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Thinking About Solar Power? You Should Read This Solar energy is one of the fastest growing energy sources in the world. Many homes across the world now use solar energy as their source of energy. The following article from Manor Electricians in Derby [] will teach you everything you need to know about the different types of solar panels available to you.

Types of Solar Panel Photo-voltaic panels have two main types. Less expensive poly-crystalline panels are not as efficient as the costlier mono-crystalline panels. It’s always a good idea to invest in the best system you can afford. Not every solar panel is created equally. Always buy from a reputable dealer

that has been in business for a number of years. The solar energy marketplace is littered with businesses that do not succeed. Make sure the company you buy from will be around if you need help or have problems with your system. Try to choose solar panels that can have their angles adjusted easily. The angle at which the sun hits the Earth changes throughout the year. This means that the best angle to catch the suns rays can be very different between summer and winter. Ideally you want to at least be able to adjust the angle of your panels twice a year, however if you can find some that allow adjustments four times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) that is even better. You should know the difference between off-grid solar energy and on-grid solar energy in order to figure out which is best for you. On-grid energy requires the use of the state's electricity grid, while off-grid energy means the home or business uses its own solar-hybrid or solar source. Besides solar panels, you need somewhere to store the energy. A good battery can store a lot of energy for lengthy time periods. Alternately, you could sell your excess energy to your local utility. By staying connected to the power grid, you will be able to make use of the energy it provides in the unlikely event this becomes necessary.

Making the Most of Your Investment If you cannot afford a full-scale solar energy system, consider investing in a smaller one. Some vendors offer small systems designed to power a water heater or a generator. This small investment should help you save money within the next few years and you can easily expand your solar energy system by powering more appliances with solar panels. You may also be able to get tax credits for a solar energy installation. These rebates can reduce your installation costs by up to thirty per cent. You should do some research on the Internet or get in touch with your local government to find out more about the incentives and programs you are eligible for. Cleaning your solar panels does not need to be too labour intensive. You want to

avoid abrasive soaps at all costs, as they can deteriorate and even destroy your panels. So long as there is not caked up dust or bird droppings, frequent rinses with just hose water should be more than enough. Know how light mixes with the trees around your property. You may think you've got the perfect spot for a solar panel, but watch it throughout the day. The sun coming in from different angles may lead to surprising shadows from trees and foliage. This will affect your solar output.

Good Luck! Now that you have learned more about solar energy and what it can do for you, why not call a professional to discuss your options? You are going to be amazed! Manor Electrical Services can be found at: Manor Electrical Services Suite 24 Parker House Mansfield Road Derby Derbyshire DE21 4SZ United Kingdom 01332 233945

Thinking About Solar Power  
Thinking About Solar Power  

This brief guide from Manor Electricians in Derby [] will take you through all the questions you may ha...