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a CORRIDOR : A narrow passageway, often with rooms or apartments

opening onto it.

More people in the morning and end of afternoon : begining/ end of the classes and lunch time. Mostly students. an INTERSECTION : A place where things intersect, especially a place where two or

more roads cross.

It needs signing and have blind spot

Directions Different kind of studies : music, design, shop, office, computer center, entrance, NSA office... OBSERVATIONS : first day of class, all the news students were lost.

Idea 1 To play with the blind spot : to create the illusion of people

Idea 2 To write singing that disappears

Idea 3 To create a moving signing to project on the floor





Final idea : idea 3 To create a signing to help people find their way

In the middle of the intersection : can be seen from all the corridors Projection on the floor : can be seen from any place in the corridors, very small shadows grey floor : big contrast with white light Dynamic typography : attracts the eyes creates surprise shows directions of circulation


Processing float x; float y; float dim = 80.0; PFont f; PFont g; void setup() { size(displayWidth, displayHeight); println(PFont.list()); f = createFont(“days”, 60); textFont(f); g = createFont(“champagne_ limousines”,20); } void draw() { background(0);


x = x + 0.8; if (x > width + dim) { x = -dim; } if (y > height + dim) { y = -dim; }

pushMatrix(); translate(x, height/2-dim/2); fill(255); textAlign(LEFT); textFont(f); text(“MUSIC”,0,80-170); stroke(150); strokeWeight(4); line(-400,-75,0+270,-75); line(0+270,-75,-25+270,-75-25); line(0+270,-75,-25+270,-75+25); popMatrix(); pushMatrix(); translate(x, dim); fill(150); textAlign(LEFT); textFont(g); text(“Music & NSA offices”,0,300-20); text(“Design workshop”,0,320-20); popMatrix();

textFont(f); text(“DESIGN”,220,-480); fill(150); textAlign(LEFT); textFont(g); text(“workshop & shop”,220,-440); fill(50); strokeWeight(4); line(2000,-465,170,-465); line(170,-465,170+25,-465+25); line(170,-465,170+25,-465-25); popMatrix(); pushMatrix(); translate(-x, dim); fill(150); textAlign(LEFT); textFont(g); text(“JK Computer Center”,1050-80,470 +70); text(“Student Hub”,1050-80,490+70); popMatrix(); }


pushMatrix(); rotate(PI/2);

translate(-x,0 ); fill(255); textAlign(LEFT);


FINAL : ceiling

FINAL : floor

Generative Art / Prototyping  
Generative Art / Prototyping