February 9: Pre-Valentine Dance with music from Karen Beu, the Abba tribute group. Details to be posted in 2019.




The club had a very successful and enjoyable 2018 with a variety of excellent speakers which included a talk on the art of willow weaving, geraniums, hanging baskets and garden design. We also had two very enjoyable evening visits out to different gardens. Hopefully 2019 will be just as successful.

If you are a member of, or a volunteer for, the National Trust, we invite you to get more out of your membership by joining our association where a warm welcome awaits you. We meet at Kesgrave War Memorial Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave, Ipswich IP5 1JF at 7.15pm.

We have a full programme for the year starting on Monday, January 14 with a talk on the Isle of Wight by Chris Parfitt. Chris is an excellent speaker on many subjects. If you would care to join us, the meeting starts at 7.30pm in Offton and Willisham Village Hall. Members, guests and visitors will be made most welcome; please ring 01473 254941/830600.

Our next meeting is on January 15 when Mark Mitchels, arguably our most popular speaker, will be talking about the River Deben. Rivers were the old highways of England and along their banks stood the towns and villages which form the earliest settlements in our history. Mark will be taking us on a trip along one off the country’s most beautiful rivers, a journey through history showing how the landscape changed to support the needs of the people.

HENLEY SENIOR CITIZENS On Sunday, December 2 we held our Christmas Lunch. Thirty-two people sat down for the meal which included three guests – Richard and Margaret Self and Jim Harris (one of the Henley chefs). Jim had an operation on his right hand earlier in the week so was unable to do his usual duty. Once again a delicious meal was cooked by Robert, Mike and Mike's daughter, Michelle. Doreen, Barbara and Barrie were our waitresses/waiter for the day and were very professional. We would like to thank them all for such a good service and for giving up their Sunday for us. Our entertainment this year was Peter and his two friends on their accordions and was most enjoyable. They played a variety of songs and carols for us to sing along to, ending the afternoon with Auld Lang Syne. During the afternoon we also sang Happy Birthday to Beryl (Biddy) for her forthcoming ‘Special Birthday’ and presented her with a flower arrangement.

On February 19 Marcia Whiting will speak on the life and works of Alfred Munnings. Visitors (even if not National Trust members) are welcome; the entrance fee is £3. National Trust members/volunteers can join us for £8 per year (£12 per couple at same address). We publish three newsletters a year for members and enjoy interesting day outings and other events. For more information, including details of future events and outings, contact our membership secretary at: / 01473 723761


Everyone went away smiling, having had a good day, with a Christmas present in one hand and a piece of birthday cake which Biddy had specially made to share with us all in the other hand. present

Bar-Clay Music Makers

Probus clubs are for retired or semi-retired gentlemen. We meet monthly at the Masonic Hall in Soane Street, Ipswich on the last Wednesday of each month for lunch, followed by talks and lectures on a variety of subjects.

In addition we hold social events including outside visits when we invite our spouses, partners and friends to join us. If membership appeals to you, please contact our secretary, Ken Stanley, for further details: 01473 274898 /

SUFFOLK PLANT HERITAGE EVENTS Saturday, January 26: All My Own Work – The Essex Garden of Lady Bing by Jan Michalak. Members free, guests £5. Saturday, February 23: Tales from a Norwegian Garden by Tommy Tonsberg. Members free, guests £5. Saturday, March 23: Special Event Bulbs for all Seasons by Anna Pavord. Members £8, guests £15. Tickets must be purchased in advance from Isobel Ashton: 01284 754993 Saturday, April 27: Looking Back at English Garden Daffodils by Sally Kington. Members free, guests £5. All talks are held in Stowupland Village Hall IP14 4BQ at 2.30pm.

By Bradford and Webster

Claydon Village Hall

Friday 18 Jan at 7.30pm Adult Saturday 19 Jan at 2.30 & 7.30pm Child Friday 25 Jan at 7.30pm £7 £3 Saturday 26 Jan at 2.30 & 7.30pm Tickets: 01473 830538 • Webbfamily1@ 10

STOWMARKET & DISTRICT FLOWER CLUB Jenni Baker of Harleston will present a demonstration entitled The Feminine Touch when we next meet at Woolpit Village Hall on Wednesday, February 27 at 7.30pm. New members and visitors are always welcome. For further details, contact Carla Firman: 01449 672719

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KW SPORTS MASSAGE Happy New Year! January is renowned for the New Year’s resolutions and the inevitable, lose weight and get fit for the summer. I therefore wanted to touch on injury prevention this month. As a Sports Massage Therapist I commonly see injuries which are a result of doing too much, too soon or through poor technique. If you are making changes to your exercise routine or starting a new one entirely, please take it steady. Let’s face it, there is no quick way to lose weight and get fit. Here are a few tips to staying safe with your new exercise routine. 1) Seek advice from a professional: A personal trainer or physical therapist etc will be able to advise you as to what will help you achieve your goals. 2) Find something you enjoy: You are more likely to stick with it. 3) Listen to the coaches, trainers, etc: They will guide you on technique. Correct technique will significantly reduce the risk of injury. 4) Don’t go rushing in to it: Build up the frequency of sessions, number of repetitions and weight, gradually as you get fitter and stronger. 5) Set a schedule: Plan in your sessions like an appointment so you cannot cancel it and importantly, factor in rest days. The body needs recovery. 6) Listen to your body: Yes, it will ache a bit, you will probably be a little out of puff and pink in the face and that is a good thing, but if something hurts, seek advice from your trainer or coach, etc. Good luck and please keep in touch via my social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Kerry


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HENLEY MOTHERS’ UNION The theme for the November evening meeting was 16 Days of Activism. This MU campaign brings to light the injustice of gender-based violence, something that occurs in many different forms and effects so many globally. The MU are praying for the courage to speak out:

Wednesday, January 23: The Massey Shaw Fireboat by Tony Roome Wednesday, February 27: Zeppelin Raids Over East Anglia by Ian Mclachlan We meet at 7.30pm at the Salvation Army Citadel, 558 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich; entrance via the rear car park, visitors £3.50, members £1.50 including refreshments. 01473 422145 /

GREAT BLAKENHAM OVER 50’s CLUB Open to anyone over-50 living in Great Blakenham and the surrounding area. We meet from 2-4pm in Great Blakenham Parish Room (opposite the Chequers PH) on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. The building is fully accessible. The cost per meeting is £2 which includes whatever activity is programmed for the afternoon, refreshments and the raffle. On afternoons when we may play a couple of games of bingo the tickets are £1 each. At our November meetings we had a visit from Wiltshire Farm Foods which was very interesting and included some very nice sampling! Sandra hosted a Call my Bluff afternoon for our last meeting of the year. This proved very entertaining. Do you know the meaning of ‘sestina’, ‘tussah’, ‘whydah’ or ‘nankeen’? Something to keep you occupied if you get bored! At the time of writing we had not yet been for our Christmas meal and when next I write Christmas and New Year celebrations will be well and truly over! We reconvene on January 9 (weather permitting) and will have a noisy afternoon with a beetle drive.  New members are always welcome so if you would like to come along and see what goes on we will be pleased to see you. Jackie Durrant: 01449 672690

IPSWICH MOBILE LIBRARY ROUTE 5 Route 5 Town/village 5A Sproughton 5B Sproughton 5C Bramford 5D Bramford 5E Great Blakenham 5F Great Blakenham 5G Baylham 5H Claydon 5I Claydon 5J Barham 5K Bramford

Location Church Lane Wild Man St Mary’s Close Paper Mill Lane Chequers Blue Leighs Mobile Home Park Post Box Crown Edinburgh Gardens Bacon Road Packard Place

Time 9.10-9.25am 9.30-9.45am 9.50-10.05am 10.10-10.25am 10.35-1055am 11-11.15am 11.25-11.45am 11.55am-1pm 2.05-2.20pm 2.25-3.50pm 4-4.30pm

DATE: January 15

IPSWICH MOBILE LIBRARY ROUTE 13 Route 13 13A 13B 13C 13D 13E 13F 13G 13H 13I 13J 13K 13L 13M

Town/village Crowfield Coddenham Barham Creeting St Mary Creeting St Mary Creeting St Peter Earl Stonham Little Stonham Little Stonham Mickfield Church Stonham Aspal Pettaugh Henley

Location Lay by Haysel House Sorrel Horse Whissels Farm Village Hall The Lane Village Hall Church Magpie Inn Debenham Road Walnut Tree Meadow Old Bull Garage

DATE: January 25

Time 9.25-09.45am 9.55-10.50am 11-11.10am 11.20-11.30am 11.35-11.45am 11.55am-12.10pm 12.20-12.50pm 2-2.10pm 2.15-2.25pm 2.55-3.30pm 3.35-3.55pm 4.05-4.30pm

Loving Lord, who came to proclaim justice, make us bold to speak out truth and break the power of silence. Loving Lord, who came to expose the darkness, make us bold to reach into the shadows and release the oppressed from fear. Amen. At the end of the financial year, votes are taken as to the preferences that members would like the fundraising to be allocated to. This year Jane, our treasurer, was delighted to inform us that we had raised almost £1,000. The following amounts are to be sent to MU good causes: Women’s Refuge: £210.54 Parenting Course: £163.75 Diocesan Fund: £101.37 General Fund: £124.76 Summer of Hope: £101.37  AFIA (Away From It All): £259.81  Advent was the discussion at the November afternoon meeting, thinking about it as a journey and the glory of Advent. Our sincere thanks go to Liz who brought along 86 multi-coloured sheep for the travelling nativities. What a flock! All too often December becomes too busy as we all have so many commitments, not just in our family life but also within our parishes. The Ipswich area Reflection Day on December 4 gave us the chance to remove ourselves from those never-ending lists of things to do, and to stop, pray, listen, discuss and reflect. Our thanks go to the MU at St Mary’s, Witnesham for welcoming us to their lovely church and to Paul Laughin and Rev Catherine Forsdike for leading the day on the theme of the five languages of love. My battery is now recharged and I feel refreshed and ready for the weeks ahead. When you are reading this, the new year will be here, the nights shortening and the days lengthening. May there be light in your day and also your life in 2019. Alex Pratt

GREAT BLAKENHAM CRAFT CLUB Open to anyone living in Great Blakenham and the surrounding areas, the club  meets every Monday other than bank holidays in Great Blakenham Parish Room (opposite the Chequers PH) from 2-4pm. The building is fully accessible. Members pay £2 per meeting to cover hall hire, refreshments, the monthly workshop goody bag and weekly raffle prizes. If you prefer to bring your own project the charge is £1.50. We don’t meet in January but will start again on February 4. Our programme for 2019 is:  February 4: New Year New Life March 4: Seaside April 1: Fact and Fantasy May 13: Village Life and Little Mice June 3: Summer Sewing July 1: A Bit of Bling August 5: Autumn’s Coming September 2: Take Heart October 7: Fabric Cards November 4: Christmas Cards with a Twist December 2: AGM   Perhaps we may see you at our meetings? There is currently room for new members so please get in touch if you would like to join us. Although the club is all ladies at present, gentlemen who would like to learn crafts are welcome. Unfortunately I can’t accommodate children. Jackie Durrant: 01449 672690  


OUT & ABOUT / SCHOOLS ORWELL DECORATIVE & FINE ARTS SOCIETY Orwell DFAS does not meet in January so our next lecture will be on Wednesday, February 6 when Andrew Spira will deliver what we are sure will be a fascinating talk entitled The Art and Architecture of St Petersburg. Orwell DFAS meets at Tower Hall, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew IP4 5SU, on the first Wednesday of most months. Talks last about an hour, commencing promptly at 2.15pm, with tea and coffee served from 1.30-2pm. Guests and non-members are welcome provided we have enough space. Exceptionally popular lectures will have a visitor limit of 20 spaces. Please contact Wendy Robbins before the day on 01394 823807 to check if there is available space. For the latest events and news please visit:

CLAYDON HIGH SCHOOL It gives me great pleasure to share with you the events, activities and news in school, particularly as the month of December is always full of festivities and celebrations. At the end of November a group of language students visited the province of Seville in Spain to take part in a week long exchange trip. Students took part in organised group activities during the day, staying with their host families each evening and over the weekend. This was a fantastic opportunity, allowing students to soak up the culture, practise the language and experience the wider world, developing key life skills. We look forward to the return exchange when the Spanish students visit us in March. Families, friends, governors, teachers and students were treated to a festive evening of music on December 11, at the school’s Countdown to Christmas concert. The evening featured over 20 separate performances involving more than 60 students across all year groups. With vocal and instrumental solo and ensemble pieces interspersed with traditional carols and an opportunity to warm up with some hot chocolate and mince pies, it was a lovely evening. The dedication, commitment and hard work from students and staff was certainly evident and my thanks and congratulations go to all involved. Once again students surpassed expectations for the eighth year running and created an amazing range of Christmas hampers which were donated to a local charity, The Chapman Centre, part of IHAG (Ipswich Housing Action Group) who provide relief for people in the community suffering from extreme financial poverty or homelessness. I am always impressed with the special effort our students make and would like to thank parents and carers for their help and contributions from home. Year 11 students took part in their annual Learning about Work Day. Local employers and business leaders joined us to teach students key skills when applying for jobs/apprenticeships. Activities on the day (and leading up to the event) included CV preparation, writing letters and mock interviews. The feedback from our guests was very positive with comments about their maturity, commitment and the way they conducted themselves throughout the day. Sincere thanks to all our guests for giving up your valuable time to support with this event. Our former Year 11 students who left us in the summer returned to Claydon High School on the penultimate week of term for a presentation evening where they were awarded with their GCSE certificates and special subject achievement awards, recognising individual commitment and progress. It was really lovely to spend the evening with them and to hear about how they are getting on in this next phase of their lives. We are all extremely proud of all aspects of their success and achievement and wish them all the very best for whatever the future brings. If you would like to visit the school and see us in action, please come along to one of our open mornings. The next one is on Monday, January 22. Please telephone my PA, Mrs J Saunders to book a place: 01473 836110

CLAYDON & BARHAM YOUNG FAMILIES Claydon and Barham Young Families is a Mothers’ Union project which has been run by Mothers’ Union members and supporters for 27 years. We welcome mums, dads, carers and grandparents from Claydon, Barham, Great Blakenham and the surrounding villages with babies or children under five; entry is just £1.50 per family. This month we meet from 9.30-11.30am on January 10 and 24 in Claydon and Barham Village Hall. Our Christmas Party was a huge success. A big thank you to Father Christmas who, despite being very busy, came along to distribute gifts to the children. Our ladies raffle went very well, as always, raising more funds for the group. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a fantastic success. At our regular sessions families can enjoy a themed craft activity where children can be creative and try out different materials to produce an individual masterpiece. Playdough and all sorts of toys that encourage children’s imaginative play and physical and social development are available. For parents and carers it is a good opportunity to meet others with pre-school children or babies. There is also a prize draw for the children. This month we would like to wish a happy birthday to Elliot and Rosie. Why not come along and join in the fun, you can make friends and enjoy some valuable play? Hope to see you there. For more information contact me on 01473 833788 or check our listing on Michelle

CLAYDON PRE-SCHOOL Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a really enjoyable Christmas. Thank you to all the children and parents who gave us Christmas cards and presents. The children’s Christmas Nativity was lovely, with excellent singing and Makaton signing. Thank you to all the parents who purchased their children’s lovely craft work.  The Christmas party was also lots of fun, and a visit from Father Christmas with his presents for the children went down brilliantly. We are all looking forward to the start of the new spring term and to doing some winter craft. UPCOMING EVENTS Thursday, February 7: We are holding a Ryan Gooding Psychic Night at Claydon & Barham Community Centre starting at 7.30pm.  Tickets are £10 and available from Claydon Pre-school, the community centre or by calling 07914 994170.  This fundraising event is open to everyone. As we are now open all year (except bank holidays and the Christmas period) we can take children up to five years old for additional sessions during the school holiday weeks, subject to availability. If you would like to book any days during the holidays, please contact the administration assistant for more details. We can take children who are entitled to 30 hours funding.  Simply register at Childcare Choices to find out if you are eligible. If you would like an application form or any further information, please contact Lisa Read at Claydon Pre-school, Old Scout Hut, Thornhill Road, Claydon IP6 0DZ / 01473 831648 /

Headteacher Ms Maéve Taylor


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SCHOOLS STONHAM ASPAL PRIMARY SCHOOL We’ve been very busy since our last entry as you will see below. Boys Football Tournament We travelled to Hartismere to attend the High Suffolk Boys Football Tournament on November 7. Stonham Aspal took three teams to this competition. Each team showed great team work, creativity and perseverance. Our A team did so well they won the whole tournament and were through to the regional play-off. All the teams shared their achievements in our celebration assembly and the A team showed the school their medals. Well done to all the teams and thank you to Mrs Corsie for organising the team, and Mrs Wright and Mrs Pritchard for helping on the day. The regional play-off took place on Tuesday, November 27. The result of this game was a convincing 4-0 win to Stonham Aspal, which meant we qualified for the County Finals, a really impressive achievement. The County Finals took place on Friday, November 30. There were four games in their first section and Stonham finished second. This meant they qualified for the semi-finals. Unfortunately, they lost their semi-final game and ended up finishing fourth overall out of the 150 teams that originally entered the whole tournament! This is an incredible achievement and all the boys should feel very proud of how far they went and what they have been able to achieve. Well done to all involved. Remembrance

On Friday, November 10 we held our two-minute silence on the playground. Class 6 trumpeters led the silence by playing The Last Post. All the children respected the silence and understood the importance of the commemoration this year. An example of the class displays created as part of the commemoration is pictured with a photograph of the stunning church displays that our children contributed to. Poppy Appeal We raised £100.30. This is an incredible total. As a district we raised £447.08 which is impressive. These totals are amazing and I would like to thank all our community for supporting this great cause. Girls Football As winners of the tournament in October, the girls’ team went through to a regional play-off to see which team went through to the county finals. It was a close fought game which even after extra time was 0-0. This meant it went to penalties. It was still equal after five penalties so it went to sudden death. Sadly, at this point we lost. It was a great performance and the girls should all feel extremely proud! Children in Need 2018 This was an amazing day. The children all came to school looking incredibly ‘spotty’ and by donating to dress-up and selling cakes we raised £407.65 in aid of Children in Need, our largest total so far. It is just wonderful to be able to raise this much money for such a great cause. Thank you very much. Are you deciding which school you should send your child to? We think you would choose our school. We are extremely proud of what we achieve. We have been recognised by the diocese as Outstanding and by OFSTED as a Good School. We have also been recognised by the Department for Education for our excellent work with closing the gap in attainment for our vulnerable groups of children ensuring that all our children achieve good results. To find out more about our school please contact the school office on 01449 711346 or visit:

CLAYDON PRIMARY SCHOOL Key Stage 2 have certainly had a busy autumn term. In October, Year 6 set off on their residential trip to Hilltop in Norfolk where they took full advantage of a range of adventurous activities including climbing, mountain biking, bushcraft, the 10 metre Air Jump, high ropes and hiding in the woods in the dark! We are proud that our pupils fully embraced these opportunities, sometimes quite literally ‘throwing themselves’ into activities. We saw amazing co-operation and support among the children, which helped us all have a brilliant time. This term our history topics have provided the basis for some fantastic activities. Years 3 and 4 enjoyed a Stone Age day, while Years 5 and 6 had a Second World War themed day. On both occasions children dressed up and participated in creative learning tasks. To further develop their understanding of the war, Years 5 and 6 found out about military vehicles on their visit to Duxford Museum in November. Also in November, Year 5 pupils walked to both Claydon and Barham Churches. In support of the Suffolk War Graves Project, the children marked the centenary of the end of the First World War by laying poppies on local war graves and linking the lives of those who died to our community today. By the sounds emanating down the corridors, Year 4 pupils are progressing well with their violin and brass lessons. We thank parents and carers for their support with encouraging the children to practise at home. Not only have our pupils in Years 5 and 6 been learning how to ride their bikes safely during Bikability sessions, but our school council (with representatives from all classes) have been busy working on road safety awareness activities. At Claydon Primary School we offer many sporting opportunities, including clubs that run before and after school and at lunch times. They are for children of all abilities so that they can build skills, keep fit and have fun with their friends. These include netball, quicksticks hockey, tag rugby, futsal, football, basketball, running and gymnastics. At the time of writing, Year 3 are busy preparing for their Christmas Concert at Barham Church, which promises to be another lively mix, including music and poetry. KS2 Phase Leader & Assistant Headteacher Lesley Etchingham

CLAYDON PRE-SCHOOL 100 CLUB Our last draw took place on October 29 and the winners were: 1: Marie Hughes (96) 2: Chloe Button (62) 3: Baz Colquhoun (29) Thanks to your support, £26 was donated to the pre-school. If you are stuck for Christmas present ideas why not buy your family and friends 100 Club membership? Half of all money goes to the pre-school and the other half is paid out in winnings. Membership is just £1 a month. You don’t need to have a child at the preschool to be a member. Membership forms are available from the office or by email. Thank you to all those lovely people who continue to support us.




New Year’s Resolution We hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas break and are looking forward to an exciting 2019. The club’s tennis programme continues all year round so if you have set yourself a New Year’s resolution to get fit in 2019 why not come along and try your hand at tennis? We are a friendly and welcoming group so don’t be shy; come along and see us and kick start your new fun filled fitness programme.

Fencing Work Starts at Blue Circle Work to secure the Blue Circle pitches and training ground has now started with the fencing being erected over the next few weeks. This work will ensure the security of the site and protect us from vandalism and unwanted visitors and, in addition, provide additional protection for those using the site during the week or on game day at the weekend. Look out for progress updates over the next few weeks on Facebook and Twitter!

Bramford Minis at The National Tennis Centre

Clubhouse Renovations Started The second phase of club house renovations has started. The changing rooms, shower and toilet facilities, as well as a number of storage areas, are being completely removed and reinstated to provide more modern facilities for use by all the teams at the club. We play around six games every weekend at the ground and the home and, once the works are completed, away teams will have facilities that are up to the expectations of the modern era. In addition, the new facilities will provide cleaner and more accessible toilets for the hundreds of site visitors on match day. This work is being made possible by a grant from Viridor Credits which the executive committee, club, players and parents are very grateful to for their continued support. Mixbrow Donate Portacabin

Mixbrow, a local construction company, have generously donated a large portacabin to the club which will be turned into new changing facilities over the next few months. As the club has expanded, with the additional senior team added this season, we are in need of further changing and shower facilities and this will provide them to the senior and junior teams at the club. All at the club would like to thank Darren Webb and all at Mixbrow for the support.

At the end of 2018 we were delighted to be invited to take a number of our mini tennis junior players to the National Tennis Centre at Roehamptom. The kids had a behind-the-scenes tour at the LTA’s leading tennis training facility and even got to see Johanna Konta who was practising on the court right next to us! The kids and parents had a fantastic day. We also continue to run our mini tennis squads, but are hoping to relocate to an indoor venue at Great Blakenham Village Hall on Tuesday evenings for the remainder of the winter period. For more information about junior coaching get in touch with Carl. Fast4 and Cardio Tennis Our Tennis Tuesdays ladies’ group (6.30pm every Tuesday) are now taking part in a friendly league based on Fast4 Tennis rules where the sets are shorter, there are no lets and no advantages, so the pace of the game is much faster. Our cardio group (7pm on Thursday) also goes from strength to strength so if you love fitness workouts where you can burn up to 600 calories per session why not come along and give it a go. Contact coach Carl for further details. To find out more at about any of the items mentioned above please visit: Teams: / 07981 842517 Coaching enquiries: / 07553 966380


Aviva Communities Trust The club has been awarded a community Trust award from Aviva which is being used to part fund the new changing rooms being created using the portacabin. Work on this project will start in the new year and is being undertaken by volunteers at the club, if you think you can help and would like to volunteer please contact us at:

CLAYDON & DISTRICT BADMINTON CLUB Feeling full and ever so slightly guilty about the amount you have eaten over the festive season? Why not get back into badminton right on your doorstep here at Claydon High School.   Claydon & District Badminton Club is a social badminton club which meets on Monday nights from 7-9pm during school term time in Claydon High School Sports Hall. Although we are a popular club we have some space and you would be very welcome. If you fancy a game you can have a free taster session. Come along to meet us and have a few games at the Sports Hall on any Monday night during school term – our season started in September and we’ll have a short break over Christmas, but start again in January. For more information visit our website or get in touch with C&DBC chairman Dik Langan: 01473 831692 /

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Happy New Year from all of the HOGS!

Christmas Clear Up Did you know that Suffolk Councils collect an extra 12 per cent rubbish and recycling in January compared to other months? This equates to 2,000 extra tonnes of rubbish! You can minimise your post-Christmas environmental impact by taking a few simple steps.

An eleventh hour call off from two HOGS who awoke with health symptoms unconducive to walking around the countryside for four hours, meant that just nine players enjoyed the delights of Bury St Edmunds Golf Course. Grahame Hughes admirably stepped into the breach and organised a fantastic day at what was a very busy clubhouse which was hosting both a charity fundraiser and a wake. Suffice it to say, the end of match presentations were suitable muted with such unexpected company, and as brief as this article this month. For an end of October fixture, we were blessed with fine weather, although the autumnal wind did eventually start to chill the bones somewhat. We played a Texas Shambles format which, thanks to Steve Brock’s carefully team selection, meant each trio had at least one consistent golfer among them, enabling at least one of the tee shots to finish on a fairway. All players move their ball to that position under this format, but then they are on their own for the rest of that hole!

Remember to recycle your plastic, paper, cardboard, tins and cans in your recycling bin at home. If you find yourself with unwanted gifts, or old items which have been replaced for Christmas, donate them to your local charity shops or reuse containers at your local recycling centre. Please also make sure you dispose of your old electronic equipment and batteries correctly, either at your local supermarket or collection point, or your local recycling centre. You can find your nearest recycling centre at:

Grahame was certainly the main man in Team 2, hitting 12 of the 18 best tee shots, which saw him lead his team of Simon and Shaun into runner-up spot with 72 points, just four ahead of Mike, Peter and Scott. Way ahead however with 87 points were father and son due Paul and Tom Challener ably accompanied by Terry Aldis. Tom and Grahame each took a Nearest the Pin prize home with Peter winning the Longest Drive. For the record, the overall scores were Terry 42, Tom 40, Scott and Shaun 34, Paul 32, Simon 30, Pete and Grahame 27 and Mike 21.

CHERNOBYL CHILDREN’S LIFE LINE On December 9 we collected our Christmas group from Gatwick Airport. The children in this group have never left their home villages before so not only was the trip to the UK a first time experience, but so will Christmas in the UK. In Belarus, Christmas Day is celebrated on January 7 and the usual gift for a child would be a packet of sweets, nothing like the celebrations we have here. After the children return home at the end of the month, three of us will accompany them back to Belarus for our Father Frost Christmas Stocking Program. We have had the most fantastic response to our appeal and will be delivering in the region of 300 Christmas stockings to needy children. During the nine-day trip we will visit many villages and outlying areas, and hold a party for 28 children who will be bused in as they are too far away for us to travel to. We will visit two Social Shelters, a cross between an orphanage and a foster home. We will also be visiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Minsk and the pediatric wards of two general hospitals. We will bring back photos and updates after the trip to share with everyone who has so kindly contributed to this program. A very big thanks must also go to those people who have sponsored part of the trip, enabling us to take this many presents to the children. We are now looking towards the summer group visit and would ask anyone interested in hosting to get in touch now as we have to start processing the invitation to the authorities in Belarus by January 2019. The children will be with us for four weeks from June 30 to July 28. All that is needed is a minimum of a mattress to sleep on and a loving home with people who care. Financial circumstances are immaterial. Age is not a barrier – single parents considered and families may or may not still have their own children at home. Hosts are able to follow their own occupation/interests as the children meet at least four days a week at our day centre from 8.30am to 4.30pm and helpers are on hand to collect or look after children at other times if needed.

Interested in having a look around the facility? In 2018, Suffolk’s energy-from-waste facility hosted over 1,280 visitors interested in finding out how we put the waste left after recycling to good use as a fuel to generate energy. As well as regular open days for local residents, we hosted 26 schools and colleges from around Suffolk and recently Suffolk’s High Sheriff. If you are interested in what happens to your waste here in Suffolk, we are hosting a series of open days in 2019 and we have spaces available on the following open days: January 16 at 2pm, February 5 at 6pm, March 15 at 10am, April 2 at 6pm and May 27 at 2pm. Alternatively, we host tours on weekdays for groups of five to ten people (the minimum age for visitors is seven years old), so why not get a group together and arrange a tour? Pre-booking is essential: / 01473 836149 If you have any queries about our operations, please do not hesitate to contact the facility: 01473 839149 / OTHER USEFUL CONTACTS Environment Agency: 0800 807 060 SUEZ Communities Trust: 01454 262910

2019 will see two of our major fundraising events, Pig Racing (not on a screen) at Stowmarket Football Club in March and in April our Easter Chocolate Bingo in Needham Market. We are very aware that there are now more charitable causes than ever all needing support. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports us; you may think you only do a little but without you we could not survive. May 2019 bring you everything you wish for. Link Chair Elizabeth Parker: 01449 760343 /




Claydon Area Youth Support Group (CAYSG) has been offering a wide range of holiday activities for young people in this area since 2008. Despite relaunching CYCP as the Claydon Youth Zone in 2018, there has been insufficient interest to make it worth our while continuing. We would like to thank all those who have participated in the past as well as our activity providers and our funders.

Knitting Group Our Northern Lights display for the Festival of Light at St Mary’s Church, Gt Blakenham looked beautiful, both inside and outside the church. The display then went to Gt Blakenham Chapel to spread the light of Christmas for more people to enjoy. Our next meeting is on Thursday, January 3 from 10.30am to noon at Alasdair Place.

We do have a small amount of funding remaining and are keen to provide grants to any organisations that are either established or are planning to initiate something for young people in the future. We are also in a position to point such groups to additional funding that may be available from both Suffolk County Council and Mid Suffolk District Council. If you have any ideas that need financial support please give Martin Redbond, chair of CAYSG: 01473 831645

MAKE A DIFFERENCE THIS VALENTINE BY LEAVING AN EVERLASTING GIFT The Leave an Everlasting Valentine Gift Will Month is being supported by Jackamans Solicitors (Ipswich), Ross Coates Solicitors (Ipswich) and Norton Peskett Solicitors (Halesworth), who have kindly offered their services to offer people the opportunity to make a basic single or mirror will in return for a suggested donation to Cancer Campaign in Suffolk. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of making a Will, as well as highlighting the work of the charity, and is a special way to make a difference and celebrate Valentine’s Day in February. Around 60 per cent of people in the UK do not have a will and planning for later life is essential! People are living longer and with ever-changing family lives; second marriages, extended families, civil partnerships, long-term care needs, lasting power of attorney, funeral costs, inheritance tax… Choosing who you want to leave your gifts to is ever more important so your wishes are fulfilled as complications can arise which can become costly. Making a will gives peace of mind and ensures families and loved ones are cared for in the future. It also gives people the opportunity to leave a lasting gift to a charity that will make a difference to others as well as reduce the inheritance tax bill for the beneficiaries. Karen Hare, Chief Executive of Cancer Campaign in Suffolk, said: “We are delighted that Jackamans Solicitors, Ross Coates Solicitors and Norton Peskett are supporting the Leave an Everlasting Valentine’s Gift scheme by giving their time and offering a will writing service for a donation to our charity. All the monies raised stays in Suffolk to help before, during and after cancer.” For more information contact CCiS on 01473 211884 / or visit:

The Book Club This month we meet at 10.30am on Thursday, January 17 at The Crown. This is due to The Crown being closed in the last week in January for refurbishment. Do come along and join us. 4Ever Men’s Club The group continues to meet on the third Wednesday of each month at The Crown at 10.30am. Do come along and join the group. New ideas on activities, speakers and events are always appreciated. Meet ‘n’ Eat Lunch Club Our Christmas meal was very successful. Twenty-six people enjoyed roast turkey and all the trimmings followed by Christmas pudding, Tart Noel or jelly. A buffet lunch will be served on January 4. Why not make a New Year’s Resolution to join us and make new friends? Gipping Valley Art Society We were pleased to support The Festival of Light at St Mary’s Church, Gt Blakenham. Members decorated and painted jars to hold tea lights, which created a beautiful display. We had a table at the Christmas Fayre in The Parish Room on Saturday, December 1 and our Christmas meal at The Chequers on December 11. Our first meeting in the new year will be Tuesday, January 8. Anyone interested in joining the group please phone Ann on 831031 or Margaret on 830135. Walk ‘n’ Talk Group This new group will hopefully start up in January 2019. For full details of dates, times and meeting places, please contact Rev Carl Melville: 01473 833542

VOLUNTEERING WITH HOME-START Home-Start met Lauren and her family shortly after their new baby was diagnosed with brain damage. Lauren and her husband were completely overwhelmed with the emotional and practical demands of caring for a baby suffering with multiple seizures and being unsettled day and night, while also trying to juggle the needs of their other children. Life was turned upside down for the family with hospital appointments, admissions and the worry of an unknown future. Their Health Visitor referred them to Home-Start Suffolk, who introduced them to Ruth, a trained HomeStart volunteer. Ruth visits Lauren and the children once a week, providing support when Lauren’s husband works late. Having Ruth there to share the load enables all of the children to get vital one-on -ne attention: reading, playing or doing school work. Mum or Ruth cook dinner and they all sit together while Ruth holds or sings to the baby. Lauren’s evenings are less chaotic and easier to manage with Ruth’s help. Lauren says she felt “immediately at ease” with Ruth and found it easy to talk to her when she was having a difficult week. Although the family’s situation is the same, her visits have allowed the family time to adjust and explore what ongoing support is needed and available to them.

DEMENTIA Together Call Free 08081 688 000 email: SRYC. visit: 20

Home-Start in Suffolk has family support volunteering opportunities all across Suffolk. Although we value parenting experience, you don’t have to have children or grandchildren of your own to help. You just need a little time and a willingness to make a difference. By joining our team, you will receive accredited training, ongoing support and friendship. Our volunteers support a family on a weekly basis for between two and four hours. If you think you could give some of your time to support a Suffolk family, please contact Fiona on 01473 621104. By giving the gift of time, you will help to change the lives of families in Suffolk.

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Twenty-two year old Ryan Stiff has always loved animals. When he experienced anxiety attacks and bullying, animals were Ryan’s coping mechanism. He held a number of animal care jobs, including volunteering at Field of Dreams charity farm in Thurston, working in a pet shop and working at a doggy day care.

Community Action Suffolk has launched an appeal to identify a new Young Shadow Trustee who will have a pivotal post in contributing to how the organisation is run, and how it portrays the county’s youth contingent. It’s the first time CAS has chosen to include a dedicated Young Shadow Trustee on their board, and comes as part a desire to reflect more diversity.

Recently however, Ryan’s life changed for the better. In May 2018 he was able to use the knowledge gained in previous roles to start his own business, Crown Pet Care, a hotel for small pets which he runs from his home. He explains: “Currently I look after most commonly kept small pets, including rabbits, rodents, birds and reptiles. I was able to use the money saved from my other jobs to have an aviary built in my garden to house some of the larger animals, and to buy some cages for smaller ones. I also bought a large number of books on different pets for reference.”

A Suffolk-based programme to support young trustees has been in place since last year, led by CAS, and now sees a total of 10 younger persons in place with the region’s charities. Charities in Suffolk with an existing Young Shadow Trustee include the University of Suffolk Students’ Union, Suffolk Mind, Suffolk Artlink and St Elizabeth Hospice.

So far Ryan has boarded a variety of pets, each with their own personality quirks. These have included a dancing and talking African Grey Parrot, some curious and surprisingly active tortoises, an acrobatic chicken which liked to sit on top of the coop, a bearded dragon, budgies and rabbits. “Stuart, the baby Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, was easily the tamest and gentlest animal I have looked after. My own rabbits always get excited to see the new guests. I treat every pet as if they were my own, and part of the family. I view this business as a way for pets to have nice holidays too, and reassure their owners.” Ryan is so much happier now than he used to be. He has received fivestar reviews, recommendations and praise from pet owners. “I never feel anxious now, I feel a sense of fulfilment and pride knowing that I am helping the local community, and their pets of course.” Ryan is currently taking bookings for 2019. If you are interested in boarding your pet at Crown Pet Care, contact Ryan at: 07496 269736 / For more information visit:

The person for the newly created Community Action Suffolk role will need to be between 18 and 25, and will be prepared to offer around four hours per month. They will not be able to vote in their position, but will develop leadership skills, increased knowledge in business and finance, and will receive training and mentoring. Meetings are mainly held in Ipswich and travel expenses should be covered. Janet Perry, Youth Volunteering Development Officer for Community Action Suffolk, said: “Since Community Action Suffolk has been leading the Suffolk Young Trustee Programme in the county, we’ve received such great feedback from charities about the benefits of having a clear youth perspective as part of their team.” If you are interested contact Janet at:

MAKING PLANS Christmas is over and I suspect many will be making plans for this coming year. For some this might mean buying reduced price Christmas items for the end of the year. We will be seeing holiday advertisements so we will look at our diaries to plan when would suit in order to book early so as not to miss out. We may have made plans, New Year resolutions to start a new hobby, go to the gym or read more amongst other things. TV commercials encourage making plans for the future in regard to life insurance and having a will. All these plans have the future in mind. Jesus told a parable of a farmer whose land had produced a bumper harvest and as his barns were not big enough to store the crops he wondered what to do. After some thought he made plans to tear down his barns and build bigger ones. Then he thought that he would take life easy knowing he had plenty of supplies to last many years. Jesus continued by saying that this farmer’s life would be demanded of him that very night. This farmer presumed he had many years to live and thought only of himself and not God. It isn’t wrong to make plans and have goals, but do we make them with any reference to God? We don’t know what a day will bring and life is fragile. At the start of this new year what plans have you made? What plans will you be making for this life? Making plans for the next is more important. WEEKLY EVENTS Monday fortnightly: Little Owls Toddler Group, 10am-noon Tuesday: Weekly Prayer Meeting, 7.30-8.30pm Wednesday: Coffee Morning, 10am-noon. All welcome. Thursday: Home Group, 10-11.45am Friday: Children’s Club (primary school age), 6.30-7.30pm Sunday Morning Service: 10.45am-noon For more information contact Michael: 01473 839785


CHURCH NEWS THE CLAYDON GROUP OF CHURCHES The Church of England in Claydon and Barham, Henley and Great Blakenham We offer you a warm welcome to all our events and services. For enquiries about baptisms, weddings and funerals contact:

January: Epiphany – Following the Star

Priest-in-Charge Rev Carl Melville, Claydon Rectory 01473 833542 /

Gt Blakenham Church: Sunday, January 6, 11am

Letter from the Vicar

Henley Church: Sunday, January 13, 9.30am

Epiphany is traditionally the time of year when we think about the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus.

Barham Church: Sunday, January 20, 10am

The three gifts have led us to believe there were just three wise men. However, there probably would have been a whole entourage of foreign visitors. Most of the men that visited would have been astrologers, magicians and sorcerers – people who had been reading the stars and studying the prophecy of a New King for hundreds of years. Many scholars believe it would have taken the Magi at least three years to reach Mary and Jesus in ‘the house’, but we cannot be sure. Either way, it would have been a long, expensive and difficult journey to undertake, so their hearts must have been pretty sure that this baby was worth it! Can you imagine how Mary must have felt when these strange foreign visitors arrived with their gifts? These men were not Jewish – they were foreign Gentiles. Their visit, however daunting to the new mother Mary, must have confirmed in her heart that this child she had delivered would be the one to deliver us all. The gifts they gave told of his life and death, but they also speak of the life that God wants for us too. The question is, are we, like Mary, ready to receive it and say yes? Why not explore with us? Rev’d Carl SERVICES IN JANUARY Henley Church: every Sunday at 9.30am Barham Church: every Sunday at 10am Gt Blakenham Church: every Sunday at 11am

Refreshments available at all of our services. NEWS Tots Groups: Our combined (Henley and Gt Blakenham Churches) tots group now meets every Friday at Gt Blakenham Parish Room from 10-11.15am. See our website for more details. Please see page 14 for information about Claydon and Barham Young Families. Meet ’n’ Eat: Fancy a good lunch in the company of others? Know someone who is lonely, needs a chat or wants company? Meet ’n’ Eat takes place in Gt Blakenham Parish Room on the first Friday of the month between noon and 2pm. Holy Conversations (Home Group): The first Tuesday of the month at 7pm at The Rectory. All welcome for Bible Study and reflection. Family Services: Continue at each church in 2019; the first Sunday at Gt Blakenham at 11am, the second Sunday at Henley at 9.30am and the third Sunday at Barham at 10am. All ages welcome. Shared Lunch: Do bring Christmas leftovers to a bring-and-share lunch on Sunday, January 6 after the morning service. Visiting: If you, or anyone you know, would like a visit from a member of our pastoral team, please get in touch with Revd Carl, Revd Cathy or Revd Jenny. This might be at home or in hospital. Lifts to Church: If you’d like a lift to your local church, please contact Revd Carl who can organise this for you.

St Peter’s Church, Claydon is usually open during daylight hours


Sunday, January 6: Epiphany 8am Holy Communion 9.30am Holy Communion 10am Holy Communion 11am family@blakenham

January 2019 Saturday 5: Epiphany Party Games Night at Henley Church Sunday 6: Bring and Share lunch, Barham Church (following the 10am service) Saturday 12: Coffee Morning, 10am-noon, Gt Blakenham Parish Room Saturday 19: Vestry Café, 10.30am-1pm, Henley Church Saturday 19: Gt Blakenham Quiz Night, Parish Room

Barham Church Henley Church Barham Church Gt Blakenham Church

Sunday, January 13: Baptism of Christ 8am Holy Communion Barham Church 9.30am family@henley Henley Church 10am Holy Communion Barham Church 11am Holy Communion Gt Blakenham Church Sunday, January 20: Epiphany 3 8am Holy Communion Barham Church 9.30am Holy Communion Henley Church 10am family@barham Barham Church 11am Holy Communion Gt Blakenham Church Sunday, January 27: Epiphany 4 8am Holy Communion Barham Church 9.30am Café Church Henley Church 10am Holy Communion Barham Church 11am Elevenses@GB Gt Blakenham Church 4pm Evensong Henley Church Further services can be found at:


Future Dates March 5: Gt Blakenham Pancake Evening March 16: Gt Blakenham Quiz Night May 27: Wedding Festival at GB Village Hall June 8: Barham Church Fete June 15: Henley Church Fete June 29: Barham Picnic and Band Concert June 30: Songs of Praise, St Peter’s, Claydon July 13: Gt Blakenham Village Fete and Doggy Day August 7-9: J-TEAM at Barham Church HALL BOOKINGS Barham Church Hall: Zoe Groom, 831804 Gt Blakenham Parish Room: Reg Barton, 839958 Henley Church Vestry: Margaret Gerrard, 831463 Facebook & Twitter: The Claydon Group of Churches

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In Touch News with Claydon, January 2019  
In Touch News with Claydon, January 2019