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Planting the Seeds



BEARING GO “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:18-20 (NASB) Dear Friends, When I was a boy of 12 or 13, I can remember my father receiving a book in the mail called, Knowing Your Trees. Though it really belonged to him, being such a nature lover, I borrowed it so often and spent so many hours with it, that I think even he considered it mine! I was fascinated with the book. Even though it had older black and white photographs, the book was laid out in such a way that each two facing pages gave an excellent summary of the characteristics of the different North American tree species. As I recall (I can’t quite remember now, since I’ve given that book to my son), there were 27 species of pine trees, nine different species of maples, etc., etc. Each species had a photograph taken in the wintertime, when the foliage was off on all but the evergreens, and another one showing the summer foliage. In most cases, the summer and winter photos were of the same individual tree, so that you could see the naked “skeleton” of branches, as well as what it looked like


in the “clothed” version. There were photos and descriptions of the bark, the leaves/needles, the blossoms, and fruit. There were other descriptions, such as the air-dried weight of a cubic foot of each type of wood, and what its primary commercial uses were. When the book arrived at our home it was early winter, so my first endeavours to identify the trees on our little farm were based mainly on the shape of the bole (trunk) and the crown (think of the stately “wine glass” shape of the now endangered American Elm, which we have here in our prairie towns and cities), the texture and color of the bark, and so forth. As spring neared, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the first leaves, so that I could see how close my guesses were. For example, we had several large sassafras trees along a fence row which I originally thought were something else, until I could observe the three unique “mitten” shapes of the new leaves. While all trees have some sort of fruit containing seeds, most of our New


OOD FRUIT England trees didn’t have fruit that was really edible, with some exceptions. I did learn, though, a lot about maple and ash “keys,” the seeds within pine and spruce cones, holly berries, and of course, black cherries (I used to think of them as tedious to pick, but delicious!), acorns, and hickory nuts. As I think about it, we humans are a lot like trees, having a vast array of shapes, sizes, textures, and uses, each according to God’s plan and purpose. And while all of these other characteristics are important, it’s the fruit, at the end of the day, that ultimately determines whether the tree has fulfilled God’s plan. Without it, there can be no harvest—no seed for reproduction. We are sometimes tempted to be discouraged with ourselves—our lack of growth, little or no evidence of fruit, and so forth. But our task is not to produce the fruit, it’s simply to stay connected to the vine (or trunk) so that we can receive nourishment. Jesus said (John 15:4, 5): “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the

branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” Stay connected to Jesus, my friend—He will see us through to the harvest. We have no control over what fruit we bear, except as we decide except whether or not to be grafted into Him and abide there in faith. Let us hold fast our faith in Him till He comes!






e serve an Awesome God! Early hopes for 2020 were quickly replaced by dire predictions accompanying the Covid-19 pandemic and God’s providence has surpassed them both. God has shown that He is still in control in the affairs of this world and in spite of the situation around us He had blessed His faithful stewards beyond our expectations. 2020 ended with a 12.01% increase in Tithe taking us past the $5.5 million point for the first time. Our members have been faithfully supporting our Local Churches as well. Even though Covid has inspired us to find creative ways to function during a pandemic, our buildings patiently await our return and are still in need of care. Please continue to support your local church offerings. As of February 28, 2021 we have a modest but positive tithe increase of 0.67% over last year at that time. Since tithe is our largest source of revenue, it has a tremendous impact on how we function and the funds available to pay our workers and to support church, education, and evangelism programs. TITHE & OFFERINGS COMPARISON YTD Dec 2017 to Dec 2020 Donations








































Local Church Funds Conference Funds Total









God turned economic challenges into the opportunity to do outreach as we partnered with ADRA to deliver food to hungry people through our Bounty Bag program. Camp meeting became virtual and allowed us to touch base with members from all over our vast territory even allowing us to put faces to the far north groups in Nunavut. Christmas programs and graduations became accessible to people who wouldn’t normally be able to attend. God made us social beings and we still long to be together in person. In 2020 we invested in some capital projects to prepare for a time when we can be together again at Camp Whitesand. We replaced our 20 yr. old high-ropes course because it was no longer cost effective to do the repairs needed to maintain its certification. In its place is a new challenge course which will delight and strengthen the next generation both physically and spiritually as fears are overcome and prayers answered. A new four-plex with in-cabin toilets and sinks replaces one of the older units and plans are underway to build another one this summer. Covid has meant less travel and more time online as we connect with each other over virtual meeting rooms such as Zoom and broadcast our services through YouTube and Facebook. Most of our churches now have an on-line presence and have become part of an even larger mission field. Funds will be needed to assist with equipment and training to continue to minister to God’s children

online even after we return to regular services. Currently we are asking our pastors to complete a survey of audiovisual equipment for each church as the first step in accessing the needs of our field. I have had the opportunity to preach at a number of our churches now either virtually or in person and I look forward to meeting each of our members over time. We have an amazing team here at the office and I can’t praise God enough for the opportunity to serve alongside of Malou and Marie in Treasury and Joe Ann and Aleisha in Secretariat. Corinne is passionate about education; Ewerton’s expertise in video production is evident from the clips on our website and Sandra’s love for youth and camp motivates her dedication to the younger members of our field. Mike leads by example and helps us tackle many of the challenges that come our way. We are here to serve. May God abundantly bless you as you faithfully continue to rely on Him.






ee Drummond, cooking show host of the The Pioneer Woman, recently shared a blooper video.

In the video, as she was explaining how the flavors of a dish came together, Ree was focused on brushing the inside of a bread bowl. Suddenly, she was interrupted by screams … and squeaks. Confused, Ree looked up to find her film crew scrambling for refuge on coffee tables and countertops. A packrat had run across the floor while the cameras were rolling! It was large enough that one person actually mistook it for a bunny. Pausing to catch their breath, the group laughed at how each other had yelped. Warily, they soon resumed filming. Their unwelcomed intruder was intent on 5 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS


No one doubted the cleanliness of her home. No one ran outside, vowing never to return. No one suggested that her show be canceled or take a hiatus from filming, lest more rodents or similar creatures interrupt future filming. Instead, each person stayed. Everyone laughed together as they worked together towards a resolution. Recognizing this to be an accidental mishap, there was no shame cast in Ree’s direction.

making its television debut and appeared a second time. Breaking once again, everyone worked together to find the rat and dispose of it outside. With the house currently under repair from a leak, they believed the critter entered the home through a hole in a ceiling. As disturbing as it was to see the rat, it was the reaction of Ree’s entourage that had a lingering effect. No one questioned her.

The grace, kindness, and empathy displayed in that moment reminded me of Jesus. He would stay and laugh with us if the situation was comical. If needed, He would gently dry our tears while consoling us. Then, Jesus would be one of the first to roll up His sleeves, working alongside us towards a resolution. The next time you see a ‘rat’ in someone’s ‘kitchen’, how will you respond?






s I was watching the news one night, I saw several stories about groups that were trying to feed and support the homeless in downtown Winnipeg. We know several youth that are homeless and I felt that we had to do something. I sent an email to our church board and to my prayer group and shared my idea of collecting lunches and distributing them to the homeless. Then on Sabbath we made an announcement to the church and got a very generous response. On Sunday, only 24 hours after the church announcement, and even though it was -35°C, we collected 250 lunches! A total of 20 families participated in this impromptu food drive. Families decorated many of the bags with hearts and messages of love from the Henderson Highway SDA church. The generous donations from members and friends of the Henderson Highway Church filled 8 carts, which is 2 car loads full of boxes of lunch bags, chips, sandwiches,



juice and water, granola bars, and hand warmers. Harvest Manitoba weighed the 1st delivery at 304 pounds and the second delivery came in at almost 250 pounds! The generous members of Henderson Highway church gave 554 pounds of food and supplies in just 24 hours. The workers at Harvest Manitoba were overwhelmed by the donations and delivered the food to several food kitchens for the homeless within hours of receiving it. Thank you for your generous donations, and for your prayers! It was pure joy to be able to reach out to our friends in need.






he beginning of the year 2020 found my family and I in Prince Albert, SK ready to minister in our new district. We had just started to get to know the congregations and communities and had begun to draft plans to do ministry in the area when the whole world went into lockdown in March 2020. The new Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, including the way we minister and worship. 9 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS

Quickly we started to do worship online and experienced the fastest embrace of technology I have ever witnessed in my whole life. I went from preaching to a live audience to an online one in a matter of a week. I started preaching a new sermon every week for a few months. With all these changes it was our witnessing efforts that suffered the most. We couldn’t conduct evangelistic series, or have social gatherings, or be involved in the community. Our witnessing was


shut down. Or so we were made to believe. We quickly decided that our community had suddenly become online too, so that’s the place where we needed to reach them. The Lord impressed me to advertise online for free home mailed Bible Studies in our two communities, Prince Albert and Shellbrook. We put an ad on Facebook in each community at the end of March, we ordered Bible Studies, bought envelopes and stamps and we let the Lord lead the people to the ad. The response was overwhelming. People were messaging us asking for prayer and for Bible studies almost every week. The Lord was sure blessing our efforts to reach the people with the Gospel and with the hope and peace that God gives to all of us in times of need. After Hudson Bay and Nipawin were added to my district in September, we started to advertise the same thing in those communities as well. God blessed our efforts there too. Counting those who have completed the studies and those that are still in

the process of completion, we have a total of 40 individuals signed up for the Bible studies. That tells me that there are people out there searching for something more than the world or man has to offer, they are searching for the truth and for a more meaningful relationship with Jesus. Our Bible study ads are still active, and people are still signing up for the free Bible studies. I want to encourage you to continue to do something for your community in these trying times, and if you don’t know what to do, ask God to lead you and He will let you know what your community needs. But one thing we know for sure: people need Jesus, so present Him to them in creative ways! I want to leave you with these Bible verses from Matthew 9:3738: “Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Jesus is coming soon!




Va c a t i o n B i b l e S c h o o l


Why won’t you do the VBS online, like record each segment on different days and send the packages home?

“I wanted to do that but… that is a lot of work. And I am not sure I can pull it off. “I think you can. I know you can do it.” Honestly, we are living in a pandemic and the last thing my morale needed was a disappointment or the thought of failure. Attempting to do Vacation Bible School (VBS) online was a major risk, one that I was unsure would yield success. It ended up yielding more than I expected. Here are 8 key elements that helped us establish our online VBS:

VBS needs a head start. For our church, planning VBS begins in January/February. That is when my treasurer expects the receipt of purchase for the VBS kit. That early start allows us to plan around summer camps, camp meetings, and summer schools. That also makes it easier for families to reserve the date. It gives us plenty of time to receive the package, start planning for the different stations, then find leaders for each station. During the summer families have the most time and are seeking opportunities to engage spiritually between family vacations and summer jobs. VBS requires people power. We rally our troops for each station quickly and early. The stations include Storytime, Games, Snacks, Crafts, Kid Video and the crowd 11 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS


favourite, our Opening and Closing programs where we learn fun new action songs. Moving online this year made the station planning a challenge, but our team pivoted and created adaptations for each station. We distributed the booklets to each station leader and created time slots for recordings, while considering volunteers’ availability and provincial guidelines for social distancing. VBS is an experience (not a program). My assistant VBS director, Alaina Blaney, was by my side throughout the process of moving online and helped tremendously to maintain the quality and excitement of the experience. Each year we transform our fellowship hall based on the VBS theme. We’ve gone to outer space, back in time to Rome, and even travelled to an African safari. VBS is for the kids but it’s also an adult sized dress up adventure that captures the imagination. VBS takes you shopping. One of the best kept secrets of VBS directing is your local home hardware store. This year’s theme was Rocky Railroad which means we spent most of a month building a life-sized train. That train required both a lot of trips to Home Depot and our combined creative ideas. Finding the right raw materials is typically an adventure all its own and over the years I have found home hardware stores have the most exciting materials with potential. VBS and online sharing. Another invaluable resource is Facebook groups. I know Facebook can be considered the wild, wild, west, but it is a VBS PRAIRIE HORIZONS | 12


treasure trove. Other churches use the same theme and have a Facebook group that showcases their ideas on how to communicate the theme. You learn so much as you look around and you’re reminded that you are not alone. We chose to keep our snack station and included a grocery list for the week in the take home box. We also included the instructions for creating the snack each day.

as well as all activity resources such as chalk, balloons, markers, and paper.

VBS in a box. Normally all the VBS participants are together and have access to the same resources at the same time. Last year we compiled a Take Home Box which included a craft for each day

VBS in homes. The advertised week of our VBS, we had families log onto Zoom so that they could experience the program together. Each day for two


VBS in production. We recorded for five days. Each day was assigned to one station and we went through days 1-5 of the normal VBS experience with daily Scriptures, Bible buddies, the theme song, and a skit. Our recording produced over 200 clips of raw footage to compile each of the daily posts.


hours, we had a zoom watch party on Facebook, talking, singing and playing together. We invited parents to participate by capturing moments and sending them to us in order to win a prize each day. The prize was a custom VBS 2020 shirt, which we mailed to the winners. Virtual Vacation Bible School provided multiple opportunities: our church community could still engage with familiar faces while learning about Jesus; we could introduce kids and parents to our church and usher them through our doors; we could

teach our kids responsibility while also engaging in fun adventure. Parents love the engagement and appreciate the opportunity for their children to grow.




A LIFETIME OF MINISTRY (History, Philosophy, and Religion). In June 1976, he joined the Mountain Provinces Mission, which covers the territories of the Cordillera Region and some parts of the province of Ilocos Sur (Northern part of Philippines) as an intern and was assigned as a district leader. He was ordained into the ministry in 1982 and continued to serve as district pastor in different parts of the Mountain Provinces Mission. He was very instrumental in planting many churches whose members are still faithful unto the Lord up to the present time. He was well loved by the people whom he served because of his outgoing personality and his commitment to the ministry, even as most churches during those times could be reached only by foot.


n March 1st, 2021, Pastor Roger Biscaro retired after 43 years of service as a Church pastor. He was born in the town of Pamplona, province of Cagayan (northeastern part of Philippines) on February 2, 1954. He was baptized into Christ and joined the membership of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1964. He graduated from Philippine Union College in March 1976 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree 15 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS

He was elected as Executive Secretary of the Northern Luzon Mission in 1990, holding different departments such as Sabbath School director, Personal Ministries director and ADRA Community Development Program Director. He was elected as President of the Northern Luzon Mission in 1998 and continued in that position until 2000. His service with the Mountain Provinces Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church lasted for about 24 years, until he left the Philippines for the United States.


In June 2002, Pastor Roger Biscaro accepted the call of the Almighty, made through the Manitoba- Saskatchewan Conference of SDA, to serve as the pastor of West Park SDA Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His arrival was a welcome relief as the church had been without its own pastor for a considerable length of time. A few months after settling in and starting to know his members, he was conscripted to be the interim pastor for Silver Heights Church as well, positions he fulfilled successfully at both churches. During his ministry, the membership of West Park Church has increased considerably. Pastor Biscaro mentored young, new, pre-ordained ministers and also immigrant pastors giving them the necessary nurturing that helped to equip them to accept calls to pastor their own churches. As requested by the Man-Sask Conference, he officiated at some of the induction ceremonies for new pastors in other Winnipeg SDA congregations. Every year, under his leadership, West Park Church has been involved in Outreach Evangelism in the Winnipeg community with preaching being done by the pastor or invited evangelists. Witnessing was not limited to the spoken word but was also done through Health Seminars and Extravaganzas, Musical Choral participation in





community events, feeding the homeless, and providing necessities for newcomers. Pastor Biscaro encouraged members to serve using their Spiritual gifts; he supported and participated in West Park Mission Trips to the Philippines; he promoted Choral Mission Trips to Ontario, Canada’s Western Provinces, USA, and Hawaii; he took pleasure in the Women’s Ministries’ sponsorship of international Lay Pastors. In the Strategic Plan for the church, the most important goals were members’ improvement in Prayer and Bible Study. The pastor initiated a bold apostolic plan which necessitated the use of private homes to conduct Bible Studies in the north, south, east, and west areas of the city and this had been working successfully for a few years. This proved fortuitous because with the restrictions on congregating during the pandemic, members have been able to continue and increase attendance at these studies through Zoom. Pastor Biscaro promoted preaching by elders and other qualified church members and in this way equipped the laity to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The basis of all the ministries that the pastor initiated, encouraged, supported, and participated in was a focus on equipping the saints and exemplifying his beloved Saviour. The Pastor’s beloved wife Estela, their daughter Gheslyn and husband Julbert with their daughters Yara and Kaia; son Lester and wife Melo; daughter Joy and

husband Joel; son Khen and wife Angeli have been part of the pastor’s ministry and they have supported him through the nineteen years that he has served our congregation. To them we say thank you and we know that because God’s call lasts a lifetime, the Biscaro family will keep the light of Jesus shining through their lives. We give to God all the power and the glory and the praise for what Pastor Roger V. Biscaro has accomplished by His Spirit.






od has protected our four schools within the Conference during this pandemic. Staff and students continue to hold on to the promise of “Do not be afraid nor dismayed, for I am your God, and I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. (Isaiah 41:10).

you to give prayerful consideration about where your child – your most valuable asset – will be educated.

Your chief concern as a parent is the current and future well-being of your heritage — your children. What spiritual choices will they make in the future? Will they choose to hold true to the Christian values you hold dear and play their role as part of the Church to lead others to Christ?

despite the fact that their classmate may not even be a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian.

The Seventh-day Adventist system of education has been commissioned by God to adhere to the Biblical mandate in Isaiah 54:13 (KJV) admonishing parents that “all thy children shall be taught of Resting on these promises, our schools the Lord.” are now accepting new students for the By forging a partnership between your 2021-2022 School year. home and our schools your child will be While a choice of schools is available, we provided with opportunities to accept encourage our Seventh-day Adventist Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. families to make your Adventist school Your child will engage in activities to the school of choice for your children. learn about their Adventist Roots—

Your child will receive a triple dose of Adventist Values: The School, Your Home and The Church.

Your child will have the opportunity to further develop their faith and take their The decision on where to educate your rightful place as a future leader of this child is one that can have lasting and great Remnant Church. eternal consequences. We encourage 19 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS


Please contact any of our schools below to receive information about the school or contact the ManSask Conference Director, Corinne Lindberg at 306.244.9700 or clindberg@ for further information.


Red River Valley Junior Academy (K-12) 56 Grey Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2L 1V3 204-667-2383

River Side Christian School (K-9) 2228 Herman Ave, Saskatoon SK S7M0N3 306-653-1424

Curtis Horne (K-10) 3718 Hill Ave, Regina SK S4S 0X5 306-585-1900

Rosthern Christian School (1-9) 1400 4th Avenue, Rosthern, SK S0K3R0 306-232-4299 PRAIRIE HORIZONS | 20




osthern Christian School may be the smallest school, but we are going strong in spite of COVID19. We have 14 students in grades 1-9. The students enjoy being back in school face to face even though they are required to wear masks. They experience the academic curriculum in interesting ways – a large new TV has helped the students to enjoy virtual visits and to watch educational programs that help enhance the school program.

The students have enjoyed working with our puppets this year, and as part of our music class we have been enjoying our hand bell choir – social distancing and masking. It is a true pleasure to work with the students in all aspects of the curriculum, but most important of all, is the time spent instilling in these young people a love for Christ and a desire to share Him with others.

A skating rink is part of our church and school lot so that during the cold winter months the students are able to enjoy playing and skating on the ice. That definitely steers our Physical Education options. No Christmas concerts were in person this year, but we were able to show a virtual concert. It was a joy to do because we were blessed to have Pastor Lucian Poama help with the recording of the entire concert. 21 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS





iverside Christian School hosted its first Virtual Science Fair this year. All the students were excited to showcase their varied projects under the theme ‘Simple Machines, Structures, Forces and Motion’. It was really amazing to see the experiments and models that the students presented. We were unable to host our usual Open House due to pandemic restrictions, but we have created a virtual tour of our school in order to highlight what happens within our walls – this will be available on our school’s website.

London’s Bridge: Eiyles Canilang explaining to Faith Liu and Olivia Pereira

Below you will find some of our Science Fair Projects. God’s Pulling Forces – Kindergarten: Prayer pulls us to God, gravity pulls us down Our school is on the pathway to growth – growing in Jesus and growing our facility.

The Saskatoon Bridge: Tawana Chirisa PRAIRIE HORIZONS | 22


The Catapult by Tyler Sheffield- In picture Kaylee Sheffield and Maegan Coronacion

Marble Racers: Grades 1/2 Niall Taer, William Chircu, and Sophia Poama

We are hoping to purchase some portables that will provide us with the possibility of having additional classroom space, a science lab and a computer lab. Our students, staff, parents, school board and church family are really excited about this prospect and we appreciate your donations, no matter how small, towards this initiative. Registration for the 2021/2022 school year is now open. You may visit our school’s website or contact us at 306-6531424 for additional information.



CURTIS HORNE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Written by the Grade 3 & 4 Class


urtis-Horne Christian School is a great place to learn! We have a bus that takes most people to school. When we arrive in the morning, we put our stuff in our lockers. Then, we listen to our national anthem and we have worship. Then we have Bible class. Our other subjects are the same as any other school. Some of us like PE best. Others like Art or Handwriting. Almost no-one likes Phonics.

Our school is a very friendly place. We respect others including ourselves, and we help each other in class and when we play. We try to include others in all our games and activities.

Our school has Hot Lunch once every month. Sometimes we have pizza, and sometimes we have spaghetti. We can’t have certain foods because some people have allergies.

This year because of COVID-19, we have some extra rules: we wear masks inside, and our desks are further apart; we sanitize our hands when we come into the building; we wash our hands before and after eating lunch.

Every Friday, we have assembly. First, we listen to some songs, and we sing along if we want. Then, we have a worship thought. Sometimes it is an activity, sometimes it is a story, and sometimes we do a little bit of both.

The teachers at our school are amazing! They listen to us patiently. They help us If you ever decide to come to our school, understand the questions in our subjects. we will give you a warm welcome, and They also give us Band-Aids when we we are sure you will enjoy it! get hurt. If you would like further information In our class, we have PE every day except about Curtis-Horne Christian School, for Friday. In PE, we have warm-up please contact us at 306.585.1900 or games, which is chosen by the star of the visit our website at https://reginask. day. After the warmup game, we have a main game. We have a new main game every month.





erhaps you, your child, or someone you know is having a rough time dealing with the pandemic. According to Mental Health Experts, kindness, altruism, or selflessness, is the practice of concern for the welfare of others. Evidence shows that placing other people’s needs before your own can have a positive effect on your mental health and well-being. For example, kindness reduces stress and improves mood, self-esteem, and happiness. RRVJA students and staff are taking advantage of these benefits as promised in Proverbs 11: 17 “A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts

himself.” See just a few examples of how our school is reaching out to its community.

Making Silly Sock Toys for Children’s Hospital

Student Delivering Cheer Cards in the neighborhood


Calling RRVJA Alumni! RRVJA invites Alumni interested in developing and fostering relationships with past students and graduates to join in an effort to network and raise the profile of the school. Serving in a voluntary role, Alumni will reap the reward of personal satisfaction in “giving back” to their school while forming networks for advancing their own spiritual and professional growth. Contact Ian Mighty at


RESCUE M E from Myself! I n a world where both good and evil exist, we are often faced with armed forces trying to barricade our entrance to the Kingdom of God. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph 6:12) Do not be discouraged, because our God is a conquering Master, ready and able to defend us at all times. “Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” (Eph 6:13)

God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (1 Cor. 3:16)

Yet I’m unable to claim it, because of “myself”. Insecurities loom within me, telling me that surely I cannot be worthy of Your grace. And sensing I’m not in His strong tower, principalities forcefully act through a number of media - escalating bills, pending health results, unfound destiny, difficult friendships, etc.

I position the devil to win, by throwing in the towel from the get-go. By not adopting a conquering attitude, I’ve allowed him to conquer my mind, my inner spirit, and this branches off into But we have to be willing to let Him shield everything I do. “For God hath not given us while He battles for our cause. How us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of do we show our willingness? Romans 12 love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim 1:7) begins to touch on the things we ought to do or not do. Reading this left me But... It is amazing that the word “but” somewhat daunted, but the realisation is one of the most used words in The that my ability to defend myself is Bible. My elementary schoolteacher minute when compared to the awesome drilled into me that it is a conjunction, magnitude of God’s power, I say let Him but the older me says it is my “hope”. In have it. “Dearly beloved, avenge not every situation you face be comforted yourselves, but rather give place unto that God will place “buts” in your life. wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; My bills are piling up, but...; my job I will repay, saith the Lord.” (Rom 12:9) is tiresome, but ...; whatever your situation is, God’s hope is always present. Lord please rescue me from myself! Through His grace and mercies, I’m “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, able to access all the help and goodness faithful in prayer.” (Rom 12:12) I need, to not only survive in this sinful and dreadful world, but to flourish. “Do you not know that you are the temple of






n Sunday, February 21, 2021, our Women’s Ministry Committee presented a virtual program for the Manitoba-Saskatchewan women which was hosted by Living Hope church in Saskatoon.

to our souls.

Our guest Speaker was Raquel Arrais, associate Women’s Ministry Director at the General Conference. Thank you, again to our participants and to everyone who joined in for this special time of fellowship. We were very happy to have 80-plus ladies connect with us.

Our guest speaker, Raquel, is a lady who you know spends time at the feet of Jesus. Her message to our women was powerful, drawing our attention to the great compassion Jesus showed to the women in the Bible of which the Gospels contain many examples.

Jesus says in Mark 6:31 – Come ye yourselves … and rest awhile. Perfect rest can only be found in Jesus Christ our Redeemer.

PAMPERING: To give someone special There are circumstances in our lives treatment, making that person as where we may feel invisible, but God sees us all the time. He feels our fears comfortable as possible. and sees our pain. His compassionate All God’s daughters need pampering. In spirit is there for us to grab on to and be fact, all God’s children need pampering. comforted. Where can they find this caring, She spoke on three key points. comforting, compassionate attention? At the feet of Jesus! Spending time in 1) God’s inclusiveness, 2) His initiative, His word brings a calming, peaceful quiet and 3) service. 27 | PRAIRIE HORIZONS


She pointed out that back in Bible times, most women were invisible. They were not noticed, but Jesus changed this mentality. He reached out to the women, showing them tenderness and mercy. He first healed Peter’s mother-in-law of a fever. She stressed the word saw. Jesus saw this woman, in a room, fevered and very ill, then He touched her and healed her of her sickness. Raquel went on to mention the woman with the issue of blood, and then the woman from Nain whose only son died. He didn’t go to this grieving mother and ask if she believed He could restore her son to her, instead He quietly went to the body, touched it and brought this son back to life. What a day that was for that poor lady. She now had her only son back. What an awesome Saviour we serve! AMAZING LOVE!! Jesus was all inclusive and took the initiative to heal the broken hearted, sick, lame, and blind. He was not exclusive of race or creed, status or no status. He was there for whoever needed help the most.

well. Her thirst was quenched. Our thirst can be quenched too, if we come to the well, that is Jesus. Each one of us have gleaned something different from Raquel’s presentation but my prayer is that we each go to the feet of Jesus more often. Search the scriptures as though we are searching for precious jewels and store them up in our hearts, for this world is drawing to a close and we will need to have these precious promises embedded deep in our minds! We need to stand firm upon the Rock, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Remember: He sees! He touches! He has compassion for all women! You are not invisible in his eyes! You are God’s precious daughters forever and always!! Remember!

He always saw what needed to be done, or who needed to be healed. He didn’t always ask if they believed but used His touch to show His love towards the people. He took the initiative. What compassion He provided to those who felt rejected, lonely, or hopeless. He truly was a servant to all people. Raquel stressed the power of God and His wonderful love to all. To have HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!! We need to be like the Samaritan woman who met Jesus at the






t is with great delight that I share with you that on February 28, the Board of Directors passed a motion to pursue the reopening of Camp Whitesand in the form of Day camps for the 2021 season. We are actively working on this plan and registration for our campers will open very soon. Camp Whitesand will be following all the Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines to ensure the safety of our campers and staff. New health and safety protocols will be in place for all the summer activities. It is our commitment to provide a safe and healthy space for our children and for those children from our community. We understand that day camps will be difficult for many families to attend. We are in discussion to try to help our families that live a distance from the camp to have their children attend.



Jesus and His love will be our focus and our message. As we dive into the theme of “Kingdom of Heaven”, we will seek to bring a piece of God’s kingdom here and learn together to live it out daily. We covet your prayers for Camp Whitesand as we plan to open this summer. With the Lord’s help, the campground will be a shining light once again for Him. Please continue to watch for updates as decisions are made. We look forward to having our campers back onsite with us. Though numbers will be limited, and the camp program will look different, we are thankful for the opportunity to minister to more children this summer. The message of






pring is here and it brings such joy with it. Now is the time to pack away the winter boats and heavy parkas and pull out the lighter jackets and rain boots. There is such excitement in the air to get outside and just be in the warm sunshine and fresh air. I am always encouraged to see the snow melting and the sun shining longer and longer in the day. The winter is over, and it is time for the newness of spring to soak in. One of the many blessings of spring is watching the plants wake up from their winter slumber. What a blessing to see what looks like our “dead” world, springing back to life with greens and reds and yellows and oh so much more. This reminds me so much of our spiritual walks. There are seasons of spiritual highs when everything is bright and colorful and then there are very real seasons of spiritual lows when one might feel like his or her walk with the Lord is stale or maybe even dead. However, no matter what season you are currently


in with your spiritual walk, there are seeds being planted in your life of God’s goodness, His faithfulness, His grace, and everything else that you may need. Though these seeds sometimes sit dormant in our minds, they can spring to life just when we need to be reminded of God and His character. The Lord never leaves us alone on our journeys of faith. Take time to dwell on the goodness of the Lord and allow the seeds of His character and goodness to be planted deep into your soul.






ow is your family? We are a year into the pandemic and families have been affected in so many ways. How we are affected depends on our situations. Have you had more time with your family but are still trying to find a balance? Or maybe you are spending less time with your extended family? Do you go through phases? Initially maybe you were happy for the break and slow down, but has it gotten old? There may be situations that have come up that are out of your control. Are you struggling to find childcare while trying to make ends meet? Maybe you are overwhelmed by the extra time you have with your young children, or you are happy to have your older children home for a while. Whatever your situation, we can probably all agree that there have been a lot of changes happening all around us and so many adjustments that need to be made. Amid all that is going on, are we showing grace? Are we showing grace to our children who are dealing with their lack of socialization, activities, or changes to routines? Children and young people are affected in so many ways that we may not even understand. Furthermore, are we willing to show that grace to ourselves too? We can be so hard on ourselves, especially as

parents. In order to fully extend grace to our family (including ourselves) we must develop a deeper appreciation of Christ’s grace towards us and specifically what Christ did for us on the cross. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” Romans 5:8. We did not earn forgiveness because it was a free gift. We do not deserve it. There are so many reasons we are told to daily search the scriptures, but one reason is because studying the scriptures will reveal to us what Jesus did for us in a personal, life-altering way. Demonstrating this type of grace to our families will also reveal God to them. Is someone in your family in need of a little grace from you – is it you? As Christ as our perfect example, let us extend grace to others as He has done to us.






t is with some sadness that we have Pastor Scott Manly and his family to say good-bye to two members of moved into our Conference in March of our Pastoral team in the Conference. 2009. His passion for evangelism took him to Nunavut as leader of the Iqaluit Pastor Lucian Poama began working group. After spending some time up for the Man-Sask Conference in August north ministering for the Lord, he and of 2010. During his time here, he first his family moved to Saskatchewan and worked in Winnipeg at Henderson pastored many districts here. His passion Highway Church and then after getting for nature (his tarantula collection was his master’s at Andrews University, always a hit at Camp Meeting), his talents he moved on to Pinehouse Drive SDA in photography, and most of all his love Church and finally to the Victoria Avenue of leading people to Christ was evident SDA Church and Rosthern district. He wherever he went. His family – wife, impacted many lives during his eleven Amy, and three children, Nathan, 17, years of ministry. We wish him, his wife Jacob, 13, and Lydia, 9 - are moving to Eunice and their three children (Sophia, Wisconsin in April. We pray the Lord 6, Noah, 4, and 2-month-old Ezra) God’s will continue to use the Manlys as they richest blessings as they begin their serve where He calls. ministry to the Abbotsford SDA Church in British Columbia.



Welcome to the Team Pastor Carvil Richards and his family have recently accepted the call to minister to the Victoria Ave SDA Church and Rosthern district. Pastor Carvil is originally from Jamaica and his wife, Alexandra (nee Raney), is from Saskatchewan. The Lord has blessed them to be parents of two beautiful girls, Vara, who is two years old and Caris, who is 5 months old. They currently are working in the Maritimes Conference in the province of Nova Scotia. Carvil will be entering his second year in the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program at Tyndale University in Ontario in leadership and preaching. He is passionate about connecting people to God, each other and connecting people with their communities. Together, Carvil and Alexandra are enthusiastic about Bible study, multicultural ministry, sharing the word of God, small groups, fellowship, and discipling for Christ. Their desire in ministry is that people will see Jesus through their leadership and lives (John 12:21). They begin their ministry here on May 1, 2021.

Camp Whitesand Developments Committee 101 is in the process of planning the continuation of their building project at Camp Whitesand. This spring will see the take down of two more cabins to be replaced with another fourplex like the one completed last summer. Please contact the Conference office for more information.