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SURREAL LANDSCAPES Digital paintings by AÃ desokan

“There is nothing left for you here. No more pain or suffering. Let us run on tarred roads barefooted and take long plunges into white skies.’’

untitled 20-3-15 Limited Prints

“…we shall dwell with these scars on this pink earth where our triad of love, lust and loneliness shall lead us to where souls reveal themselves.’’

Scars and pink earth, 2014 Limited Prints

“The key and the cork was encountered on the way to where only you and I know. I am guilty of all forms of sequestration…’’

the key and the cork, 2015 Limited Prints

“…the ones who leave are because I have become unyielding not self-sufficient but making each self-sufficient. I am no monastic hill.’’

the hills, 2015 Limited Prints

‘’Shall we take a walk bare footed on thorny roads and take long plunges into dark skies as we bathe in the moon’s light.’’

masktatic, 2015 Limited Prints

Aà desokan Š 2017 All Rights Reserved

Surreal landscapes