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Al Salam—Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!

A school that CARES!!! PO Box 5251—Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Al Salam Private School is dedicated to the positive growth of its students in all areas of life: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Where every child is‌ SPECIAL!!!


Where every child is‌ SPECIAL!!!

Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!

Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!


Warm greetings from the Faculty and Staff of Al Salam Private School & Nursery An education is a basic right of every child. A quality education is an open door to a better life, enabling one to reach their full potential. It gives way to a personal sense of achievement, boosts self confidence and allows for a comfortable standard of living and financial security.

By giving a child a good education, you are producing a well adjusted, accomplished and confident adult. By depriving a child a good education, you deny a basic right of that individual.

Sue Johnston Headmistress

In my years as an educator, I have cherished and respected the various backgrounds of my students and have commemorated many children for their achievements, both educational and personal. All children are different and learn and excel in different ways and at different rates—this should be celebrated and enjoyed. Students develop their academic, linguistic and social skills Students develop a set of values and ethics, which will increase their moral sensitivity and concern for life with special emphases on the Our aim is to guide every child in developing physical and mental growth, personal independence, enhancing linguistic abilities and developing concepts of honesty, equality, understanding, respect and humanity thought processes. The school’s priority is to make sure that the following goals are being implemented throughout the year: Students personality is being developed through encouraging qualities that they will need for success in their lives and future careers such as self-confidence, self esteem, intellectual curiosity, leadership, creative thinking, the ability to analyze and make humane and wise decisions


The school offers the following facilities:         

Science Laboratory Computer Laboratory Canteen Library Counsellor’s Office Covered Play Areas Transportation Clinic Multipurpose Hall



From KG 2, the students are scheduled for two computer lessons per week. One lesson is theory and the other practical. In KG 2, both lessons are practical. Classes are conducted in a fully equipped computer lab with high speed computers and flat LCD monitors.

All students attend a music class once a week. The children in Kindergarten learn nursery rhymes and action songs while the older children learn songs, about musical instruments, styles of music and famous musicians.


Maths classes are a fun and interactive part of the student’s lessons. Props and tools are used during the explaination of different aspects of the subject. 8

In Science, the students have a fantastic time with the hands on activities related to the various topics of study.

Arabic is a compulsory subject and is taught either as a first or a foreign language, depending on the nationality of the child.

The students schedule includes Arabic on a daily basis.

Islamic Studies are taught to all Muslim students.

Students attend an Art Class once each week in addition to participating in various art projects with their class teacher related to work in other subjects.


A snack and playtime are scheduled daily.


Students participate in a Sports/Physical Education class once a week.

There are 3 playgrounds for the children to play in and a school canteen where students can buy food and drinks if they wish.

Students enjoy topic and subject related activity days throughout the year. Activity days allow the children to experience the fun side of a subject.

Starting from Grade 1, students attend French classes two times each week.


The Secondary school comprises Grade 7 to Grade 11. Students are exposed to relevant educational material and practical projects, subject exhibitions and field trips which form an integral part of the curriculum. Creative skills are enhanced through Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Workshops. Academic subjects such as Arabic, Religion, English, French, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, ICT, Environmental Management, Commerce, Business Studies, Accounting and Economics are available. Students appear for the Cambridge Checkpoint examination in Grade 9. The examination is designed to help students who are beginning courses leading to IGCSE. Students from Grades 10 and 11 receive instruction for the IGCSE exams conducted by the University of Cambridge, UK. Students will sit the IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 11 in May/ June.

9th Grade students and parents attending their


Senior students on a visit to the British Council.

IGCSE Orientation Day.

Al Salam Private School has four houses—




Each year, students are elected by their classmates to become Head Girl and Head Boy, Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects. Elected students perform various duties throughout the school.









Students participate in various productions throughout the school year.


Acting and performing skits are skill building activities that help to develop confidence and strengthen public speaking prowess.

Mother’s Day is a special occasion‌ Our students celebrate by entertaining their mothers with short plays, songs and dances.


Talent Show—Al Salam has Talent‌ Our first ever Talent Show was a great success! It was wonderful to see the hidden talents that our students possess, from singing to dancing and acting to instrumental displays. Stars shone bright on this night!


The Evening of Song was a fantastic choral display of the vocal talents of our choir. Songs were sung in English with a special performance of a classic Arabic song.


We regularly take the students on fun yet educational trips. Before the trip, a letter is sent home detailing all relevant information.



Students can choose to take part in clubs. This is a time when they can interact with their teachers on a more relaxed level.


Al Salam Private School is dedicated to helping each child achieve their personal best.

Al Salam Cares! ! !




Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!

Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!


Where every child is… SPECIAL!!!


UAE National Day is a day for all to celebrate. Staff and students come to school in their own national costumes making the event a multi-national day!


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Al salam brochure