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CHURCH NEWS SOMERSHAM BAPTIST CHURCH WORSHIPPING AND FOLLOWING JESUS TOGETHER We live once again in times of great political division. For many the situation is intolerable. How should we respond? Jeremiah has an angle on this, bringing a word from God to a people recently exiled and enslaved to a foreign power. Babylon celebrated its culture in worship of the sovereign and dominated the world with dreadful cruelty. The bright young men of Israel were put into the service of the Empire. That word from God was: “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city.” It is a word that will work for us today as we meet people with polar opposite views who similarly feel betrayed, “Seek the peace of the city”. Here are three ways we can contribute to the ‘peace of the city’. Greet people; we meet invisible people every day, staff at the checkout, the driver of the bus, people who in our busyness easily become invisible. Respect people; human life is precious, people matter more than things and experiences. Be involved; don’t just serve your own needs, be aware and active for the needs of others. Though we despair of our country at times like these, “seek the peace of the city” by seeking peace around us.

You are welcome to join our regular meetings of worship and fellowship. Worship and Lunch: Sunday, June 9, 11am Join us to worship and eat together. This time we have planned a buffet lunch. Sunday 10-10.30am: Prayer and Share 10.45-11.15am: Bible Study (Communion on the first Sunday) 11.30am-12.30pm: Worship Service Refreshments are served between meetings, come when you can and leave when you want. Weekdays at the Chapel Lunch and Listen: Thursday, June 6 at noon Friends and Neighbours: Monday, June 17, 7.45pm CONTACTS Mark Newcombe, Pastor 01473 831940 / 07958 830103 / Edwin Mayhew: 01473 658100

ST MARY THE VIRGIN BRAMFORD, ST MARY NETTLESTEAD, ST MARY THE VIRGIN LITTLE BLAKENHAM, ST PETER BAYLHAM Priest-in-Charge: The Rev Jenny Seggar 01473 747819 / Safeguarding Officer: Mr John Chenery, 01473 742797 CALENDAR FOR JUNE Quiet Reflective Communion Service: Wednesday, 9.30am Sunday, June 2: Easter 7 10am Holy Communion, Bramford 6pm Evening Prayer, Baylham Sunday, June 9: Pentecost 8am Holy Communion, Bramford 10am Parish Communion, Nettlestead 5pm 5pm Service, Bramford Tuesday, June 11 11am Communion from Reserved Sacrament Baylham Care Centre Wednesday, June 12 7.30pm Healing Service, Bramford Methodist Church

Dear Friends, I can’t believe that we are pretty much half way through the year. It’s going incredibly quickly. Look out for the publicity for the usual fundraising events; we really need your support! Each parish has something happening, so please go and support other parishes. It’s a chance to get to know our neighbours. I hope that by the time you read this we will have become a legal benefice, a group of parishes working legally together. This should make our lives much easier, and allow us to solve some of the problems we have by sharing practice and looking at new ways of working together. We have hit a time when the idea of the ‘parish’ is becoming more difficult to staff and run, and it’s only by working as a team that we will be able to survive in these difficult times, sharing our spiritual gifts and skills, and maybe even personnel. This idea may not be easy, but I am sure you have noticed that your churchwardens and PCC are stretched, and in some cases overworked. We really need to blur the boundaries, sharing jobs and maybe even looking at sharing PCCs and churchwardens.

Sunday, June 16: Trinity Sunday 9am Parish Communion, Bramford 11am Parish Communion, Balyham

This is much more faithful to the ideas shared by the early church, who were small and often persecuted, but managed to worship and meet together praising God and exploring their faith. That is, after all what we are here for.

Tuesday, June 18 2.30pm The Gathering, Bramford Parish Room

I look forward to seeing you at some of our social events over the course of the summer.

Sunday, June 23: Trinity 1 (Proper 7) 8am Holy Communion, Bramford 10am 4th Sunday Service, Bramford

Blessings to you all, Rev Jenny

Saturday, June 29 10am-noon Coffee Morning, Church Room Sunday, June 30: Trinity 2 (Proper 8) 10am Parish CommunionTo be arranged


Please check porch notices for any changes.

FROM THE PARISH REGISTERS May 9: The funeral of Ken Jermy at St Mary’s Bramford. We extend to his family our sympathy and prayers. Floodlighting of the spire of St Mary’s Church: If you would like to have the spire floodlit please ring Stewart on 01473 462231. The requested donation is £10 per week.

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In Touch News with Bramford June 2019