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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 1. Product description Filler coating in dry form, basically produced from natural aggregates. An eco-friendly material providing vapour permeability to masonries. It does not chip, decay or wear and tear. 2. Uses /Fields of application ED filler coating is applied on floors and masonries. Suitable for both internal and external use in residences, commercial spaces, restaurants, bars. Recommended for floors, counters, kitchens, bathrooms, hammams, staircases etc. Applicable both on floors and brickworks bearing KOURASANIT plaster, on any other type of plaster, on painted surfaces, plaster boards, cement boards, MDF, tiles, marbles, mosaic, etc. as well as any other coated surfaces, being not required to remove the existing coating. Compatible with external wall (thermoprosopsis) and all other types of thermal insulation systems. 3. Technical Properties

«KOURASANIT» TRATSELAS ATHANASIOS & CO Unlimited Company, 14TH Km Thessaloniki/ Exohi, P.C. 57010 10 Hellenic Organization of Standardization 998-1 Exterior/ Interior Coating for General Use (GP) TYPE ED FILLER COATIΝG N/mm2

Compression resistance

Classification CS IV

Reaction to fire

Euroclass A1

FP B Adhesion



Water absorption



Vapour permeability coefficient

μ = 0,0015

Thermal conductivity (λ10,dry), rate based on the relative table

0,40 (P=90%) , 5/20


(Freeze/thaw) Resistance Not determined

The above results may be differentiated on the on- site conditions during the application (temperature, humidity, type of application, surface).

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4. Technical Data PACKAGE

Efficiency ED TYPE


CONTAINER 10 (10lt)


3.5 m2

CONTAINER 15 (15lt)

5 m2

7 m2

CONTAINER 25 (25lt)

10 m2


Application temperature

from +5o C to 25o C

PH of the mixture

≥ 12

Chloride content

≤ 0, 01%

5. Package Containers of 10lt – 15lt – 25lt 6. Storage Store the containers under cover in a dry place under normal temperature conditions. Storage life: It’s advisable to use the product within six months from the delivery date. 7. Health and Safety The product is not classified as dangerous for humans and the environment according to the Regulation (EC) Νο 1272/2008 on classification, labeling and the packaging of substances and mixtures 8. Disclaimer The present issue on safety data is based on the knowledge and experience of Kourasanit gained through the on-site application of the product (in vivo) as well as through laboratory research (in vitro). It is to be noted that there is no guarantee from the part of the company for the suggestions and the recommendations related to the use of the product, since it the conditions in each case are beyond their control. Therefore, it’s the buyer- user- applier’s absolute responsibility to confirm through all necessary tests the suitability of the product for their intended use based on the project specifications and conditions. The company reserves the right to differentiate without notice the technical properties of its products in the light of its experience and continuous research and product development.

Issue Date: January 2011 The present document cancels any other related prior issue and applies till a new one is delivered.

E-mail: | Technical data Sheet ‘1st Edition (ΙJanuary 2011) Product : Filler Coating Type F(ED)

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